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Rita is a recent addition to our f****y of hot ladies and wow...what an addition!!! She is beautifully slim,about 5'5” with a 34B bust...aged 50,but you would not think so,with her dark walnut hair in the classic bob style enhancing her exquisitely attractive face. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on her that here was a lady of quality,the way she carried herself,the way she walked so effortlessly and with such ease in those high heels,her elegant couture,the way her make-up had been perfectly applied..especially to those gorgeous lips which were soon to be giving attention to my already swelling nipples.

These hot moments that I describe took place late Friday night (June 17) and into the early hours of Saturday morning (June 18). Sara was the girl I had booked for Rita and she arrived about 9.45 p.m.together with Jane and Diane who were destined for Charlotte. As it was Rita's first time with us I did not want to overdo things initially so I just let Sara have her to herself.

I made her comfortable,we sat and chatted over an ample glass of red wine and went over things that she might like us to do so that we could please her and fulfill her desires. As we talked I noticed her black seamed ff nylons and asked her where she had bought them. She said they were “Aristoc Harmony”,with a point heel – they are now obsolete,but she had bought several boxes of these in the late 80's and still wears them to most occasions. I was fascinated,they really are hot and made her legs look a million dollars! She had paired them with classic black patent courts with a 5 inch heel so you can just imagine!!!! One of my dear friends on here,"suzy12",will be very familiar with these stockings!!

Sara was upstairs and so I sent Rita up to her while I chatted to the other 2 girls – my plan was to let Sara have her until about midnight when I would take over..i wanted her well lubricated and in a high gear.

I will be brief as I know you want me to get to the hot details,but several times I went upstairs to listen outside the door to the goings on in their room and could hear much in the way of moaning and groaning...i was so anxious to join them but I had to restrain myself.

Time passed,it was 1.15 a.m. and i entered the room It was so cool and inviting,despite the hot activities taking place,as I had increased the setting on the air conditioning. I had made myself as alluring as I could,6 inch strappy black heels so my lacquered toes were showing through the mesh of my black seamed nylons under my long black satin wrap,my lips thickly coated with my estee lauder classic red lipstick. Sara was sat at the end of the large super king bed and Rita lay leaning on one elbow,her legs still in her seamed black nylons but now I could see the amazing basque she was wearing,how the panels of black satin and black mesh created such a sensual effect and how her ample boobs were defying gravity as they protruded from their cups. I winked at Sara and she smiled and left the two of us alone.

Rita was breathing quite heavily from obvious recent exertions with Sara,her make-up was somewhat smeared and yet her lips were still shining with her lipstick so she had obviously just re-applied – I knelt down beside the bed,having slipped out of my wrap so I was just in my nylons,heels,thong and bra. I leaned over the bed and let my tongue run up the inside of her shapely,slender calves – she stretched out her legs and lay flat as I proceeded,running my tongue up and down her fragrant nyloned legs,so sweet smelling (I found out subsequently that she sprays her nylons with perfume and seals them in plastic food bags the same as me so they are so fragrant when she wears them) – and the way her fully fashioned nylons created welts and creases as my mouth worked up and down was so sexy,there is something uniquely special about these stockings..she was sighing deeply and her legs flexed and her breathing quickened.

Moving downwards my open mouth kissed and licked her slender ankles as I held each foot,still encased in those high heels,leaving traces of red lippy all over them. I was licking and sucking and kissing passionately and I could feel her body responding to my touches. Now holding her right leg aloft as I eased myself on to the bed,my mouth found its way up the full length of her thighs past her stocking tops and I was kissing really hard now...her perfume was intoxicating,i could spend all night just licking her legs but I knew she wanted more than that.

Kneeling beside her on the bed,i eased her right leg aside as I moved my left knee so that it was pressing into her throbbing crotch,she was still wearing her shiny black satin thong and I could feel the wetness oozing.- my knee began rotating into her..her hips responded and her back was arching – I eased the straps of the basque off her shoulders,allowing her breasts to fall free and my tongue began flicking at her nipples which were soon jutting out like bottle corks and while I sucked at one her fingers were rubbing at the other

Things were now getting extremely hot,her body was throbbing and bucking as my knee rubbed harder and harder,with my fingers I pulled her soaking thong away from her pussy and glided it down her legs which she moved to allow me to do so...soon her thong was thrown on the floor,her pussy was now exposed in all its glory..and OMG!!! To see what 30 odd years of heavy fucking can do to someone – the huge expanse of her red gash,her pussy hole was gaping wide,her red inflamed lips sagging and flapping like curtains after Sara's pounding earlier with a strap-on. Sara had obviously just moved the thong to the side so she could fuck her with her device while she was still wearing it

My fingers began to pull and tease her loose lips,i could virtually get my whole hand in to her cavernous orifice – the juice was oozing out,her hips were going wild as I pushed right inside and then pulled out again before re-inserting. The “ooooooohhhhhhhhhh's” and aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh's” coming from her increased in tempo accompanied by frantic utterances of “fuck” “oh yeah” and “fuck me babe”..i was careful to avoid her sharp heels as her legs kicked out,after the accident I had suffered with Diane in a similar situation last week,and my shoulder still bears the deep cut!

My left hand was fucking her wet pussy,my thumb rubbing her clit as I did so and I moved my right hand down between my legs and rubbed my own with 3 fingers..ooooohhhhhh,i was sooo wet – Rita's head was thrown back as her body writhed in ecstasy,,she was bouncing on the bed,clutching at her hair with her a trigger reaction her open mouth pulled at my nipples and left big rings of lipstick in their wake..her..”fuck yaaaaaaa's” ,her “ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh's” were becoming one mass of verbal right hand was pounding at my crotch,my fingers gorgeously rubbing my clit as I bucked and jerked ,my left hand disappearing in her own pussy with juicy slurping noises as I pushed it in and out...the tops of her nylons,those expensive Aristoc numbers,were glistening with her cum and it was trickling down her thighs and onto the bed sheet,creating a pool which slowly seeped through to the mattress.

Thrust followed thrust with my hand in her massively gaping,sopping pussy and I pushed my face down onto hers,pressing my lips against hers and our open mouths became one as our probing tongues became entwined,i was frantically licking her lips,running mine all over her gorgeous mouth,our saliva running down our chins,she tasted sweet as syrup...our eyes briefly met,she smiled, and then they shut again as our kissing became so deep..her whole body was shaking,writhing,vibrating..her black nyloned legs were so widespread and..oh dear..there were 2 long runs in those precious nylons.
I had left my own lipstick all over her crotch,round her trembling,erect,puffy nipples,all over her enlarged areolae and all around her own now we were in a very sticky mess!!

I wanted this to last all night,by this time I think it was after 1.30 in the morning...each time I was sure she was cumming she subsided and then the sizzling tempo increased again..intermittently she kept forcing her mouth up onto my breasts and tweaked my nipples with her index finger and thumb,her slim sexy fingers,her long nails in a rich shade of cherry..oooohhhhh,i was in heaven too,my own pussy syrup flowing down my legs – the middle finger of my right hand rubbing deep in my own gaping slit...but my left hand was awash with her cum and the splashing sounds were incredible.

She suddenly pushed her left hand up into my crotch,and started to press on my pussy just where the bone is...then she began to rub and roll over my clitty hood with her index and middle fingers.....oh fuuuuuucccckkkkk,is that good!!!! So here we were,both of our left hands finger fucking the other's sopping pussy..while our right hands rubbed at our own..oh my god,i was now grinding down on to her hand and my hips were thrusting hard.

Sorry for my graphic language but by this stage things were so fucking hot,i was as fucking wet as I have ever been in my life and feelings I had only experienced with very few were being equalled and replicated as I was fucking with this amazing girl – I call her a girl yet she is the same age as my mummy!! I was in “THE ZONE” as we call it,nothing else fucking mattered ,all I wanted was her at this moment – I was more sensitive,more horny,MORE FUCKING HORNY!!!! than I have been for a long time....i was having sooooo much fucking pleasure,my pussy was going to explode,i knew it!!!! I think you get my meaning,yes,my pussy wanted her,i wanted her..i was fucking crazy for her and I was about to erupt!!!!!

Here I was trying to give as much pleasure to a new client when suddenly her busy fingers hit the perfect spot,rolling and rubbing my very swollen clit,up and down and side to side with such precision...... and I knew I could not hold out,there was no going whole body shook vaginal muscles were contracting...I WAS CUMMING,my eyes shut,my right hand was a blur in my crotch and I frothed and squirted as the cascading rivers of my juices poured out all on to Rita's thighs...i was crying out incoherently..the sheer shock of such a massive cum was so intense and my whole body bucked and gyrated in delicious ecstasy,orgasm followed orgasm and I finally hit such a big one that I squirted all over her...screaming “OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKK YAAAAAAAAAA!!!” several times as I did so...OMG...and I have only ever squirted five times in my life!!!!!

This was so intense I nearly blacked out,but managed to hold myself together.

Sheer ripples of sordid,lustful blissful pleasure rippled through me,i virtually lost consciousness again and then realised that Rita too was climaxing...i could feel her pelvic muscles contracting as my fingers worked in a frenzy on her engorged clit,her throes of absolute desire were causing her to must have sounded so hot from downstairs!!!! She went through several shattering cums,screaming loudly herself and clutching and pulling at my hair,her arms flailing wildly,her head being thrown from side to side..before collapsing in a heap of blubbering moans and panting gasps. The bed was an absolute mess...lipstick,cum,juices...oh my goodness,what a state!!!!!! Her expensive nylons were ruined,my heels had seen to that as they caught them and ripped from her thighs down to her ankles.

We dissolved into each others arms,i was lying on her and our mouths met again as we kissed and kissed and kissed,...kissed so deeply and so continued,eating each others mouths for at least 15 minutes. I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth and continued sucking and then concentrated on her lower lip and nibbled and sucked on that too,running my tongue over and over – this is so sensual and one of my favourite turn-ons. Finally,we relaxed,gazed into each other's eyes and smiled...yes..we knew..this was so special and sessions like this don't “cum” too often!

After such a hot 3 hours,we went downstairs and enjoyed some cool fruit juice and relaxed – Jane,Diane and Charlotte joined us and I could see from their appearance that they too had had a hot time. Charlotte noticed Rita's torn nylons and cheekily offered her the pair of red sheer to waist red tights she was wearing – they were more or less intact except that the crotch was now fully torn open after Jane and Diane had fucked her with her very own dildo. I was looking disapprovingly as Rita wearing red tights just did not seem right after her Aristoc specials,but she accepted and after 30 minutes ventured upstairs with Sara to continue where they had left off before I intervened.

It was a long night and we were still up at 5 Saturday morning and Rita had cum several more she does it intrigues me..she is very special indeed. Poor Sara had difficulty walking the next morning and yet Rita strutted so confidently in a new pair of Aristoc Harmony nylons and high heels,with no sign of the night's activities!

Rita is definitely in my top 4 finger-fucks of all time...sharing with Emma and Victoria and of course Barbara (well I call her my Barb) on this site....Paul,my ex,has been relegated for obvious reasons and I will move swiftly on!!

It has taken a while to compose this,i had to recover from my exertions and gather my thoughts so I could remember in detail the wonderful time we shared before sharing it with you. Rita is invited this week and we have yet to choose when,please appreciate I may have difficulty coming on here if we repeat the goings on of Friday....ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first posting I have submitted as a story as I wanted it to reach a wider audience. Up until now I have just posted blogs which have really only been seen by my friends on here,and they have responded with wonderful comments. I hope you understand that these events actually took place,they are a true account of our experiences. If you do like what I write...and please do look at my profile and read my blogs if you can,i would love to know what you think.

My user is “”,i am a lesbian and my partner on this site is Emma.
Much love.Shirley.xxxx.

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