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Whos for dinner

I straighten the table cloth for the fifth time and catch myself. I laugh nervously. I have been waiting for this night for weeks. The night we will finally meet. We have been texting and emailing each other for a while now and finally we decide its time to meet in person. We talked about dinner out, but decided that what we really wanted was a night in, just us two. So I have cooked dinner, friend chicken, macaroni and mashed potatoes, a real southern delight. The oven timer goes off so I make my way to the kitchen and take out the brownies. I add a little caramel and fudge sauce to the top so they will melt and make a big mess. I catch myself imagining a small piece falling down my shirt, and you picking it up for me with your tongue. I shiver and smile, I know where I want the night to start and end.
The door bell rings and I jump. I am suddenly frozen to the spot unsure of what to do. Am I going to chicken out? I take a deep steadying breath and march myself to the door and pull it open quickly before I change my mind. Your smile immediately calms me and I step back and welcome you in. You hand me a lovely bouquet of wild flowers and I murmur thank you. I turn to put them on the side table and feel your arms wrapping around me. You pull me back against your chest, lift my hair from my neck and kiss me lightly. “I’m nervous too,” you tell me as your hands reach up to cup my breast. I lean back into you and relax at last.
We stay like that for a while, you caressing my breasts through my clothes, plucking at my nipples, me pressing my butt against your crotch. I can feel you through my clothes. I know you are excited, as am I. I turn in your arms and we kiss. It is a long, gentle exploration. We break apart and you smile, I smile, we are together at last.
You take my hand and start toward the table. I instead pull you to the couch. I push you down on it, then crawl on top. This kiss is primal, it is seeking, and it is fire. My hands behind your head give you little option but to comply, like you would fight it anyway. Your hands roam my back and settle on my ass. You grasp it tightly and pull me closer. I can feel your hard cock rising beneath your pants. I rub against it and you groan. I laugh and sit back a bit. You take the opportunity to unbutton the skimpy top I am wearing. You then bury your face between my boobs and begin to kiss them. I push your head back and stop you…I am in control here and you have to follow my lead.
I stand up and begin to move in front of you. As I dance I let my hands touch all the spots you want to touch. I remove the shirt and the bra. I squeeze my nipples and then lean down and lick them, you come off the couch and reach for me but I just shake my head no and push you back down. Now I turn around and start bringing up my skirt. Slowly teasing, I finally hike it up so you can see my red thong. Then I drop the skirt back in place and turn to face you again. I crook my finger and tell you to join. Me. We dance slowly, rubbing our bodies together. I slide my hands down your back and squeeze your ass. I reach around and tap on your bulging pants and tell you to take it off. I watch as you obey my command. I am turned on by your following my lead. I remove your shirt and we continue to rub each others bodies. Your hands finally find their way to my ass, and you pull the skirt up, placing your palms directly on the skin. You squeeze and pull me forward. My skirt is now hiked to my waist. Your cock is rubbing against my pussy and I want more.
I turn in your arms and slide down to the floor. I position myself on all fours in front of you and look back over my shoulder. I am not interested in foreplay, I am ready to fuck. You drop to your knees and immediately insert your fingers in my pussy. I sigh, finally, we are getting somewhere. You find me wet and dripping, so instead of continuing to use them, you instead put your cock against my ass and rub it around. I whimper and you laugh. Finally you enter me slowly, until you have your whole cock inside me. I am impatient as always and start to move on my own. You spank my ass and I stop. You tell me it’s your turn to be in control. Slowly you begin to move, sliding your hard cock in and out, driving me mad with the pace. I move quickly again and you smack my ass again. This time I don’t stop I keep moving quickly and keep spanking me. I love the sharp cracks and the sting, and I love the fast pace even more. Finally you grab my waist and give in to the fast pace I desire. You begin to slam in to me over and over. I moan and beg for more. Like a****ls we go at it. I cum and you continue I beg you to not stop, to keep fucking me. And you graciously agree to continue.
You pull out and turn me over, pulling my legs high in the air. You settle between them and again start to fuck. My knees go over your shoulders and your knees go under my ass. Your fingers pinch and pull at my nipples and my clit. I cum again and groan loudly. I know my neighbors can hear all of this through the paper thin walls but I don’t care. With a final thrust you finally cum as well. You lay down beside me, with our arms and legs all intertwined. We lay there catching our breath and enjoying the sensations. Finally I stand up and smooth down my skirt. I put my shirt back on but ignore the bra. I tell you I am now starving and go to the table and ask you to join me.
You laugh as you pull on your pants and come to the table. We talk and eat and flirt over dinner. Our hands often touch, we steal kisses, and occasionally you lift my skirt to caress my ass or pussy.
Finally done with dinner we sit back and and continue our flirting banter. You drop your napkin and bend down to get it. Before I realize it my legs are thrown over your shoulders again and your lips are pressed against my pussy. You slide me down a little in the seat and begin to explore with your tongue and fingers. I am in awe of your abilities and within seconds cum again, lucky for me you don’t stop. You kiss and lick and bite me over and over. You finally pull me out of the chair and on to the floor for better access. Your hands grab and massage my ass as your tongue slides in and out. Your finger begins to play with my ass, testing for entry. I say yes please and you eat and poke a little more.
You ask to see my toys so I lead you to the bedroom, grabbing the caramel and fudge sauce on the way.

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