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The Circle Jerk Club 4

The Circle jerk Club 4- The Big Finish

It was a Futanari Gang Bang. I was at the center of a total CD Tranny Gay Bukakke. The last time I saw this much cum juice flying around was right after my operation. I swear they must have super charged my balls.

Right before I went off to college my school insisted that everyone get a complete physical before being admitted on campus. They left no stone unturned including what was between my legs. That's when my doctor told me my balls were too small.

"Funny, they work just fine, doc!"

But he said if they weren't fixed I could get an infection. In fact it could become gangrene.

"That can't be good!"

Turns out the surgery was no big deal. That summer it was like having a second puberty. My voice got deeper and my beard got thicker and my erections boardered on cosmic.

One morning my penis was bursting out of my shorts. As soon as I pulled it out it took on a life of it's own. My boner was throbbing up and down, and back and forth all over the place. I half expected it to start speaking to me.
If it could it would have said,

"Stroke me."

Which is exactly what I did next. With two pulls from my right hand I was witness to an eruption of volcanic proportions. If the juice had poured out any harder I would have gone airborne. I sat there stunned watching my cock jerk itself off.

Naturaly I began to literaly gave it a hand. Then the challenge was to keep from spraying the ceiling while I tugged as hard as I could. As it was, there was a river of cum flowing off my leg down the sheets of my bed onto the floor.
The harder I tugged the more I sprayed. It may have only lasted for a minute or so but it was a very very intense 60 fuckin' seconds!

That was the last time I had seen anything like what I was about to witness.

Everyone had gotten their warm up except for Jilly Grrl. I meant to save hir for last. S/he was so hot I knew if I began with hir I would have stayed on hir the whole time. (Not good)

Jilly wore a short denim skirt with a colorful bra and matching hat. The pink in Jilly's bra really brought out the pink in hir pretty penis. (There's a fashion statement for you)

I zipped under hir skirt and looked up. Stroking hir stick I started anew with the dirty talk.

"I'm gonna suck your candy cane and let the syrup go down my throat."

"Oh! You naughty girl!" purred Jilly.

After sucking hir cock for a bit I glanced up to see that three of the others had gathered around us. Moving clockwise I grabbed a pecker in each hand while stroking a third. The Cirle Jerk Club was now in full session. I continued cranking and blowing, sucking and stroking through the circle, stopping only to show Terry some love off to the side. S/he chose to remain in hir lounge chair and watch everyone else have their fun.

It didn't take long before everyone in the group was ready to explode. Since big black Robbie was the most skeptical I was going to get hir to spray first. I lunged onto hir big hot rod and squeezed it as hard as I could with my lips.

"God damn!" shouted Robbie. "Dis bitch is what's up!"

Staring up into Robbie's eyes I stuck my tongue under her shaft and softly said,

"Paint me."

It was like sticking my mouth on a lawn sprinkler that was spraying warm water. Robbie's juice was splashing onto the roof of my mouth and gushing down over my lips and chin. Robbie's head was leaning over as hir orgasms overtook hir.

"Oh shit oh shiiiiit!

Oh Lori Ann, FUCK YEAH!"

My grrlfriend Gigi was next. Once again I clamped onto hir penis as hard as I could while s/he leaned up and down. Only this time Gigi was doing it from a standing position. Just like we rehearsed Gigi grabbed my head with both hands
and pushed it down while s/he thrust upwards with hir hips.

Thankfully I knew enough to breathe through my nose so not to gag while Gigi's meat was slamming into my throat. Cum was spilling out of my mouth and washing all over Gigi's balls and onto the floor below.

Next, was sweet Terry's turn. I looked into hir pretty eyes and smiled.

"Time to show these young twinks how it's done." I joked.

Stroking Terry's shaft with both hands while I sucked it wasn't long until cum was pouring from my mouth and over my fingers. Terry leaned backward and sighed.

"Oh you sweet thing you!"

Billie Jean had seen enough. S/he couldn't wait any longer. A white strand of precum just missed my head as the grrl rushed over to me.

"Watch the wig!" Scolded Gigi.

When I turned back on my knees toward the she male, s/he sprayed hir stick all over my tongue,lips,chin and cheeks. It was a total bleaching overload. As
s/he finished I licked up hir remaining spurts with my tongue.

"Yummy!" I commented.

Then came the momoment I was waiting for, swallowing Jilly Grrls sweet candy stick.

"I wanna lick your stick all night long baby!" I said locking onto hir stiffie with my mouth.

"Not so hard!" Jilly scolded.

Easing up ever so slightly my mouth pushed upward on her shaft. I took the whole thing into my mouth all the way up to hir ball sack.

Meanwhile I had both hands on my own lady stick. I timed the movement of my hands to match what my mouth was doing.

"Work it grrl!" called Robbie.

"That's the way!" added Billie Jean still recovering from hir masive orgasm.

I began to grunt hard as my own cock sent white streams shooting onto the floor, Meanwhile Jilly Grrl kept on calling out loud,

"Oh baby baby! Oh, baby baby!"

And sure enough, just like I said I would, I gulped every drop of Jilly's white foam down my throat. Someone cheered, someone else applauded, but I couldn't tell what was what at that point. It was hard to see with all the lady man paste that was flowing over my eyes from my cheeks where everyone else had sprayed me.

Now THAT is a trannie Bukakke.

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