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Slipping Out For A Taste

As he stood up I turned my head aside and eyed him yet again. His long form made me want to run my hands across his body and, damn, if I my eyes didn’t linger at his crotch . . . again. I smiled and dropped my chin, getting up and thinking of a reason to follow him into the kitchen. His dark hair was unbound, a long satin raven curtain, and I’d been dying to run my hands through it all night. But I had controlled myself, with that at least.

I walked out of eye-shot of the rest of the group and reached out to run my hand across his ass, smiling up at him as he turned at my touch.

“Enjoying yourself?” He asked with a small smile, raising an eyebrow. I stepped up to him and ran my fingers around the top of his pants.

“Very much so,” I purred and leaning my head back to look him straight in the eye. I dipped my fingers into his pants and ran them against his soft skin.

“I am glad,” he said and looked over his shoulder. “Anyone could step in here.” I thrust my hands deeper into his pants as he raised his hands to my shoulders to push us apart, and froze. My hands touched lace and as I looked up I could see a slight flush on his cheeks.

“Are you wearing what I hope you’re wearing?” I asked softly, fingering the light material of the panties he was wearing.

“Yes,” he whispered back embarrassed and I quickly pressed myself against him before he could move. My fingers caressing the lace and satin of the delicate underwear he was wearing, and massaging his hip with my palm.

“That is so fucking hot,” I stated softly, my body pressed against his and I ran my hands around to caress his ass beneath his pants. “It’s going to drive me insane with lust knowing what’s under your pants.” I slipped my hands out of his pants and squeeze his covered ass. “I can’t wait to trace them with my tongue and caress your gorgeous cock through the material.”

I step back, holding his eyes, remembering the swell of his cock as I was pressed against him. He was slightly pink and I smiled, stepping next to him.

“Or we could always go find an empty room and I can show you how much your sexy form turns me on now?” I run my finger against his thigh, the movement hidden between the two of us. He turns and I doubt he’s going to answer me, as embarrassed as he is.

“I don’t think the rest of the party would like our . . . disappearance.” He comments and I smile, and then sigh.

“I suppose not,” and I turn to face him again. “But at this point I don’t really care.” I run my hand over his cock and step close to him again. “Show me your room.” I instruct, knowing that he still has the opportunity to turn me down. And he locks eyes with me for a moment and then turns out of the kitchen.

I follow, smiling and feeling extremely naughty. I follow him to his room, where he opens the door for me and closes it softly after I enter. I turned and press myself against him, reaching up as he bends down. Our bodies press against the wall and I feel his lips soft against mine. Our tongues part and slip between wanting lips, twirling and touching in heightened desire. My hands slip to unbutton his pants, dropping them past his hips so I can caress and feel his hard, thick cock beneath the soft material. He grips my shirt and pulls it off in one quick action, his hands cupping and caressing my breasts through my bra. I moan against his lips as he pulls my heavy breasts out and pulls my nipples taught.

I moan and he breaks our kiss, bowing his head and pulls a nipple in his mouth. I grip his panties tight as his teeth find my nipple and bite down on my soft flesh. I bite my lip as he begins to bite and pull my nipple taught, my breast hanging heavy and creating pain edged pleasure. I whimper and shift my feet in desire, my pussy tight and hot.

He cups my breast, taking the pressure in one hand, and flicks my raw nipple with his tongue. I scream softly, biting my lip to muffle the sound, my hands twitching against his hip. He sucks and lips it, pulling back and wrapping his hand in my hair. He leans down and brings my head to his, kissing deeply, as I moaned against his lips, limp and subby in his grasp.

He pulls back and starts to nibble my ear, I gasp; feeling his teeth and tongue against my skin.

“I thought you were going to lick me through my panties,” he whispers against my ear.

And I blush, nodding and pull back, falling to the floor on my knees. I run my finger tip around the edge of the panties as my mouth waters with desire. I lean forward and kiss his cock through the fabric, feeling his thickness against my lips. I moan softly and begin to lick his beautiful, large cock through the panties. Running my tongue up his length and finding his sensitive head. I kiss it softly and then run my tongue in circles over his head. I hear him moan and feel his hand push my head against his crotch. I suck and lick his cock passionately, as he pushes me lower. I find my tongue at his balls and run the breadth of my tongue slowly across them, over and over again. I whimper again, feeling my pussy tighten and spasm. And his hand pushes me lower yet, his legs parting and I feel myself getting excited at the direction he’s pointing me. My chest heaves and my eyes widen in excitement, I press my nose further between his thighs until my tongue reaches his asshole. Covered in soft, red satin with lace I whimper and begin to lick his ass beneath the panties.

My tongue laps hungrily at his asshole, feeling the soft fabric beneath my tongue but knowing I was exactly where I wanted to be. My saliva drenched his sexy panties and I hear his moans above me as I lap quickly over his asshole. I whimper and moan, feeling the pressure of his thighs about my head, licking rapidly over his asshole. I pause for breath and feel his hand in my hair, pulling me back from his ass and pressing my face against his unclothed cock.
My eyes widen and my lips part quickly as he presses his full length into my mouth. I suck and run my tongue around his head, his hand still in my hair against my head. I start to bob my head as I suck and feel him press down, slowly forcing his thick cock down my throat. I open my mouth wide and feel him filling me, breathing heavily through my nose. His balls are against my lips and he pauses as my throat starts to spasm and I gag against his thick length. I pull back, feeling his head against my lips and hand against my hair; putting my head.

“I love that sound,” he says softly. “Worship my cock slut.” And he presses me towards his cock, my mouth going round and feel his thickness fill my mouth again. I suck and lick, lapping my tongue against his beautiful thick cock. Moaning softly, feeling his hand against my head but no pressure, allowing me to suck and kiss and lick at my pleasure.

I pull back and lap softly at his head, drawing my tongue down his wet length and open again. I run my hands under his balls and massage softly, slowly. As I kiss his cock, sporadically up his length and against his sensitive head. I hear him moan and take his shaft into my mouth, pushing him slowly into my mouth and down my throat, pulling back as I gag against his length, and up and down again. Slowly, sucking and keeping the pressure of my mouth against his wonderful thick shaft. I whimper and moan and he pulls me back by my hair again. I pant, looking at his cock and longing to feel its length slip into my wet and wanting pussy.

He slips his thick cock back into his panties and I whimper, looking up at him. He’s smiling as he pulls his pants up over his cock. I am wiggling on the floor and I know his grin is a knowing one, as I whimper looking up at him he releases my hair to button up his pants.

“You want something slut?” he asks me. I wiggle and blush, knowing he knows I do!

“Yes, Daddy, I want your thick wonderful cock deep inside my wet cunt,” I say softly, wiggling and blushing.

“Not yet, skank, I have guests.” I blush redder and bite my lip. “Put on your shirt and we’ll go back to them, and I’ll fuck that tight little cunt later.”

I nod, red and horny as all hell, picking my shirt.

“Yes, Daddy.”

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