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Hardonis Academy p-7

New Student=s Second Day Part 4
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

They found Tongue Use 103 on the second floor; again the room is full of new students, k**s their own age who look excited and nervous. At the front was the teacher Miss Likensgud, and older stern faced woman who some would have called beautiful in her younger days, and her two assistants, one boy one girl,

Sandra towed Magan to a seat at the back and then settled down with the others to watch... her hand 'accidentally' resting on Magan's leg, to see how the shy girl would react. She did not resist, it was starting to be obvious that she was submissive by nature.

As they got comfortable, a boy sat down next to Sandra, hesitantly..."Hi Im Billy, I hum saw you in the first class, and I just wanted to, I mean hello."

Encouraged by the lack of resistance, Sandra let her grip tighten on Magan's thigh as she smiled at the boy. "Hi Billy, and um, thanks I guess." She smiled sweetly. He did not seem to know what to say next. Magan meanwhile looked even more nervous, now that some one was close by and could see Sandra's hand...on her thigh, almost under her skirt. What could she do, what should she do?

Sandra was pretty much running on autopilot... all she could think of doing was the things her darker subconscious wanted to happen to herself... and so, letting her hand almost move itself, she slid it further up Magan's thigh, pushing up her skirt firmly.

The teacher began explaining that the class was about oral sex. "You will all learn the proper ways to eat pussy and suck cock. Look at the faces around you. By the end of the semester you will have had your mouth between their legs, you will have made them cum by using your tongue." There were a few gasps, and may eyes looking around the room as the teacher spoke.

Sandra blushed hotly at the teacher's words. Still, conscious of the boy beside them presumably watching, she waited till the teacher's attention was elsewhere before turning to Magan. She was still operating on instinct, hunch really, as she looked the shy girl in the eye and ordered in a firm voice "Spread your legs" The moment the girl did so, she pushed her hand up to caress the shy girl's slit.

Magan could not help buy to stair at her new friend, and open her legs, just a little, obeying the command by reflex. Her parents had taught her not to resist the advances of boys who might want to use her. They had said nothing about if girls wanted to do anything with her. So she let her natural reactions guide her.

"Good girl... wider..." Sandra still spoke as if there were no possibility her order would be disobeyed, although quieter this time, and then turned back to pay attention to the teacher, her fingers still seeking to slide into Magan. She bit her bottom lip, but she did as she was told, her legs spreading wider to let her new friend touch her smooth wet pussy. It felt so hot.

The teacher was explaining that the first section would be devoted kissing, it was a skill that should not be ignored. Then the class would turn to girls learning to suck cock, and boys learning to lick pussy. Lastly girls would be required to eat other girls, and yes like it or not, boys you will have to suck other boys.

Sandra let out a little gasp at that news... she was not sure which excited her more, sucking a cock or eating a pussy... and she was also looking forward to watching the boys suck each other as well. Magan tried to keep her skirt down, to hide what was going on between her legs. But the way her skiny body shivered was a sure sign that she was enjoying herself. The shy girl gasped, trying to stay quiet as Sandra's fingers played with her clit.

Sandra used her wrist to push the skirt back up, her fingers making sure that Magan's legs stayed spread apart, glancing occasionally at the boy to make sure he was watching and enjoying. Billy had totally lost track of what the teacher was saying. He had his cock out and was stroking himself as he looked at what Sandra was doing between Magan's legs

Sandra kept her hand moving rhythmically, glancing down at the boy's member while still keeping an eye on the rest of the class. Her control over Magan was as delicious as the sexual happening, and she was thrilled by the sight of the boy's enjoyment as well. Billy was leaning forward, trying to catch a better view of Sandra's fingers in the shy girl's little pussy. "Make her cum." he whispered.

At that very moment Sandra caught a rather disapproving glance from the teacher, who noticed that something was going on in the back she nervously pulled her hand away. That look had been enough to scare many students into behaving correctly in the past, and it worked now. Magan gave a sad little murmur, but quickly smoothed out her skirt. Sandra put both hands on her desk and tried to look innocent. She knew the others would be disappointed by her withdrawal... she would be too... but she decided that it was a good moment for discretion.

She could still feel Magan's wetness on her fingers, a distinct thrill, as she sat quietly waited for the teacher to finish. Miss Likensgud eventually ordered her assistants to demonstrate some kissing. Then she ordered the boy to lift the girl’s skirt, so that everyone can see, and lick her pussy. The teacher let this go one for just a few moments before telling him to stop and stand up. She then ordered the girl to kneel down, flip up the boy’s kilt and suck on his dick. Miss Likensgud let the demonstration continue until it seemed that the teenager would explode. Then she called it to a halt. “That is all for now class.” She said as a dismissal.

There were several dissatisfied murmurings as the k**s walked out of the room. They had all wanted to see the guy cum in the girl’s mouth. Sandra was blushing hotly and breathing fast after the demonstrations, and had also made some mental notes on some of the basics. She could feel herself expanding fast into the new world she had been thrust into, and was quite startled by how content she was starting to feel... although she was still bracing herself for some kind of reality check.

Billy got up and walked out beside Sandra, talking about how cool it was to be in this school, like a dream come true. "My dad told me I would love this place, but he never said why." Magan was following along a few steps behind, her harms folded protectively over her chest, her pussy felling very wet and needy. She kept quiet.

Just before they reached the dining hall, Sandra paused to offer Magan her hand, watching the shy girl to see how she responded. Magan looked at the offered hand, then at Sandra's face.. then over at Billy. He looked like a hungry boy in a candy store who was not quite sure if he was allowed to eat the goodies or not. So after a small hesitation she took Sandra’s hand, committing herself to her new friend. Sandra clutched it tightly, but reassuringly, then towed the girl after as they headed to get some lunch. She felt protective over the girl as much as the desire she was already feeling to torment her.

They found the dining hall easily enough; it was a huge central room with a cafeteria at one end and big doors opening onto a small courtyard garden at the other. Large tables dominated the main floor, while on a balcony that ran around the hall, there were smaller tables. In the centre of it all was a display rack, a wood frame with attachment points for chains and straps. It was an interesting yet frightening thing. The hall of course was full of students.

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