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The Pool

This is the second part to my story ‘The Accident’
Feel free to read it, though it is a different type of story, it is part of this one, and describes one of the characters in the following story. Hope you enjoy this one.

Samantha was lying on a sky blue body tube, sunbathing in her pool. She was wearing pink bikini bottoms, with no top. Her breasts were perky, with small nipples, about the size of a quarter. She was a size 36B, and her breast seemed to pop from her slender, athletic figure. Her curves were tight, and firm, giving a nice emphasis to her perky breasts, and small tight ass. She had dark blonde hair, tied in a bun behind her head. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses over her eyes, but the color was a light hazel, which she got from her mother.
It had been a good morning for Samantha. She got up early and worked out with her friend Cindy. All Samantha had planned to do today was lay out by the pool and catch some sun, but late last night she got a text message from Cindy. ‘Hey, I had fun this morning, and would like to work out again tomorrow.’ The text had read. ‘Sounds cool, I was planning on lying out by the pool anyways, maybe we can have a girls day?’ Samantha wrote back, she had just gotten out of the shower, and was getting ready to lie down. ‘Cool, maybe I’ll stay the night? Wht time should I be there?’ the second message from Cindy read. ‘We should probly do it early, so we can relax in the afternoon.’ Samantha wrote back, plugging her phone onto the charger and lying down in her bed. ‘Sounds good, round seven ok?’ Cindy wrote back. ‘Yea, I can do seven, see ya then. :)’ Samantha wrote back, setting her phone down and turning out the lamp next to her bed.
At seven thirty, Cindy showed up in a tight pair of black work out spandex shorts, and a grey top made of spandex as well. She had a towel, her bathing suit, and a bottle of water with her. Samantha invited her in and they chatted for a while before going into Samantha’s inside gym. It wasn’t much, just a treadmill, weight bench, hand weights, bow flex (Her b*****rs idea), a Stairmaster, and workout bicycle. She and Cindy had been working out together for the past three weeks, and lately they had been starting with stretches.
As they started their stretches, Samantha could feel Cindy staring at her. It was awkward at first, and she wanted to say something, but she kept thinking back to what had happened yesterday after school. She knew it wasn’t right to kiss Cindy, but the urge to kiss a girl had been nagging at her for a while, and it was just Cindy, her best friend since grade school. But it had escalated from that kiss, into something she didn’t expect from either of them. She let the memory take her away.

She was sitting on the couch, watching some stupid movie on Comedy Central. Next to her was Cindy, who seemed just as bored with the movie as she did. Samantha had been wondering about kissing girls for as long as she first kissed a boy. She wondered if it was any different than kissing a guy, and if she would like it better or not. Cindy had been coming over a lot lately, and they shared a lot, having been friends for so long. She figured it couldn’t hurt to try with her, if she freaked out; Samantha would come out with the truth, that she was just curious.
Samantha scooted closer to Cindy, who looked over at her and smiled. To Samantha, that smile was what brought her in, she leaned over and planted a light kiss on Cindy’s lips. Samantha didn’t pull away, she had her eyes closed, so she couldn’t see Cindy’s reaction, but when she didn’t pull back, Samantha kissed Cindy again, this time parting lips and opening her mouth. She stuck her tongue inside Cindy’s and licked the center of her tongue, and then Cindy pulled away.
“What are we doing?” Cindy asked stunned, breathing deeply.
“I don’t know,” Samantha said, leaning forward and planting another kiss on Cindy’s lips. Turned out Samantha did like kissing Cindy, and she was only getting more and more heated by making out with her. Cindy wasn’t resisting, but she also wasn’t giving any effort, so Samantha compensated. She f***ed herself onto Cindy, straddling her lap and pressing harder and harder into her mouth. She was forcing her tongue in Cindy’s mouth, working it around the entire space, tasting all her mouth had to offer. Samantha grabbed Cindy’s wrists and put her arms back, over her head. She then grabbed her thighs and pushed her legs open, taking breaks from Cindy’s mouth to view her face. Cindy was in astonishment, her face was flushed, and she was breathing hard. Samantha leaned in and kissed her lightly, lifting her head up so they could look into each other’s eyes.
Samantha put her palm on the soft of Cindy’s pubic bone, laying her fingers over her vagina. She rubbed her hand up and down Cindy’s pussy, exciting her lips from under the fabric of her shorts. Cindy was letting out soft breaths, putting her head back; she let Samantha rub her eager pussy. Samantha was wriggling her fingers around Cindy’s vagina; rubbing her palm over the spot she knew Cindy’s clit was located. Samantha couldn’t take her eyes off of Cindy’s face. It was a sign of complete enjoyment; she was letting out those soft, cute moans. They were adding to the heat in Samantha’s own eager pussy.
Samantha lifted her hand, and slipped her fingers into the waist band of Cindy’s shorts, sliding her hand down to her pussy again. Cindy was going commando today, and access was granted for Samantha. She moved her body towards Cindy’s, pushing Cindy back over the end of the couch. Samantha leaned close and kissed Cindy lightly, and then a deep kiss followed. She was rubbing the outer lips of Cindy’s vagina, feeling the moist juices leaking from her hole. Samantha broke the kiss and looked into Cindy’s eyes, and seeing the pleasure in them, she slipped two of her fingers in Cindy’s hole. Cindy’s mouth opened wide as she let out a moan of ecstasy, tilting her head back, and arching her spine as she bent over backwards on the couch.
Samantha began wiggling her fingers inside Cindy’s vagina, mimicking her own masturbation techniques. She was feeling around for that special place, the one that really makes her feel good when she plays with herself. Samantha was wriggling her fingers just beneath Cindy’s clit, when she heard Cindy moan harder, and felt the clench of her vagina on her fingers, she knew she found it. She worked her fingers in a circular motion over the spot, while pressing her palm into Cindy’s clit. She could feel the clenching get faster, and knew Cindy was going to cum.
Samantha bent forward, to give her hand better access, and to grab Cindy and pull her close. Samantha pressed into Cindy’s lips, just as Cindy let out another deep moan. The breath went into Samantha’s mouth, puffing out her cheeks as the air rushed in. She exhaled it through her nose and plunged deep into Cindy’s mouth with her tongue. Her fingers were working their magic on Cindy’s pussy, and within seconds of Samantha kissing her, Cindy came.
Samantha pulled her hand out, and sat back on the couch, taking deep breaths. Cindy was breathing hard, deep breaths, hunched over on her edge of the couch. She looked astonished, she was amazed at what just happened, and confused at the same time. Samantha was just looking at her, with a devilish smile on her face, but when she registered the worry in Cindy’s, her look turned apologetic.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I” Samantha tried to explain but couldn’t think of how to do it.
“I think I should go,” Cindy said, rising from the couch and grabbing her bag next to the front door. She was outside before Samantha could say anything. It left her feeling sorry, and worried about Cindy. She felt her fingers, the slimy juice of Cindy’s orgasm still on them. Samantha was a little upset Cindy didn’t stay long enough to return the favor, so she reached down with her wet fingers, and began to play with herself.

Remembering that afternoon had made Samantha go blank for a moment and Cindy was looking at her funny. She snapped out of it and apologized, and went to the treadmill, and began exercising. The entire time Cindy managed to excite herself by examining Samantha, a deep desire forming. Cindy was plotting to return the favor Samantha gave her yesterday, but she was also going to set the bar for their relationship.
Samantha could feel Cindy’s eyes on her, and pretended not to notice, but she made sure she did a little extra on the treadmill, giving Cindy a long look at her petite ass. When she used hand weights, she made sure to flex in a way that always gave Cindy a nice view of her perky tits. Both girls were getting hot, and finally Cindy suggested they move out to the pool. Samantha agreed, and went to change.
Samantha had slipped out of her work out clothes, and in to her cute pink bikini bottoms, and then she slipped out to the pool, but Cindy wasn’t out yet. Samantha shrugged it off and waded into the pool. She swam out to the body tube in the middle of the pool, and got up on it. She lied down on her back, aiming her tanned chest to the sun.
Samantha sunbathed a lot in the pool, she would sit out for a while, roll over, sit out for a while, and then head back inside to shower. Currently she was shifting over onto her stomach, aiming her petite ass and back at the sun. Her head was facing away from the house, so she didn’t see Cindy as she came out, but she did hear the sliding door open.
“Come on in,” Samantha shouted over her shoulder. “The waters great.”
“Great, can’t wait to catch some sun.” Cindy said happily, though she had no intention of catching some sun. She had been inside watching Samantha for the past five minutes, waiting for her to look away, she wanted to surprise her with something.
Samantha heard a splash, and swimming motions in the water. She remembered that there weren’t any more floats in the pool. “There are more floats in those plastic tubs, by the door.” Samantha said, gesturing with her hand.
“That’s fine,” Cindy said from right behind Samantha. She was so close that it scared Samantha when she heard her. “We can share this one.” Cindy’s hands began to caress Samantha’s back, rubbing the smooth tan skin.
“Mmm, that feels nice.” Samantha said, relaxing to Cindy’s touch. Cindy continued to massage her back, working her way downwards slowly. Samantha was getting excited, and was hoping Cindy was going to work her pussy over, but as Cindy’s hands got to Samantha’s waistline, she went right to her legs. Samantha was a little disappointed, but okay with the massage, and let it go without saying a thing.
Cindy had skipped over Samantha’s ass on purpose. She was saving it for last. Cindy had planned to work Samantha up, and then bring her down, and repeat until she was putty in her hands. She worked over her legs and back, and just as she finished, she kissed each of Samantha’s thighs. This brought excitement to Samantha, and she felt the urge to roll over and kiss Cindy on the lips. As that thought went through her head, Samantha felt her self being lifted up on one side, and then she went underwater.
Cindy had flipped Samantha out of the float, and into the water. Before Samantha could get arranged under water, Cindy had managed to grab her by the shoulder, and pull her to the surface. Cindy pushed her against the side of the pool, pushing her arms back just as Samantha had done to her. Cindy didn’t hesitate to go in for the kiss, and she didn’t hesitate with any sweetness either, she shoved her tongue into Samantha’s mouth. Giving her what she should have yesterday, Cindy was already rubbing Samantha’s pussy through her bikini bottoms.
Cindy planned to make Samantha cum by her hand, and then she wanted to up the ante. She reached around Samantha’s athletic hips and pulled the string ties on her bikini, she pulled them away with her other hand. Out of the water, Cindy was sucking on Samantha’s tongue. Under the surface, Cindy was fingering Samantha’s tight pussy. Cindy spent the entire night thinking of this moment, what to do with a girl. First she decided she needed know how to please a girl with her fingers. She thought back to the morning when Samantha worked her over.
Samantha had wriggled her fingers around, searching for that spot. And that spot really made her cum, Cindy figured that Samantha was looking where her spot was, hoping to find Cindy’s. Cindy placed her fingers under Samantha’s clit, and pressed upwards. Samantha let out a moan that broke the kiss Cindy was giving her, but Cindy quickly came back and took the moan like Samantha had the other time.
Cindy now knew how to make Samantha cum, and she began working her fingers in the similar circular motion that Samantha used on her. Quickly Samantha’s pussy clenched tight on Cindy’s fingers, so tight in fact, that Cindy couldn’t move them. After a few seconds, Samantha relaxed, and Cindy pulled free, swimming back a ways. She looked at Samantha with a devilish grin, Samantha was using her arms to hold onto the side of the pool, her face was flush, and she was breathing deeply.
“I, was really, hoping, you would do that.” Samantha said in several breaths.
“Good, now turn around.” Cindy said, her eyes narrowing, and her smile growing wider.
“What? Why?” Samantha asked, looking worried.
“Just do it, trust me.” Cindy said this with some sincerity, which comforted Samantha. She turned and put her arms crossways on the side of the pool, facing away from the house. She felt Cindy’s fingers come over her sides, and begin to tickle her stomach. Then caress her thighs and around to her petite ass. “I like your ass, Sammy.” Cindy said, giving it a good firm squeeze.
Samantha let out a little breath, “Thanks.” She was feeling very funny, this was weird. But as Cindy’s fingers continued to rub her body, she didn’t object.
“Have you had sex yet, Sammy?” Cindy asked, rubbing from Samantha’s clit, all the way to her asshole and back.
“Unh, yea, twice.” Samantha said, letting out a moan in the process. “What about you?”
“Yea, with three different guys.”
“You’ve been with three guys at once?” Samantha asked shocked.
“No,” Cindy said with a laugh, rubbing both of Samantha’s ass cheeks. “Different times, but I’ve fucked three different guys.” She rubbed from Samantha’s clit, to her asshole again.
“I’ve had sex with one guy, twice.” Samantha said, laying her head down on her arms, enjoying Cindy’s touch. “It hurt both times, and I didn’t really want to do it again.”
“Yea, it does hurt at first. I didn’t like it until I felt something else that hurt more.” Cindy slipped her middle finger into Samantha’s asshole, down to the third knuckle. Samantha screamed out of shocked, lifting her head up.
“Cindy what are you doing?” Samantha asked in a panic.
“Calm down,” Cindy said, placing her free hand on Samantha’s shoulder, comforting her. “I’m here to take care of you.” Cindy began sliding her finger in and out of Samantha’s tight asshole. “The second guy I fucked, really fucked me. I didn’t expect it you know?” Samantha rested her head down on her arms again, getting use to Cindy’s misplaced finger. “First he went down on me, have you ever had a guy go down on you?”
“Yea, many times.” Samantha said, letting out soft breaths, she was beginning to enjoy the finger.
“So he went down on me, and made me cum like three times.” Cindy began to tweak Samantha’s clit, getting it to come out of its little sleeve. “Then he grabbed my head, and shoved his cock in my mouth. I hadn’t ever sucked a cock before, and he brought it on. He didn’t give me a chance to breath, let me take control, or anything. He just held my head, and used my mouth like a pussy all its own.” Cindy began fingering Samantha’s pussy in sync with the finger in her asshole. “He didn’t cum in my mouth though, he just let go of my head, and picked me up.
“He threw me on the bed, and set me on my side. He just started hammering in. I screamed, It felt good, really good.” Cindy began to finger Samantha’s holes faster. “He fucked me for about twenty minutes, I was impressed at first. But when he pulled out to shoot, at least, I thought he was gonna shoot. He actually moved me over to go down on me again.” Cindy pulled her finger free of Samantha’s pussy, and began to tweak her clit again. “He made me come twice that time, then he tossed me on the bed again, and flipped me on my stomach.
“He began to kiss my ass, and lick my hole. Both of them,” Cindy began to finger Samantha’s pussy in sync with her ass again. “He stuck his tongue in my asshole, and it felt good at first, I thought it was good foreplay, and when he straddled me on the bed, I was ready for another good fucking. Instead he put his tip in the space of my asshole, and pressed in.” Cindy pulled the finger out of Samantha’s ass, and replaced it with her thumb. Samantha let out a soft, pleasured moan in the exchange. The story was turning her on, and with Cindy working her up, she was in the moment.
“It hurt, he was big, and it was a small hole. He went all the way inside, even with me clenching, he just kept sliding it in. I felt it tear, my asshole, I could feel it burning. I asked him to pull out, but he never spoke while we fucked, not a word throughout. He started slow, but picked up pace quickly. He was soon thrusting his cock into my ass. It felt like I was going to the bathroom constantly, but it also gave off a tingle in my pussy. I reached down and rubbed on my clit, to make the pleasure stronger than the pain.
“To my surprise, it worked. Soon I was cumming in succession, one after the other. He fucked my asshole hard for at least ten minutes. Then he pulled out and rolled me over, he started to jack his cock, and I expected him to shoot my tits. Instead he grabbed my head, and put his dick in my face. He shot his load all over my face.” Cindy had been working her thumb in Samantha’s ass, while sliding two fingers in her pussy. “It was a huge load, it was thick, and heavy, and really warm. It made me super horny, of course I was horny at that point from being fucked so hard. But his entire load smothered my face, and I found myself rubbing my clit again, cumming to relieve the urge I got from being blasted with his cum.”
Cindy pulled out her fingers, and hugged Samantha, pressing her face into her back. “Now, every time I have sex, I ask the guy to shoot my face with his cum. And my favorite is giving a blowjob, and letting the guy give me a facial, cause it turns me on, beyond all else.” Samantha was rubbing Cindy’s legs with hers, getting extremely turned on by Cindy’s words. “Last night, my b*****r was in my room,” Cindy was whispering in Samantha’s ear. “He was whacking off to me sl**ping, and he came on my face.”
Samantha lifted her head, and tried to spin around. Cindy put her hands on her shoulders and held her in place against the wall. “What did you do?” Samantha asked, shocked.
“I kicked him out, and then started playing with myself, but then I thought of you and what we did yesterday, and texted you to let me come over this morning.” Cindy was talking softly and quietly in Samantha’s ear. “Every time a load hits my face, I want to come, but lately, I want to fuck really badly. It’s been eight months since I’ve gotten laid. And I’m here, so we can fuck each other.”
With that, Cindy pushed her pelvis closer to Samantha’s ass. Samantha felt a rounded object touch her ass cheeks, then rub into her pussy lips. Then she felt her lips spread open, and something slide in. It was large, and f***ed a moan out of her mouth. It didn’t go in all the way, because Samantha clenched and f***ed it to stop.
“What is that?” Samantha asked, letting out short moans, keeping her pussy clenched tight.
“It’s my cock, Sammy. I’m gonna fuck you with it.” Cindy thrust forward, shoving in the object, it fought the clench and slid in all the way.
“Oh, fuck.” Samantha screamed.
“Yea, you like getting fucked don’t you.” Cindy said, whispering into her ear, thrusting into Samantha’s tight pussy with vigor. “Tell me you like it.”
“I don’t,” Samantha was letting out light screams from the fucking she was getting. “It hurts, please stop.” She was sounding out each word one by one, in between she was letting out sexy screams.
“Come on, Sammy. It’s me, Cindy, your girl. Tell me the truth, tell me you like it.” Cindy was talking seductively, coaxing Samantha into her games.
“It feels, ung, really, uh, nice, oh.” Samantha was adjusting to the tempo of Cindy, and she was really enjoying it now, letting out moans instead of screams.
“Good girl.” Cindy said, while sliding her hands onto Samantha’s hips, and thrusting into Samantha’s pussy. “Does it feel good when I fuck you underwater? Huh, does it?”
“Yea, uh, it feels really good, unh.”
“What feels really good?” Cindy coaxed.
“You fucking me underwater, ung.”
“Yea, that’s right.” Cindy thrusted at a steady speed, giving Samantha something to enjoy. “I never had sex with that guy again. But I’ll never forget what he taught me about fucking. He changed me, I used to be this uptight school girl. Nerdy, quiet, sure I was always cute, and when I got into sports, I became sexy, but I was never like that. But now, I think about sex all the time.”
“I love it when you talk about sex.” Samantha said softly.
Cindy giggled, and began to fuck Samantha hard, trying to bring her to climax. “I want you to cum for me Samantha, will you do that?”
“Mhm, uh, just, ung, keep, oh, god, fucking me, oh shit, like that, oh.” Samantha was bouncing in the water to Cindy’s thrusts, bringing herself closer to orgasm. When it hit, she slammed against Cindy’s pelvis, shoving the tool deep in her hole. She was clenching tight around it, and screaming out her orgasm. “That was great.” Samantha said after a few moments.
Cindy pulled out, and hugged Samantha again, wrapping her arms around her waist. “We’re not done yet.” Cindy placed the tip of her toy in the space of Samantha’s asshole. “Relax, I’m more gentle than the guy that got me.” Cindy said with a giggle. She pressed in the tip, and stopped. “I’m gonna go at the pace you set, ok? Tell me, is it okay?”
“Yea,” Samantha said holding her breath, “Your right, it feels like I really need to go to the bathroom.”
“You get pass that.” Cindy said laughing, she pushed in deeper until Samantha let out a pained moan. “Tell me when you’re ready.”
“Just do it bitch, whatever you can take, so can I.” Samantha said through gritted teeth.
Cindy didn’t question the demand, simply pushed home. Her toy slipped through Samantha’s clenched asshole, forcing out a quieted scream. Cindy held it in there, relishing the feeling she was getting from pressing into Samantha’s tight petite ass. She caressed Samantha’s thighs, “Rub your pussy.” Cindy said in Samantha’s ear. She continued to rub her thighs, ass, and hips, while Samantha began to touch her clit, which was now erect, and out of its sleeve.
“I’m gonna start fucking now, alright? Tell me if you feel uncomfortable.” Cindy grabbed Samantha’s hips, and started sliding her toy in and out of Samantha’s tight asshole. Samantha let out loud moans, and started to rock with Cindy’s motions. She was supporting herself with one arm on the side of the pool, with her other hand rubbing her clit vigorously.
“Do you like getting fucked in your ass, Sammy?” Cindy asked, thrusting at a faster tempo. With her increased speed, Samantha rubbed faster as well.
“Yes, oh fuck, yes, I love it.” Samantha was doing her best not to scream, she had already cum, and her next one was on its way. She now understood the succession Cindy mentioned. This was amazing, sure it hurt a bit, but combined with the rubbing of her pussy, it was unbelievable. She screamed as her next orgasm ripped through her.
“You love it do you? Good little whore, are you my little Whore Sammy?” Cindy asked giggling, she slowed her pace. “Are, you, my, Whore, Sammy?”
“Fuck yea, I’m your whore.” Samantha screamed, letting her orgasm finish its course. “I’ll be your whore forever.” She was laughing, she was giddy, and excited, and completely overwhelmed.
“Good.” Cindy pulled out, and swam backwards towards the stairs. She waded out of the pool, and onto the porch. Samantha turned to watch her strut her ass on the way out. Cindy was wearing a purple bikini. Wrapped up in a special way around her waist was a belt, supporting a purple dildo molded with a pair of balls on them, which helped hold it in place. “I found this in my mom’s dresser. I used to ride it when nobody was home. Took me a while to get it to stay like this,” She bounced up and down in a quick circle, shaking her ass, tits, and the purple cock. “I like it, cause it matches my outfit, and leaves me open for fun, without taking it off.” With that she slipped a finger down the crack of her ass, under her bikini bottoms, and up her own pussy. “Mmm, that feels good.” She took her hand out and walked towards the sliding door.
“Inside,” Cindy said, turning to look at Samantha, wearing that devilish smile. “I rigged a pink one,” She eyed Samantha’s nude body, and giggled. “It matched your outfit, before I took your clothes off.” Cindy stepped inside, making her ass shake with each step she took, coaxing Samantha from the pool.
Samantha swam slowly to the other end of the pool, exhausted as she was, she was now more excited than before. Cindy had rigged up strap-ons for them to use, what a turn of events. She slowly waded out of the pool, her petite body glistening with the water, she looked stunning. She walked up to the patio door.
“Sammy,” Cindy said from within the house, her voice low and seductive.
“Yea,” Samantha called through the patio door.
“I wanna be your whore.”

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