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Me, my girlfriend and a friend

This story is purely fictional. In fact Im single.

My girlfriend, Kathrine is 21 and I'm 22. We live in a small house in a small town. We both have good enough jobs to pay for the place. We love each other to death. I honestly don't care about sex, but we do it every night. I love it when we do it. Kathrine's pussy is so tight and gets more wet than Niagara Falls. Her tits are beyond nice too. Some nights were more hardcore than others. One night, we managed to have sex in every room. We don't do anal though. We both find it kind of repulsive.
Anyway, one time in the late morning, we were doing it in the living room after breakfast, then there was a knock on the door. We both run upstairs and put on clothes in the matter of seconds. We got downstairs and answered the door. To my surprise, it was our friend, Elizabeth, or as we call her, Lizzy. Kathrine and I knew her because she was my best friend's s****r. I knew Lizzy way longer than Kathrine, as we grew up on the same street ever since we were born. Shes 20. I honestly used to have a crush on her while we were growing up. I think she felt the same towards me, because of the way we hung out, talked and played. But I'm way over it now. I bet she is too.
Anyway, Lizzy said she needed to talk. We invited her inside. She sat on the couch across from me while Kathrine went to get coffee for the three of us. It was a little shocking to see Lizzy, as she should of been in college. She said she was on summer break early. I looked up her school on my iPod to confirm what she said. She was telling the truth, which isn't surprising because she is one of the most honest people ever. However, I was still curious on why she was here. Lizzy had devastating news; her grandfather passed away. I was very saddened, as I knew her grandfather like a grandfather to me because mine died before I was born. I was still curious on why Lizzy came over, as she could have called. Well, as much as she loved her now mourning grandmother, she didn't want to go with her f****y that she stayed with while she was home for break. Her f****y respected her decision.
I knew where this was going, which is what I said when I interrupted her.
"We have to talk it over. But until we make our decision, you are more than welcome to stay in the guest room until we do so."
"How long do you plan on staying," Kathrine asked
"I don't know, maybe around a year," Lizzy said with an almost puppy-eyed look. Kathrine and I looked at each other with puzzled faces, then we turned the faces to Lizzy.
"I know it's long, but I'm willing to pay anything for rent."
"Okay. Again, we have to sl**p on it, but you're more than welcome to stay here until we make our decision." And on that note, me a Kathrine we off and getting ready for work.

"I'm thinking yes," I said that night in bed.
"She's a good friend," Kathrine added.
"Not to mention, the nicest person ever," I said. "So, she can stay?"
"Yes, of course," Katherine said.
"And we don't make a lot of money, but we got more than enough for food, heat, cars, cable and a roof over our head, she doesn't need to pay rent, besides shes a good friend," I said. Kathrine nodded in agreement.

That night, it was time to finish what we started earlier. We got all naked and ready. Then, right as my rock hard dick just touched her pussy, I realized, we got a house guest, not ten steps down the hall. I stopped, and told Kathrine why I stopped. She didn't argue. We were already naked, so we just fooled around. It wasn't bad either.

Kathrine was a tease. She started out by barely touching by dick. She wanted me to beg. She slowly did more and more.
"Just wait till its your turn," I said. Kathrine giggled in acknowledgement. after what seemed like forever, I was about to cum. Kathrine, but she just kept it in her mouth. Then jets after jets of cum squirted out in to her mouth.

Finally, it was Kathrine's turn. She knew it, so I didn't have to say anything; she just positioned herself perfectly. Before I went anywhere near her dripping pussy, I played with her tits. I started massaging around her nipple, SLOWLY making my way towards her nipple. Then I sucked them like crazy.

Since Kathrine was a little loud, I made sure to do it so she wasn't loud. I was licking away. She was so wet. It was insane. When she orgasmed, a lot of her cum came flying out into my mouth. I thought I was gonna drown. It felt like the night would never end.

In the morning, we got showered, and right before we went downstairs, we made the decision to take Lizzy out to dinner to tell her about our decision. When we got downstairs, we found that Lizzy made us breakfast. For some reason, I got the idea to mess with Lizzy a bit.

After breakfast, I said "that was great, but it doesn't change our decision." I gave Kathrine a look that said 'play along.' And so she did.

"We have good reasons for our decision, and I know that you feel like storming out, but we want to tell you the reasons for our decision tonight at dinner. Just stay around please. We gotta go to work," Kathrine said. I was flabbergasted at Kathrine on how quickly she caught on.I was hoping this plan would workout.

When I got home, Kathrine beats me home all the time, I was happy to still see Lizzy's car out front. When I got inside, I took off my dirty work shirt, as I work construction, and went upstairs to change. Lizzy was in the guest room, soon to be her room. Her door was opened a crack, so I opened the and reminded her, "Were going out to dinner, I'm gonna shower and change." I didn't feel awkward walking in with no shirt, because we swam together before.

So without further a do, I showered, got dressed casually, and went downstairs. Kathrine and Lizzy were waiting for me. Lizzy still had a sad look on her face. She didn't have her suitcase with her. I wanted to go back up and check her room, but I felt it wouldn't be right.

We got to the restaurant, which was just a local tavern . We sat down and got drinks. None of us drank alcohol. Kathrine and I didn't ever like it. We didn't even leave a single bottle of beer, wine, liquor, anything, and Lizzy wasn't 21, and knowing her, she would never drink.

The food was cheap, which was good because I told her she could order anything she wanted, because it was on Kathrine and I. What also helped was that Lizzy was in good shape, and I could tell she didn't want to lose that figure.

"Anything you want. It's on us," I reminded her.
"I couldn't let you guys do that," she said.
"No, no, no. It's the least we could do... for our new house guest."
Lizzy's sad face lit up like 4th of July.

We all stood up. Lizzy hugged Kathrine, said thank you, kissed me on the cheek, said thank you, and we hugged. The hug brought back long lost memories of playing and wrestling in the yard. For a moment, I felt like never letting go. Not because of my feelings toward her that were long gone, but because it was so warm and nice, and a memory that use to make me think should never end.

After that little episode, we went on with dinner. Lizzy had a smile ear to ear the whole time, and probably every two minutes said thank you. At one point, she asked "how much are you charging for rent?" With the smile on her face, I was a little afraid to tell her nothing because she looked like she was gonna blow up of joy. But I did anyways. And yes she basically did blow up of joy.

Finally we got home and I helped Lizzy unpack. The next day, Saturday, I went around looking for garage sales selling dressers and bed frames, as the guest bed was just a roll-away bed. I found a dresser, but no bed frame, so I went to my workshop in my basement to work on one. I got some oak, the table saw, the sander, a drill gun, and some screws. Then I realized its a nice, hot day, and I could work outside.

So I grabbed everything and brought it outside. It was pretty hot, so I took off my shirt. I must of worked on the bed frame for two hours. Lizzy went visit her parents for the weekend. Towards the end, Kathrine brought out sunscreen and applied some to my back, face and arms. She also grabbed my crotch a few times. I could finish the next day, according to my iPod weather app. So I dropped whatever was in my hands, shut off any machines and went inside following Kathrine to god knows where.

Well, we just went to our room. I undressed her extremely fast, because I was extremely horny. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Then she just yanked them off. Of course, my dick was pointing straight up. Kathrine just sucked and sucked. No tease, which, I couldn't have handled because we hadn't fucked in a while. I thought I didn't care about sex, but it was missing from our relationship. I stopped her right then, and flipped her over. I started to lick her extremely wet pussy, and massaging her hard nipples. After a few minutes, I finally put my rock hard dick inside her dripping wet pussy. I guess we hadn't had sex in a long time because after a few minutes of going slow, I just started ramming it in her like crazy. She was loud. There were times where I thought she was going to cry. After a few minutes, she shouted, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming,"

And she was not k**ding. After a while, I was about to cum. Again, I told Kathrine but she refused to let me out. So I just kept thrusting away until I finally shot a stream of cum in to her pussy. When I was done, I pulled out, gave a sigh of joy and watched as Kathrine put her fingers in her pussy and started to lick them.

That started to get me horny again. So we did again. I put my again hard dick inside her and started ramming away. Kathrine started to scream in joy again. I was grunting every once in a while. I lasted about 2 minutes more this time.

Finally, when I was gonna cum again. I didn't see the point, but I again said I was gonna cum. This time, Kathrine told me to pull out and cum on her. So I pulled out and started stroking away. Finally, I shot cum all over face and tits. Whatever cum missed her mouth, she somehow got it in her mouth anyway.

The weekend went by fast. Kathrine and I had sex on Saturday again and Sunday, before Lizzy came home. It was the best weekend with sex in a long time before Lizzy came home. When she did come home, things were running pretty smoothly. Friday came, and we ordered pizza. We sat in the living room and watched T.V. What Lizzy said next surprised the hell out of me.

"I'm sorry to say this, but in the time I've stayed here, I haven't heard you two doing it. You guys are young, you should be having sex all the time," Lizzy said. I didn't know what to say. Why did she-

"We just didn't want to make you feel awkward. It even made us feel a little awkward," Kathrine said. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head.

Another week goes by and Kathrine brings up what Lizzy said.

"We could try to have sex. Just no heavy ramming. Lets do it commissionary style. Its romantic," Kathrine said.
"Okay, we can do it like that," I said.

So without wasting time, we did it commissionary style. We didn't fool around, we just did it. When I was about to come, we did jump in to position for me to cum on her though.

"That was nice," Kathrine said.
"Very," I added.

I did enjoy it. It was nice. It was a lot longer.

Another week went by. We did it commissionary all week. However, I guess it wasn't enough for Lizzy.

"You guys still haven't done it yet," she asked.

I was in shock by what she was saying. I thought she was getting a little feisty though because on more than one occasion, I heard porn come from her room. It wasn't to surprising. I don't think she has ever been with a guy. I guess Kathrine wasn't because she said "we've been doing it. Commissionary. It's quiet and less awkward. We like it to."

What the hell was going on? Why were these two talking like this? I guess I was just out of the scoop. I like to stay that way.

Then, the next night, we were doing it I hear a knock on the bedroom door. I got off of Kathrine and tried to at least put on underwear. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Kathrine going for the door, full blown naked. I didn't get a single thing on when Kathrine got to the door, so I jumped to the bed and scrambled to a sheet over me. Kathrine opens the door, and I see Lizzy. We made eye contact,then she looked at Kathrine as if Kathrine was fully clothed.

"What are you doing in here," I asked.
"Oh, Kathrine didn't tell you," she said. "Well for now, I'm gonna watch you two do it. I want to see you really fuck her,"
I was extremely shocked. Kathrine said, "Yeah, lets show her how we really fuck." I finally got what was going on, but could I do it with someone watching? Well, at least Lizzy is a friend, otherwise I wouldn't have even began.

So I sat on top of the sheet. Kathrine started by sucking my dick. I tried to avoid eye contact with Lizzy for obvious reasons. She stuck my rock hard dick in her mouth and just started going faster and faster, then slow, then fast, then slow. This went on for five minutes maybe.

Right when I was going to lick Kathrine's pussy, I turned my head and noticed that Lizzy was naked. She was also masturbating. She looked really good. She had the perfect body and tits. I didn't say anything. I sorta wanted to but I didn't. Honestly it got me even more hornier.

Then it was time for me to lick Kathrine's dripping pussy. I did pretty much the same thing as always: suck her tits a bit. Then moved to her pussy, but first, I used my tongue to play with her clit to her even more aroused.

When that was done, I was ready to put my dick inside her and just start ramming. But when we were readying, I noticed a hand grab my dick. It wasn't Kathrine's or mine, it was Lizzy's. Honestly, I was too horny and knew I couldn't do anything about it, so I just let her do what she wanted. She started to suck my dick like crazy. I know she didn't have any personal training. It must of been from porn. I was really satisfied. Also, Katherine was grabbing and sucking my balls. I was going crazy.

Than, Lizzy wanted me to lick her pussy. I hesitated but still went in. Before I reached she told me to play with her tits. So I did. They weren't big, average. Katherine was about the same. Then, finally, I went down on her. Her pussy tasted great. It got pretty wet too. I was having a great time.

Then, Lizzy wanted me to put my dick inside Katherine. I laid on the bed, waiting. Kathrine put her hands all around me, stomach up, and leaned in for my dick. She got close, but stopped and told Lizzy to help me. So Lizzy grabbed my dick and put it in Kathrine. When I felt my dick enter Katherine, I started ramming away. We did it slowly. We sped up at times, and my dick fell out of her pussy. Lizzy helped put it back. Sometimes, before she put it back she would suck it a little, then lick Kathrine. That almost set me over.

Then Lizzy and Katherine reversed roles. Lizzy got on top of me, and I started ramming her. We started slow, sped up, then at times, my dick fell out and Kathrine would suck my dick, lick Lizzy's pussy, kiss me sometimes and put it my dick back in.

We were going at it for a while when Katherine got an unforgettable idea. She told us to stop. She then said that her and Kathrine would rub each other's pussies together while I stroked my dick. I was sitting there watching them go at it.

Then I was ready to cum. I said it and they put their faces together, and I stroked until I was cumming. I cummed inside Kathrine's mouth and on Lizzy's face. Lizzy started to get the cum in her mouth, then started to leak some. Then, Kathrine starts swapping cum. I was drained, so we didn't even try a second time.

You can probably imagine how the rest of the year went.

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