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First time sex with a bbw

it was late last summer on a very sunny day was on my way to the train station that i met a very plump big and sexy lady waiting at the train station.she stared at me and i looked at her and i saw her two nipples in her transparent blouse really big and hard .then she came towards me and asked if i could help her change her money from twenty euro bill to two ten euro bills then i looked inside my wallet i heard none, but asked her where she wanted to go and she told me she was going to the next stop so i told her not to worry so i bought two tickets and we took the train together as we got into the train she became shy and uncomfortable i quickly saw this in her reaction everyone stared at her, some with disgust and some with funny look so i told her if she dnt mind we can go up the train and have a sit and she was happy to sit up in the train with me she sat opposite me and all her body weight was rubbing my arm and all her breast where touching me and i became hard and wet in my trousers my heart beat was faster like the rhythm of the jungle drum and then........

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