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Neighbours Daddy & Two Little Daughters

From my usual vantage point on the landing, I was looking into my neighbour’s house and all there was to see was the daddy, sitting on the chair opposite the window, watching the telly. Nothing terribly exciting there then, but I knew it was nearing the time for the daughters to arrive home from school, so decided to stay put.

As expected, after about a quarter of an hour, the younger of the two daughters came into the room, in her little school uniform, which comprised of a sweet lilac school dress, with white collar, white socks up to her knees and simple black shoes.

As soon as she walked in, her daddy said something to her and although she looked a bit moody about it, she went over to him. He immediately lifted her school dress and looked at her knickers, which were also lilac and very sexy, in that plain school girl knickers way.

After feeling her knickers for a few minutes, he stood up and turned her, which meant she was now facing in my direction. He then lifted her dress again and slipped one hand inside her knickers and began to play with her little pussy, she simply stared out of the window. I was sure she kept looking up at my small landing window, from where I was watching, but I couldn’t be totally sure of that.

After a few minutes of fiddling inside her knickers, he turned her round, so that she was now sideways on to the window. He took his hard cock out and started wanking it in her cute little face and then, holding the back of her head, slipped it in her mouth.

She kept her arms down by her side and her daddy kept a grip on his cock, with his other hand still on the back of her head. He was getting quite a bit of his cock in her mouth and it looked as though he was forcing her head forward to take more of it.

It was at this point that the slightly older daughter walked in, looking equally horny in her school uniform. As she entered the room, she saw what was going on and said something. Her daddy didn’t look too pleased with what she had to say and was replying to her and pointing to the door. She said something else and left the room, closing the door behind her.

After being sucked off for a while longer by his young daughter, he withdrew his cock and went to the door, it looked as though he was saying something to somebody. Shortly after, the older daughter came in the room, she said something to her daddy and went and stood over by the fireplace. He kept saying something to her and eventually she came over to him.

She stood directly behind him, which I assumed she had been instructed to do and putting her arms round him, took hold of his cock and started wanking it. He said something to the younger daughter and she moved closer to him, with her face just in front of his cock. He put his arms behind his back and slipped his hands up his older daughters navy school skirt and started having a fiddle with her, while she wanked his big hard cock in her little s****rs face.

After about ten minutes or so of being wanked off, he was obviously ready to cum and said something to the girls. The older daughter started really banging his cock hard and the younger girl put her face right up close to his cock and opened her mouth. He then shot off all over the little girls face and into her mouth, while the older daughter continued banging away at his huge cock. He made sure she got every last drop of cum from it, which all landed on his little girl’s pretty face.

Once he had finished cumming, he put his cock away and the two little girls simply left the room. He resumed his position on the chair and continued watching telly.

A pretty straight forward little episode, he was obviously horny and had decided to have his little girls on their return from school, but worth recounting I thought!

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