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''OOohhh Jerome

I'm 35, a mom of 3 girls, married to a wonderful man,

Tom. I teach Math at a local high school and is known in the State as a Football

Factory and of course teaching Sr. High School math most of the football players

come thru my class. Both Tom, myself, and our girls go to all the games and are

involved in all the sports activities. The girls, Sue is 13, Tatum is 10, and Alexis is 3.

I hate talking about myself, Tom and I met when we were in High School. We got

married at 20, and I was a mom at 22 then again at 25. My mom and dad watched the

baby's as I finished up my college and received my teaching degree. I played softball

in college and volleyball on the beach being 5'11'' tall. I'm a typical blond, blue eyed,

California girl brought up at the beach, tanned and after 3 babies I'm not in too bad a

shape coming from an athletic f****y. I'm at 135 pounds now but after Alexis was born,

my youngest baby, my boobs went from a 34B cup to a 34D cup and when your

teaching in a high school with boys it can be a headache. So this story begins after

Lexi was born.

Tom my wonderful husband is a great father and a very kind, gentle, and loving

husband. He's very successful in his law practice and we live a very comfortable life.

Our sex life was good until after Alexis was born. It seemed Tom didn't complement

me as much on my looks or give me ''that look'' all wife's love and embrace. At our

pool in the back yard I would wear a bikini or a sexy dress when we went to dinner at

our country club and nothing, not a word about how pretty I looked. I knew he loved me

with all his heart but as a woman I missed being told how pretty I looked or sexy I was

to him. Our lovemaking became routine and him getting off me after he was done and

falling asl**p leaving me unfulfilled and my body tense and yearning for more.

I was leaving the tanning salon one Saturday when I heard ''Mrs. M, Mrs. M???'' I

turned and saw one of my Seniors walking towards me a big black boy his name was

Jerome. I was so embarrassed I was wearing a short blue sun dress, 3'' sandals. I

dressed very conservative at school because I had caught Jerome and other boys in

class looking at me. After the shuns from my husband for so long I would sometimes

very subtlety flirt with some of the boys.

'Hi Jerome, what are you doing here?'' I ask nervously.

''Hey Miss M, I's thought dat be you, damn you be lookin fine.''

''Thanks, Jerome, what are the bags for?''

''I's shopping fo my gurls, I's take good care my gurls so they be looking good but ain't

none of them bitch's be as fine as you Miss's M, damn that ain't no fooling, you be fine,

top shelf.''

I actually blushed, I feel so stupid saying that, it had been a long time since I heard how

pretty I was, ''Oh yes Jerome how many girlfriends you have?''

''I got gurls all over bout 5 now, 3 white gurls and 2 sista's.''

''Football star, school, Jerome how do you get the time for all the girls?''

''They's like me cause I's make dem feel good, real good, Mrs. M.''

I noticed people walking by us looking at me talking to a large black boy, Jerome at 17

and he was huge, he had long corn rolled hair, a few tattoos on his coal black arms,

6'5 240, major college scholarship, a real bad boy look if you know what I mean and I

was actually flirting with him. And he noticed.

''Ha Ha, I see that's why your grades aren't getting better?''

''What you doing now Mrs. M, I want to put the bags in my new ride and you ain't seen

my new truck so come with me and I'll show it to you?''

''No, No Jerome, I better get going I have errands to run'' I said to as he walked up and

put his huge black arm around me.

''Nonsense Mrs. M, it's right over here and I drive you over to your car after, just take a


All I was wearing was a thin sun dress over a thong bikini and top, it came to mid thigh

and was linen I know he could feel my skin thru the dress. ''I guess okay I didn't know

you worked and had the money to buy a new truck?''

''I'm in sales, some of my ho's, sorry, my girls do stuff for me''

''Don't use that word with me Jerome, that's a horrible word.''

''Yes-sum Mrs. M, I's sorry'' as he opened the door to his shiny bright blue Van.

I got in and caught him smiling looking at my legs as my dress had ridden to my thighs

and I liked it, I was glad he found me attractive I was just wishing my husband did. The

Van had a new smell to it and there was no console it was one solid seat which I

thought was unusual.

As Jerome slid inside he turned on his stereo with that mean sounding rap music that I

hated so much but it seemed appropriate for him. The dirty language of the music I

didn't like but for some reason it seemed okay. Jerome showed me the back of his

van littered with school posters and school colors. After a few minutes I thought I would

be going but I could feel his energy so sexual and aggressive. I was getting nervous.

''Wow Mrs. M, you's got beautiful legs, you wear pants all the time at school, but they

are so long and beautiful'' as he reached over and put his large black hand on my


''Thanks Jerome, thank you, please Jerome, please don't touch me like that, please.''

''Look Mrs. M? look how sexy it looks. My black hand on your white leg, isn't that so

sexy? The color difference, black on white like that, isn't that so sexy?''

''Yes, yes, it does but Jerome? Jerome? Please, Please, I'm your teacher, please

don't please.''..I felt like electricity was shooting thru my body at his soft touch on my

leg lightly rubbing it. His huge black hand was moving towards my soft thigh.

''Nice Mrs. M, did you shave your legs today they are so smooth and so soft, so sexy?''

This young black boy was driving me crazy and his hand was moving so gently up my

freshly shaved thigh edging closer to my pussy and I was getting so wet. My body was

betraying me from my husbands ignoring me. With the slightest pressure from his

huge black hand I uncrossed my leg and they splayed open slightly giving this young

black boy access to my prized love canal.

''I, well, I, I, did shave, I do before I tan, please stop Jerome, please, My husband and

f****y, please?''

''Shhhh, now SSShhhh, now you be real still now Mrs. M, mmmm your legs are so soft

so smooth, Oh Mrs. M open your eyes Mrs. M and look at your big titties, I think they

like what I'm doing, Wow Mrs. M you's got some big fuckin tits.''

I blushed Oh my God my nipples were poking through my dress, I suddenly felt his

finger move my bikini to the side exposing my love tunnel and my juices were leaking

out. I trembled as his thick finger entered my open pussy. God it felt so good.

Our lips met, Oh my God I was kissing him, his tongue snaked into my mouth. I had

never been kissed so deeply, the passion, and his finger was rubbing my exposed clit

and orgasms racked through me. I put my arm around him his long corn rolled hair

over my arm.

''Yeah, fucking Aaa, baby, you's a hot bitch ain't ya Mrs. M?''

''OOohhh Jerome, god please don't say that, don't talk like that please, no, OOhhh,

don't stop, it feels so good.''

''Fuckin A.. bitch you a nasty ho ain't ya, fuckin A, unbutton that dress and show me

them big titties bitch?''

I couldn't believe I was unbuttoning my dress and undoing my bikini top. God when I felt

the air hit my breasts my nipples were on fire. His f***eful language was such a turn


''Holy shit, Fuck look at the size of dem fuckin titties, they are fucking huge, and so

round and soft, look at dem nipples poking out and shit.''

The young black boy was holding my heavy breasts, kissing my soft breasts and

fingering my pussy, orgasms were racking me one after another.

''You a dirty slut ain't ya bitch? If your husband was here who would you rather be

fingering your tight pussy and sucking your big titts, me or him, tell me bitch?''

''Please Jerome, no, No please don't be so mean, please, don't ask me that, please

its so dirty?''

''Tell me ho, tell me how big a slut you is?''

''Oh Jerome, Please no, no. Oh, Ohhh, God it feels so good, don't stop Jerome, don't

stop, yes, God YES!!!

''Fucking A, Alright, thats it, there it is, fucking right.''

I couldn't stop myself, I had not felt wanted in so long and this young black boy had

exposed me and my body had betrayed me.I heard him pulling his shorts down and

saw him throw them on the car floor. I could not believe what I saw next between his


''LOL, haha, never seen a cock like that Mrs. M, huh, your husbands dick that big?''

''OH My God!!!, look how big it is, its so thick, I never knew men were that

big?''Feeling how heavy it was I picked it up and my hand would not go around the

shaft it was so black and veiny and was uncircumcised so a tuft of black skin hide the

large dick head.

''Yeah baby you like that black dick bitch?''

''God its so heavy, I've never seen anything like it and its so smooth.''

''Pull the skin down Mrs. M.''

When I pulled the skin down his black dick head was exposed, some white cream was

oozing out of his large piss hole, it was oozing out in a thick white goo. I felt his hand

on the back of my head pushing it down towards his huge black weapon. The manly

smell was intoxicating and raw.

''Yeah baby suck that dick, lick around the head, mmm, yeah baby suck it, lick the shaft

down to my balls, bet you feel dirty licking my dick huh baby, huh Mrs. M?''

God his pre cum was so tart tasting, salty, and I had never liked oral sex before but I

felt so dirty sucking him and it felt so natural and his aggressive nasty language was

such a turn on. My husband had never talked to me like that. His dick was growing in

my mouth it was so hard and my hand would not fit around the shaft. I felt so natural

jacking his dick into my open mouth.

''Yeah, Fucking A, mmmm, yeah baby fucking right, suck it ho, you a great cocksucker

Mrs. M, mmmm, yeah baby suck that dick.''

''Oh Jerome your dick is so big, its huge, fuck.''

''Mrs. M you a dirty tramp ain't ya licking a black cock and loving it, huh slut? You like

my cock better than your husband, tell me? Who would you rather suck? Me or your


''Oh your so much bigger than my husband, I love your black cock.''

''Yeah baby, now your talking, you a slut for black man's dick ain't ya ho? YEAH keep

sucking that cock Mrs. M, Yeah!!! Damn baby your pussy is sopping wet here baby,

lets get you up here and let me get some tight married white pussy.''

I crawled over the huge young black boy and was measuring my pussy over his huge

black pole, I could not think of anything but wanting it inside me.

''YEAH baby, look how sexy it looks your white legs over my black legs and my black

hands on your soft smooth married white body? I's bet your husband would be

shocked you were fucking a black huh bitch?''

''OH Please Jerome, don't talk like that, please, maybe I should stop, Oh I can't I have

to feel you inside me.''

''Put it in bitch, be my slut.''

When his cock entered my pussy it was a feeling of fullness I had never felt before and

orgasms racked through me, I raised up and he went deeper and deeper inside me to

places I never had felt before. ''Slam, Whap, Slam, Slap'', up and down I went deeper

and deeper he hit my cervix wall and I thought I was going to pass out as the young

black man mauled my breasts.

''Yeah, Yeah, Baby, fuck that black dick, Yeahhhh!!, Damn you got a tight pussy, Yeah.

Feel this you's still have 4'' to go baby Yeah, Fuck that black cock you slut.''

I knew my cervix wall would not stand this onslaught. When the big black boy grabbed

my hips and started thrusting upward to meet me it was in no time that his huge black

cock punctured the cervix wall and entered my treasured womb and the second thrust

enpalled my treasured garden. I felt his huge pole tighten and expand and the first gob

of black spunk coat my fertile garden and I cannot describe the feeling in words. The

guilt of cheating with a blackie, my husband, my c***dren, my job and the fullness

racking my body sent me into a unimaginable orgasm that I cannot describe, the

feeling was glorious, I heard myself squealing before I passed out.

"'YEAH, FUCK YEAH, take my baby juice ho, you piglet, take it all, YEAH!!, Fucking


I woke up on my side.

''Damn Mrs. M? You OK? Damn baby you's came so hard you screamed so loud and

passed your ass out.'' LOL

''How long was I out for?'' I ask so embarrassed blushing.

''A few minutes baby, Damn you a hot slut baby. Listen baby I's got to get going. Get

over here and lick my dick clean baby, get down there and lick your white married

pussy juice off my black dick and balls, Get on down there.''

I couldn't believe what I was doing for the boy.

''YEAH baby squeeze my black dick, lick that white goo out of my piss hole baby,

YEAH!!!Yeah look at that nice wedding ring Mrs. M? So Sexy, your wedding ring

holding my black dick, Yeah!!!! You one nasty bitch Mrs. M, Damn!!!! Dats it lick my

balls, YEAH, thats it, like that, YEAH!!!!

I looked down and my panties were soaked but had moved back into place. The young

black cumm being held in my tight married pussy. The guilt wracked thru me seeing

my wedding ring on my finger as my hand was around his black dick. My mind went to

my wonderful f****y. The guilt of what I had just done, tears welled in my eyes as I

buttoned my dress and combed my hair. I leaned over to kiss my new lover looking for

kindness in our new relationship, wanting to soften the guilt with some kind words and


''HEY Baby, Hey!!!! I ain't kissing no dirty bitch just licked her pussy juice off a blackie

dick, damn baby, you a nasty ho, times for you to get moving Mrs. M.''

I couldn't help crying and now felt so alone and my fears of how I had acted might be

found out and the shock of realizing what I had done. It just slipped out of my

mouth,''Will I be able to see you again maybe sometime?''

''Hey Baby!!!!, Gotta Go Get My Girl. I's don't know baby, football and my girl keep me

pretty busy, I'll see. I think you is addicted to the black dick now Mrs. M, Huh?''

Closing the door, looking inside, ''please Jerome, Please I hope, Oh God, I mean,

Well you know.''

''Ha Ha LOL, damn baby you want some more huh? Damn, You is a dirty slut.''

Backing up and driving away.

As I watched the young black boy drive away I turned and saw two older women

standing looking at me with a look of disgust on their face. ''How could you act like

that, we heard you, awful.''

Crying I opened my car door and as I drove home my inner thigh was coated with his

thick white goo, I scooped some on my finger and licked it clean, the feeling of

nastiness permeated thru me and I liked it.

It's been a week now and Jerome has acted like nothing happened. I haven't been

able to forget how I felt with him. He has ignored me. The thoughts going thru my head

have driven me crazy. What if I wasn't a good lover? What if I'm not pretty enough?

Maybe I should shorten my dress's or more cleavage? I mean I'm better than any of his

girlfriends, who does he think he is?''

The principal wants to see me. Wonder why?

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