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Hardonis Academy p-6

New Student=s Second Day Part 3
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra composed herself after the rather intense intro session to her first class at the Hardonis Academy, and then joined the rest of the k**s as they left the class room. She was looking around to see what else the school might offer. Many of the k**s in that first class chatter with each other as they walk out. They talked about how hot it all was, others talk about how they would never be able to get up and strip in front of everyone. Of course several of the boys babbled about how they wanted to nail Kimberly the teacher’s assistant, because she was so damn sexy.

The shy girl with the long black hair just shuffles along at the back of the pack, following Sandra for no obvious reason. Sandra joined up with the shy girl, stepping close to her and smiling sideways at her. "Are you okay? That sure was a lot of fun."

"Hum yea, Im ok" she walks a little closer to her new friend, "It was ...mmm fun to see you..." she just could not finish saying it. Having seen the teen age assistant strip and play with herself had been shocking and amazing, but some how not entirely bizarre. Seeing one of her fellow students, showing off her young body, well that was really beyond words for the shy girl.

"Hehe, I guess you saw quite a bit of me... but which bit was most fun for you?" she asked teasingly, grinning at the shy girl. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Im Magan," she said, quickly, trying to avoid the other question, "What class do you have next?" The image of Sandra’s hairless pussy slit was still fresh in her mind.

"You answer my question first, then I'll answer yours." Sandra winked at Megan, and then checked to see where the introduction would take them next. The next class of the morning was actually a normal one, History 204, which would be followed by Tongue Use 103, just before lunch brake.

"I liked looking at your body, you know... I never saw a girl in a sort of sexual way." She was blushing and found it nearly impossible to get the words out.

Sandra showed Meagan her schedule and then turned towards the history class, smiling at the girl as they ended up going in the same direction. "So... do you think you'd like to see more girls in a sexual way?" she asked. As the two girls walk down the hall Magan considers her answer "In this place I guess it will happen if I like it or not.”

"I guess so. That's not such a bad thing though is it?" Sandra said as she hoped that the next class would not be as dull as the name suggested, although she wasn't sure how much excitement like the previous class her young body would be able to stand.

As it turned out, History was taught by none other than the Head master. Sandra wasn't sure if it was a sigh of relief or disappointment that escaped her... when she entered the class room, either way, she had to struggle to prevent memories of her first meeting with him from arising. He stood at the front of the class and made it clear that there was going to be nothing sexual about this subject. The students were there to learn, Hardonis was not just some fantasy play land for horny teens, and it was there to provide an education. She sat down at the back of the class to listen quietly, waiting to finish the class and see where her new world would take her next.

The intro eventually finished with a reminder for everyone to bring a note book next time, and then he dismissed the class. Sandra made a mental note and then gathered herself to head for the next class. Tongue Use 103 sounded... interesting. She felt her heart pound a little faster as she headed there, still looking around to try and get a handle on the school life. Megan followed along after her, like a shadow.

As Sandra walked down the hall, she noticed a small group of older students gathered round in a circle, something exciting seemed to be going on. She was nervous about approaching the older students... the girls walking around in collar and nothing else still stuck in her head... but nevertheless, she wandered over to see what was happening.

Five teenage boys and a couple of teen girls were standing around as a naked girl, one of those with a collar, who lay in the middle of the circle. She was masturbating and moaning quite loudly. Sandra blushed, biting her lip, but watched quietly. She was wondering how the situation had come about, but was far too shy to ask anyone. As she watched she noticed that the boys had themselves well in hand, they were jerking off and aiming at the collared slut... she was gasping, "yes, yes give it to me, squirt all over me guys…I want it… I need it."

Sandra could only explain it by thinking that she was still excited from earlier... either way, she suddenly found herself lifting the front of her skirt just enough that she could touch herself, not surprised to find how wet she was from the sight. Magan who had been tagging along, stood behind Sandra, watching also. As the girl on the floor started to shiver with her orgasm she cried out "Cum on me please" the boys quickly granted her wish. In seconds the short haired slut, had several globes of hot gum splattered over her medium sized tits and her trimmed little pussy.

Sandra quickly plunged two fingers into herself and shuddered with a little orgasm, not crying out, just whimpering, and leaning against the wall as her legs weakened. The teens start to laugh and congratulate the cum covered slut on the floor, they seemed not to have noticed the young k**s watching them. Of course shy little Magan has noticed what Sandra was doing, she watched breathlessly as he new friend finger-fucked herself in public. Blushing, Sandra quickly covered herself and flashed a quick smile at Megan before trying to slip past the teens and head for the next class. "oh god your so...bad " Magan whispers as she follows her friend, very conscious of the wetness between her own legs.

Sandra blushed even more, and then reached back to take Magan's hand, curling her little fingers around it and towing the young girl after her, looking for their next room. They find Tongue Use 103 on the second floor; again the room is full of new students, k**s their own age who look excited and nervous. At the front was the teacher Miss Likensgud, and older stern faced woman who some would have called beautiful in her younger days, and her two assistants, one boy one girl.

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