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A School trip became a perfect day.

This story is a true story it really happend to me.

Intro, Me and My class were off to a field trip we went to a Christmas market in Germany.
the entire class would go there about 60 k**s 2 touring cars full. Luckily when we would get there we’d be free to do whatever we’d like go see the market or go to a bar.

Me and a Girlfriend and decided to take a quick peek at the market and we considered it a little bit old fashioned, we did get some gluhwein to start the day. And we went looking for a bar it seemed like a bit of a boring city I can’t evenly remember it’s name.

During our time looking for a bar we ran into a few cute boys and asked them for a good bar. They told us they were on their way to school but we were able to convince them to go to a bar with us. I still wonder why they did go with us hihi.

When we arrived at the bar they bought us a few drinks and we played some pool and had a really good time with each other a bit of playing kissing rubbing against their legs me and my girlfriend acting a little slutty but who cares we didn’t know them we just wanted to have some fun.

After a while I got quite horny from playing with them not really doing anything except kissing. And looking at the time it turned out to be time to head back towards the bus since it was nearly the end of the day. We dragged the boys out and told them they should walk us back to our transportation. I whispered to my girlfriend that we should try to find a little bit of a hidden area where we could suck the boys or something like that, she agreed with me. I really was horny and I assume that she was too. As we walked towards the touring cars we couldn’t find anything suitable to our disappointment we had a few places that had our hopes up where one of us would walk into a alley all a sudden and disappear to later reappear and tell the other it was no good the boys always asked us what we were planning however we never told them hihi.

After a little while more walking we ended up on the edge of the parking lot that housed our ride home. This is where we said goodbye to the boys we gave them another kiss and told them we had a lot of fun. We did and we were quite sad that we did not find any place to have some real fun with them. My pussy was really wet and I later on found out my friends pussy was wet as well.

We entered the bus no one was there yet so we just talked a bit. While we talked I told my girl friend that I really wanted to get fucked or something happen just now she knew that I would do her just as much as a guy. What I didn’t know what that she was somewhat into me or girls as well.

Finally the buss started to fill up slowly but surely once everyone was onboard we drove off we could tell everyone was quite tired from the day out most probably walked all day across the market. Quickly after leaving the city there was a question from someone in the bus “could we please turn on a movie?” a few called out yea please and a few called out no! We’d like to sl**p.

Apparently me and my friend sat in the area who’d like to sl**p hihi this turned out to be a good thing later. The movie was turned on curtains on the windows were closed and lights were turned off it was like sitting in a movie theatre except it was driving and the screen was a lot smaller. I had my head placed against the curtain and the window and my friend placed her head against my shoulder and arm. It was quite nice I could fall asl**p right there. But apparently my friend had other plans hihi.

All a sudden she placed her hand on my boob I was shocked I didn’t know she would be interested into doing something like that. She was touching me like this for the first time ever I was clueless, I didn’t know what I should do.

Her hand went downwards towards it went under my shirt and a little bit in my pants only a tiny bit. I whispered wait a little bit. I stood up to look what was happening around us it looked like everyone was sl**ping. Lucky us! She whispered into my ear as I sat down “I couldn’t take this being this horny anymore something has to be done now and everyone has their eyes closed.” After she told me this I kissed her really well tongue everything. As we kissed our hands went towards the boobs as hidden as we could we didn’t want to get caught in this packed touring car.

As we kissed and touched I felt my nipples getting harder and the same with hers. I was getting wetter and wetter I was so turned on! Her hand went in between my legs she was rubbing me if felt like I got even wetter but she was just pushing my soaked panties against me it felt o so good.

Instead of doing the same to her I unzipped her pants a little bit and went inside they were still very tight I she was even wetter then I was and I am pretty sure that it was the first time a girl touched her there. I let my finger slide down and go into her pussy I moved my finger a bit tried to finger her as we still kissed it all felt so good we put our focus on her within a few seconds I saw she was enjoying it a lot! Sadly because her pants were so tight I couldn’t finger her properly so I took my finger out of her pussy and just rubbed her clit she enjoyed every little bit.

I just enjoyed it every time she wanted to moan she looked at me making faces as if she wanted to scream but every little moved of me on her clit made her just move so sexy. It just looked like she
wanted me to go faster or do something. I always enjoy teasing someone so each time it looked like she wanted me to go faster I would only apply pressure on her clit and nothing else every time that I did that she moved her hips a little to make it go as if I still rubbed her.

She tried to rub me a few times and simply touch my boobs but every time she did that it was quite clear that she couldn’t have her focus on me she touched and stopped. Time and time again her face made the look that she was about to cum. Every time she did that I stopped a little ooh the little devil I was.

I was moving my finger slowly on her clit barely doing anything and all a sudden she started nodding at me her mouth dropped wide open time seemed to stand still it seemed like she wanted to scream her eyes opened wide it seemed like she was about to explode. Clearly she was cumming very good I moved my fingers quite fast on her clit this triggered something I could see it she just let her head go back she went looking to the ceiling.

At this point I pulled my hand away she clearly had a great time. She kissed me gently just a tiny kiss nothing big she clearly wanted to thank me. I myself was oooh so wet I wish I could play with myself or let her play with me but it caught my attention that we were pretty close to our school the movie was about to finish and I whispered to her let’s wait a little bit. I don’t think she understood at first she still had her hand between my legs she still was rubbing a little bit but I took her hand laid it on my lap and went to lean against the window again as she came lay against my should again and turned on some music.

Finally we arrived at the school everyone got off the bus to head towards home I would have to get home by train so I told her to walk me to the station she came along as we walked there alone in the night she kept teasing me putting her hand between my legs it was driving me nuts every time she did that I told her stop it! But no she would just continue. I was planning to let her finish me at the station because I knew the perfect spot for it there. But it seemed like she wanted to do it before we reached that spot. After a few more times of her doing that we finally reached the station she wanted to say goodbye with a kiss but I told her to wait and follow me she kept asking where are we going? She just wouldn’t shut up. I finally reached the spot I was thinking of it was against a building where there were a few bushes around it. It back door exit of the building but obviously never got used.

She immediately understood why I asked her to follow me she walked up to me and just kissed me passionately it was amazing she just pulled my shirt up and sucked on a nipple she just became a b**st. I was shocked I expected her to just slide her hand down my pants or something while we made out a bit. But this was amazing she did everything I was thinking of or better said hoping for.

I was about to just finger myself as she was kissing me and touching my boobs but she grabbed my hand and basically threw it away she let her hand slide between my panties my pants were already hanging below my butt. I knew I wouldn’t take long before my orgasm would arrive but she decided to pay back the teasing I did to her every time I thought o yes she just stopped I really hated her for that.

After a little while she just pulled my panties down and she licked me! The girl who hadn’t touched a girl before went down on one it was so amazing.

As I looked down at what she was doing I saw her looking right into her eyes that moment was really magical.

At that moment I felt that orgasm that had been building up for so long come to me. I knew that she saw it as well she grabbed my breast and squeezed in it and it pushed me over the edge. It felt like I was in heaven I screamed it out it took quite a while before I came to my senses again and my legs just felt like I couldn’t stand on them anymore I had to sit down. It was an amazing orgasm. I still remember it well today.

As I was leaning against the wall of the building I let myself slide down it sitting on the floor with my pants and panties still not in the right places. I just sat there with on the cold floor with my bare butt.
I was just amazed to what just happened it was so amazing. My girlfriend came sitting next to me and I just leaned against her and put my head on her shoulder and she kissed my head it was a lovely moment just relaxing there. I think I missed my train just because of that but I didn’t care about that.

I still went home alone we said our goodbyes when the next train arrived and that was it. My amazing day was over. The next day was like any other a simple day at school we acted like nothing had happened but we knew better.

The End.

I hope everyone would love to write a few comments what they did and how they thought the story was. If u arent comfortable about telling what you did during the reading of this story u can send me a message aswell. i'd love to hear everyones opinion and rating. and hopefully this story will be one of the better stories on the site. let me know!

Thank you for reading my story

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