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The pussy hatches are open

This is not true.So set back read and enjoy.

My girlfriend Cindy had just got her Pilot licenses and wanted to take me up on her first flight.I didnt tell her it was my first flight ever.I was nervous and surprised.She was wanting me up there with.We took off that Sunday morning around ten o`clock She was doing great.She made a aouncement on the intercom.The pussy hatches are now open.She came back from the cockpit takeing her shirt off and grabbing me ripping my shirt off and and my pants off and started sucking my dick.Like she never suck it before I almost came in her mouth!! OHHh you like that big boy YEA I love it then she said wanna put in my tight pussy baby? hell yea she got up and sank my big hard shaft deep inside her tight and wet pussy driveing my dick up and down inside her tight walls!!!!!!!!! She whispered in my ear do you want to fuck my ass? I have never done before but wha the hell.She got down on all fours and said go ahead put it in now.. it felt alsome and nasty at the same time.oh yea I am loveing this I ramed her ass as hard as i could until i cane on her backside.She said next week we are going to to Fuck all around this world so get ready as we went add it again and again sucking and fucking in every way possable.

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