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Motel Pool - Part 3 of 3 (Mg, cons, rom)

Motel Pool

by SpectreOfHell

Part 3 of 3

John was visibly shaking as he pulled his car into the parking lot of the Timmonsville Motor Lodge. He was ten miles from home. Timmonsville was just a hole in the road, an abandoned mill town with a single gas station and one run down motel being the only two businesses around. Teens kept the motel in business renting rooms by the hour. When John told the clerk he needed one for a couple of days, the old man raised one eyebrow but didn't comment. Ten minutes later, parked around the back of the old motel, John ushered Kim into the room he had rented.

The clothes she'd had in the bag said alot about her parents and how she had been raised. She wore a pair of tight shorts that were cut off right below her ass, leaving all her pale legs exposed down to a pair of flip flops. Her halter top was tight, too, showing off her tiny breasts. When she turned to him, beaming with happiness, he could see that her nipples were becoming erect.

Don't be happy, he wanted to tell her. He still didn't know what he was going to do. "I have to go on home now," he told her. The smile on her pretty face faltered but didn't vanish.

"You ARE coming back, right?" she asked.

He stepped closer and pulled her into his arms. She giggled as he hugged her. "Of course I am," he told her. "I'm in love with you, Kim."

"I'm so in love with you too, John," she sighed, lifting onto her toes to kiss him. He groaned as he tasted her lips. His hands reached down to squeeze her little ass as his cock hardned in his pants. He wanted to throw her down and fuck her on the spot! Instead, he eased out of the kiss and let her go.

"I won't be gone long," he told her.

"Promise?" she asked.

He promised. They kissed again, and then he hurried out before he lost his nerve. He couldn't really believe the enormous change in his life that Kim represented. He was head over heels in love with a twelve year old girl he had just met yesterday! Her parents had abandoned her, but that didn't mean he had legal custody. Just being with her could land him in jail. And if anyone found out they were lovers? Well, he'd certainly die in prison. He'd heard what they do to c***d lovers in jail. That didn't deter him, though.

He pulled into his driveway and sat behind the wheel of his car for awhile, trying to work up the nerve to go inside. He was going to ask for a divorce. It wouldn't shock his wife, they both knew it was going to happen sooner or later. They hadn't been in love for a long time. It was only that neither of them was brave enough to broach the subject. Well, he had the courage now. He thought of sweet little Kim waiting for him back in that motel room, and he got out of the car.

At first, he wasn't sure that his wife was even home. Her car wasn't in the driveway, though it could have been in the garage. But the house was quiet and most of the lights were off though the curtains were drawn tightly shut. He had left his suitcase with Kim, so all he carried into the house with him was his car keys. He went into the kitchen first, putting his keys on the counter, and pulled out the bottle of whisky his wife kept in one of the cabinet. She was the drinker, not him, but he needed a little liquid courage. He was about to pour the liquor into a glass when he heard the thump from upstairs. He froze.

A burgler? Or was his wife home after all? He crept into the hallway by the stairs and listened. He heard the thump again accompanied by the squeak of bedsprings. A chill gripped his heart even before he heard his wife moan. He raced up the stairs as quietly as he could and tip toed down to his bedroom door. They hadn't even bothered to close it. He leaned around the doorframe and looked in. His wife was on all fours, naked, thrusting back at the man who was fucking her. He was a skinny young guy, looking like a nerdy high school teenager, but his wife was really loving what the k** was doing to her.

"Yeah!" she hissed. "Fuck my ass, you stud!"

John was furious. Not that she was cheating on him, but that she was loving something that she told him she'd never do. The k** moaned and pumped her with quick, rabbit-like thrusts. He cried out and stiffened as he came, pouring himself into her bowels. She screamed and appeared to cum at the same time. When he was spent, the boy flopped back, his cock popping from her ass audibly. She dropped onto her stomoch, mewling happily, as white cum oozed from her gaping asshole. John cleared his throat.

The boy whirled, terror written in ever line of his face. John's wife scrambled up too, grabbing for sheets to hide her nakedness. He almost laughed at them both. "I want a divorce," he said into the silence. She just gaped at him, blushing furiously. The k** had jumped up and was frantically pulling on his pants. "Hey," John said to the boy. "Don't hurt yourself. Calm down." He didn't calm down, though, he fell over, yelping in pain. John's wife jumped up and ran to him. It was touching in a way. She'd never cared that much for John.

"I'm leaving," he announced. "I'll be back tomorrow for my stuff. Don't be here."

"I want the house," was all she said back to him. He laughed.

"You can have it," he said. "But I get the vacation cabin."

And she laughed at THAT. He looked into her eyes, and they both seemed to realize at the same moment that there was no anger between them, no animosity. They had just reached a parting point in their lives, that was all. She smiled at him warmly, he smiled back, and he left.

All the way back to the motel, he thought about how strange fate could be. He had met Kim and caught his wife cheating, and instead of being worried or afraid or angry he was happy about starting a new chapter in his life. The room was empty when he got there, but even that didn't worry him. He stripped off his traveling clothes and got into the shower. Five minutes later, she pulled the shower curtain back and got in with him, naked and smiling.

They hugged and kissed. "I didn't think you'd be back so quick," she told him. "I went down to the store for some food."

"I'm taking you out to eat," he told her. "We're celebrating." He told her about what he'd found at home.

"Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.

"Perfect," he told her and kissed her again. Then again. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her tongue busy inside his mouth. He held her up by her ass while his fingers found their way into her pussy slit. She moaned into his mouth.

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" she asked between kisses.

John carried her out of the shower and threw her dripping wet down onto the bed. He lay over her while she pulled her knees back and spread her legs wide. By kneeling against her and pulling her to him by the waist, he was able to kiss her sweet lips and slide his cock into her at the same time. She was petite, but there was always a way for lovers to connect. She moaned deeply as his cock spread her apart and entered her. She was already wet, to his delight, and despite being vise-like tight he was able to fuck her more easily now. He pumped in and out with long, slow strokes while she moaned and dug her heels into the backs of his thighs. It took just five minutes for her to reach climax and she screamed his name as she jerked beneath him.

On impulse, he pulled out of her and shoved his face against her pussy. She cried out even louder, her hands clutching his head as he fucked her with his tongue. He eased a wet finger into her ass prompting her to hiss, "Yes!" He slurped her pussy like a starving man, drinking the juices that oozed out of her. She was muskier now, smelling more like an adult woman, but still innocent and clean and pure. She came again, her petite body quivering.

John crawled up onto the bed and lay on his back. Kim flung herself against him, panting. Her hand closed around his hard shaft and pumped him slowly. When she had recovered, she rose up and threw a leg across his body. It was a thrill to watch her slender body squatting over him, lowering her young pussy onto his hard cock. She reached between them to place the tip of his cock at the entrance to her body, then pressed down. She closed her eyes, moaning, but he watched as her pussy slowly swallowed all of him. She began to move up and down, their fucking making a slick, wet sound, her pussy leaving his cock shiny with juices. She moved quicker and quicker, her body quivering as her hands clawed at his chest. John reached up and pinched her pink nipples. She opened her eyes and stared into his, mouth agape. "Gonna...cum!" she groaned, and then did.

She went stiff. Juices erupted from her pussy and coated his cock and balls. Her toes curled against the bedspread. John let go of her breasts and gripped her by her narrow waist, and the instant her orgasm subsided he lifted his hips and thrust into her while pulling her down at the same time. She cried out as he speared deeper into her pussy than he'd ever been before. He withdrew, but she slammed herself down on him. His cock hit her cervix deep inside her, and then miraculously seemed to pass through it. The hard, bony ring gripped the head of his cock inside her body as her ass cheeks came to rest on his balls. Every inch of his cock was buried in her body. She beamed at him in triumph, a tear running over her cheek.

"I'm sorry," he told her, wiping away the tear. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It doesn't hurt," she gasped. "It feels SO good! I just love you, that's all. I'm so happy, John."

He smiled. "I love you too, Kim."

She began to move again, really and truly fucking him. He didn't re-enter her cervix, but she seemed to get most of his cock into her again all the same. He groaned as climax approached. "Yeah," she grunted. "Cum in me, John. Cum in my pussy!"

It occurred to him that she wasn't on birth control of any kind, and they had never once used protection. It was too late by then, though. If she was going to be pregnant, she was going to be. He cried out as orgasm rippled through him. At the first pulse of hot cum splashing into her, she shivered and moaned, "Yeah, yeah, John. Cum inside me. Fill me with cum, John!" He did his best to obey. When he was spent, when every drop he had was deep in her body on its way to her womb, she relaxed and lay over him. His cock remained inside her body as he cradled her against his chest. She was tiny, really, and he wasn't sure how much she would grow in the coming years. They had a lot to discuss. School for her, the cabin by the lake they were going to live in, birth conrtrol, and maybe even...marriage?

Yeah, he wanted that. He wanted HER forever. She was twelve, though, and she might grow tired of him. She might resent never having known another man. Well, he would worry about that when it came. For now, he knew she loved him, and he loved her, and that was enough. He stroked the soft, smooth skin of her back, he ran fingers through her luxurious hair. He nuzzled the side of her face until she kissed him, sighing contentedly. She rose up enough to stare into his eyes, and in that moment he knew she felt exactly the same way he did.

They were going to be just fine.

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