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Getting in contact with my Ex s****r in Law.

Hello John,
How are you I haven’t heard from you for so long, I know Heather, I have being doing the back garden, I have only just finished the final wall I built, it looks great, you would love it. Oh I bet it’s great, I need someone like you to help me here, I’ve finished the bathroom kitchen, front room and the bedrooms up stairs all on my own, who said I couldn’t do it. I know you could do it, just because that stupid b*****r of mind left you doesn’t mean you could fall on your face, good for you Helen, I’m really proud of you. Oh thank you John, I always knew you where the one who was the most sensible out of all of them. Well the way they have treated me, what do you expect, in fact Helen, you and I have so much in common. They shafted you and left you high and dry, my whole f****y, after all you have done for them, and my stupid b*****r, he had so much going for him, great house, fantastic f****y, stunning wife, oh John thank you, you always say the nicest things to me, well its true Helen, you’re a very good looking woman, no I’m not, I look so much like a prude, no you don’t Helen, you only think that you’re not, remember when I used to stay with you when I came home on leave, you always looked so nice in your swimming costume by the pool in the garden oh and that’s another thing why he left all that for some cheap tart I think he’s gone mad!

Yes the bitch, big tits short dresses showing off her tits arse an legs, don’t be like that Helen, your tits arse and legs are much better I’m sure, John, you don’t mean that, what a thing to say to your s*s in Law, what do you mean Helen, you do, you have a great arse, great legs and really nice tits oh and there all very firm I can tell you, How did you know that without touching them and I would know John, well Helen, when on leave years ago, it was a very hot summer, Paul was at work you and I were lying by the pool, you brought us some drinks down. We where there all afternoon, and I could see you where getting tipsy, so as it was hot, diving in to cool off, I had the ball there and threw it at you, you laughed and giggled, you threw it back and fell in we started throwing the ball at each other, well as we tussled around I made sure I had a good feel of your tits, arse and legs, so that’s how I know there lovely and firm. John, I don’t remember that at all, I do remember making the drinks, we lay by the pool, oh yes that’s right, i remember now, you did throw the ball at me, oh yes it’s all coming back to me, so you naughty brov in law, you where touching me up! So you were playing around eh, yes l I was playing around Heather, but with you. You are so naughty, I must not drink so much especially when you around you naughty boy, what do you mean you naughty boy, when we where tussling around you grabbed my cock three times and you squeezed it! Oh well yes but that was to get a firm hold on something in case, I slipped, well you didn’t slip and you did have a firm hold, and just to bring this into perspective Helen, you held on to your firm hand hold for a good 30 seconds, oh don’t worry it was really nice, I wanted you to hold onto it for a lot longer, in fact Helen, if you had, you would have had something big and firm so you wouldn’t have slipped. John you shouldn’t be speaking like that I’m your s*s in law, Helen laughed down the phone, she paused, well okay I did like it and well it was getting big, well ok I was having a feel as well so where even.

So who’s been naughty now eh, so the truth comes out now, you didn’t say then did you, well no, I wanted to, but you know Paul and I were going through a bad patch, well I thought so, I wanted it to get better, didn’t know he was using any excuse to stay out, he was seeing other women, Helen’s tone changed from been the funny bubbly s*s in law I away knew to someone who had lost it all, what a shame this happened, I really hated my f****y for what they had done, he also walked out on Clare and Steven, there older now in fact Clare is at Uni and Steven is working, but even so, what a complete dick head.

Well I like a drink you know and it makes me more relaxed, and what with the situation, you touching me, it was fun exciting, it was a release as well, he wasn’t caring for me, you’re always so caring to me, it was so nice to be wanted, and being touched, hang on, that reminds me, Paul came home to collect something, you and I where mucking about in the pool, he said he was going to a meeting, that’s right, I remember that, I felt the coldness then, your face changed, yes it did, Paul said he wasn’t going to a meeting that evening, so I bet he was going to see someone. I knew it, I didn’t want you to know we were having problems, it’s okay Helen, I knew there wasn’t something quite right, I didn’t say, maybe I should have asked you then or Paul, but I didn’t know if it would have been right, he just said he was going to a meeting and would be back later and just went off, I looked at you and I knew it was hurting you, yes it was so much, I didn’t know what to do, we should have talked, you know, maybe there was something I could have done, oh John your always so nice, maybe, but now it’s far too late. We have been divorced for a year now, and you’re the only one I can speak too, if they find out they will disinherit you, ha so what, they treat me as an outcast, why should I care sod them, you know what they have done to me, so don’t expect me to be nice to the lot of them, they have the inheritance already split up it isn’t going to be me, it’s going to Paul and Susan,

Your right John, they really treated you bad, in fact both of us, yep they did and still do, we need a good drink and we can cry on each other’s shoulder, yes that’s a really good idea John I haven’t seen you in years. That’s true, the last time I saw Helen, it must have been 2 or 3 years ago. Paul had really treated her bad, then the problem with him running his own business kitchen fittings, I helped him and then he tried to take the money and run. Something else you, oh what’s that, as I came out of my thoughts, after Paul went I got out and went and fixed us some more drinks, yes you did, yes I brought them down to the pool, yes you did and you got out we sat on the lounge beds, you told me some jokes from the Army, yes I wanted to take that sad look of your face, well you did, but if memory serves me right, I lay down and you said shall I rub sun tan cream into you? Yes I did and if memory serves me right you said oh yes please. She laughed, I must have been d***k, I never do that, you where d***k and mad, Helen, and that’s why, you said yes, oh yes it was lovely, I really felt relaxed, and this is why I asked, I remember your hands all over my legs and going up my thighs, and you naughty boy you moved them apart and you where touching me, yes I remember, well after you where holding my cock what do you expect, hum? But you didn’t say anything did you? In fact I rubbed sun tan cream into you, and you let me pull your swimming costume open to do your back remember? Oh yes I did, I was drifting away it was so warm and nice, I know, it was nice oh stop it you naughty boy, I remember you dropping off, well I did play with you for quite a while, what you never! Oh yes I did, I felt you and played with you, it was fantastic, watching you in your sl**p enjoying it, you where really pushing yourself onto my fingers. Oh my God you didn’t! You made me cum! Yes I did, I thought it was me dreaming, that’s why when I woke up and went inside, I was all wet I thought oh my God John will be really embarrassed if he finds out I was dreaming of... well what where you dreaming of Helen? Something firm? Well you know laughing it was a good hand hold and anyway you were touching me all over and now I know you were playing with me, you randy sod John, hang on Helen, you were wet when I got to put my fingers in you and you have admitted to me you were having a wet sex dream of holding my cock, well who’s not so Lilly white Helen?

Ok you, I’m going to hang up now, why you getting randy? Where you going after this phone call? To the bed room? A little relaxation? Perhaps a little playing? John! What is the matter with you? You’re so naughty with your words!

God if only John was here, I wouldn’t be going to bed it would be both of us, I would rip his clothes off and suck him hard! Jumping on his hard cock and ramming it into my wet aching sex ooh yes please! The feel of his hands on me that time at the pool, how can I tell him I wasn’t asl**p, I was just enjoying the pleasure of his fingers, his hands all over me, the touch of a man’s body on mine, why didn’t he just ram his cock in me that afternoon? I was so wanting him in me, the pleasure of his expert hands and the feel of his cock in me was driving me mad, I should have just sod the consequences, and reached out for his big hard firm cock, told him John just fuck me please I need it so bad, you have got me so excited, I cannot stop, please just fill me fuck me! I’m so wet, I have the phone in one hand and my fingers in my wet cunt, I’m going to play with my didlo all afternoon thinking of him uum if only....

Sorry what did you say John I wasn’t listening, I said I’m going to send you an email, let me know what you think? Why what? Ooh John, John? Bugger, he’s hung up oh well the email will have to wait my cunt can’t.

The cow, she hung up, or was it me, ok so let’s see how far Helen will go, I’m going to get my cock in her one way or the other, I should have pushed it for all it was worth that afternoon, sod it, I was seconds away from a fantastic fuck. Well here we go send to, Helen Gills copy Paste, okay and send. Good let’s see what her reply is to this. I have been meaning to send this for some time now, but this phone call has just set the right time and place, let’s see what she replies to this. If only I had some time, this weekend, I would drive down there and fuck her, I know she wants to, but she’s still got a guilt trip, so what if I’m her ex Brov in Law, I should have been her fucking Brov in Law, why not, my stupid b*****r wasn’t, I should have, and really Helen wanted too!
The email --------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello s*s. When you and I were in the pool house later that night and as you bent over to turn the lights out, I reached for you and kissed you, I loved kissing your sexy neck, I know you liked it because you closed your eyes, and tilted your neck for more, you naughty s*s, I heard a very quiet but distinctive moan of pleasure. You didn't pull away, you let me kiss and lick your neck and ear, and you also held me because you liked it, you have very sexy kissing lips, and you responded with a very erotic kiss, which was fantastic. I think if my plan had been as I wanted it, then kissing of your neck would have only the beginning.

I wanted to kiss you all over your neck slowly turn your round and while kissing you, massage your neck and shoulders, I would have worked my hands up to your breasts, feeling them and massaging them so nice, your nipples would have had a lot of attention, I can tell you, my hands would have worked their way ever lower, down along your sexy body to the waist line of your trousers,, slowly lowering them, I wanted to touch your clit and sex, very softly stroking your clit, and going round and round. I wanted to make you wet, and to release all of I’m sure your built up frustrations, and also I have to admit, my fantasy of licking and sucking my sexy s*s in law.

I would not have stopped, so worry, I want to kiss you and feel you with my hands all over your body starting with your breasts, and sucking and licking your nipples, I want to kiss you down your stomach until I reached your sex, now I would tell you to lay down, because if there’s one thing I love doing is licking a woman's sex and clit. I want to really get you wet and excited, with my licking and my fingers.

Did I mention I like to tease? Well yes I do, but it’s for your own satisfaction, licking your sex and feeling your very firm bum and thighs oh I didn't mention, I did have a good feel and the bike riding is doing you the world of good.

I want to tease you as long as possible so you want me to penetrate you with my big cock. How you wanted it would be for you to decide, would you like to be on top? Would you like it from behind? I personally, would like you on top, so I can see your face and I can suck your breasts as you lower your sex onto my hard cock. I want to see you pleasuring yourself I want to push all of cock into you so you really enjoy, but also I can feel you bum and push you ever deeper onto me.

This would only be the first, I want to take you up to the house open a bottle of wine, cool down and then really have good long fantastic sex with you all weekend, I want you to put on sexy underwear, it really keeps me hard for ages, and I always wanted to see your sexy legs that time I saw you in a dress, I wanted so much to look and if possible feel your legs all the way up to your bum and sex, do you like the feeling of a man’s hands on your legs when you’re wearing stockings?

So s*s, I have always wanted to have fantastic sex with you, I think of you all the time, when I’m in bed, and what I have described to you, makes me hard all the time, it’s a shame at the moment, you’re not taking hold of my hardness for your own satisfaction and pleasure.
When you’re in bed at night, and after having read this, close your eyes, and think of it, where would your hands be?
I know where mine go when I think of this. I shall await your reply.

Your Big Brov in Law. xxxxx

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