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I Got Caught: Again

My s****r was having to work a party or something and I really didn't want to spend a weekend day off at home alone. I decided to go for a ride and see if I could find some young girls to expose myself to.

There is a long stretch of beach highway about an hour's drive from home. There are no parking areas, people just park along the highway and walk over the dunes to the ocean. I've done this before, most of the people use this area for the seclusion, you rarely see more than two cars near each other. So when I got there, I started the search, park the car, walk over the dunes and see what or who was there. The first couple of times I found surfers, then an older couple with some k**s.

It took a while, but finally, two cars were parked behind each other. I parked and started over the dunes, I was following their prints in the sand and almost gave myself away. I heard some female voices and as I got closer I found that they weren't on the beach, they were in a little hollow made by the dunes, just before the dunes. It didn't look like they saw me but what I saw were two older, say 20's, women lying on blankets face down with their tops off. Two other girls, teenagers, were sitting up talking, one topless the other not. I quietly turned around and went back to my car.

I did a U turn and went back up the beach about a quarter mile and parked. Got out my straw hat, put on some sunscreen, removed my shirt and headed to the beach wearing my hat, swim trunks, and carrying a towel and more sunscreen. When I got to the beach, I couldn't see anyone in either direction so I took off my trunks and headed down the beach. When I got close to where I thought the girls were, I spread out my towel, greased up some more, laid down with my sunglasses on and staw hat pulled over my eyes for shade.

It wasn't more than five minutes and I saw first one face, then the rest appear above the dune line. They were looking at me and it was making my cock get hard, I loved it, I hoped that they would watch longer so I could really get turned on. Then it happened, one of them said "OK, we see you, we saw you coming down the beach." I pretended to not hear them. Then she said "look, we saw you in the dunes when you first came out here, this isn't the first time I've seen you do this, can you hear me?"

I turned red and looked up the dune. They were all smiling and watching so I got up and started to apologize and cover. The one talking said, "don't do that, if you want to expose yourself to us the least you can do is come up here so we can see better."

When I got up to them we talked, they introduced themselves to me and I gave them my name. I was asked if I did this a lot. I admitted to them that I really get off on exposing myself to girls but I didn't do this very often. One of them said "too bad". As we talked, Miranda, that's the one doing most of the talking said that she liked to watch, and that if I wanted to jerk off for them, they'd like the show.

I couldn't believe it. First I got caught, then they liked it. I stood by them and started to jack off my cock. As I started there were some comments about how hard it looked, how the precum was making the tip wet, etc. It drove me crazy, especially since they were all just staring at my cock. When I got close I told them, I was told not to cum on them and I turned slightly and let it go. It was fantastic cumming in front of these four girls.

When I was done, Miranda asked me if I had a phone number or an email she could have. I asked if she was going to turn me in. She said no, but that if she ever wanted another show would I be willing to do this for her and her friends. I agreed as long as it wasn't a large group, I didn't want someone to turn me in to the police or something. She agreed nothing big so I gave her my info. The other three girls all asked for it too and Miranda said she would email them with it. She also told me she'd email the numbers or emails for the group if they wanted her too. The rest of the names were, Trinity, Sheila and Alexandra.

I walked back to my car naked and drove home naked. This was terrific. When I got home I told Steph all about it, she said she'd write it up and post it.

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