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I need time to master your body

It was in My room you were naked i was dressed;

WIth a collar and leash, you were on your knees.
Your dripping wet panties were stuffed in your mouth.
A punishment for the slave for coming without her Masters Permission.
Her Perky tits were tightly bitten by rope, making them already red and blue.
SHe was so horny, she felt like the property of her master.
Like she couldn't escape of her desire to be used and abused by her owner.
And she loved it.
SHe just felt full whenever she pleased her Masters depraved mind.
He was looking at her down, aroused by her dirty mind.
Like if he could read what she was thinking.
"What should i do with you, what should i do with such a dirty little fucking girl?" He asked the empty room.
She looked up, and answered with a smile.
"punish me Master, i deserve to be taught a hard lesson" she said looking at the floor.
With out warning He slapped her hard across the face, breaking the atmosphere of silence.
She sighted of pure lust.
He pulled out his cock, already stiff and big.
Grabbed her strong from her Hair, and starting mouth fucking her Hard.
Loud Gagging noises were then mixed With her Masters pleasured voice.
"thats a fucking good little girl, you doing very good, keep on i dont care if you vomit, take it all in don't make Master angry"
Tears are running down her soft and red checks,
Fuck, she enjoys to be used by her Master.
Randomly he would be slapping her face or on her perky tits.
Hard, leaving red marks and giving instant heat on her innocent skin.
He pulls her head back and looks her in her eyes.
Starts kissing her with his eyes closed.
He then starts pulling Her by her leash,
"come on crawl for me slave, crawl like a dog for you master"
"Yes Master"
He leads the way for her by penetrating 3 fingers in her wet pussy.
She is so horny, she is out of herself, she wants to give herself completely to him, with no boundaries with no limits. to be his property to make her do whatever sick games he comes up with.
Im crazy she tells herself, but for Fuck sake, she loves it.
"I need to pee MAster" she whispers to him, anticipating the satisfaction of him.
"good girl on your fours and tilt your ass up, open that pussy for me i want to have a good look, and close your legs, i want it to run down on your thighs"
A flush of warm pee starts to trickle down her pussy, giving her the satisfaction of the heat.
He squats beside her masturbating and putting her hand under it, feeling the heat of her.
Then taking his hand to her mouth for her to lick and taste her body.
He feels the urge to pee too, so he starts peeing on her pussy mixing the two liquids of their bodies, connecting something each one has, which is so natural but at the same time so Filthy.
The last drops are running down.
They look at each other again.
they are in another world, feeling sensations which only can be felt by satisfying the darkest corners of a mind.
they look at each other, like in trance.
She begs him with her eyes, tilting her ass more up, stretching it with both her hands.
SHe cant hold it anymore, she needs it, just the thought of his Big cock sliding in and out, every time harder, every time faster, is too much too cope.
She gets the courage and asks.
"please Master fuck your slave, i cant anymore, please fuck me like you know"
He is torn out of his trance, and has a look at her again.
A dirty slave on her fours stretching her tight pussy, her thights full of his pee, running down and mixing with hers, her collar, her tits red, being bitten by rope.Sweaty hair...
what a sight he tells himself, what a delicious sight.
HE must reward her

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