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Accidental fantasies pt7

"WHAT? Oh my god, oh my god," I cried and I watched as the tears began to flow down Jenni's cheeks.

She had a death grip on my hand and I wanted so desperately to kiss her and hold her and love her at that magic moment but we both knew we didn't dare.

We hurried through the process of paying the bill and literally danced around the car all the way home. Mom almost got knocked down as we held her and kissed her and told her how much we loved her, but then it was our turn and we cried and yelled and kissed and hugged and danced until we were exhausted.

Mom laid down the rules and told us straight out that she was not going to accept any nonsense from either of us, but she knew we were so excited that we'd agree to anything. Jennifer agreed to teach me to cook better and I agreed to focus on college and my plans for the future. Mom agreed to look the other way as long as we didn't get loud when she was home.

That was a day none of us will ever forget. It was to be a life changing day to be sure.

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