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Mount Erin #5

After they walked down to the truck, Tiger jumped from Erin´s shoulder to the navigator seat, which was warmed by the sun. Erin smiled. "It looks like we will need to share the drivers seat, Pete. You wouldn´t want me to sit in the middle on the gear-stick or the handbrake, would you?" Pete laughed and took his seat.

Pete was stupified. Erin mounted him, instead of taking Tiger on her lap.
"Let me ride your gear-switch first. We´ll see, who´ll get to drive us down!"
Quickly Erin got Pete´s manhood out and shifted it fast into his manwood.
Pete was without any defense. His brain moved down his back-bone to end in his gear-pole, which Erin mounted as soon as it got big enough. Erin was decided to take revenge and win at least this fight for domination.

Erin applied her freshly discovered milking skills to the fullest and presented Pete her firm tits to suck on. Pete had closed his eyes, overwhelmed by the sexy ride. In one round, hence within three minutes Erin clearly won. She sounded the bell, which dangled down the mirror in the middle. "I allow you one more round to get back your senses, Pete. Next you´ll move over and I´ll drive us down the hill."

She sounded again, and obediently, Pete moved over. Erin patted her shoulders, after waking up Tiger. "Jump back to my shoulders, Tiger. We´ll drive down.
And Pete, don´t pass out. I´ll teach you to drive down hair-pins with one hand".

"You´re a lefthander yourself, Pete. Let me show you my technique". At low speed Erin drove them down through the many sharp bends, by her right hand.
Her more able left kept rubbing the cum all over her slit. And only after the last sharp turn, Erin allowed herself to come.

Erin stopped the truck. "It´s your car, Pete. What would people down smalltown think, if I would drive you back down Main Street?" Pete grinned. He loved that young smart-ass from the South. Cute, strong, hot and wise. Those gals are rare.
Especially in a smalltown up the Rockies.

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