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A bare ass on the edge of a table is an open invitation. Particularly when the clothed body above it is yours, tied down, each hand cuffed to a corner. Your skirt rides up further as your legs open, your cunt on full display as my fingers wander across it and down to your asscheeks, landing a swift slap on each in turn. You're already wet as I take a dildo to you, sliding it along the length of your pussy, the tip disappearing briefly inside you as your ass lifts off the table. I smile and bring it to my mouth, licking off your cum before using it on your clit, switching on the vibe. It pulses against you but you're greedy for more, moaning your frustration and raising your hips to meet it.

I tease you like this for a while as you moan and sigh, bending my head to your nipples, my mouth making wet circles on the thin fabric of your shirt - thin enough that you can feel my teeth against you, the cloth providing extra sensation as your tits press against it.

My mouth moves down to your thighs and I lick from knee to cunt on one side, then the other. Now the head of the dildo pushes into you and I lick my lips as you take the entire length. You groan, low and throaty and suddenly I'm hot with need for you again, my own cunt swollen and ready for you. My licks turn to nips and bites as I fuck you with the dildo, my fingers becoming slippery as I work it in and out of your hole. I slip your legs over my shoulders, my mouth opening against your skin as I bite and tug at the soft skin at the top of your legs, licking the crease where your leg joins your body before taking in your hot, wet lips and feasting on the flesh, the taste and smell of your cunt filling my senses.

Your legs pull me closer still as I swirl my tongue over your clit, sucking it into my mouth, teasing it with my lips as it slides in between them. I can feel you quivering, feel your cunt tugging on the dildo as I thrust it harder, deeper, my mouth clamped over your clit as my tongue slides across it. My free hand moves to your asshole and I push my thumb into you with little warning. You cry out harshly at first but soon your voice and body urge me on. Your hole is dry and hot, only the tip of my thumb enters on the first attempt but I withdraw and plunge into you again as my fingernails dig into the soft flesh of your ass.

It doesn't take long like this, dildo fucking your cunt as my thumb fucks your asshole, my teeth grating gently across your clit as you shudder and cum for me, your wrists straining against soft cuffs.

You are mine.

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