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Playing the slutty school girl.

Few months back i went round this guys house for a meet, before i'd gone he'd asked me if i was into dressing up or roleplay. Hadn't done any before but the idea turned me on quite a bit, so i told him i was game but didn't have any clothes for it, to which he said had it covered.

Arrived there and as per usual with meets i do, skipped past the formalities or chit chat and just got on with it. He showed me into a room and told me to get changed in there. The room had a large array of fancy dress clothing laid out in various sizes, mostly small though which was fine for me. Slutty nurse, maid, police woman outfits were all there. But from the moment i saw the pile of 'normal' clothes i knew what i was going to play as.

First i put on a heavily padded lacey red bra with inserts along with a matching red thong. Then i put on a white short blouse, which combined with the bra actually looked pretty convincing. Then came on the thigh length white socks and black high heels. Picked a blonde wig with pig tails that fit well enough. And finally i picked the item that had made it all for me. The tartan mini skirt(you all know the one). Checking myself out in the mirror, i looked every inch the school girl out of a porno and it felt great.

Slutty school girl outfit complete he led me into the bathroom and applied makeup, eye shadow, lipstick, the full works. I hadn't done anything like this before, but it was already a massive turn on. With that complete he took me into his study and we started our roleplay.

I went into my teachers officer and he told me(Jackie) to take a seat. He shuffled through some paper before giving me a hard look and told me that i had gotten a 'U' in my final test which meant that i failed the course. He told me that he would have to inform my parents and set up a meeting with them. I begged him not to do it, my parents were very strict and if they found out i would be grounded for life! Plus i couldn't afford to fail this course. I told him there must be something we could do.....?

He paused for a moment and then told me that there were ways i could get extra marks to boost my marks up. I looked at him confused for a moment and then he gave me that knowing look and rested his hand on his crotch. I grinned at him and walked over to the door, swinging my arse seductively as i went. I bent down without needing to to lock the door, giving him a good look up my skirt as i did. Turning back i got onto my hands and knees and crawled over to him.

Reaching for his crotch i undid his belth and unzipped his trousers, then reached in and pulled out his semi-hard cock. It looked at least 7"s but still had more to go. Slowly taking it into my mouth i began to suck gently on it, bringing it up to full hardness. When he was rock hard i stopped sucking and looked at it now fully erect, it must have been a good 8-9"s now. I took it straight back into my waiting mouth and began slurping messily on it, whilst wanking his shaft off at the same time. I kept this up for a whils before looking up at him and winking. He grinned and told me i would have to do alot better than that to get my marks up. Without warning he placed his hand on my head and f***ed his cock all the way into my mouth. I gagged and retched at first, completely unprepared for this sudden deepthroat. He held me there for a few moments before letting me come up for air. I gasped in a huge lungful of air, spit and juices falling down my chin and all over his cock. Before i could regain any composure he rammed his cock back down my throat. Again i still wasn't quite prepared for this, i had deepthroated big cocks before, but usually i worked into it. He repeated this several times before i got used to it and then began to fuck my face and throat senseless. For a while there was no sucking or wanking, just him ramming his cock in and out of my throat......and i began to love it. Soon due to the tears and juices my makeup was running all across my face mkaing me look like even more of a slut.

Have my marks gone up yet i asked him? He justed grinned wickedly at me again and told me only to about a D, which was still not enough. I knew what must be coming next...

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