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I was sl**ping part 1

I walked in through the front door of my house at about 5pm. I was later than usual because I had to fly to London and back with a sexy attendant checking in on me and the co-pilot. I had wanked like 5 times and I was still horny. I went and took a shower and put on my dressing gown and fell asl**p on my s*s' bed, totally forgetting about my neice Daisy and her friend Elise were Daisy's room.

My neice was 18 and I think Elise just turned 19 but dam they were hot! Anyway, Daisy was staying with me while my s****r, her mother, went on a retreat somewhere for a week. This was the fourth day of her staying with me at her house and she knew I was a heavy sl**per.

Back to the story. I was woken by the sound of giggling in my bedroom. I pretended to stay asl**p to see what they were doing. "I want to see his dick" Elise whispered to Daisy. "Be careful not to wake him up or we will be fucked" Daisy said. Sadly, I was having a reaaaaaaaaaaaaly good dream and so I was hard already. I felt my dressin gown being undone and my dick exposed. "Oh my god, he's already hard." said Elise "I didn't think it would be so big, not that I think about it." Daisy said. I didn't need to open my eyes to tell she was embaressed."I'm gonna touch it" Elise said.

Just then I felt a pair of hands grab my 8" dick and start to toss me off. "Daisy come here and feel it." Elise said. And then I was being tossed off by 4 hands. "Move your hands Elise." Daisy Said. Elise did as she was told and I felt Daisy's mouth engulf my dick. I felt my dick go down her throat and make her almost gag. I could feel myself letting out some pre-cum. Daisy just licked it away. Just before I thought I was going to come, I felt Daisy's mouth move and so I rolled onto my side trying to make them think I was stirring. This however didn't work as one of the girls were stroking the head of my dick. "Daisy, would it be okay if I fucked your Uncle? Its just I havn't had any sex for months now." Elise asked
"Sure, and i'll go after you." Daisy said.
The girls tried to roll me over but stopped as they were scared to wake me. I knew I was going to cum soon so its either cum on the bed and dressing gown and leave a stain on the bed which isn't mine or cum inside the girls which I knew were on the pill. I decided to roll over so they could fuck me and almost instanly my dick was pulled up straight and a sexy, horny girl straddling me. I didn't know who I was fucking but there breasts were so big, soft and welcoming. I opened my eyes a crack and I could of swore Elise, who was riding me, saw me looking. If she did she didn't stop until she had a shattering orgasm and came all over me. Next was Daisy's turn. I couldnt hold in my cum much longer so i decided to let it out while no one was on my dick, just in case to get no one pregnant. I came all over myself and my dressin gown and the hand which stroked my bell end softly. Daisy seeing me cum, got too horny and writhed with pleasure as she orgasmed. Finally they cleaned me up and i felt something being slipper into my. After the girls left I looked at it. It was a note saying:

I knew you were awake,
You were the best shag I had in a long time,
I think I will be coming over more often.
Elise x

The End?

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