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Schooldays party fuck

This is a true story of when we were at high school in our last year. When we were in our last 2 years at school that was around the time we all started going to parties, drinking, smoking and shagging. I say this but we were not all lucky enough to be having sex then.

This is the story of my mate who gained a nice little reputation that lead to him fucking quite a few girls in our year. Id missed a few of these parties but I had heard some of what went on on the Monday morning at school where the details and gossip was plentiful.

Any I was to get my first taste of a party one late spring evening. It was Friday at school and we were all talking about tonights party. I remember thinking i wish the day would end so we can get home and get ready and get some beers and be on our way. The day dragged on, I remember gazing out of the window looking at the playing fields, it was a warm day and there were some girls out running.

The bell rang for the end of the day and there was a real buzz about tonights party. Me and my mates sat on the bus laughing and joking, 'Im going to get a shag tonight' said dave. I sat laughing wondering when I would finally get to screw some pussy. I got home and got straight in the shower, got dressed up, smart shirt, smart jeans, and some loafers on, splash of aftershave and i was away.

I met my mates at the bus stop, and we were all excited, we talked about what beer we were going to buy. The night was going just nicely as we came out of the off license with our bags of cans of beer as we then walked up the village to find LAurens house, the girl whos 16 th party it was.

Finally we found it and there were already a lot of people there, some already pretty d***k. We went into the house, stacked our beers in the kitchen and went for a wonder round. I remember seeing all the girls from school. they looked so different in their normal clothes, much older and much sexier.

My mate had been up to his usual tricks, and had his next girl lined up before we had arrived. He had been chatting to her mates at school, and Louise had told her mates to tell him she wanted to be next and at the party she would let him fuck her.

ANyway we had been at the party a good couple of hours and already some victims had fallen by the wayside, we were only 16 and some people were experiencing their first d***ken party. I was ok though, i took it easy and managed to have a few beers, but still was ok, a little d***k but feeling good.

By this stage there were people randomly all over the house, downstairs dancing, outside smoking, in the kitchen sat down, and people upstairs. Now I remember the word got round that Dave was with Louise in the bathroom. HE had moved in to fuck her and give her what she wanted, after all shed asked for it.

I can tell you from what he told me how things progressed. THey had been chatting downstairs and before long they were snogging passionately. His hands quickly moved to feel her nice round arse and her pert breasts. She in turn was taking his belt off, but this is when they decided to move upstairs to the bathroom. They entered the bathroom and threw poor mikey out of their who had been asl**p next to the toilet.

THey were kissing again, but now she couldnt wait for his cock, she undid his belt, and pulled his trousers down, his cock was already semi hard, and she tugged on it a couple of times. Louise was wearing a skirt and a top, Dave pulled her skirt down and then her white thong.

He saw her dark small bush, trimmed neatly. Now she was wanking his cock and it was getting very hard and upright. She couldnt wait any longer, fuck me. Then she turned around and put her hands on the sink leaning on it, bending over, her round arse perfectly positioned. Her big pussy lips invitingly wet in anticipation of his cock. She had been thinking about it all day and she moaned as he slid his cock into her. She had fucked before but only once.

Dave started slowly and started fucking her from behind, she moaned as he guided his cock in and out, his ballsa slapping against her arse. He got quicker, she wimpered as the slapping became quicker and quicker. Dave could feel his cock rubbing on her warm pussy lips in and out, and he could feel he was about to climax. He held her waist fucking her thrusting manner which she felt, she moaned louder this time, as the music played in the background.

He was now at full thrust and he could feel the climax coming on, as he gushed his load into her pussy he let out a sigh and slowly thrust a couple more times and held Louise tightly. She let out a sigh as well, she had cum as well, for the first time she told Dave. Fucking her from behind had been his best fuck yet he told me afterwards. Louise wasn't the best looking girl he had fucked but she was the dirtiest yet as she craved his cock.

He managed to get a blow job later that night and he had added another girl to his growing list. I ended up getting d***k and just snogging a girl in my year who i did end up having a fumble with later that summer but thats another story.

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