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Accidental fantasies pt4

She kissed and licked her way over my cheeks and into my crease, then she moved to my other cheek and licked her way back to my crease. He tongue started at the top of my crease, and slowly slid through my crease to swirl gently around my anus, then move down over my perineum to just shy of my pussy, now wet and wanting.

I wanted her so bad by that time but she was nowhere near done torturing me. She moved her tongue up slowly to once again rim my anus, move up my crease, then slide it back down to probe at the tender flesh around the opening. She spread my cheeks wide and probed into me over and over again until I felt my anus relax to allow her tongue to enter me, pressing in deeper and deeper until her lips were on my anus and her tongue was completely in me.

I almost came just from that, but then I felt her fingers on my thighs begin to move upward. With her tongue still attacking my anus, her fingers moved over my very wet pussy lips, massaging them slowly as they worked their way up to spread my slit open with maddeningly slow circles.

She suddenly flipped me over and shoved two fingers deep in my pussy so fast that I almost screamed. My hips were way off the bed but then she pulled her fingers out and f***ed my knees over my chest to lift my pussy and anus high into the air. She dove into my pussy, sucking, biting, nipping at clit and pussy until I was getting so close that I never stopped mewling.

She kept me on that high plain until I was begging her to let me cum. Even then, she wouldn't let me finish until she stopped sucking on me and left me near tears. I screamed at her and begged her for completion but she wouldn't even acknowledge my demand. I could barely stand the strain my body was under as the elusive orgasm worked at destroying me completely. Then she bent and sucked my clit into her teeth and bit it.

All I could do was close my eyes and hang on for dear life, the bedding knotted in my hands, my hips high over the bed as my body imploded. I knew exactly when my spine twisted into a spiral and when my anus turned itself inside out. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much else about what happened because my mind left my body completely and I got lost in a darkness I'd never known.

I returned from outer space to the sound of her voice trying to tell me that I had to come back now. I felt soft lips raining kisses down on my face, a tender hand caressing me and a warm body wrapped around me.

The next thing I knew, a beautiful angel was over me, smiling down on me and I knew I was in heaven by the glow that filled me with love.

"Hi," I finally whispered. "Welcome to my corner of heaven."

"You haven't reached heaven, angel girl. That was just a short shuttle trip to let you sample one of the many pleasures on your journey."

"I might have to cancel the reservation," I said. "I may not be strong enough to make the trip."

"That's why you start with a short trip, sweetie. You have to build your strength with lots of trial runs."

For a few minutes I just rested. I was covered with sweat and it felt like I had a small lake under my ass.

"Did someone have sex in this room?" I asked. "I smell sex."

"Maybe" she said.

"I need a shower and some clean bedding. If this bed is as wet as it feels, we may have to go buy a new mattress."

"You are indeed a woman of bountiful fluids," she said. "I felt like you peed in my face one time."

"No wonder my mouth is so dry," I said, as I struggled to get out of bed.

"Get your ass in here and clean up your mess," I told her as I headed for the shower.

We showered together, which took nearly an hour due to frequent interruptions for passionate moments as well as some very sexual play, in which I was mostly the aggressor because my pussy was too sensitive to allow contact.

Sitting at the kitchen table, drinking glass after glass of juice to replenish my fluids, I suddenly realized something wasn't right.

"Wait a minute," I said. "Didn't you tell me you were a lesbian virgin before you met me?"


"So how do you explain your level of skill as demonstrated by the way you systematically reduced my entire body to a puddle of cum and a shell of a woman?"

She smiled and came to kiss me. "Secret training program," she said.

"Training program? What training progam?"

She pulled me closer, kissed me several times and whispered to me.

"Did you enjoy getting your ass licked? I got that from a lesbian support group. How about the way I kept you right on the edge? I got that from a web site. It's amazing how much information is available to a woman that's bi-curious. "

"So you cheated," I said. "I can't compete with that."

"It's not a competition, honey,"

"I know, but I want to make love to you just as good as that or better."

"And you will, honey. You just have to practice, practice, practice."

"You're so not funny," I said. "You'll probably leave me after the first time."

"It won't be your first time, Danni," she reminded me.

"Yeah, it will. What happened before was just a maniac fuck fest. We just wanted a quick release and that's good sometimes but that's not making love."

"Honey I could never leave you," she said.

I pulled her to me and gazed into those beautiful gray-green eyes as my heart did flip flops.

"I have no intention of letting you," I said. "So just get used to having me in your life and your bed."

"Speaking of beds, I understand that there is one just a few steps away where the most beautiful girl in the world sl**ps. Trouble is that it's empty and so are the arms of the woman that loves her."

"Easily remedied," I said. "The girl that sl**ps there just happens to be headed that way and she's looking for an absolutely gorgeous woman with empty arms."

"Why in the world would she want to be with her? What could she possibly be planning on doing with her?"

"I do believe the poor gorgeous woman is going to be tortured until she can't stop coming."

"If we hurry, maybe someone will save her." She said.

"I'm afraid she hasn't a chance. The beautiful girl has some special plans to make her want to stay there."

When we got to the bedroom, we put a new bottom sheet on the bed and arranged the pillows. I intended to make her remember this day, even if I did have to cheat to get it done.

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