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Motel Pool - Part 2 of 3 (Mg, cons, rom)

Motel Pool

by SpectreOfHell

Part 2 of 3

Morning came too early. John had barely slept the night before. He had waited for Kim to arrive and she never did. That scared him almost out of his skin. Her parents had found out, he just knew it, and the police would show up at his door any minute to take him away. What had he been thinking? Having sex with a c***d?

But then he would think about her, his sweet angel, and the risk fell into proportion. She hadn't entered his heart, it felt like she had been there all along, and it was time and fate that had finally brought them together. Sappy, he knew, but that's how he felt.

The knock on the door made him jump. He glanced at his watch. Just past ten, an hour until he was due to check out. He opened the door cautiously. A young woman with purple hair stood there, looking over her shoulder into the parking lot. She turned to face him, her face a stony mask. "Are you John?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah," he said, choking.

"I'm Tina," the woman said. "You fucked my daughter last night."

He nearly had a heart attack. "Uh," was all he got out. Any attempt at protest or denial died on his lips under her withering glare.

"Let me in," she said. "We have to talk."

He opened the door and she brushed past him, reeking of cigarette smoke and alcohol. He closed the door and turned to face her, trembling. He was at her mercy and they both knew it. She looked around the room, inspecting things, then walked to the bed, still unmade. She ran her hand over the bedspread. "This is where it happened?" she asked. "Is this where you fucked her?"

"Listen, Tina," he began.

"No, you listen John," Tina snapped, standing stiffly. "I'm gonna make you a deal. How much cash you got?"

A ray of hope! "I can get a thousand," he said. That would be stretching it, too. If his soon-to-be ex-wife had left the account alone in his absence.

Tina grinned. "That's good," she said. "You get me the cash in thirty minutes. Got it?"

He couldn't help it. "Or what?" he asked.

"Or you get ass-****d in prison, you fucking pervert," she snarled. She crossed the room to him and poked him hard in the chest. She was petite, just like her daughter, a full six inches shorter than him. But even diminuative, she terrified him. "I'll be back in half an hour. You have the cash, and we're done. Got it?"

"Got it," he said. He barely moved as she left the room, shutting the door firmly behind herself. He wasn't afraid anymore. He understood all too well. She hadn't bled last night because she wasn't a virgin. Kim's parents were con-artists, and he'd been played. Get the little whore to fuck him and then blackmail him. He hated to believe that of her, his sweet little angel who had captured his heart, but what else could it be?

Thirty minutes later, after a fast drive in search of an ATM, John waited in his room holding a wad of twenties. The knock came five minutes late. He opened the door expecting the worst, but only Tina stood there. And, peeking from behind her, Kim. She was barefoot again, wearing a simple sun dress that hung lossely from her skinny frame. She'd been crying, it looked, and she was terrified.

"Got the money?" Tina demanded. He held out the wad. She didn't bother to count it, just stuffed it inot a pocket. Smiling, she said, "Nice doing business with you." Then she did the most unexpected thing imaginable. She turned, hooked an arm around Kim, and pushed her forward. She continued to push, shoving the little girl through the door and into John's room. And then she walked away.

"What this?" John burst out.

Tina kept walking but called back over her shoulder, "What's it look like? You just bought yourself a fuck puppet." She laughed harshly. She didn't look back again. Slowly, John closed the door.

Kim was crying, tears streaming down her face. "They called me a whore," she said, sobs wracking her body and chopping her words. John swept her into his embrace instinctively, understanding at last. He had been wrong. Partly, anyway. Kim had nothing to do with any of what was happening.

"Shh," he said, kissing the top of her head. "It'll be okay."

"They caught me sneaking out," she said. "I'm so sorry, John! Daddy was going to beat me until I told him everything. I was so scared!"

"It's okay," he soothed. "Don't worry about it. But what did she meant that I've bought you?"

"They don't want me anymore," Kim sobbed. "I don't think they ever wanted me. They said if I was going to give myself to you then they should get something out of it."

"I don't own you, Kim," he said. "I'll go talk to them."

"No!" she shouted, grabbing him. "They'll kill you, John! Please, don't go over there. I love you! Please let me stay with you."

There was an ice storm in John's chest. He was terrified, he was elated, he was confused, and most of all, he was in love. He wanted her. He wanted this to be real. "I can't take you away," he said. "They didn't really mean that they'd sell you."

"Please," she begged. "I'll do anything for you." Quickly, she shrugged the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let the garment drop. It fell into a puddle at her feet, and she swiftly peeled her panties down to join it, stepping out of them. He gazed at her nude body and his cock twitched despite his fear. "Please," she said, stepping into his embrace.

Resistance crumbled. It hadn't been that strong to begin with. He cradled her little nude body, hands roaming as he kissed her. And she kissed him back with surprising passion, trembling as she clung to him. "I want to keep you," he whispered. "I really do, but it's not that easy."

"Please," she begged. "Just hold me for a little while. Just awhile."

"Okay," he agreed helplessly. "But put your clothes back on." He let go of her and for the first time she was smiling. He watched her pulling on her panties and slipping the dress back over her head as he picked up the phone. He told the desk clerk he needed another day. The motel was practically empty, so there was no problem with that.

And then they did what she wanted to do. They lay together on the bed, him cradling her protectively, snuggling until she drifted off to sl**p. Emotion had drained him, and he was surprised when he woke up an hour later, having slept too. He eased himself out of her arms and got up. No matter what she said, he had to go talk to her parents. They couldn't possibly have actually sold off their own daughter! As quietly as he could, he opened the door and stepped out.

He almost tripped over the trashbag full of clothes that sat just outside his door. It was Kim's clothes, he could tell from a quick inspection. He remembered her room number from the night before and walked quickly to room one-fifty before he could lose his nerve. The maid was already in there cleaning it. They had gone. Left. Abandonded their daughter.

No, not abandoned, he reminded himself. Sold. They had sold her for a thousand dollars. He returned to his room in shock. Kim was sitting up as he entered, carrying her bag. Her eyes flicked from it to his face. "You went to see them," she said.

"They're gone," he told her. "They left."

Her shoulders sagged in relief. "Then I'm all yours now," she said. But she didn't sound sad about it. He sat down on the bed and she scooted over to sit next to him. He put his arm around her and they snuggled. "I really do love you, John," she said.

"I love you too," he told her. He pulled her closer, and she melted willingly into his embrace. He had no idea what he was going to do. It wasn't like he could just take her home to the wife and say "Hey Honey, look what I found!"

It took him a moment to realize she was weeping. He drew back so that he could see her face. The moment their eyes met she lunged for him, pressing her lips hungrily to his. The kiss was passionate, the most passionate he'd ever known, and it made his cock swell so fast he felt dizzy. She pushed him back and he let her do it. Grinning now, even with tears still in her eyes and on her cheeks, she knelt beside his prone form and began to open his pants. This time, he didn't resist her. He wanted it, needed it. She fumbled a little with the belt and the button on his pants, but the fly went down easily enough. She peeled back the cloth revealing the tent his cock was making of his boxers.

He shivered when she put her small hand over the bulge and squeezed. When he moaned, she giggled, delighted. Deftly, she pulled his boxers down, allowing his cock to spring out. She shifted her position as her hand wrapped around his shaft, and then she was lowering her head to his lap. He almost stopped her, but he wasn't forcing her, she wasn't coerced in any way. This was something she wanted, and he wanted it too. She closed her lips around the tip of his cock and swirled her tongue around the head. "Mmm," she said, as if tasting the greatest flavor in the world.

She tilted her head so that their eyes met again. The sight of her beautiful young face with her mouth full of his cock was overwhelmingly erotic. He caressed her cheek, his heart bursting with impossible love. He'd just met her, and she was a c***d, and this was wrong, and...and it didn't matter. He knew what he felt was real.

"I love you, Kim," he whispered.

She let his cock fall from her lips, drooling a little. "I love you too, John," she whispered back. She swallowed his cock again, groaning in evident delight. She began to work him, moving her head up and down, fisting his shaft with one hand. Her actions were clumsy and inexperienced, but she was gentle and enthusiastic, and it wasn't like he had many blowjobs to compare it to. She kept moaning around his cock, the vibrations making him tingle. It took barely four minutes for him to reach orgasm.

"Kim," he gasped at her. "I'm going to cum, Kim. You have to stop."

She did stop, but only long enough to say, "I want you to cum, John. Cum in my mouth." Then she was sucking again, and her hand was moving, her tongue was wiggling, the room was spinning. John cried out and fought it, tried not to cum, and that only made the feeling more intense. His back arched and his hand flew to her head as the sperm boiled out of him. His wife had never let him cum in her mouth, not even after eleven years of marriage. But Kim moaned as the first shot of his ejaculate flew into the back of her throat. She lifted up so that the second shot coated her tongue. Somehow she knew enough to keep moving her hand, almost as if she were milking him, and he gave her all his milk in hot bursts, his cock throbbing in the young girl's mouth. She kept her mouth locked around his cock until the last spurt came as a weak dribble. Then she rose up onto her knees, lips pursed.

An apology leapt to his lips, it seemed obvious she was disgusted by what had happened. But she giggled, trying not to smile, and her lips opened, spilling cum over her pale chin. She clapped her lips shut again and swallowed loudly. She smiled again, her teeth still gooey with sperm, her tongue coated. "Did you like it?" she asked.

"Oh my god!" he groaned. "It was the best I ever had, Kim."

"Really?" she asked. "You mean it?"

He grasped her wrist and pulled her close. She let herself fall onto the bed next to him. He stared at her in rapt wonder. How had this angel come to him? What had he done so right as to be rewarded like this? "I mean it," he told her, wiping the cum from her chin with his fingers. She swirled the flavor around in her mouth and swallowed again. On impulse, he kissed her. At first, she recoiled, but when he showed no sign of revulsion at tasting his own sperm on her tongue, she relaxed and melted into the kiss, groaning. His hand closed over her tiny breast, finding her nipple stiff. Quickly, he slid his hand down over her tummy. Kim spread her legs in response, eager for his touch, keeping one leg straight while bending the other.

Her crotch was hot and moist. She moaned when he squeezed her pussy through the thin fabric. He just hadn't paid attention to that before, how worn all her clothing was. Her bikini had been almost too small for her, and the dress she wore was as threadbare as her panties. Anger and passion combined and he ripped her panties at the crotch. She yelped in surprise, but laughed instantly after. He pushed her onto her back and slid down the bed. She eagerly pulled her feet back, bending her legs so that her knees were in the air, and then letting her legs fall outward, splaying. She was incredibly erotic that way, he thought. Her pink pussy glistened, beckoning him. And he dove into it.

She moaned the instant his tongue pressed between her labia. He put his hands behind her thighs and pushed her legs back, rotating her hips upward. He devoured her, fucking her with his tongue and fingers, sucking her clit, drinking everything that oozed or squirted out of her. "John! John!" she chanted as orgasm rose up inside her and spilled through her little body. She arched her back with a scream, both her hands gripping his head as her body shook. He rode it out, and when she was done, he lowered her down gently, continuing to plant soft kisses everywhere.

He crawled back up beside her, and she kissed him just as eagerly and with just as much passion as he had kissed her after she'd sucked him. He was already getting hard again, but he didn't want to just take her. No, she belonged to him now. He had to accept that fact. And he vowed to never treat her like an object. "Let's take a shower," he told her. "I want to take you shopping."

"Okay," she said, a little bewildered. Her hand had already found his swelling member and she clearly expected him to fuck her as he'd done the night before. He got up, pulling her from the bed. She stood flat footed in front of him, feet together, so demure and innocent, and let him peel the dress off over her head. He tossed it aside and took a moment to admire her young, nude body.

"You're so beautiful," he told her, caressing one nipple.

She blushed. "No, I'm not," she said. But the grin on her lips told him she was thrilled by the compliment. He took her hand and led her into the bathroom.

She stood still and quiet while he adjusted the water. When he started to undress, she stepped forward saying, "Let me do it." He let her. She pushed his pants down along with his boxers and gave his cock a kiss as she stood back up. He had to bend over so she could peel off his shirt. They stood there a moment, fully nude together, inspecting each other. He didn't think he was much to look at, but her eyes said differently.

Once under the spray, they laughed as they soaped each other. The washing was a good excuse to explore, and she took great delight in discovering his male body. And he took delight in rediscovering all her feminine charms packaged in her p*****n form. When her soapy hand closed around his semi-erect cock, it finished it's rise. They kissed deeply, pressing wet bodies together. He could reach her pussy even from behind as he reached around her body and through her thighs. She moaned as his finger sank into her.

"I want you," he groaned.

"I'm yours," she answered.

Shaking with desire, he turned her around. That confused her, he could tell. He guided her, getting her to lean against the back wall of the shower with her hands. Then he bent his knees and lined up his cock behind her, and she understood. The first push sent his cock raking through her pussy, making her moan. It happened again, and she put one foot up on the side of the tub so she could reach between her legs and guide his cock with her hand. He nudged into her, then pushed. As his cock stretched her again, filled her, she moaned his name.

He buried his cock inside her young body and began to fuck her. This wasn't like the night before. This was more raw, with more need, more passion. She bucked back against him sharing his lust, moaning constantly as his cock fucked in and out of her young pussy. He pushed in deeper than he had the night before so that his cock banged almost painfully against her cervix and his balls slapped against her clit from behind. She came first, releasing a scream of utter passion. Her pussy clamped down and then squeezed him out. He moaned at the loss of her and thrust forward.

The tip of his cock hit the rosebud of her anus. She groaned, "Yeah!"

"Are you sure?" he asked, already pressing harder.

"Uh, huh," she moaned. "Do it, John. I want you to have me all the way. All of me!"

John had never had anal sex before. That didn't stop him from pressing his cock into her ass. She f***ed herself to relax, aided by the power of the orgasm she'd just had, and with the water and the soap still coating their bodies, he began to enter her. He thought it would hurt her, but she just kept moaning. He worked his cock back and forth into her, deeper and deeper, until for the first time he had every inch of his cock inside her body.

"Oh, god," she groaned.

"Does it hurt?" he asked.

"No!" she almost screamed. "Don't stop. Do me, John. Do me!"

He moaned as he began to piston his cock in and out of her previously virgin ass, his movement slow but firm. "Fuck, oh fuck," he moaned. "I love fucking you, Kim!"

"I love fucking you too, John," she moaned.

He slammed into her. "Say it again," he begged.

"Fuck," she moaned. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me, John! Never stop fucking me!"

"I love you, Kim!" he shouted.

"I love you too!" she shouted back. He wrapped his arms around her, almost lifting her from her feet, and shoved a hand between her thighs. His finger plunged into her pussy, and almost instantly she began to cum again. Her ass tightened around his cock and that was all he could take. He thrust into her deeply and exploded. He didn't know where the sperm was coming from, but his cock pulsed and pulsed inside her bowels as orgasm burned through him.

"I feel it!" she cried out, lost in the middle of her own climax. "I feel you squirting in me, John!"

He managed one more thrust before he was spent. She sagged in his arms like a rag doll, panting. Gently, he withdrew from her ass. Cum, not a lot but enough, dripped from her asshole while it gaped momentarily open. Her sphincter tightened after a few seconds. He turned her slowly around. She pressed her forearms against his torso and she lay her cheek against his chest. He cradled her little body. He knew he should have felt dirty, perverted, or even evil, but he didn't. She was a c***d, but she was more than that, too. He kissed the top of her head.

"Maybe we'll go shopping tomorrow," he told her.

She laughed. "As long as I'm with you," she said, "I don't care."

He felt exactly the same way. He continued cradling his little lover, his young soulmate, no longer concerned about consequences. They would find a way. They had to.

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