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How I Got My Wife To Be Shared For The First Time

My wife got a free massage but ended up being seduced.

She found out bigger is better.
After I tried for 3 years to talked my wife into being shared I finally made it happen. It

took a calculated risk but in the end I got my wife to except it. I had asked my wife on a

number of occasions about her fucking another man but I was rejected each and every

time I had asked. I knew I needed a different approach.

I was going through the personal add site in my area when I came across an add that

said, “I want to massage your wife for free.” It had gotten my curiosity up as I decided

to look more into it. As we all know there isn’t nothing free in this world so I knew their

had to be a catch.

I contacted the individual in the add and he explain what he had to offer. He explained

he would massage my wife and tried to seduce her at the same time. I asked him what

he looked like and what size cock he had. I was stunned when he shot back a pic of

himself. He was very attractive guy in his 20’s and his cock hung very far down his

legs. I told him, “My wife thinks it is a big fallacy about how big cocks are way better

than small ones."

He replied, “Well, once I get my 9 inch cock into her she will change her mind very

quickly about that. I will set her straight!“ His idea had a lot of merit to it as I told him I

would think about it. I had tried everything so I had nothing to lose.

A few days later I decided I would go for his offer. Our anniversary was coming up and

I decided I would tell my wife that I had bought her a sensual massage. She had

always wanted to get a massage in the past but it was always to expensive. I knew she

would like this gift.

He agreed to host us at his apartment. I explain to him that my wife and I had been

married twenty years and that I really wanted to see her with another man. I also told

him that I had been my wife’s only partner and that it might be very difficult for him to

pull this off. He told me that he had success in the past but that my wife would actually

be the oldest woman he has ever been with at age 47. He thought that since I was the

only lover my wife had ever had, that might increase his odds for success.

When we arrived at his place he was very pleasant and made my wife feel very

comfortable around him. We chatted for a while as he went ahead and began setting

up his table.

He asked my wife to change down to her bra and panties and lay herself flat on the

table. My wife removed all of her clothes except her bra and panties and laid face first

on top of the table. He poured a little oil on her back and undid her bra straps. He

moved his strong hands all over her back and neck as my wife moan out, “Ohhhhhhh!”

on several occasions.

As he finished her back and neck his hands moved on down to her legs. He worked

each leg over real good as my wife said, “Wow! That feels so great!”

His hands then began working on her feet. The foot is one of the most sensitive spots

on a persons body and my wife’s feet are very sensitive. She enjoyed it tremendously

as she let out several sighs every time he would gently squeeze her foot.

It had been about 15 minutes into her massage as he moved back up to her lower

back. He now felt he had her trust as he began to rubbed right along her panty line on

her back. His hand went lower and lower as it slipped down into her panties. He slowly

massaged and squeezed her butt for the next few minutes.

He decided to take it one step further as he began to pull her panties down over her

butt. A few minutes later my wife’s panties were on the floor. My wife had enjoyed the

massage so much she didn’t even try to stop him at all. He ran his hands all over ass

and her upper legs for the next several minutes. A few of the times he let his hand

gently graze against her very swollen pussy. Her body would jerked every time his

hand got close to her pussy.

Things were moving along in a favorable way as he began to massage his way back

down to her feet. As he worked on her tender feet again he decided it was time to

make his move. He dropped his shorts and his 9 inch cock appeared as it was in a

semi erect state. He stood at the end of the massaging table and began to worked my

wife’s body back down towards him. My wife was so relaxed she had no idea what

was going on. She lay there in a trance with her eyes closed.

He had his big enormous cock resting on the table as my wife was pulled back only

inches from it. It was now time for the moment of truth. He took the big head on his

cock and began to brush it up gently up against my wife’s swollen pussy. Her body

jerked up as she let out a startled sigh. He had passed a big step now and was very

close to succeeding in his quest to fuck my wife.

He had teased her with the head of his cock for a few minutes when my wife’s body

started to squirm on the table. She started to moan out as she began to pushed her

ass up in the air towards him. She was losing control over herself as she moved her

legs apart. Her swollen pussy was in plain full view. He took her overtures as meaning

that she wanted his big cock inside her. He turned towards me and gave me the

thumbs up sign as he knew he had her right where he wanted her.

He pushed the head of his big cock in between her swollen lips of her pussy. He held it

there for a few minutes as my wife moaned out softly. Her body began to tremble as he

pushed his cock in a little farther into her. She moan out even more as he slowly

worked his cock deeper into her. My cock was the only cock my wife has ever had

inside her before. This was a brand new experience for her as his cock was way

bigger and thicker than mine was. It took time for my wife’s pussy to adjust to his size.

He slowly worked the rest of his cock into her as her body slowly adjusted to every inch

of it. He now slowly began to fuck her as she laid on top of the table. Her moans

increased over time as she felt a major orgasm building up inside her.

She pushed her ass up farther in the air as her hips began to move in rhythm with his

big cock. A few minutes later she screamed out as she came very hard on his cock.

This was the first time my wife had ever cum for anybody but me.

He turned her over and pulled her body down to the edge of the table. He grabbed a

hold of both of her thighs and pushed his big cock back into her. She cried out loudly

as he started to fuck her hard with all nine inches of his cock. My wife now felt what it

was like to be fucked with a big cock and she was absolutely loving it. He fucked her

good and hard for several minutes as she came very hard once again.

They then moved off the table and onto his couch. He sat on the couch as my wife

climbed on top of his big cock. As she came down onto his cock she pushed her big

tits right into his face. He sucked and licked her hard nipples as he slid his big cock up

inside her. He fucked her for a good five minutes this way as she cried out every

second of it.

He now rolled her off him and had her sit down on the couch. He pulled her towards

him as he knelt down in front of the couch. He quickly inserted his cock back into her

and began to fucked her very hard again. She cried out a few seconds later into

another powerful orgasm as he gave her all 9 inches of his cock. He began to moan

as he felt his orgasm coming on quickly. He pulled his big cock out of her wet pussy as

he stood up on his feet. He pointed his cock down at my wife as he unloaded all over

her beautiful body. He came very hard on her as her body was covered in his cum.

A few minutes later his cock was extremely hard again. He took my wife again as he

had her get down on all fours in front of the couch. Her upper body laid on top of the

couch as her ass was facing up in the air. He moved down behind her and again

inserted his big cock back inside her.

He fucked her hard from behind for a good twenty minutes as my wife cried out with at

least two major orgasms. He then pulled his cock out of her and again shot several

hard streams of hot cum all over ass.

My wife was exhausted as his cum drip down off her ass. He said to her, “Do you still

think big cocks aren’t any better than normal ones?”

“I was wrong! Bigger is better!” my wife said to him.

We met him again for a follow up massage two weeks later. This time he didn’t need

to seduce her she gave in right away.

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