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Jodie Celebrates Bobs Birthday

You may heve read some of my storys about my kinky wife Jodie who is a parttime Dominitrix and we have had some pretty adventurous times. This time she suprised me.

It had been a pretty quiet day I had taken her SUV and filled it with gas and had it detailed and had just had the same done to my car. I had called to see if she needed me to pick anything up for her and she did not but told me she would unlock the door for me. When I came in Jodie was dressed in my favorite outfit, her red leather shorts and matching bra with red high heels. Why are you wearing that I asked, because tomorrow is your birthday and I am going to give you you birthday spanking so strip. I was out of my clothes almost before she finished saying that. I will go easy on you since you are such an old man. I was going to be 50 while Jodie was nearly 10 years younger. Picking up her slapper paddle she said get over my knee. Laying across her smooth tanned legs made me begin to get hard. She started the spanking gently and worked up in speed until she was hitting fairly hard the slapper stung some but it made more noise than pain. She stopped every few swats to rub the edge of the pattle up and down my crack. By the end I was fully erect and ready for what I hoped was next. Look at that juice you left on my legs she said as she scooped it up and licked her fingers we need to do something about that. Taking me to the padded table she secured my arms and legs, she had done this before teasing me for a long time before mouting me and I loved it. Thenshe did a naughty striptease finaly standing before me wearing only a smile. Placing her shorts over my face as a temperary blindfold I felt her playing with my hardon and then felt something going in my peehole, it felt like one of her sounds she had used before but when I could see it was a long thin cande. I want to sing you happy birthday Bob, and she then got on the table with me and lit the candle and started singing Haa ppy birrrth day to youuu. She was singing very slow while the wax slowly dripped on my hard member. She finaly finished and I I thought she would blow it out, but she stood up and peed on it putting it out, Jodie never runs out of suprises. Removing the candle and wax from me Jodie asked in her little girl voice"does Bobs wee wee hurt I will kiss to make it feel better" Kissing the head and then working up and down the sides she finally took the length in her mouth for a loud sloppy blow job. Just when I felt I could take no more she stopped and lowered herself on me until we both exploded in extacy. Jodie collapsed on my chest feeling each other heartbeats she kissed me and said happy bithday Bob. Untieing me we took a shower together and spent the rest of the day in bed. Laying there exausted Jodie looked at me and said Bob you are not getting older your getting better. Thanks Jodie I said, you have a birthday coming up soon I will have to WHIP something up for you and you know that 40 is MUCH older for a women than 50 is for a man. Hitting me with a pillow we wrestled around on the bed that led to.......

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