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A teachers erotic adventure pt4

Are you sure, you've had enough for now? Do you want to give so easily?" the Chinese wife, teased, friendly taunting her victim.

"Yes, "Jennie panted still exhausted from the wild female tussle."

"Okay, then, "Peggy laughed, "I'll let you. " Peggy said with a hard little laugh, as she taunted Jennie. "Now, let me check to see what MY husband wants me to do to you, "she said laughing down into a dispirited Jennie's face.

"O.K.," Jennie panted, "but, just get it over with, okay?" Peggy laughed, "Okay, Edwin, what would you like to watch me make Jennie do."

Edwin feeling his excitement surging needed no time to make up his mind! "I'd like to watch you get over her face, and make her lick and such your Chinese pussy, 'like you did her's. " Only, do it kneeling right above her face. Make her satisfy you real good, "an aroused Edwin Chan suggested to his willing Asian wife, who could hardly wait to get at Jennie's defenseless naked body. Peggy now began scooting up until she now was seated on Jennie's soft white titties.

Randy, his Cock so 'hard rock' it was painful, watched as the Chinese female, Peggy slowly inched up until she was sitting on his wife, Jennie's beautiful titties.

Jennie could hardly catch her breath from the weight of the Chinese wife, as Peggy sit down on Jennie's squashed white titties. Looking up, the white wife Jennie could see Peggy's thick black hairy Cunt now hovering only inches above her flushed face.

Jennie could smell the other woman's arousal, hot and moist. The Heat from the Chinese woman's 'forbidden area' was now hot on Jennie's perky titties.

Without being told a distraught, Jennie knew what the Asian female had in mind to make her do. Jennie knew her husband and the Chinese wife's husband could hardly wait to watch her 'do' Peggy. 'This time, I guess it's 'my turn' to provide the entertainment. Okay, maybe just a little while.

Jennie hated the thought of touching her 'clean tongue' to this Chinese Bitch's pussy which was probably all messy from her arousal by now. However, she knew she had no choice.

The thick black Asian vagina now hovered only inches from her delicate white face. Staring up in panic, Jennie could see the Chinese female's thick black haired lips gaping open, the folds of her 'messy' vagina slightly parted. She could barely see the Asian wife's clitoris peeking out of Peggy's dense black thatch of pussy hair.

The Asian female's womanly smell was now strong in Jennie's nostrils. An aroused feverish Peggy now lowered her damp Asian vagina almost to Jennie's face. "Lick my Labia Majora Lips first, and then suck on my clitoris the Asian female demanded. "It's your turn to give Edwin and Randy a sexual 'treat.' Peggy laughingly taunted Jennie.

Randy watched fascinated as the Asian woman now astride of the worn out mother of his two c***dren started to f***e a now struggling protesting Jennie's lovely face against her black haired vagina.

Knowing what was expected of her, Jennie finally stuck her little pink tongue slowly out of her open mouth and raising her head slightly, until her tongue touched the Asian female's wet sticky vagina.

A feverishly, aroused Peggy, the female Asian Teacher, lowered herself down until she was only 2 inches above Jennie's delicate face. Then just wanting to end her embarrassment, a submissive Jennie became to busy to even think of the watching husbands.

Peggy her female passions soaring started raising her thighs up and down above Jennie's face raising her bare Ass and pussy down. A desperate Jennie instinctively knew she had only her tongue to use as a weapon so she attacked the Asian female on top of her with it.

Each time an aroused Peggy lowered herself, Jennie's busy tongue would be waiting to attack Peggy, the Asian Bitch's swollen black hairy pussy with her tongue. Then Jennie felt the hot sticky folds of the Asian wife's black hairy pussy suddenly pressed hot and moist against her delicate face as the Asian wildcat astride her demanded Jennie to start tongue fucking and licking Peggy's swollen Crack.

Jennie felt such revulsion. Her delicate face had become slick and messy from the Chinese Math Teacher's female juices. Jennie could smell the other wife, Peggy's excitement. The smell of Peggy's cologne and pussy juice was overpowering.

Now in full submission to the Asian wife, Jennie knew there was no other way. Peggy was going to make a submissive Jennie satisfy her, until Peggy climaxed. So, Jennie began licking the Asian female's clitoris with wild abandoned, just wanting it to be over so Peggy would get off and let her get up.

Jennie could taste the salty female juices, felt it smearing her delicate lips. Above her, Jennie was encouraged to work harder as she heard the Asian females joyful tortured grunting and moaning becoming louder. 'You bitch,' Jennie thought resentfully, 'just get it over, don't draw it out, you slut!'

From the sounds Peggy was making, Jennie was sure Peggy was almost at her climax. Encouraged, Jennie started licking Peggy's swollen Cuntal lips, feverishly, swirling her tongue round and around Peggy's swollen Clitoris. Then Jennie started frantically fluttering her busy tongue rapidly back and forth across Peggy's Clitoris.

This drove the Chinese female almost insane. A moment later, Jennie heard Peggy's long heart-wrenching scream "aaaAAHGG," as the Asian female climaxed long and hard. Jennie felt Peggy's weight collapse on her, still shuddering from her overpowering arousal.

A moment later, panting from the excitement, the Chinese female scooted back and seated herself on an exhausted Jennie's lovely white titties. Now that Peggy was off Jennie's face, the men could see Jennie's delicate face was red from Peggy's harsh stiff black hairs rubbing across it.

Jennie, wished she could get her fingers free, so she could clean off some of Peggy's female translucent juice that was messily smearing her lips, some of it even dribbling into her slightly parted lips.

"I'm such a mess," she thought bitterly. Still seething, and angry, Jennie headed into the Chan's Bathroom to shower.

A short time later, as Jennie stepped out of the shower and was drying off, Randy slipped into the bathroom to join his tired wife. "Sweetheart, "Jennie smiled tiredly," So what did you think? Did you enjoy watching our little tussle as much as you thought you would? Did it make you 'hot' seeing me play wrestling with Peggy?"

"Yes" Randy said lovingly, his breathing still labored from the erotic excitement of only a moment ago.

"Darling, "Jennie whispered, "If you'll promise to take me home right after, I have one more very special Birthday present I want to give you."

Once Jennie Martino and her husband, Randy reentered the Master Bedroom, Randy quickly informed them that after one more go around, he and Jennie had decided to end the erotic evening early and he would be taking Jennie home.

To make it up to them, Randy grinned and said, "Aw, come on, Even though we're going home soon, Jennie has a suggestion we think you two will really like.

"Well, "Jennie somewhat hesitantly explained, "I thought Peggy and I could have one more little friendly tussle with each other for a little while and let you guys watch. Maybe, if Peggy agrees, we could do some playful hair-pulling. Of course, we could tussle as hard as we want."

"WOW, "Edwin said, instantly excited. "What do you think Peg," he asked, hopefully. That would be so hot and exciting!" Edwin enthused, his voice hopeful with excitement.

Peggy laughed at her husband's request. Peggy, her beautiful brown almond eyes smiled in Jennie's direction, as she looked her friend, Jennie, the English Lit Teacher.

"Oh, Boy, are you asking for it, "Peggy laughed, lightheartedly. Okay, I accept," Peggy, said, adding, "I know Edwin's been wanting to see me do this for a long time," then added as an after thought, "but you guys have to stay out of it, and let us go until one wife gives up."

"Okay," Jennie replied agreeably, "That sounds fair enough."

Peggy was pleased at the white couple's suggestion; but, as she noticed her Chinese husband, Edwin's hugh engorge Cock, Peggy knew, almost as much as he wanted to watch her and Jennie in a friendly little fem fight, Edwin had also been aching, to 'have' Jennie sometime during their erotic evening.

Peggy upon seeing how excited and pleased everyone was, said brightly, "Oh, one more thing, "since Edwin and I agreed we'd do what you two suggested; there's one more thing, we think it might be fun to do. And," she added smiling coquettishly at the others, "It would be better to do it before Jennie and I give you guys your final erotic gift of watching us have our one last little tussle. Then with visible embarrassment, Jennie said, "Remember, we talked about swapping sometime this evening?" she reminded the white couple.

"Well," she added, hopefully, "Edwin and I thought, if you two think you would enjoy it also that maybe we could all 'swap' for a little while. This way we would get to enjoy each other's mate. You guys would get to enjoy' having intercourse with someone different. Jennie and I would enjoy each of having intercourse with us.

Then when everyone was satisfied, and you guys are relaxed," she explained, "After Jennie and I rested for awhile, we could then try it with each other for a little while you guys watched," Peggy explained.

Edwin was watching the Martino couple hopefully. He was relieved when both Randy and Jennie seem willing to go along with Peggy's erotic suggestion.

Jennie felt her stomach tightening slightly as she realized she was becoming aroused watching Edwin and Randy starting to undress out of their T-shirts and Briefs.

A moment later, Jennie, stifled a gasp, when she sneaked a furtive peek at the Chinese husband, Edwin who was now completely naked. Jennie could see that Edwin Chan's swelling Cock was Hugh. 'His Cock is built thicker and longer than Randy's."

Jennie watched fascinated, and not a little apprehensive as Edwin Chan's thick Penis continued to swell, finally becoming 'hard rock.' His unruly member was now fully engorged from his excitement.

Jennie, her breathing quickening from her arousal, felt her Labia Majora lips swelling in anticipation. She realized that within only minutes, she would be taking Edwin's Hugh Chinese Cock up inside her. Jennie wondered what it would feel like to have the thick angry head of his large Chinese Penis plunging inside her. After all, she thought, 'I've never did it with a Chinese guy before.'

A few moments later both Jennie's soft rounded body and Peggy's brown sexy body was laying on their backs, side by side both fully naked. Both wives bent their knees and raised their thighs letting them fall open. Both wives were very well endowed. Their hair covered Pussy Lips were both swollen from their arousal.

Then the two naked husbands knelt between the other man's wife's luscious thighs. Each husband's enjoyment was heightened as he watched his own wife preparing herself to be taken by the other woman's husband.

Watching this forbidden ritual and taboo act caused their engorged Cocks to swell to the bursting. Both men's quivering throbbing Cocks were at full ready.

Then four hungry people begin the forbidden act of having intercourse with someone other than their mates. Randy couldn't resist watching at least the first few moments of his wife, Jennie being taken.

As Randy watched he saw the angry Head of the Chinese man's Penis touch his lovely mate, Jennie's pussy's soft fully swollen Labia Lips He heard his wife give a little sexual shudder, a low audible moan of acceptance. Slowly, sensuously the Chinese husband, began to move his bl**d red engorged Cock up and down through Jennie's 'pussy trough' as her brown hair covered pussy folds became swollen from her arousal. . 'He's wetting his Cock with 'her' juices' Randy realized.

Jennie continued to make little sighs then gave a barely audible soft moan, "aahh" as she felt the hot Head of his penis briefly touch her clitoris, then move up and down through the translucent juice covered folds of her swollen vagina. 'Ohhh!, I'm so ready to be fucked,' she thought through the thick sexual haze that dimmed her female senses except for what she knew was about to happen to her.

Randy glanced again, just in time to see the angry head of Edwin's Chinese Penis disappear. The head of Edwin's Chinese Cock was now just inside Jennie's expanded pussy Crack.

The tired mother of his c***dren gave a little passionate moan of pleasure. Randy watched mesmerized, as a moment later the Chinese husband's Hugh Penis disappeared, plunged deep inside his Wife's swollen Blonde haired pussy. The Hugh Chinese Cock was now 'plunging to the hilt, inside his aroused little wife, Jennie's hot guts.

He watched, the Chinese husband, now aroused to a fever pitch, seize his wife, Jennie's slender breathtakingly beautiful luscious thighs, pushing them back against her swollen titties. Randy caught a brief glance at Jennie's honey blonde pussy, stretched apart, with the Chinese man's Hugh thick Cock buried in 'it' up to the hilt.

Then the thick body of the Chinese man was on Jennie's soft rounded figure. Randy heard Jennie give a sharp first grunt as the strong powerful Chinese man began slamming deep into his wife's brown haired pussy. Then as Randy listened, he could begin to hear Jennie's joyful sexual cries, "ut, ut, uuh uuh" and the Chinese man's guttural grunts of pleasure as he began brutally pounding Jennie's feverish body, as he rode her savagely.

A moment later, his Cock engorged, Randy couldn't wait any longer. Peggy and the Caucasian husband had lain there watching their two mates fuck. Peggy had an inscrutable enigmatic smile on her face. Randy, with sounds of his wife's sexual grunt and moans, growing louder in his ears, started running his raging Cock up and down through the Chinese wife, Peggy's willing, hot translucent juice filled black hairy Crack.

A moment later, Randy felt rewarded as he heard her first audible sigh. "aahhh," she barely whispered into his ear.

Peggy stared up through sl**py almond eyes, at the Caucasian man above her, now kneeling between her wanting brown thighs. Peggy moaned as she felt his 'warm' Cock touch her sensitive labia lips. "Ohhhh," she whispered insistently, "Take Meeee!.""Ohhh, fuck Meee!" she said with desperate urgency.

Randy, now aroused to a feverish sexual pitch, at last inserted his engorged white Cock, into the Chinese woman's warm moist black hairy swollen pussy.

Feeling the white husband's engorged Cock deep up inside her, the Chinese wife bucked up eagerly, meeting his ever more hard thrushes. His sexual grunts and, Her feminine moans, became suddenly louder, as their pubic bones slamming together brutally.

Peggy, felt her arousal surging uncontrollably as she gritted her teeth with determination, and continued to meet his hard thrushes, as she grunted, moaned with pleasure, both emitting sounds of mutual enjoyment now, as Randy slammed deep into the beautiful Chinese Math Teacher's swollen hairy Crack.

Randy could feel Peggy's firm Labia Lips surround his raging Cock as he plunged again and again into the depths of Peggy's hot moistening velvety pussy.

The Bedroom was now alive, filled with the sounds of fucking. Moans, grunts, little cries of pleasure, filled the air as the two women fucked the other wife's husband back frantically as they themselves moaned and cried out in ecstasy.

In spite of being driven almost out of her mind with pleasure, Jennie was aware the Chinese husband's strong muscular brown thighs were forcing her own slender hot thighs wider open. He succeeded; Jennie's legs and thighs were now spread wide.

Though almost in a panic, Jennie knew it was futile to resist. Jennie knew the Chinese husband was trying to 'position her. A moment later Jennie felt him f***e her into position.

Even though caught up in the thrill and sexual arousal of fucking Peggy, the Chinese wife, Randy couldn't help glancing quickly over toward his tender loving wife, Jennie.

He watched a never to be forgotten sight, as Jennie, his little wife, lying under the Asian man's muscular body, was being brutally pounded into oblivion.

Randy noticed the Chinese husband had f***ed Jennie's luscious hips all the way up off the mattress. To get at her better, the Chinese man had f***ed Jennie all the way up on her beautiful naked shoulders, as he rode her naked thighs unmercifully.

Then Jennie felt herself losing control of her senses as Chinese husband continued to pound her unmercifully; she felt him rapidly taking her up, up, almost to her Climax.

Jennie had never experienced such a sensuous heavy need for release so strongly. 'He's driving me insane,' she thought wildly. 'He's fucking me silly,' she complained to herself, as the waves of joy pain washed over her and became a tidal wave. Edwin, now fully in control continued to assault Jennie finally taking her over. Slowing for a moment, then the Chinese husband, Edwin took her over again making her climax twice more. .

'Ohhh,' she thought, 'I'm too tired. I can't continue much longer. Jennie's breath was now coming in short gasps, although now almost too weak and exhausted to continue, she continued to fuck him back tiredly.

Finally, Jennie felt the thickness of him, moving inside her, stretching her, now his hard hot slick Cock seemed to swell further buried to the hilt in her swollen pussy.

Jennie felt her swollen Labia Majora Lips being pulled inward, pulling some of her honey brown pussy hairs inside of her. Then to Jennie's relief, she could hear he was now climbing the excruciatingly joyful sexual ladder to his own climax. A moment later with a loud gut- wrenching groan, he climaxed with a loud groan.

Jennie was surprised she could actually feel his hot semen squirting up inside her as she collapsed like a rag doll underneath him. However, to her dismay, he seemed to wish to continue. Therefore, with the last of her stamina and endurance she ran his climax out nicely for him by tiredly meeting his final thrushes as she fucked him back obligingly.

Randy felt the Chinese wife's strong naked brown thighs raised up to her swollen titties 'open suddenly.' A moment later He felt Peggy's strong calves and thick hot thighs encircle his waist.

Now Peggy was controlling the sexual rhythm as her strong thick thighs pulled him even deeper inside her moist black hairy Chinese pussy.

The Chinese female's heels dug into Randy's ass, pulling him further 'into her. 'WOW, he thought, 'Jennie would never have the strength in her thighs to encircle me like this.' God, she is stronger than Jennie' he realized as he pounded Peggy's thick brown naked body.

Then the thought that he would very shortly be watching this Asian woman he was fucking, in another physical confrontation, a fun tussle with his wife, Jennie aroused him even further.

A moment later the Randy climaxed with a long groan on top of the Chinese woman's firm sweaty body, which now lay perfectly, still beneath him.

For a long moment both couples still lie there; Peggy appeared tired but relaxed; but Jennie still lying beneath the Chinese husband was like a rag doll, very exhausted, and was still trying to catch her breath.

Both wives, their nakedness 'still' on full display, lay sprawled flat of their backs. Both wives were still panting slightly as they waited for their breathing to slow and return to normal.

Peggy, finally rested, got up to her hands then raised up on her knees, Peggy noticed Jennie's state of exhaustion which now showed on her tired delicate face ask the slender little English Teacher if she'd rather postpone what they had planned as a last erotic gift for their two husbands.

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