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A teachers erotic adventure pt3

Randy, from his chair whispered to the two wives, "Start excruciatingly slow, and make it exquisitely delicious."

Both females faced each other now, still slightly embarrassed. "What do you want to do first," Jennie whispered sexily to her friend. Both women wanted it to be good for their husbands; but, each was uncertain 'what to do first,' as they prepared to engage in this 'first time' erotic behavior they knew their men were waiting to see.

"Okay, "Peggy finally whispered, "I have an idea, I'll start". Peggy stepped now against Jennie. Their Slips rubbed silkily against each other. Their swollen warm breasts were touching. They could feel the 'heat' of each other's bodies, as they felt the stirring of their female arousal. Their warm breath quickened!

They could feel the other woman's soft titties, warm stomach through their old slips, now that their warm bodies were finally 'touching.'

Sensing what Peggy was about to do, Jennie bashfully closed her blue eyes. Jennie felt the Chinese female's 'warm' full lips lightly brush her own delicate lips.

'At first' they kissed timidly, their kisses soft against each other's lips like the wings of a beautiful butterfly.

All four people were caught up in the erotic magic of the moment, as Jennie and Peggy continued to kiss each other's soft lips gently.

Then Jennie felt an erotic jolt of arousal. The Math Teacher, Peggy's moist tongue was licking her dry parched lips. Feeling feverish, from the beginnings of her arousal, Jennie could feel her belly start to tighten almost immediately. Jennie felt strange, knowing she was experiencing sexual arousal 'doing it' the first time with another woman. That thought only increased Jennie's sensuous arousal even more.

The men heard a barely audible sigh of pleasure escape from Jennie's slightly barely parted full lips.

As the husbands watched, Peggy, Edwin's Chinese wife, began aggressively trying to f***e a somewhat resisting Jennie's lips open. Finally succeeding, Peggy pushed her probing tongue past Jennie's semi-rigid facial lips.

Jennie felt the Chinese female's warm moist tongue now start to explore her own mouth. With both females caught up in what they were doing; and, 'so busy' struggling to dominate the other woman; neither at this moment even remembered their husband's were in the room watching their erotic struggling.

As Jennie felt her womanhood being aroused, she fought to take a breath. When she finally succeeded, Jennie's warm, moist breath, on the Chinese female is face, seem to ignite Peggy's enflamed passions even further. The Chinese wife felt her arousal soaring, as the white wife's warm breath played lightly on her face.

Jennie, now over the shock of 'being kissed by another woman, entered the sexual fray, and began fighting the Asian woman's invading moist tongue with her own soft pink warm tongue. Within moments, both women's warm breath become ragged, as they began breathing heavily from their enflamed arousal.

Both women struggled passionately. Jennie finally f***ed her warm wet probing tongue deep into the Chinese Math Teacher's warm mouth. The Caucasian tongue and the Chinese tongue's erotic battle now raged as they fought their erotic duel.

Suddenly the Asian female, in the throes of her arousal, stepped back and grasp Jennie's flimsy slip in her strong brown fingers; ripping it down, breaking the straps exposing Jennie's lovely white Bra. "Oh, You Asian slut," Jennie whispered, giggling sexily.

Not to be out done, Jennie seized the Asian woman's slip and ripped the fabric down to Peggy's waist, exposing Peggy's lovely baize Bra. Dressed in only panties and Bra's now; the two females had almost full access to the other female's enflamed aroused body.

The wives, now barely clothed, almost by mutual consent, reach behind and unhooked their bra straps. Within seconds, both women's beautiful titties sprang free and were on display for the viewing pleasure of their sexually aroused husbands.

Peggy again pulled Jennie against her, this time more aggressively. Both wives were now aroused to an insane feverish pitch. Both begin kissing each other savagely as they fought each other for the advantage with the Asian female finally bent Jennie's graceful neck backwards, her lovely face strained against her female adversary as they wildly struggled, swaying back and forth across the mattress.

The Chinese Math Teacher, who at the moment seemed slightly stronger, was now firmly in control. Peggy aggressively f***ed her thicker pink tongue deeper into the English Lit Teacher, Jennie's open panting mouth.

The Chinese Math Teacher was 'licking' Jennie in the 'sensuous tongue fight.' Through her sexual haze, Jennie became aware that the Chinese wife's brown strong fingers were now starting to caress her swollen titties.

Peggy still had her leaning backwards off balance, so Jennie offered little resistance as the Asian woman slowly, deliciously conquered the weaker Caucasian wife in the erotic kissing fight. Letting up on her sexual assault on the white wife for a moment, as both women were panting from sexual arousal, an aroused Peggy, leaned back, giggled affectionately and asked an exhausted Jennie, "You ready to give up, yet, Slut?"

Both Peggy and Jennie were sexually giddy, almost d***k with the passion from their arousal. Jennie, her warm breathing now ragged with desire, could feel her brown haired pussy's translucent juices soaking her panty crotch laughed a little embarrassed laugh and said, "Yes, you win, this round, Bitch." Laughing, self-consciously, Jennie complained, "I think I need some dry panties."

"Don't be such a sissy," the Chinese wife, Peggy laughed. "They aren't going to have a chance to dry on you anyway!"

The two women now naked to the waist faced each other still aroused and panting, both women out of breath from their violent sexual contest.

Then looking into each other's passion drenched face, they giggled, then hugged each other affectionately.

"Whew," Peggy whispered, "That was sooo good; I could have kept going all night."

Jennie giggled, and then whispered back, It felt so good to me, I would have probably let you."

Come sit here with us and rest," Randy suggested, then added, "That was so beautiful." Both half-naked women came over and sat down beside their husbands on the two sofas that faced each other.

Both Jennie and Peggy were thrilled when they saw 'how pleased' each of their husbands were. "Why don't you girls sit on that sofa over there, and we'll sit here on the other sofa," Randy suggested.

Once seated, their labored breathing returned to normal, Jennie and Peggy quickly recovered. "O.K., darling," Jennie smiled tenderly at her husband, Randy, "Now it's your turn. You get to decide what you would like to see the two of us do next?"

Randy grinned sheepishly. "I'm almost too embarrassed, to tell you what I would really like to watch you girls do," he laughed self-consciously, "You'd both probably be too embarrassed to do it anyway." he said.

"Come on, Randy," both Peggy and Edwin Chan teased him," We said 'anything erotic goes." "It's alright, Darling," Jennie said softly, "Go ahead, and ask. We all agreed we'd try anything."

"Okay." he said, working up his nerve as he hesitantly looked over at the beautiful 'still flushed face' of his wife, Jennie.

"I think it would real be hot to watch Peggy continue to 'go after Jennie sexually for a little longer." Only this time, maybe Peggy could attack Jennie's forbidden area. Remember the DVD we saw where one girl attacked the other girl's pussy, through her panties?" "Oh, Yeah," Edwin laughed, Peg and I know that DVD." "I think that's got to be the ultimate panty fetish," Edwin grinned.

Peggy giggled. "Boy, you two guys are really depraved," she giggled, then added, "Well, we said, anything erotic, Come on Jennie, scoot down on the sofa and spread your slutty thighs. Why don't you loosen your panties just a little so I can 'really get at you."?

In spite of wanting to please her husband, Randy, Jennie felt deep embarrassment, but shyly scooted down on the sofa. Rising up for a moment, Jennie slipped her lovely white fingers under the crotch of her white panties and tugged her white panties down slightly.

Then Jennie lay back on the sofa, her beautiful face a deep red from embarrassment. Like a deer caught in the headlights, she slowly spread her lovely white silken thighs wide apart. Randy had never loved his beautiful 27-year-old wife more. He knew he would never forget this night as he watched Peggy, the 26-year-old Chinese female, slither off the sofa and kneel between his wife, Jennie's gaping thighs.

The two husbands, Randy and Edwin were caught up sexually in what was about to happen. Both their Cocks were 'hard rock,' both husbands were living vicariously at that moment. In their mind's eye, 'It was each of them' that was now kneeling between Jennie's luscious spread- apart sexy thighs.

Peggy began slowly kissing the inside of Jennie's warm shapely slender thighs, making little a****l noises of satisfaction as she continued to kiss an instantly enflamed Jennie's moist pussy, through her now soiled panties. Jennie's feminine smell, immediately entered Peggy's nostrils exciting her.

Jennie could feel Peggy's warm Chinese tongue now licking along the crotch of her panty elastic. She could feel the Chinese woman's warm cheeks touching, hot against her inter thighs. This excited her immensely! Then, Jennie felt Peggy's probing searching tongue pushing her panty crotch aside.

A moment later Jennie felt Peggy searching tongue, now inside her soiled panties, start to slither up and down her left blonde hairy Cuntal Lip. "UUMMmmm," she uttered a tortured sigh, as she felt herself being carried on the wings of her arousal almost into another wondrous world. Jennie was dimly aware her translucent juices were making her pussy a messy mess.

Jennie had really liked Peggy from the first moment she met her at school that first day. Now, less than a month later, she couldn't believe how good it felt, what she was allowing Peggy to do to her.

Jennie, now caught up, helplessly, in her erotic sexual arousal felt relief as she felt Peggy's brown sturdy finger pulling her soaked panty crotch aside' Ohhh, I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS,' she screamed silently to herself.

Then, Peggy, the aggressive Chinese Math teacher took her sexual assault on the white English Lit Teacher, Jennie's now swollen pussy, to unbearable 'heights of pleasure.'

Pulling aside Jennie's soiled, soaked with her Translucent juice, White Panties with her now 'messy brown fingers;' Peggy's tongue, coated with Jennie's pussy juice, found Jennie's 'messy opening,' and attacked the white wife's enflamed swollen pussy with a vengeance.

Jennie, her eyes closed tight, uttered a loud "UUUUhhgg," as she felt the Chinese female's tongue started gently stabbing in and out of her enflamed aching opening. Jennie began uttering, "Uh, Uh, Uh," each time Peggy plunged her tongue up inside of Jennie's opening.

The last thing a sexually dazed Jennie remembered was Peggy, the Chinese female's cruel relentless tongue fluttering rapidly back and forth across her tortured Clitoris.

Jennie, her lovely blue eyes still closed, climaxed, shattering the room's silence with a loud scream, wrenched from deep within her innermost being.

Jennie collapsed back against the sofa, exhausted, her breath coming ragged and rapidly as she fought to catch her breath. Now that 'it was over' she felt slightly embarrassed that her husband, Randy and Edwin, Peg's had watched her being climaxed by the Chinese female.

A moment later, she opened her eyes, to see Peggy staring at her with a look of concern. "Are you okay," Peggy asked tenderly. "I wasn't to rough on you, was I?" she asked anxiously.

Jennie, smiled at Peggy and said, "No, it was so good. You almost 'drove me out of my mind," she giggled, "but it really was okay, actually better than okay; it was wonderful!"

As both rumpled wives reseated themselves on the sofa, a quick glance at their husbands told them they had succeeded far beyond their expectations. Both men's white briefs were bulging from their erections. Both men's breathing was ragged as they grinned over at their two beautiful wives seated on the other sofa looking so feminine, and so desirable.

After both girls had rested for several minutes, Jennie had giggled and asked, "Okay, what's next?" Everyone was instantly excited. The night was young, and there were so much more erotic activities to come. The erotic possibilities were endless.

"Well, "Edwin laughed, "You two already know what Randy and I have been waiting to watch every since the four of us first met."

Peggy laughed a hard little laugh. "Well," she said, "We did promise we'd 'tussle each other. So, I guess I'm ready, anytime Jennie feels rested enough."

Jennie giggled and then looking at the half-naked Chinese wife said," okay, I'm ready?" Both women knew what was about to happen.

"Why don't both you girls be real naughty, and tussle each other, without your panties." Edwin suggested hopefully.

"I'm okay with that if Jennie is," Peggy said assertively, adding, "Want to try it without our panties, Jennie?" Although a little embarrassed, having been raised to be modest all her life; but determined to not be out done, Jennie managed to stammer out, "Sure,"

"Okay, how do you want us to start?" Peggy laughed, as she asked the two eager husbands.

"How about the two of you just lock fingers, then just start wrestling on the couch till one takes the other down to the floor," Edwin suggested, "Don't start pulling hair, at first, but just have a friendly little tussle and make it real erotic.

"Maybe I'll get Jennie down and make her blonde pussy hair show," some more," Peggy teased.

"Just try it, you little Asian bitch," Jennie replied spiritedly, "and I'll pull your black pussy hairs out."

Edwin laughed and said, Start when you're both ready! , "Wow, this should be good" Randy said, as the two half-naked wives turned sideways, facing to face each other on the couch. Randy watched as the stocky Asian woman interlaced her brown wiry fingers through his wife, Jennie's beautiful slender fingers, both women's lovely legs involuntarily gaping open as they started to struggle to get the better of the other woman...

As the two wives thrashed about on the couch both women's torn slips were now riding higher and higher and as they tussled with each other their torn slips now almost up to their waists.

Suddenly the Asian wife f***ed Jennie flat on her back; her legs thrashing and bucking her beautiful light brown Hairy Pussy now come fully into view. Edwin drank it in quickly, the breathtaking beauty of Jennie's vaginal area, as her vagina gaped slightly open as her white thighs fell further open from his Asian Wife's assault.

However, Jennie was determined to put up a ferocious battle. For a moment, Jennie encircled Peggy's brown firm wrists, with her white fingers. Peggy now wildly twisted free suddenly; her brown wiry arm now snaked around Jennie's lovely white neck taking her to the soft mattress.

Jennie fell, sprawling flat of her back, her blonde hair tangled, some of it had fallen on her delicate face, her blonde haired pussy in full view. Taking quick advantage, the stocky Chinese wife came down on top of Jennie, falling between her sprawled apart white thighs.

Jennie seized the Chinese wife around her brown neck and after a moment rolled the sexy Chinese wife off of her and rolled on top.

Jennie, to Randy's great delight, did manage to sit up and straddle Peggy, who was thrashing about, bucking her hips up, gyrating wildly now, underneath Jennie.

Peggy's lovely thrashing brown thighs gaped wide apart from the violent battle. As Peggy, the Chinese Math Teacher's brown legs sprawled farther apart, her pussy area now lay in full view.

Randy, now aroused, and 'hard rock' was mesmerized, as he stared lustfully at the beautiful erotic sight nestled between Peggy's luscious brown thighs. He could see Peggy's thick thatch of black pubic hair that climbed in profusion up her brown firm belly and disappeared down her pussy lips, which were were lushly covered.

As Peggy's nakedness remained in full view, her Brown hairy pussy continued to gape slightly open from the struggle, the folds of her pussy now in view. "It's okay, Move closer," Edwin encouraged him," and enjoy the beautiful view," he laughed delightedly, adding with a grin, "Hey, if Jennie wins, maybe you will get a taste of that later.

Jennie's half-naked body was now firmly astride the brown sturdy Asian woman's bucking heaving body Randy was thrilled, as he watched his beautiful almost naked wife, riding the Chinese Math Teacher's brown naked belly.

Jennie, at the moment remained firmly astride; her lovely white thighs gripped the brown heaving body of the Chinese wife. For an embattled Peggy, her brown Chinese thighs thrashing wildly, modesty was long forgotten.

The Chinese woman's competitive spirit surged to the forefront, as Peggy planted her bare feet on the floor and began bucking her thrashing hips up off the floor, grunting and straining, gyrating, her brown lovely thighs now sprawled wide open.

Randy drank in the unforgettable sight as he watch the Chinese wife, Peggy Chan's black hairy pussy folds now laying open, Through the dense black hairs, he could see the little nub of Peggy's clitoris was now in full view.

Suddenly the Asian woman reached up, seized Jennie around her lovely white neck, and pulled her down on top of her.

As Jennie was pulled down on top of the Asian wife her lovely ass, come up off of the Chinese woman's firm brown stomach. Suddenly both Jennie's light brown luscious pussy, and Peggy's Black haired Asian Pussy was open and exposed for both husband's viewing pleasure.

Bucking her brown hips, up wildly, Peggy broke free and threw Jennie sprawling off the top of her. Jennie groaned slightly, as she landed on her back her white lovely thighs sprawling lewdly open. Jennie, panting, out of breath, her brown haired Caucasian pussy parted tried desperately, to climb to her shaky knees.

However, before she could even sit up, the female Asian, Peggy up on her hands and knees, had crawled over, and knelt above the hapless white wife. Peggy's strong brown wiry fingers encircled Jennie's slender wrists and rode Jennie flat of on her back again then spread-eagled Jennie's slender arms to the floor. Peggy, her strong brown fingers stilled wrapped around Jennie's smaller white wrists held a struggling tiring Jennie flat on her back. A moment later Peggy swung her brown stocky leg over Jennie and straddled her, sitting down on Jennie's bare midriff.

Jennie threw a quick glance at the men and could see that her husband Randy and Edwin Chan, the Chinese husband were really enjoying watching her and Peggy struggling with each other.

Jennie still wanted to make it special for Randy. Jennie had promised him last night that she'd try to make it last longer, so she continued to fight back desperately even though the Chinese female had Jennie now pinned flat on her back.

However, Peggy, on top, sensing the white wife's weakness, proved to be just too strong for Jennie. The Chinese female soon had Jennie; the English Lit Teacher pinned firmly on her back.

Jennie could feel the Chinese wife's hot Ass and Thighs sitting on her midriff, as she lay exhausted, panting, and out of breath. "Okay, "Jennie panted, "You've got me! I can't get you off. I give up. I've had enough! I can't wrestle you anymore," Jennie panted, as she looked up into the sl**py lustful almond eyes of the Asian female who stared down at her.

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