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Vacation Playmate (Mg, cons)

Vacation Playmate

By SpectreOfHell

"So," Nick said as he studied the little girl sitting across from him. "What do you want to do?"

She shrugged, which was all that he had expected from her. He rolled his eyes, which she couldn't see because her eyes were fixed firmly on the floor, and tried once again to figure out how he'd gotten stuck with babysitting duty. It certainly wasn't what he'd planned to be doing on his vacation.

Nick was forty years old, and this was the first vacation he'd had in over three years. He damn well deserved it too, he thought. All that hard work had paid off, and the new promotion meant he'd put in fewer hours with more pay than ever before. He'd decided to treat himself and his wife with a week here at the beach, but so far he'd been spending more time alone than with her. And now this. Truth be told, he didn't mind his wife's absence. They hadn't exactly meshed as a couple in a long time. They still had sex, but it was passionless, just using each other to relieve the pressure. And he just hadn't had time to seek an affair.

Though, sometimes, he wasn't sure the same could have been said about his wife, Gloria. She was older than him by eight years and from a slightly wealthy f****y. He had thought himself lucky to become her new boytoy when he was younger, and now he felt like he was being put out to pasture. Especially when he got volunteered to babysit the eight year old granddaughter of his wife's best friend. Naturally, Gloria hadn't been content to just go away with her husband, she'd had to invite along her friend and the friend's husband as well. Gloria and Martha were out shopping, as usual, and Martha's husband George was on the golf course. As usual. Their daughter was going through a divorce, so they had brought along little Amara to give her a break from the fighting. Naturally, they had promptly decided to abandon her in the care of a virtual stranger, and it was no wonder that the little girl wasn't talking much.

The first day had passed without much conflict. He had taken her swimming in both the ocean and the pool, bought her ice cream, taken her to the video arcade, played board games, and had not looked forward to a repeat. Now, here he was, sitting across from her, racking his brains for something he could do with her. He wanted to take a nap, or watch a movie, or anything other than babysit. And she just sat there staring at her toes.

She was a cute little girl, and he wondered what her mother looked like. From what he'd been told, Amanda had gotten pregnant at f******n and had little Amara here out of wedlock. She'd married a different man a few years later, and that was falling apart now. Nick wasn't surprised. The woman was only twenty-two now, and had missed out on a chunk of her youth. All the same, she'd kept the girl healthy and sane, and she was cute, so she had a chance at happiness later. Yeah, she was cute. Actually, cuter than was comfortable. Nick remembered her in her little two piece suit the day before, worried about what the other adults would think. He wasn't her father, he had no say in what she wore, and the bathing suit was far too sexy for a c***d her age.

Sexy. He hadn't meant to use that word. The suit was sexy, he told himself, that doesn't mean he found the girl sexy as well. Cute, yes. She had tan skin and a head full of thick brown hair streaked with lighter tones. It was always flared around her head as if she'd been holding her head out the car window. At just under four feet tall, the top of her head came up only to his nipples, but from a distance he could almost pretend she was a full sized woman instead of a c***d. Slender, shapely legs and curved hips, unusual for her age, and the only thing missing were breasts. And, he assumed, pubic hair. No, she was definitely a c***d, and as he caught himself inspecting her he chastised himself.

"Maybe you'd like to play a game or something?" he suggested, the silence feeling oppressive and awkward. She shrugged again.

She opened her mouth to say something, decided better, and remained silent. Nick groaned in frustration. "I know a game," she said suddenly in a meek voice.

"Sure, anything," Nick growled sitting up.

"You won't want to play it," she said.

"Of course I will," he said. "Just go get the game and we'll play it. But afterwards, I'm taking a nap. Okay?"

She was staring at him now, giving him the same kind of inspection he had just given her when she wasn't looking. It was unsettling. “It’s not a board game,” she said.

“Then what kind of game is it?” he asked. She said nothing. He sighed, getting exasperated.

“It’s called f***e Field,” she said. “We pretend we have a f***e field around us and we have to come as close to touching as we can without actually touching. The first one who touches the other is the loser.”

He frowned. That didn’t sound exactly like a game to play with a c***d. But then again, she WAS a c***d, so it had to be innocent. Right? He shrugged and said, “Okay.”

Her face lit up with a bright smile. She hopped off the sofa and skipped over to where he was sitting, holding our her hand. He hesitated before letting her pull him to his feet. “We need room,” she said, looking around. The condo he had rented wasn’t very spacious. Her eye fell on the bedroom door and suddenly he was being pulled along into the next room.

Something in his gut told him this was a bad idea. But his gut also told him it was exactly what he wanted. Amara clambered onto the king-sized bed and knelt in the center, pulling the hem of her short dress up so that she wasn’t on top of it, and waited. Nick kicked off his shoes and crawled onto the bed more slowly. Once he was in front of her, she rose up so that she stood on her knees. “Ready?” she asked.

“I guess,” he replied, not sure at all.

She reached for him. He didn’t respond at first, just watched as she hovered her hand above the skin of his arm, moving it as if stroking him. She moved her hand to his chest, still just hovering. He hovered his hand above her delicate shoulder and made as it to run his fingers down her arm. She giggled as if he’d actually touched her. She moved her hands all over his upper body and his face, while he did the same to her, carefully avoiding her flat chest. Then she slid her hands lower to his thighs. The palms of her hands were centimeters from his pants.

He wondered how this could possible be fun for her. Of course, it allowed him to look at her lovely little body without having to hide it. And lovely, she was. He could easily imagine how beautiful she was going to be after puberty was done with her. She scooted just a little closer to him, and as if she had crossed some invisible barrier his body began to respond to her proximity. He was ashamed of it, of course, popping wood for a girl that age. He was about to call the game to a halt when he noticed where her attention was focused. She was staring at the bulge forming in his pants and her hands were hovering above his fly. It she had been touching him, she would have been massaging his cock.

He told himself she just didn’t know better. She was eight, a c***d, and innocent. He lowered his hands to her legs, and though he still wasn’t touching her he could feel the heat rising from her skin. She curled the fingers of her hand as if wrapping it around his cock and began to move as if fisting his shaft. She looked up into his eyes and smiled mischievously. He almost lost it on the spot. He closed his hands around her upper arms. “You lose,” she whispered. He had to fight an urge to pull her into his embrace and kiss her.

He let go of her quickly, stunned. Backing away from her, he turned and sat on the edge of the bed, trembling. Amara, emboldened now, threw her arms around his neck and pressed herself against his back. “That was fun,” she said softly.

“Okay,” he replied noncommittally.

“Want to play another game?” she asked, her breath tickling his ear.

He gulped. “What kind of game?” he asked.

“It’s called the Kissing Game,” she said. He caught the tremor in her voice that told him she was as nervous about this as he was.

“You’re definitely too young for that game,” he told her.

“Am not,” she argued. She nibbled his ear.

Alarmed, Nick twisted around, trying to push her away and look at her, but she pressed closer as he turned and planted her lips on his, giggling. He fell back, tumbling from the bed, with the little girl falling right along with him. He landed on his rump and flopped onto his back. She ended up straddling him, laughing.

“Amara!” he gasped. She lunged for his mouth again. He grabbed her shoulders and held her off of him. “This is inappropriate,” he told her.

“You WANT to kiss me,” she said, smiling.

“I certainly do NOT,” he hissed.

“Then why is your thing poking me in the butt?” she challenged.

Mortified, he realized she was right. He was fully erect and his cock was pressing out the front of his sweatpants and digging into the crack of her ass. Giving up her attempt to plant her lips on him, she settled back, reaching around behind herself at the same time. Her hand closed around the lump in his pants and squeezed.

“Amara!” he gasped loudly, squirming to get away. She weighed eight pounds, no more, but he couldn’t get out from under her. A part of his mind told him it was because he didn’t want to escape, but he couldn’t allow himself to listen to that part. Amara rotated atop his abdomen so that she ended up straddling him facing the other way. She lay across the top of him, pushing her butt back at his face.

“It’s okay,” she told him. “You can touch me all you want to.”

“I don’t want to!” he told her sharply.

She deftly pulled his sweatpants down enough to free his cock. The fact that he was suddenly exposed to an eight year old little girl made him freeze in terror. Then he tried a little more f***efully to push her off of him, but she hooked her feet behind his neck, locking her body to his. She giggled as if it were all just a game. Her hand, though, wasn’t playing games as she stroked him with more experience than a girl her age should have had.

“You’ve got a really nice penis,” she told him. “It’s pretty.”

Men, as a rule, don’t enjoy hearing their cocks referred to as “pretty,” but she said it with such sincerity that Nick stopped struggling. She took immediate advantage of the moment so lean in and take the tip of his cock into her mouth. He gasped, horrified. Amara, though, wasn’t deterred in the least. “Mmm,” she said, slurping more and more of his shaft into her mouth.

Nick had tried pushing her by the waist, hesitant to touch her ass, but he planted his hands on her cheeks now in a desperate effort to dislodge her. How could this have happened to him? What if someone caught them like this? They’d think he’d started it! But as he pushed on her ass, his thumbs slipped between her thighs. She was such a small little girl. She moaned around his cock, and he realized with horror that his thumbs were pressing her panties into her pussy.

Something happened to him then. That hidden part of his brain finally got through to the rest of him and pointed out that he wasn’t struggling like man who didn’t want it, that he should have been more wary of taking an eight year old into his bedroom to play what she obviously described as a touching game, that her mouth felt fucking incredible on his cock, and that she wanted it so obviously that even a blind man could have seen it. He stopped fighting. He squeezed her little ass and dug his thumbs into her pussy a little harder, prompting a deeper moan from her. He could feel her body relax. She knew she had him, that he was going along with it. The little imp hadn’t been shy at all, she’d been playing him all along.

Groaning with sudden desire, a desire he had never known could exist within him, he pulled aside her panties exposing her ass and the back of her pussy at once. She was hairless, of course, but that wasn’t exactly new to him. His wife went through a phase where she’d kept her pussy shaved. He lifted his head and inhaled her aroma, startled by the adult texture of her smell. She was aroused, that was plain. “Let me get your panties off,” he told her softly.

She let his cock pop from her mouth. “Really?” she asked. “Are we gonna fool around?”

“We already are, Amara,” he chuckled. She laughed too and slid off of him to one side. She sat up, watching him as he rose. He pulled her to him and kissed her. It was surreal, planting his lips on a pair so much smaller, feeling her little tongue thrust eagerly into his mouth. She was a good kisser, which made him wonder where she was getting the practice. After the kiss, she stood up and shimmied her panties down her slender legs quickly, kicking them off. Then she peeled the dress off over her head leaving herself totally naked. It happened so quickly there was nothing he could have done. She allowed him to study her body for a minute before urging him to get up.

Nervously, he stood, and she shoved his pants and briefs down his legs. He stepped out of them and then peeled off his t-shirt so that he was as naked as she was. They just stood there admiring each other. Is this really happening, he asked himself?

As if on cue, she took his cock back into her hand and stroked him. “Sit on the bed,” she urged. He did, and she promptly bent over and took his cock back into her mouth. He moaned, giving in to the pleasure this time, resting an encouraging hand lightly on the back of her head. She stroked him with one hand as her mouth bobbed up and down his cock. She was much better at this than his wife was, that was for certain. All too soon, perhaps because of the novelty of the situation, he felt orgasm trembling its way through him and he made her stop.

He picked her up easily by the waist and lay her down. They kissed again as his hand traced around her flat chest and then down between her legs. She spread eagerly for him, no trace of modesty. Now, he discovered, she was wet. An eight year old with a wet pussy! Amazing! He spread her labia with his fingers and found her little clit, pinching it. She clutched at him, moaning. He wondered just how far he could go with her.

Just a little while ago, he would never have allowed him to do more than admire her beauty, telling himself that it was okay to appreciate the loveliness of youth. Now he was thinking about fucking this c***d. Shaking, he moved quickly down so that he could devour her pussy. She cried out at the first touch of his tongue to her slit. She pulled her knees back almost to her chest, spreading as wide as she could so that he had full access to her. He thrust his tongue into her hole and wiggled it. She really liked that. He could almost close his mouth over her entire pussy and suck it. Suck the juices out of her. Juices which were intoxicating and delicious as they flowed over his tongue.

He moved his lips to her clit and gently tried inserting a finger into her hole. She was tight, probably too tight for a cock. He had no experience with virgins, but he did know that he should have met the barrier of her hymen if it was there by the time the first knuckle was in her. His finger continued on, though, until it was buried in her. No, she was no virgin, or at least not a virgin to some kind of penetration. He began to fuck her with the finger, and she moaned loudly, loving it.

He wasn’t sure an eight year old girl would have a g-spot until he found it. She went off like a bomb, crying out as she spasmed, back arching and limbs twitching, rocked by a powerful orgasm. When it was done she fell flat on her back and dropped her legs, panting. Nick wasn’t done with her though. What else could he do with his little nymph? He replaced his finger with his tongue and moved the finger to her asshole.

“Ooo, yeah,” she crowed as he penetrated her ass. She lifted her legs again, panting, flat chest heaving. She grabbed her knees to help hold her legs up and craned her neck to watch him, wonder written in every line of her pretty young face. “That feels real good,” she told him.

He couldn’t help it. “I want to fuck you, Amara,” he told her. “Can I? Can I fuck you?”

She grinned. “Yeah,” she said, but he heard hesitation in her voice.

“Amara,” he told her, “it’s okay to say no. You can say no anytime you want. You don’t have to do this with me.” He didn’t remind her that she’d started it anyway.

“I know,” she said.

“Do you?” he asked. “Amara, we don’t have to have sex for me to like you, you know.”

“I know,” she said. But the expression on her face shifted. She hadn’t known. It made him feel guilty as hell.

“Why don’t we stop now,” he told her. “I’ll take you out for ice cream.”

“No!” she almost shouted. “Please. I want you to…you know.”

That wasn’t good enough. “Want me to what, Amara?” he asked. “What do you want me to do.”

“Put it in me,” she said. “You know…your penis.”

“You want me to fuck you, Amara?” She nodded. “Are you sure? Are you really sure that’s something you want and you’re not doing just because I want to?”

“I want to,” she said.

“I’m not sure…”

“Please!” she begged. “Please, Nick. Put your penis in me. Do sex with me.”

“Ask me to fuck you,” he said. It felt dirty to say it, but it also felt hot.

She grinned. “Fuck me, Nick,” she said, stuttering on the first word. He stood up over her, his hard cock bobbing, pointing at her. Her eyes went straight to it.

“You really want this?” he asked. She nodded. “We’ll see,” he told her. Honestly, he didn’t think his cock would fit in her, but he knew he’d regret it if he came this far and didn’t at least try. He was already going to Hell. He had her get up and he took her place on the bed, laying in the middle. She clambered up quickly and straddled him. She was too short to ride him on her knees. She wobbled back and forth atop him.

But she understood what was to happen. She got onto her feet so that she squatted on him and reached between them to guide his cock to her entrance. He felt the tip of his cock nestle between her soft, distended labia. She let go of him and pressed down. She braced herself by putting her hands on his chest, he rested his hands on her knees. Then, to his amazement, her pussy began to swallow his cock.

She stretched to accommodate him. She grunted as if it might not have been the best feeling in the world, but every time he suggested they stop she shook her head violently. With a few inches of cock in her, she began to rise up and down, actually fucking him. He couldn’t believe it. He was fucking an eight year old girl! And it felt fucking incredible!

She took more and more of his cock as she worked herself up and down his pole until he felt her crotch come flush with his at last. For the first time, he wasn’t ashamed of having only five inches in his pants. Amara stared into his eyes, smiling broadly. “It’s all the way in me,” she said.

“I know,” he told her.

“We’re really doing it,” she said. “We’re really doing sex.”

“We’re fucking,” he told her as she began to rise up and down again.

“Yeah,” she moaned. “We’re fucking. I’m fucking. You’re fucking me.”

She wasn’t shy at all anymore. Not even language was held back now. She moaned loudly as she rode him. She was far too tight for sex between them to be quick, but the way she slid up and down his cock slowly was exquisite. Just as when she’d sucked him, he felt orgasm rushing at him. Luckily, she beat him to the punch.

“Gonna go, gonna go,” she panted, head thrown back, and then she did, her little pussy clamping down on him. He cried out and pushed hard into her, burying his cock in her pulsating little fuckhole as he exploded, pouring hot waves of sperm into her. He hadn’t had sex or jacked off in over two weeks, so he had a lot to give her. She cried out as if his orgasm added to her own. When it was over, she fell flat on top of him, both of them panting. His cock was still buried in her. He stroked her back and simply enjoyed the afterglow, not wanting to think about what he’d actually just done.

“I love you,” he heard her say.

“I love you too, Amara,” he told her. Neither of them believed it was anything more than the love of two people who had just shared something incredible. He didn’t believe she’d want to be his girlfriend, and she knew that too. But it was love, all the same.

Finally he was soft enough that he couldn’t stay inside her, despite her small size. When his cock came out, so did a rush of sperm. She laughed at it, playing with it. He took her into the bathroom and they showered together. He got hard again, but they both knew it wasn’t time for more sex. That there would be more sex, though, was never in question. She had opened herself to him, and he had been awakened to desires he couldn’t hide again. They had another two weeks together, and he knew he would be spending as much time as he could with this c***d. Why she had done it, who had taught her, how she could enjoy it so much, those were questions for later days. For now, it was enough to dry her little body and help her back into her clothes, to cuddle together on the sofa and let her drift into sl**p while they watched TV.

When his wife and Amara’s grandmother returned, they gave him warm smiles as they looked at the happy, sl**ping girl, never knowing that her little pussy still leaked the sperm he’d put into her, or that he would be fucking her over and over again. When they asked if he’d babysit again tomorrow, he just smiled and nodded.

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