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They Meet at a Wedding: Part II

continue their teasing of John
They Meet at a Wedding: Part II

When we last left Kitty, Cris’s 17 year-old hands and nails were ferociously arousing

her by the poolside. The pretended purpose of Cris’s hands roaming and teasing

Kitty’s tight body was that suntan lotion was being applied to protect her from a burn

under the blazing sun. John was watching all this unobserved from the window of his

home office resisting the temptation to stroke his hard cock.

At some point Cris got off Kitty’s body and Kitty soon jumped in the pool after a while

to hide the wet spot on her pink bikini briefs. Looking at the time the girls decide they

need to shower and get ready for the big charity party. Kitty and Cris skip inside the

guesthouse to prepare.

John watches the girls disappear from the upstairs window. He calls the guesthouse

and tells Cris he will be coming to get them in an hour. Cris yells to Kitty to hurry,

“Kitty, John’s gonna be here in an hour. Hurry up beautiful.”

Kitty goes into her room and jumps into the shower. As the warm water streams down

her body she closes her eyes and relaxes. Why won’t Cris leave my head she thought

to herself? The image of Cris’s sexy body swirls in Kitty’s head and she lets her hands

trace cross her body and the flowing water. Kitty is so horny she could scream.

Kitty’s pussy is literally pulsing and needs to be touched. Her husband isn’t very good

in bed, but she wishes she had his cock right now, any cock, to fill her pussy and let

her come. She thinks of John’s cock and wonders how big it is and her tingling


The warm water streams over her hair and the tingling won’t stop. Neither will the

thoughts of Cris’s tight body, her blond ponytail and her sexy small breasts. More than

anything Kitty wishes she had a talented tongue to help her out right now, someone

willing to jump in the shower with her and make her come.

Kitty hears Cris calling to her in a loud voice.

“Hurry up Kitty! John will be here soon.”

Kitty hates her shower and her horniness being interrupted, but she needs to hurry and

get ready. Kitty selects some very pretty lavender lingerie, tiny and lacy. Then she

blow-dries and curls her hair. Make-up takes longer and she carefully touches up her

eyebrows and then uses the brush to delicately do her beautiful lips. Her eyes she

does dark and sultry for tonight since it’s a power party.

Kitty is standing in her pretty lavender lingerie looking through her dresses when Cris

comes into her room and looks at her. Cris is in a smoldering leopard print dress, very

tight and very short. Kitty feels nervous.

Cris’s look is not an innocent look, but more the “I want your body” kind of look Kitty is

used to getting from men. Without a word and without her devouring look changing

Cris takes Kitty by the hand and leads her to her room.

Laying on Cris’s bed is a gorgeous off the shoulder red dress. Cris motions to the


“Kitty, you will look fabulous in this dress. I want you to wear it.”

Kitty looks at the dress and knows it’s incredibly expensive. So beautifully made and

she just knows it will look amazing on her. Kitty tries to protest, to claim she can’t wear

such an expensive dress. Kitty looks at Cris beseechingly. Cris looks back with a

determined sexy smile.

“Look Kitty my dad is filthy rich. He buys this stuff to make me happy. Well, I’ll be happy

if you wear it. Put it on and just try it.”

Kitty tries on the dress and looks in the mirror. Cris puts her hands on Kitty’s waist and

turns her body for a profile view. The dress wraps tightly around Kitty’s body in

successive layers and two wraps pull up across her breasts and over her right

shoulder. The left shoulder is bare and the back also slants down under the left arm

leaving the top of her shoulders and back bare. Cris takes in the view and lets out a

soft whistle.

“See Kitty! I told you it would look amazing. Everyone’s eyes will be on you in that

dress and John will be fucking drooling. You just wait and see.”

Cris leans in and holds Kitty’s hand. She tells her to turn her head. Kitty looks at her

skeptically, but turns her head to the side. Cris moves her hands to Kitty’s ear and

slips in a large diamond stud earring. She gently turns Kitty’s head to the other side

and puts in the other earring.

“These match the dress Kitty. Just wear them for tonight; I want you to feel at home with

all these rich bitches. Each one is one and a half carats, internally flawless. I got them

for my 16th birthday.”

Kitty looks at the earrings and the dress in the mirror. She marvels at how sexy and

sophisticated she looks; the effect is stunning. Kitty’s face is beaming, but she still

tries to protest that all this stuff is too expensive and she can’t wear it. Kitty tries to

argue with Cris, but Cris is not listening and insists the two girls need to be “maximum

hot” tonight.

Kitty finally agrees to wear the dress and can’t help smiling at how stunning she looks.

The two girls compare make up, pick out their shoes and giggle the way girls will

giggle and laugh while getting ready for a big party. Cris whispers her plans to flirt and

tease and torment John during the evening and Kitty can’t believe the thrill she feels as

she tentatively agrees to go along with Cris’s little scheme.

John’s mouth just about drops when he sees the two young ladies he is e****ting

tonight. Kitty looks like a model in the red wrap dress, her heels, the diamond stud

earrings, a small black clutch and her curled hair. Cris is pure sex appeal in her tight

leopard print dress with spaghetti strap shoulders and a short hemline, black

stockings, black heels and her hair pulled back with a black headband with little


John brings out the larger black sedan, which has more room. The two ladies whisper

and smile and take furtive looks at John before moving towards the car. Kitty takes

John’s hand and lets him e****t her to the front seat. Cris jumps in the back and they

are off. At the Getty Center John shows his charity pass and is allowed to valet park

the car. As they get out John feels amazing leading these two gorgeous young women

up the entrance of the building.

The reception is sparkling and the girls are giddy looking at all the fabulous dresses,

all the diamonds and all the incredibly expensive bags on display. Kitty whispers to

Cris that she hasn’t seen this much crocodile since her trip to the Everglades. John

grabs a server and passes the girls a glass of Champagne. John can’t help but notice

all the male eyes turning to take in Kitty and Cris.

During the reception Kitty takes every chance to hold John’s hand or arm and direct

him to look at some painting or sculpture. Kitty teases him at every opportunity with her

big eyes, a flick of her hair, and a light touch of her fingers on his arm or hand. John

subconsciously responds and becomes animated leading this gorgeous creature

around the party.

Cris has instructed Kitty to stand as close to John as she can during the evening. She

also told Kitty exactly how to subtly touch John and send him little signals of sexual

interest. Cris knew that if nothing else this little game of teasing she had devised

would result in a very horny John, a very horny Kitty and a very horny Cris by the end of

the evening. That’s her plan.

Kitty, of course, knew how to flirt. Some of her girlfriends in high school had even

referred to Kitty as “Miss Flirt” because of her ability to turn boys on and leave them

hanging with a bulging hard-on. The prompting from Cris together with Kitty’s real and

growing interest in John caused her to take up the plan with growing enthusiasm as

the night grew later.

At one point as Kitty and John were looking at a very large painting. With John behind

her, Kitty backed up slightly so that her ass was lightly pressing against his crotch.

Was that a hard-on she was feeling? Kitty got tingles knowing the effect she was

having on John and giggled secretly to herself.

Cris for her part also took several chances to rub against John and to touch his arms.

Cris would wander off for periods (part of her plan to leave Kitty and John alone

together) and would then return to hold John’s arm and lead them to some new find

she had made. At one point, when Kitty wasn’t looking, Cris leaned in and whispered

in John’s ear,

“Doesn’t Kitty look amazing tonight John?”

John couldn’t help himself from nodding and grinning as he let his eyes take in Kitty in

her red dress. Kitty’s bare shoulder, her slender neck, her curved waist, her rounded

hips and ass, her toned legs; he couldn’t help getting hard just looking at her body and

wanting to pull it against his own.

Cris smiled as she watched John’s eyes and could see how badly he wanted Kitty.

She chuckled to herself knowing that their little plan had worked even better than she

had expected. Look at his bulge she thought, he’s definitely excited. Well John you’re

not getting anything but your hand tonight she giggled to herself.

As the party wound down John got the girls into the car and headed for Avalon on

North Vine for a bite to eat and a nightcap. Kitty was so excited to go to a club that

was so famous, a club where the Rolling Stones had partied. John got the girls some

champagne and a fruit plate and the girls dragged him out onto the dance floor.

John couldn’t help noticing how well Kitty danced and how seductively she moved her

body. He was entranced and couldn’t stop his eyes from following her every

movement. The girls danced close to him and made sure their bodies touched John’s

again and again.

When a slow dance eventually came on, Cris pushed John into Kitty’s body and

laughed as she declared,

“Finally, I can leave you two love birds together and get some rest.”

Cris walked back to the booth and John could now hold Kitty’s body against his in the

subdued darkness of the dance floor. John let his hands slide down Kitty’s lower back,

to the rise just where her ass started. Kitty for her part felt so safe in John’s strong

arms and she cuddled in close to his chest.

Kitty loved finally being able to let this funny and flirtatious man hold her body. She was

feeling tingles all over, especially between her legs. As their bodies moved closer Kitty

could feel John’s hardness and she felt another thrill as she sensed how large and

hard he was.

Kitty wished she could take John home and let him remove her dress and fill her with

his hardness. Maybe, if they were alone, she thought, but Cris is here and she’ll know

I’m cheating on my husband. Kitty pressed her face close against John, her eyes

closed and she felt safe and tingly wishing it could lead to more.

After the champagne and dancing had tired the girls out they headed home. John for

his part was thinking of whatever strategy he could to separate Kitty and get her to

come into his house alone. Notwithstanding his two university degrees and business

experience John couldn’t seem to come up with a credible excuse to drag Kitty away

from Cris on her own. He was very frustrated.

Kitty was tingling and excited from all the dancing, the touching, having John hold her,

watching Cris dance in her tight dress; Kitty hadn’t felt this sexy and special in a long

time. She just wished she could have someone in her bed when they got home.

When they arrive back at the house John tries to invite the girls in for another drink and

Kitty is undecided and hesitates. Kitty looks at Cris with a questioning look. She

knows she shouldn’t, but she really wants to feel John’s hands on her body again, she

wants to touch his large cock. Cris giggles and pulls Kitty away,

“John, girls need their beauty sl**p. Right Kitty?”

Cris looks at Kitty as if to say, cmon girl follow the plan. Kitty wavers, but knows the

plan was to tease John and leave him frustrated. Cris has assured Kitty that if they

drive John crazy enough, if she does eventually take him to bed it will be even better.

Cris takes the initiative and pulls Kitty by the arm and the two girls depart into the

darkness by the pool. John watches, his cock hard and throbbing, as the guesthouse

door opens and closes.

Kitty goes into her room and carefully removes the expensive dress Cris has lent to

her. She is just in her lavender lingerie and she walks over to Cris’s room her body still

all tingly from the exciting evening. She walks in and sees Cris from behind slipping off

her skintight leopard print dress.

Kitty walks over slowly, her stomach in butterflies, and casually stands next to Cris by

the bedside table and slowly removes the earrings. Furtive sexy glances are

exchanged and Kitty feels tingles she knows she shouldn’t feel with a girl.

“Here Cris, thanks so much for lending me the dress and the earrings.”

“You’re welcome. You looked stunning Kitty and John was hard half the night. Did you

see the look on his face when we left him standing alone in his house tonight? He

looked like a lost puppy. His bulge was huge.”

The girls giggled. Kitty is uncertain. She wants to stay, wants to be with Cris, but has

no idea of how to do it. She has never been with a girl before and is in uncharted

waters. She turns and walks slowly out of the room to her own with disappointment and

frustration. Her pussy is tingling furiously, but what can she do?

Kitty slips off her lingerie and puts on a very short pink satin baby doll nighty. Kitty slips

into bed and turns off her light and is lying under the covers wondering what Cris is

doing in her room. She wants to put her fingers between her legs, but tries to push the

naughty thoughts of Cris and John from her head. It’s all wrong; I can’t go to bed with a

girl Kitty says to herself.

Kitty lies there and slumbers, finally entering an almost dream like state. She hears

something. Cris is calling to her in a low, whispering voice.

“Kitty, my air conditioner is broken. Can I sl**p with you?”

At the sound of Cris’s voice Kitty turns almost rigid in bed she is so nervous. She is

afraid to answer. She is afraid of her own desires, her own needs, her own fantasies.

Cris walks over towards the bed in her light blue nightie. To Kitty, in the dim light, Cris

seems like a vision, like one of the girls from her naughty dreams. Cris hears no reply.

Cris whispers again very, very softly asking if Kitty is asl**p. Kitty lays breathless and

still and says nothing. She is afraid to reply, her body on edge, but she is so excited. In

fact she has never been this excited in her life. Her body is a bundle of nerves waiting

for what is next. She lays rigid in bed not knowing what to do.

Cris walks softly to the bed and lifts the covers, sliding in next to Kitty. She curls up

behind Kitty’s spooning into her petite firm body. Cris’s left arm slides around Kitty’s

shoulder, her hand dropping just over Kitty’s left breast. Cris lies still for a moment

against Kitty’s rigid body and smiles. This will be fun she thinks, for both of them.

Cris’s hand brushes lightly against Kitty’s pink satin nightie and just grazes her left

nipple. Kitty stays rigid but her nipple is sending tingles and Kitty can’t prevent her

nipple hardening into a little button. Cris’s hand moves so softly and in very slight

motions, just lightly teasing Kitty’s nipple.

Kitty holds her breath, but as the tingles grow she can’t help a soft sigh escaping her

mouth. Cris becomes bolder and lightly caresses Kitty’s breast. Kitty is feeling tingles

and thrills she could never imagine. Kitty is scared, but doesn’t know how to stop what

is happening. Does she even want it to stop? Kitty knows deep inside she does not,

she want more.

Cris takes her fingers and presses lightly on Kitty’s nipple and grins as Kitty lets out

the tiniest of moans. Cris presses a little harder. Another moan, this time ever so

slightly louder. Cris massages Kitty’s firm breast in soft circular motions and alternates

tweaking her nipples and brushing and stroking lightly against her satin nightie.

Kitty starts to relax and her body is no longer rigid. She can’t believe how nice Cris is

making her feel. How can a girl make you feel this amazing she wonders? She has

only ever experienced men and this is so much more thrilling. The tingles, the shivers,

the tremors, her pussy is starting to get very wet and Kitty wants more, needs more,

but still can’t acknowledge her needs are being fulfilled by an 18 year-old girl.

Cris senses a change in Kitty. She notes Kitty’s body is more relaxed and Cris knows

that the moment is right. Cris moves her hand to Kitty’s shoulder and pulls, turning

Kitty’s body towards her. Kitty’s eyes slowly open and she looks deeply into Cris’s

eyes. Kitty sees the soft gentle reassuring smile on Cris’s face and Kitty relaxes even


Kitty is transfixed like a deer in the headlights. Cris looks deep into Kitty’s hazel eyes.

Kitty watches and everything happens as if it is in slow motion as Cris moves her lips

forward. Their lips touch and Kitty feels the softness, the warmth and the slick

sensuality of Cris’s kiss.

Whatever reserve, whatever fear, whatever was holding Kitty back evaporates with the

softness of the kiss and Kitty’s lips melt into Cris’s. Kitty returns the kiss without any

thought as her needs take over. Kitty’s eyes close again and she is lost in the kiss.

Kitty’s tongue, as if on its own, probes Cris’s lips, traces her lipgloss and tastes the

hint of Strawberry.

Their tongues begin to play and probe. Kitty is dizzy in a blur of passion as Cris’s

touches, her light fingers, the kisses sweep over her body. Kitty’s feels an unbelievable

release as years of anticipation and repression are now finally being satisfied.

Kitty feels Cris’s hands reach under her nightie and trace and touch her naked skin.

Her hypersensitive skin tingles and aches as her receptive body urgently wants and

needs Cris’s touches to go further. Kitty is hardly aware as Cris pulls the nightie over

her head and her lips latch onto one of Kitty’s erect nipples.

Kitty arches her back, her nails digging into Cris’s scalp as she holds Cris’s blond hair

in an urgent grip of passion. She feels the flicks and nibbles on her nipple and finally,

without any guilt, releases a loud moan of release. Kitty calls out,

“Oh Cris, Oh My God…..that feels so nice Cris!”

Cris smiles and rakes her nails up Kitty’s inner thigh and senses Kitty’s body shiver

and tremor in response. Cris kisses and strokes Kitty’s small nipples into hard

sensitive nibs. Cris loves how Kitty’s wonderful small firm breasts and her little pink

rubbery nipples respond to her touches and kisses. Cris can feel her own pussy

getting tingly and wet.

Cris starts moving her kisses down Kitty’s stomach and plays with Kitty’s navel and

happily notes Kitty’s heightened arousal. Cris’s fingers continue to play with Kitty’s

nipples with alternating soft and firmer pinches. Kitty sighs, moans and twists her body

in response. Kitty has becomes a gyrating bundle of nerves, tingles, shivers and


Kitty feels a tremendous feeling of relief and surrender as she releases herself to

Cris’s lovemaking. The thrill of the first woman to take her is amazing. The touches are

somehow different than a man’s, somehow more erotic, more tantalizing. Kitty is

wearing no panties so when Cris’s lips reach her hips Cris can kiss across Kitty’s hips

and pubic mound without any barrier.

Kitty is tense and desperate as she awaits the next stage, the next level to be crossed

with Cris. The kisses get closer, only an inch away. Kitty waits in heightened

anticipation for her pussy to be touched. .

Cris is so excited as she smells the sweet and pungent peachy smell that only young

women have. Cris’s mouth and nose are now so close to Kitty’s pussy. Cris’s hands

grab Kitty’s hips and hold her steady. Kitty’s hands grip Cris’s head and then all of a

sudden she feels the soft warm tongue gently drift over her slick wet pussy lips. The

sensation thrills and drives her arousal higher; Kitty’s stomach muscles tense.

Kitty knows this is the point of no return. She has a s*******n year old girl between her

thighs and she is spreading her legs. Kitty thinks how this seductive naughty vixen is

using her tongue to lick and probe her pussy and feels no shame.

Kitty’s thoughts of shame, of man or woman, evaporate in an ephemeral cloud of

passion as the tantalizing sensations assert their dominion over her body and mind.

Kitty’s pussy contracts and her juices begin to flow even more. Kitty’s every nerve is

now waiting receptively for the next touch, the next lick, the next kiss and the next bite.

Kitty lets out a high cry as Cris’s tongue runs up and down her slick pussy lips again

and again. Cris’s tongue is stroking softly and, finally, for the very first time, Kitty feels

a woman’s tongue stroke across her clit. The practiced ease with which Cris brings

her clit to arousal; the perfectly placed strokes so different from what every man had

ever done to her pussy drive Kitty crazy. Kitty knows this moment, her first time with a

girl, will be forever etched in her memories.

Kitty spreads her legs wider and pulls Cris’s head and mouth harder against her pussy

as her needs becomes urgent and impossible to repress. Kitty is so desperately

aroused; her clit has become the burning and tingling center of her being. She wants,

no she needs, release.

Kitty is trying desperately to hold back her orgasm, not wanting the wonder of all of this

to end. Not wanting the kissing, the touching, the licking, the tingling, the tremors, the

shudders; not wanting any of it to end. Cris’ feels Kitty’s reluctance and confusion and

pulls her tongue away and whispers,

“Let it go baby, let it go. I’m not going anywhere.”

Cris places her tongue back on Kitty’s pussy and recommences the rhythmic strokes.

First soft, then firmer, fast, then slow, up and down and then across; Cris alternates her

strokes and cadence and teases Kitty’s pussy driving her ever higher and higher.

Cris’s hands grip Kitty’s gyrating hips and her nails dig into Kitty’s firm small ass. Kitty

feels the sensations building inside her, her stomach muscles tensing, her fingers

grabbing at Cris’s scalp, she is building and building in a way no man has ever been

able to achieve for her.

The sensation of Cris’s nails digging hard into her ass combined with the firm strokes

across her clit finally send Kitty over the edge. Kitty’s body arches in a rigid arc and

her body shudders and contracts, as she calls out Cris’s name in a final and total


“OH FUCK CRIS, Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! OH FUCK….IT’S SO BIG!!!”

Cris holds onto Kitty as best as she can and tries to keep her tongue on Kitty’s clit.

Cris lightens her strokes and slows them to draw out Kitty’s orgasm as long as she

can. Cris keeps stroking Kitty’s pussy as wave after wave sweeps over Kitty’s body.

Tremors, shivers, her pussy contracting, Kitty’s hips thrusting into Cris’s face again

and again as Kitty’s body releases.

The sweet torture and glorious build-up has culminated in the most out of this world

orgasm Kitty had ever experienced. Her pussy and tingling body fall into a sated

afterglow of sexual satisfaction, every muscle relaxed, her mind unworried and happy.

Kitty is uncertain what to do now. She has never been with a woman before, has never

taken the initiative, has never kissed a breast, or—oh my god—kissed a wet pussy.

She wonders what she should do. She is confused.

Kitty has no time to think, however, as Cris climbs up across her body and places her

nipple next to Kitty’s mouth. Without any thought Kitty takes the small rubbery nipple

between her lips and begins to suck and lick on Cris’s small firm breast. Kitty feels

Cris’s body respond and her ability to arouse Cris sends a thrill through her.

Kitty is now incredibly curious and insatiable in her desire to learn about Cris’s body

and how to please her. Kitty’s lips and fingers take on a life of their own as she

touches places on a woman’s body she never imagined she would touch. She is just

about to taste Cris’s pussy when Cris pushes her back on the bed and pins her

shoulders down.

“Let’s leave something for tomorrow.” Cris whispers.

Cris reaches behind her and searches with her hand under the covers. She finds the

double-headed dildo she has hidden under the covers. Cris pulls the big pink dildo

out. When Kitty sees what Cris is holding her eyes widen in shock. Cris grins.

Cris takes one head of the dildo and rubs it against Kitty’s wet engorged pussy lips

getting it wet and slick. Kitty grabs Cris’s forearms and waits tensely. Cris slowly slips

the large dildo into Kitty’s pussy inch by inch. Kitty loves the feeling of being filled up

and looking above her to see not a man, but the petite body of a sexy young woman

with small pert breasts, flowing blond hair, erect pink nipples. Kitty’s mind is a whirl,

but there is no chance to say “yes” or “no” as the lovemaking has a life of its own.

With a good six-inches inside Kitty, Cris raises her own hips and positions the other

head of the dildo at the tight entrance to her pussy. Cris slowly lowers herself onto the

dildo until she is impaled and her pubic mound is rubbing against Kitty’s. Cris falls

onto Kitty’s petite body and the two girls kiss, their hips and pussies connected by the


The kisses seem to go on forever and Kitty can’t help her hips starting to softly thrust

against the dildo and Cris’s hips. Cris reaches under and grabs Kitty’s small ass,

holds Kitty’s body tightly against her and rolls until Kitty is on top, her legs spread,

straddling Cris.

They kiss, they touch and then, her confidence rising, Kitty pushes with her arms and

sits up, her body and legs straddling Cris. Kitty moves her hips in a slow rhythmic

motion gaining wonderful feelings from the dildo and Cris’s pussy.

Kitty has never done this before, but somehow she knows what to do. Cris reaches out

and holds Kitty’s hips with her hands. Cris is moaning and crying out in ecstacy with

each thrust as Kitty’s hip movements become more urgent. Cris’s hands pull on Kitty’s

hips with each thrust to increase the friction.

Kitty tries to hold back her moans, but it is impossible. Her thighs are trembling with

pleasure, which only increases when Cris’s soft hands reach up and begin to

massage her breasts and pinch her nipples lightly. The waves of pleasure are coming

faster for both of them now as Kitty’s hips thrust and gyrate.

Kitty rakes her nails across Cris’s breasts and pulls on Cris’s nipples. How can she be

doing this she wonders? Is this a dream? How can I be riding a girl, riding a dildo and

feeling all these feelings? Finally she feels free and released as a woman and the

waves of passion and emotion wash over her.

Without warning Cris thrusts her hips up, arcing her body beneath Kitty. Surprised,

Kitty feels her body being lifted into the air and the dildo penetrate ever so deeply into

her burning and aching pussy. Kitty hears Cris cry out in release and something inside

Kitty releases a trigger and Kitty’s orgasm crashes in waves over her.

Kitty falls forward into Cris’s arms as their hips thrash against each other to gain

friction from the dildo. The feeling of her clit pushing and banging against another

woman’s pubic bone and pussy is so erotic that Kitty explodes.

Cris is so turned on by her seduction of this cute woman that she also explodes and

arches her trembling body, grabbing Kitty’s hips and pulling her hard against her body.

The two girls shudder, shiver, thrust, moan, cry out and grab at each other’s body in

desperate release as they come in a complete and total abandon.

As the sensations abate the girls role onto their side and hold each other. Their hip

thrusts become gentle movements and they look softly into each other’s eyes. Kitty

giggles nervously. Cris strokes the hair out of Kitty’s eyes, smiles calmly and kisses

her with a kiss of reassurance that everything is ok. In fact, the kiss suggests,

everything is more than ok; everything is wonderful.

Upstairs in the master bedroom of the main house John is in bed with a towel

wrapped around his cock. He is masturbating with visions of Kitty in lingerie in his

head. He releases a huge load into the towel, his sore balls, built up from being hard

half the night, finally can have at least some form of release. John falls to sl**p

frustrated that he seems to be making no progress in getting Kitty into his bed.

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