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Mysterious neighbor Chapter 6

I guess at some point she pulled the thing from my ass and took her finger away from my clit but I just lay there, my body wracked by convulsive spasms that just wouldn't stop.

I felt her cleaning my anus with a cool cloth, but other than that, I can't remember what happened for several minutes. She rolled me to my back and crawled up to me to kiss me over and over while I learned to breathe properly again. I knew that whatever she'd used on me took me out of action for the foreseeable future but I don't think I cared at that particular moment.

I heard the phone ring, and felt her sit up on the edge of the bed to take the call. By the conversation I heard, it was her agent, or a booking agent and eventually, she took the phone into the hall to finish the conversation. When she came back, she smiled, and said she had one more call to go. She made sure I was alright, but when she bent to kiss my pussy, I had to make her stop. It was just too sensitive for anything more, even a kiss.

When I stumbled into the bathroom, I got a look at the anal intruder, lying on a towel. It wasn't very large, about six inches of blue plastic that looked a little like a real thin cock that was slightly curved, ending in a head about twice the thickness. It sure felt longer than that though.

She was in the kitchen when I came out of the bathroom, so I walked naked in, to sit on one of the bar stools. The cool plastic felt quite good against my body.

She sat tall glasses of fruit juice on the bar and sat next to me.

"I told you," she said. "'I've been planning that all day."

"Well, I hope you don't have any more plans for quite a while because there's not going to be anything going in either of those holes until they heal"

"So what did you think of your first anal intercourse?" she asked.

"It hurt some, and the deeper you went, the more uncomfortable it got, but eventually, it felt good and the orgasm was worth it. What did you think of it the first time?"

"Well, it's been quite a while since that time, but I didn't have the benefit of someone experienced doing it and to tell you the truth, it hurt like hell, and it kept on hurting for almost two days."

"Male or female?" I asked.

She made a huffing sound and shrugged. "Male, of course. A woman would have known better. He wanted me to get used to it so he could fuck me in the ass but he never got that opportunity again. "

"I guess you really like it back there."

"Yeah, I do, now. I might show you some other stuff later when you have a chance to recover."

"Just be gentle, honey," I said. "I'm not into a lot of pain."

"Don't worry, Sherri. I'm not into that stuff either."

We went into her studio where she wanted to show me her current project. Believe it or not, it was my first visit to her inner sanctum. She'd never offered and I'd been to busy to ask. On a large easel was a stunning watercolor.

"It looks finished," I observed.

"It is," she said, "but it got damaged in shipping. The client had it delivered to town where I picked it up. I had to repair the damage and return it to them before I leave."

"Who's the model?" I wondered. A young male Adonis held a gleaming globe at arm's length while other orbs seemingly circled him. Not a hardened body builder, he was, thank heaven, simply a buff young man with an extraordinary feature, a flaccid penis of inordinate length, and thickness. Cleanly circumcised, it looked real enough to suck, which I would have willingly done.

"Roger Danwill," she said. "Twenty two, six-two, 179 pounds, blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, up and down, ten and a half by almost 2."

"Oh my god," I gushed. "A man could hurt you with that."

"Not unless you're Trisha Danwill.

"He's married? What a waste," I said.

"Tell me about it. I had to stare at that thing for days when I did this. I was salivating the whole time. I still get wet when I look at it."

"So you're not totally lesbian?" I asked

"For all intents and purposes, yes, but about fifteen or twenty percent of me would still slip between the sheets with a man like that, or even close to it."

"I wondered what I'd do if I felt that way about a man again."

"Go with the flow, Sherri. That's the only way to know for sure."

"I'd just love to hold it in my hand when it's hard" I said.

"Really?" she asked.

"It might be interesting, don't you think?"

"I have, and it is," she said. "I'll be right back."

She went to the bed room and came back with a long box. She took the rubber bands off that held the top on and opened it to show me the contents. Inside the box was a ten and a half by almost 2 erect cock. Well, a plastic copy, to be sure but every bit as astonishing.

"What the hell?"

"I paid extra to get a mold made. Of course, I had to help get it hard, but it was worth it."

I lifted it from the box and held it in front of me. "Have you ever used it?"

"Maybe," she said, with a smile that said, yes, yes, yes.

"Didn't it hurt? I mean, you're awfully tight."

"Uh yeah, it did, and it took a full bottle of lube and a lot of sweat to take it but it was worth the effort.

"What's the metal thing on the back for?"

"It's set up for a strap on, but I've never tried that. I'd have to be d***k as a skunk to even think about it."

"Trisha must be a big girl."

"Nope, she's a petite little thing that I'd love to make love to. I got to know her pretty well. She uses a butt plug to open herself up before they make love."

"Good lord."

"As long as you're here, how about helping me put Roger back in the packing crate. Then I can have the service pick it up before I leave."

It only took a few minutes to re-pack our dream stud in his travel crate and get it ready for pick up.

"What kind of client would commission something like that?" I wondered.

"A wealthy one, female, about fifty or so," she replied.

I just smiled and envied her the opportunity to see him whenever she wished.

I lifted the plastic version to hold it once more. "Want me to use this on you?" I asked.

"Not until you've had a lot more experience, sweetie, and not until we can share it all."

"Oh wait, I don't think I'm big enough to take that even with a barrel of lube and another of booze."

She didn't reply, but by that grin, I knew I would be talked into it at some point in the future.

We put "him" back in the box and she took it back into the bedroom.

I waited for her to return, but after several minutes of silence, I called her.



"Jenn, are you all right?"

Still nothing.

I got up and went into the bedroom, not knowing what I was going to find.

She sat on the bed with her back to me. A box sat next to her and I could see the corner of a large photo album on her right thigh. I was pretty sure that something in that album had moved her so deeply, that she wasn't functioning normally.

When I moved over to touch her shoulder, she cried out so loudly that I almost fell on my ass. I jumped back and stood there, shaking from the surprise.

"I'm sorry,"

She shook her head, as she closed the album, holding it against her breasts.

"I'll be in the kitchen, making some tea...or something," I stammered, but as I turned to leave, she started sobbing.

I couldn't leave her like that, so stood quietly, with no clue as to what I should do. I wanted to hold her, but after what happened when I just touched her, I wasn't about to do that...or should I?

Once she stopped sobbing, she was reduced to hiccups between deep breaths. Then, in a voice so soft I almost missed it, I heard something that didn't make any sense to me.

"Don't leave me," she said.

"I can't hear you, Jenn," I said.

"Oh god, don't leave me. Not you too."

"Honey, I'm not going anywhere," I said. "I'm right here and I want to hold you, but I don't know what to do."

Then it hit me. I was leaving her, and soon, but what did she mean by 'not you too'?

"Jenn, what can I do? I can't stand to see you hurting like this, but I don't know what to do?"

She sat the album aside and reached back with her right hand, as if to tell me she wanted me to take it.

"Just hold me, Sherri. Please, just hold me. I'm so scared."

That's all I needed to hear. I got on the bed and scooted up behind her to wrap her in my arms and nuzzle my nose into her soft fragrant hair.

"I'm here for you, Jenn," I said. "Just rest now. We can talk later."

She nodded and for quite a while, we sat like that, but I still felt her tears on my arms. It was obvious that we had a problem but I had no solution. I really did have to get back to school soon, and I knew for a fact, that she had two showings booked already; with an opening in less than a month. I also knew she needed some new pieces to punch up her sales.

"We'll work something out," I promised.

She crawled away from me to get some tissues, blowing her nose loudly, but she still hadn't looked at me. She sat there for a few seconds, then she went into the bathroom. For lack of something to do, I straightened up the bedding and picked up the tissues she'd dropped on her way to the bathroom.

When she came out, I could tell that she had bathed her face in cool water in an attempt to gain control, but her eyes were still puffy and reddened.

"Why don't you just lay down while I go get you something to drink?"

She nodded and stretched out on the bed, lying on her side, with her hand still holding a tissue tight.

I went to the kitchen and fixed her some raspberry tea, putting a straw in just in case she wouldn't sit up.

She took the tea and sipped at it, while I went to get some cool cloths. I bathed her shoulders and back in an attempt to calm her.

"Honey," I said, "We'll work something out. There has to be a way to be there for each other."

"I'm sorry," she said, finally. "I just...I'm sorry."

"Shhhh. Just rest now. I'll lay right here next to you."

We lay quietly, letting the warmth of our bodies seep into each other. It was such a beautiful feeling and I love to snuggle anyway.

After a while, she rolled onto her back to stare at the ceiling. She took my hand in hers and kissed it. Strangely enough, she still hadn't looked at me. She took a deep breath, then she began to tear my heart to ribbons.

"Her name was Tikki." She said. "Tikki Stoddard."

I waited for her to continue. "She came to me from the college as a model. Not quite twenty, beautiful, with the perfect body for the job. We became friends, and some time later, we became lovers."

"What happened, Jenn?" I asked, not sure if I wanted to know.

"We were together for almost a year. It was the day before my opening at the Conrad Studio in Boston. I was all packed and ready to go. We'd made love for hours the night before and I'd slept like a statue. When I got up, I showered and went to get dressed."

She paused and I felt the tears, felt the stress she was going through. I wanted to love the hurt away, but I just didn't know what to do. Eventually, she regained her composure and put her head back, as though to see something on the wall.

"Her clothes were all gone," she said, breaking into great wracking sobs.

It was more than I could stand. I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her, crying nearly as hard as she was.

"I'm sorry," she finally said.

"Shhhh," I whispered to her. "It's all right, honey. I'm right here. It's all right to cry,"

"Oh god, Sherri, I'm so sorry," she said.

"Will you stop that? You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm sorry I can't do anything to take the pain away."

"Nobody can," she said, softly.

For several minutes, we held to each other without speaking.

"She left me a note," she continued. "She said she couldn't keep doing this...whatever this was supposed to be. I never saw her again, never heard from her, and couldn't find her when I went looking for her."

It finally dawned on me. "I must remind you of her," I said.

She nodded. "You look a lot like her," she said. "I didn't realize it until I saw her picture."

Things were becoming clearer and I didn't like the view. She'd made love to me, but it was Tikki that she saw when she came. No wonder she was crying.

"I'm sorry Jen. It has to really hurt right now." She nodded and I held her even tighter. "It's going to be all right," I said. "You need some time to sort things out. I understand. Do you want to be alone?"

"No. I need you," she said.

"Honey, I know, but maybe you also need some time alone."

"I don't know, Sherri, I just don't know," she said, as the tears started again.

"Listen to me," I said. "I don't know what to do but I think you need some time. I'm not going anywhere, but I've got some thinking to do as well. Give it time, Jenn. You just re-opened an old wound. It needs time to heal. When you want me, I'll be at the house and all you have to do is call me. I'm not leaving you."

I grabbed a handful of tissues and headed for home, crying all the way. I tried not to remember how intensely we had made love just hours before. When ever I thought about it, I could see a shadow on the wall. Tikki had been there too.

I took a quick shower and dressed in shorts and tee shirt. Trying to focus my mind on other things, I tried to keep myself busy, but nothing seemed to be working. I even turned all the drawings of her to the wall so they wouldn't remind me of her. It didn't help, I tried to read Arts and Artists magazine but couldn't get past her picture and when I did, there was an add for the Cartwright Galleries in Dallas, promoting her upcoming showing...with photos.

Taking a big glass of wine with me, I went to sit on the sun porch with my eyes closed.

So much for my short lived Sapphic adventure.

I lost track of time. In fact I may have dozed off until the ringing of the phone snapped me out of it.

"Sherri, I can't do this alone"

"I'm on my way, Jenn. Just hang in there."

When I got there, she was sitting with her back against some pillows she'd piled behind her.

"What am I going to do, Sherri?"

"I don't know, Jenn. I'm the last person in the world you should ask that of."

"I know," she said. "I'm so sorry."

"Honey, you don't have to be sorry," I said. "I've been blessed with the passion and love of a most beautiful woman, and no matter where your heart was, your body was completely with me. I count that as a blessing."

"It wasn't fair though," she said.

"You said yourself that this didn't become a problem till this morning. Let me have the memories what we've had together."

"It just hurts so much to know that her memory haunts me to this day. She hurt me so bad. I should hate her, but I can't."

"Hate is a terrible curse," I said. "You'll find a way around this."

"I'm glad you were there for me, Sherri," she said.

"Me too. I just wish there was something I could do."

"You're already doing it, honey. You're being a wonderful, very strong friend. I can't ask for more than that right now."

"Are you feeling better?" I asked.

"Much," she said.

"I was thinking," I said. "I could wear a mask or die my hair, or whatever."

"Don't you dare," she said.

"That might solve the problem though."

For a few seconds, neither of us spoke, but then I had to tell her "Jenn, I'm scared."

"Of what?" she asked.

"Of losing you," I said. "I'm afraid this ghost is always going to be there, keeping you from me, and I'm too new at this to consider a threesome yet.

She smiled, one of the first real smiles I'd seen since she'd fallen apart. "no threesomes," she said. "At least not yet."

"I'm serious Jenn. I know we haven't been together long enough to know how deep our feelings go, but I've known ever since I saw you on the pier that wanted to be with you."

"I know," she said. "I'm the same way.

"But you have to ask yourself whether it was me or Tikki that you wanted to be with."

"I worried about that," she admitted. If her memory had been there, I wasn't conscious of it, but I realized that those memories were causing great pain, not only to me, but to you. They weren't beautiful memories, they were memories of anger and hurt.

When I took the time to think about it, I realized something. We both went through hell but we did it together. You were there for me all the time. You were my strength, and my courage. Not once did you hesitate. Sherri, that's why you mean so much to me."

"Jenn, I promise, I'll never be a ghost. If something happens and we don't work out, I won't just walk out your life. I couldn't do that to you."

"I know, honey."

We shared some of the most heart felt kisses and embraces ever, and it had nothing to do with sexual desire or need.

"I hate to say it, but I left the house so fast I don't remember whether even closed the door or not," I said.

"It's all right," she said. "I'm just fine and I've got someone very important to me in my life. I have some work to do anyway, and there's still that phone call. You go check on your house and get some work done. I'll call you after while and we can decide what to do about us."

"l like the feeling I get when you say us," I said, kissing her some more before heading for home. .

I got a lot done when I got home. Everything just seemed to come together with the exception of the sculpture. There was just something about her that didn't elusive feeling I was going for that wasn't there. I had more than enough pieces done for the figure studies in both charcoal and watercolor. They were set aside for now so I could focus on the clay that sat in front of me. I tinkered and I toyed with different things. I couldn't figure out whether it was her expression, or the pose, or what, but something just told me that while it was probably good enough to submit, it wasn't what I wanted for me. I just couldn't feel her emotion any more. She wasn't talking to me either.

I finally had to walk away from her.

With a glass of wine in hand, I went to gaze down at the shimmering waters below. It was so strange, but when I looked over at her dock, I no longer saw the beautiful way she'd stretched on tip toes, reaching for the sun. In fact, she wasn't there at all. Her spirit had left. I knew that it was that spirit that I needed to capture. But it was elusive to me. Something was missing. It was right in front of me, and I knew that, but it was not clear. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit me. I knew what was missing but I had to work fast if I was going to get it ready for submittal.

I threw on a smock and headed for my work area, where she waited for me. At first, I was going to rework the whole thing, but when I looked at her, I swear, l she was smiling. The spirit was back, but it was the wrong figure for it. I set it aside and began to work a new lot of clay into a glob of the consistency I needed. My hands were like robots. They knew what I wanted without me thinking about it. I can't remember ever working so quickly. The time just flew by and every time another feature took shape, I got more excited. Finally, I just got to exhausted to continue. The basic shape was nearly complete, or enough so to recognize the final image.

When I went to clean up, I was shocked to see how many hours had slipped away. When I sat down for a quick glass of wine, I discovered how tired I was. In minutes, I had dozed off. Fortunately, I had put my wine glass down or I'd have shattered it on the terra cotta floor of the sun room.

Unfortunately, that bit of slumber cost me the element of surprise. I hadn't wanted her to see what I was doing but she woke me from my dreams with a kiss.

"Wha..."I yelled, coming up out of my chair. "My god, Jenn, you might have given me a stroke or something."

"Maybe more than one," she said, grinning. "I tried to call you, but you didn't answer. I can see why. Good heavens girl, did you do all this since you came home?" she asked, pointing to my new passion.

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