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First time sex with a bbw continued

she asked me my name i was out i told her my name and asked her where she was actually going she said she was just going to have fun she actually had no place in mind my head was banging with ideas and i knew this was the catch and if i failed to follow this lead ill never get laid so i was scared to make an offer but i asked if we could just go over to my place cos i was having a house party she said cool and we dropped in the next station and walked home we where walking and touching and the whole chemistry in our head and body was just connecting to each other i got home i opened the door and immediately we got in i just gave her a kiss i was scared she could reject it but i guess i was wrong she massively kissed my lip and in a matter of second my lips where sore i leaned her over to bed and striped her naked i took of my clothes and took time to explore her body she had big laps ,big bobs and big nipples i sucked on the nipples and they became hard she moaned for pleasure and i licked her body down to her pussy she was dam shaved and smelling nice thank god she took good care of herself and i rubbed her pussy and they where wet and juicy i rubbed her g spot with my fingers and she started screaming and shaking then i took my fingers out and licked and suck on the walls of her pussy and pulled her clitoris with my teeth and sucked on them she was shaking and my dick was hard and wet and all this while she was playing with my dick then i turned over to the 69 position so she could lick my dick while i sucked her pussy and then she squirted all over my face then she held my big black cock and gave it a deep throat fuck.i came in her mouth and in a matter of second i was hard as ever then i slipped my cork into her wet pussy and she was shouting i was thrusting hard into her pussy took my dick out again and gave her a good fist fuck she squirted so much the whole sheet was wet then i fucked her from the back and she was begging for anal i then spit on her ass hole and slipped my dick into her some shit came out of her ass hole and i took part of the bed sheet to wipe the shit and i fucked her continiously in the ass till she squirted once more and i came deep into her ass hole oh...lala mama mia what a come i loooooooooooooooooooove big girls cos they are just to much in bed

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