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Getting my s****r pregnant!

my girlfriends pussy

“See you tomorrow dude” Ryan said and I waved at him and got out of the car.

Football practice was very hard because the coach decided to punish us for losing the

game. I opened the door to my room and dropped my bag when I reached my room.

“Oh fuck” I groaned collapsing on the bed. All I wanted to do right now is close my eyes

and go to sl**p. After couple of minutes, I used all my will power to get up from the bed

and made my way to the bathroom.

“Mmm” I moaned as the cool stream of water hit my face washing all the sweat from

my body. I quickly washed my hair and then the rest of my body. I stepped out of the

shower and dried my hair. I put my boxers on and was about to sl**p on when I saw

Mandy laying on her stomach. I grinned and went to her room.

“Hi Mandy!” I said cheerfully to my twin-s****r. She frowned when she saw me and

closed her book.

“Robbie, I have a math test to study for so could you please leave me alone?” She

said. I smiled at her and stroked her beautiful blonde hair. She immediately smacked

my hand and pushed me away.

“Mandy? Why are you so mean?” I grinned at her.

“Oh you know exactly why I am mean to you bastard!” She glared at me.

Mandy was my twin-s****r who was older than me by two minutes. She has gorgeous

blonde hair which came up to her mid shoulders and had amazing hazel eyes. She

had C cup breasts which weren't too big and weren't too small, the perfect size on her

flat stomach and slender waist. Her ass was big! She wasn't fat by any means as a

matter of fact she does cheer-leading and softball but all her fat seems to be in her

ass, which was round and firm.

“Alright Mandy…guess I have to show those videos to mom after all!” I said making my

way to my room. I grabbed my phone from my bed and started dialing random


“Stop!” She said running from her room to mine and grabbing the phone from my


Couple of weeks ago, I caught Mandy giving a blowjob to a guy at the basketball game

and recorded everything. My parents were very strict about her dating and if they ever

found out that she was giving a blowjob to a guy at a basketball game like a whore,

they would kill her. Fortunately that rule didn’t apply to me and I had a beautiful

girlfriend, but I was the type of k** who always wanted what he can't have. I showed her

the video and threatened her that I will send this everyone including our parents if she

didn’t do everything I asked her to do.

“You know exactly what I want baby” I said and pulled her up on the bed. I got on top of

her and pressed my lips into her delicate lips. She smelled amazing and I couldn't wait

to pound her pussy.

“Robbie…this is i****t! We are not supposed to do this please? I will do anything

even your homework and all your chores…” She said but I cut her off by kissing her.

She responded after a while and I pushed my tongue past her lips exploring her sweet

mouth. I started rubbing my growing dick into her pussy and she was humping me

back while moaning into my mouth. As much as this slut hated me, she was a sexually

active. I broke the kiss and rolled off her.

“Suck my dick! As a matter of fact…beg for it!” I grinned and sat at the edge on the

bed. She got on her knees on the floor and looked at me.

"And it better be very very believable," I told her. "If anyone is listening to us, I want

them to believe you are really begging. Right now!"

"Oh, oh, oh, Robbie, I - I - I......oh, Robbie, I....can I......Master, please let me suck your

cock," Mandy finally managed to get out.

"What was that?" I asked, watching her through the camera. I was recording everything

through my phone.

"Robbie, please, let me suck your big huge lovely cock," Mandy said.

"I don't know," I replied. "I'm not sure I'm in the mood,"

"Oh, Robbie, please. Please let me suck your huge cock it looks so nice and hard."

Mandy said, this time with some feeling in her voice.

"Do you really want to?" I asked asked.

"Oh, Robbie, yes, I really want to. I want to suck your cock it looks incredible I can't wait

to have it in my mouth. I want to taste your...." Mandy said before catching herself and


"Yes? You want to taste what?" I asked.

"Robbie, I want to taste your cum, I want to feel it explode into my mouth down my

throat, I want to taste your salty, sticky fluid," Mandy said in a small voice.

"You like cum, Slut?" I asked.

"Yes, Robbie I love cum," Mandy replied, blushing.

"Then suck my dick until I cum in your mouth," I told my sexy s****r.

"Yes, Master," Mandy said, sinking to her knees in front of me. She slowly pulled my

boxers down and revealed my semi-hard dick which was about 7in long and thick. She

expertly stroked my dick quickly bringing it to its magnificent 9in long. She had a

disgusted look on her face as she started jacking me off. She leaned forward and

tasted the silt of my dick with the tip of her tongue which sent me amazing sensations

throughout my body. She then started swirling her tongue around the head of my cock

licking up and down on my shaft and gently sucked on my balls. All I could do was

close my eyes and let her do her magic on my cock.

"Oh Mandy! Yes baby suck my cock! Oh yes!" I moaned and stroked her hair and then

held it behind her head so I could see her sexy face. She then locked her lips around

the head and then easily took 6in of my cock, it was a beautiful view as her head

bobbed up and down on my cock. She continued doing this and often stopped to swirl

her tongue around the head and into the silt before going back down.

"Suck it! Take it all the way in" I moaned. She finally took me into her mouth until the

head hit the entrance of her mouth. I was surprised she could take my whole cock into

her mouth and groaned when she finally took it all the way in. Her nose was pressing

into my pubic hair and I held her tightly. She instinctively gulped and I groaned, feeling

her throat flex around my cock. Then she drew back until just the tip of her tongue was

resting in the silt of my cock before sliding back down again, once more taking me into

her throat.

I could feel the churning in my balls and knew I was close to cumming. It won't be long

before I would shoot my cum deep into her mouth but I wanted to take a picture of this.

I grabbed my phone and switched to the camera mode.

"Keep sucking and open your mouth when I tell you" She kept on sucking and I got

ready to blow my load "Open!"

She opened her mouth and my cock was resting on her tongue, the sight was so sexy

that I exploded and took a picture with my phone. I didn't even look at the picture and

grabbed the back of her head and rammed my dick into her mouth. She gagged and

this only made me hold on to her head tighter. She finally swallowed all of my cum and I

let go of her head.
"Fuck you!" She spat and wiped her mouth. I grinned and laughed when I saw the

picture which had amazing quality. I showed her the picture and she looked at me with


"Don't ever swear at me" I said and slapped her face with my limp dick. She was close

to tears now and I stopped "Poor baby...come here b*****r is going to make you feel


I pulled her up on the bed and pressed my lips onto hers and tasted my own cum,

unlike other guys, I don't mind the taste of my own cum. She had a white tanktop and a

skirt which came up to her mid-thighs. I lifted the tanktop off so she had her bra on to

cover her breasts, I unclasped the bra and slowly moved it so I saw her pink nipples.

Her nipples were already hard from my touch and she moved her head to the side.

"Come on stop acting like you don't like it!" I said suddenly angry and moved her face

so she could see my face. She made feel like a pathetic k** who was having sex for

the first time.

"That's cause I don't like it!" She snapped back.

"Oh Yea? Oh Yea? Then how come your pussy is soaking wet right now?" I asked her.

"It is not!" She argued and I grinned back, which made her uncomfortable. I pulled her

skirt down and then gently rubbed her pussy through her panties before pulling them

down. Her bald pussy was glistening with her juices and I shoved two finger up her

pussy which made her moan.

"Then what is this?" I brought my finger towards her and licked them tasting her sweet


"Alright about a bet? If I can make you beg me to let you orgasm... then

you agree that you like what I am doing to you and you should be more willing every

time I ask you for sex...if I don't then...I will never touch you...sounds fair?" I asked her

and she hesitated. When she saw the smile on my face she nodded her head.

"Fine...and you have to give all those pictures and videos...ok?" I agreed to her and

began my magic.

"You are going to love what I am going to make you do and then I am going to pound

that sweet pussy of yours with my cock!"

Before she could say anything I started to taste her, licking up her juices and sliding my

tongue into her pussy in an effort to coax more out. She stayed silent, but her body

moved invitingly, following the rhythm of my tongue's thrusts. And the further I slid my

tongue into her pussy, the more her legs trembled.

“Mandy, I think you're enjoying being eaten out by your immature baby b*****r,” I said.

“Or maybe your pussy just recognizes a real man even if you don't?”

“Fuck you,” she spat.

“You'd like that, wouldn't you?” I smirked, going back to licking her pussy.

“Ohhhh Goddd.....” she cried, obviously overwhelmed with pleasure. “You fucking

asshole! You don't know how much I hate you! I am going to fucking kill you!"

I ignored her idle threats and continued to tongue fuck her pussy. Then I trailed my

tongue up to her clit and rolled my tongue over it again and again relentlessly. When

she started to whimper I flicked it with the tip of his tongue for a while then sucked it

into my mouth. She started to groan and buck her hips against my face. I slipped a

finger into her steaming pussy and felt it clench desperately around it.

“Mmm, you're close aren't you? Tell me you want to cum,” I prompted.

“Nooooooo,” she whimpered, her eyes full of tears.

“But you do want to cum, don't you?” I continued, sliding in another finger. Her juices

were gushing out of her hole as I pumped my fingers in and out of her. “After all, you

love sex and I know you love to cum”

I was enjoying this so much, I was starting to think I might have to start touching myself.

But I wanted to hold back. I'd get my pleasure inside her, and it would be so much

sweeter after she broke down and said what I wanted to hear.

“Ooh! No! I don't feel anything! Oh fuck!” she panted, trying to fight the feelings building

inside her pussy.

I curled my fingers, pushing them into her g-spot. Her whole body arched and she let

out a desperate groan.

“Yeah, that feels good, huh?” I said, continuing to stroke that spot. “Every time I touch

this spot you lose your mind. And when I'm fucking you from behind, sometimes I just

rub the head of my cock on this spot and you go wild.”

She cried out something unintelligible.

I went back to licking her, but laid off of her spot some, I didn't want to push her over

the edge. She started trying really hard to push her clit into my face, but I just moved

my hands to her hips and held her down while my tongue traced circles around her clit.

And when her body tensed up I knew she was about to cum so I backed off, trailing my

tongue down to her entrance and lapping at it.

“Please? Please make me cum?” she gasped. “Please?”

I ignored her. She knew what she had to say if she wanted to get off.

I ran my fingers over her clit again and again then sucked her puffy little pussy lips into

my mouth. I loved her pussy so much, it was the prettiest I'd ever seen, and it got so

wet and gripped me so tight. My cock belonged in it. Why couldn't she see that?

I dipped my tongue back inside her, sliding it against her walls and enjoying how she

twitched uncontrollably. By now she had to be feeling like she would die if she didn't


“Robbie...Robbie? You win the fucking bet!,” she said, sounding defeated..

I positioned my cock against her soaking wet pussy and grinned at her. She looked at

me confused.
"What are you doing?" She asked.

“Well, you wanted to cum, and you earned it, so really it's best if I just fuck you,” I said,

enjoying the outraged look on her face.

“But I don't wanna fuck you!” she cried, fighting the restraints to no avail.

“The giant wet spot on the bed says you do,” I said

I loved the way her eyes went to his cock as soon as I started rubbing her pussy lips

with my cock. It was really hard now and leaking precum. I stroked it a little and she

watched with hungry eyes.

“I know you. I don't know why you try to deny that you want this,” I said, moving between

her legs and placing the head of my cock at her entrance.

She was breathing hard and looking down between her legs at my cock poised to fuck

her. I pushed it all the way in with one thrust and she screamed and came. She was

writhing beneath me, bucking her hips against mine as I started to pump her deep and

hard, keeping her cumming.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she cried, as her pussy quivered around my cock. It felt amazing,

like my cock was melting in her hot wet velvety walls.

“Say my name,” I demanded, grabbing her face and making her look at me. “Say it!”

“Robbie! God, don't fucking stop, Robbie!” she cried. All sense of right and wrong and

all manner of pride had been eradicated from her mind. There was only the pleasure,

and she wanted it to continue.

I kissed her hard and kept fucking her until her orgasm had waned and my own was

swiftly approaching. But I could tell she was still loving every second of the deep

stroking her pussy was getting. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, grazing

it with my teeth. Every time I did so her pussy would tighten around my cock. She

wrapped her legs around my waist and humped back against me.

“Who's fucking your pussy right now?” I asked her.

“You are, Robbie. Oh God, you are fucking my pussy so good!”

“Tell me what I wanna hear,” I panted in her ear.

“You fuck me so good! I love your cock so much! I love how you fuck me! love you! I

love you!” she cried, and this time I almost could believe her.

I reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit. I was getting really close and

wanted to bring her off with me. She looked incredible, writhing in her bonds beneath

him, covered in a light sheen of sweet, her sexy mouth open and her tits bouncing with

the f***e of mys thrusts. I could no longer hold back.

“I'm cumming!” I cried, and my orgasm exploded through her.

Stream after stream of cum spurted from my cock and deep into her pussy, each one

sending toe-curling pleasure coursing through my body. She started to cum for the

second time, letting out a loud cry and starting to shake as the sensation ran through

her. She tossed her head back and squeezed her eyes shut as I kept pumping her.

Finally she relaxed, going completely limp as the last few drops of cum were expelled

from him deep into her pussy.

I rolled off of her and sighed, content.
"How was your day Robbie?" Tara asked as we all sat down for dinner. Tara was my
mom about 33. She was hot. Mandy got all her beauty and looks from her and my

friends often called her a MILF. She was a MILF, with C breasts slightly bigger than

Mandy's and flat stomach from working at gym. Her ass was the greatest piece of her

body and I loved the way it bounces when she walks around the house with shorts.

"Robbie?" Tara asked again.

"Fine mom. The football practice was very hard though...mainly because the coach

was pissed that we lost the game...the sad part is we lost the game because he didn't

put me in and he still doesn't put me in..." I answered her. She smiled at me.

"Well if you would stop skipping so many practices...he might put you in" She said


"Are you k**ding me? I led the team to state tournament twice and we got in first place

twice!" She grinned at me and shook her head.

"All right Mr.All Star! How was your day Mandy?" She asked Mandy who was playing

with her food.

"Fine" She grumbled not looking up. Mom gave me the "what's wrong with her" look. I

shrugged my shoulders and smiled to myself.

"You know surprises me that you two are twins..." Tara said and

laughed "and you dad is late once again. He is late a lot these days...."

"You know what surprises me? What surprises me is that you give so much freedom to

him and not me! How come he gets to have a girlfriend and I can't have a boyfriend!"

She snapped and glared at me.

"Mandy" My mom sighed "We talked about this...just wait one more year...then you are

off to college and you can have a boyfriend...We don't want you to get pregnant...we

trust you but not the other boys..."

"Yeah whatever" She got up and put her bowls into the sink. She stormed up the stairs

and we heard the door slam. My mom sighed and shook her head, my dad came

home that exact moment and my mom took out her anger at him.

"Where were you?!?"

"I was at my office I had t-

"I am sure! I wonder what you were doing at your office"

"Tara...come on...what's wrong? I was taking to my boss about my vacation with


"What vacation?" I blurted out.

"I am taking Mandy out for April Vacation tomorrow...we will be back next Friday..." My

dad said.

"I can't go! I have a football game!" I said

"We know...that is why I am staying home with you...your dad and Mandy take a

vacation and...maybe next vacation we take a vacation..."

"Alright...I am tired...goodnight!" I said and put my plates in the sink and went upstairs

to my room and collapsed.

"Robbie!" Gina squealed as she jumped to my arms. Gina was my girlfriend who I was

going out with for couple of months. She was about 5'7 with brown hair and brown

eyes. She had rather large breasts and a busty ass which gives you an instant boner.

She had her cute cheerleading uniform which showed her curves perfectly.

"Hi cutie!" I greeted her and pressed my lips into hers. She opened her lips to let my

tongue slip into her warm and moist mouth. She tasted like strawberries and her

perfume was exotic. I inhaled her sweet perfume and place my hands on her hips.

"Get a room you two!" Jo pushed us. Gina giggled flushing red and she gently pushed

her best-friend back. Jo was Gina's best friend and they would do every thing together.

She was really skinny with almost a flat chest. I ignored her intrusion and pushed Gina

against the locker, crushing her large breasts. I looked deeply into her eyes and

pressed my forehead against her.

"You are really beautiful" I told her

"You always say that to me" She blushed

"Well, that is because you always are" I smiled and hugged her. She hugged me back

and we walked to our next class with my arm around her.

"What are you doing this half-day?" She asked me. I wanted to spend time with

Mandy, and when I mean spend time, I mean fuck her pussy. This would probably

make Gina mad so I asked her what she was doing.

"Well I really want to spend time with you but I promised my mom that I will there when

my cousin comes to visit sorry baby" She said giving me her puppy dog eyes,

hoping I would forgive her. I pretended to be mad but inside I was laughing, I wanted to

fuck Mandy nice and hard before she goes on the vacation. "Sorry Sorry?"

"It's alright..." I told her and kissed her good-bye, when we reached her class.

The rest of the day was really good mainly because we played a prank on our teacher.

We hid all her markers and drew inappropriate pictures on the board. My friend Ryan

brought a dead frog and put them between her books and some in her bag. I wasn't

involved in all of this but it was very funny to watch our teacher scream with fear when

she saw the frog. She wanted to send us all to the office but the bell ran and we all ran

outside. I grabbed my bag from my locked and kissed before running out the school. I

waited in my car for Mandy and I couldn't stop laughing.

"Hi Mandy!" I said as Mandy opened the door and got in. She didn't say anything and

put her seatbelt on. I didn't push her and started driving home.

"What did you guys do to Ms.Hills? She was crying at the office" She asked me and I

started laughing and told her the story. Lot of students from out school hated her and

Mandy hated her the most. She smiled when I finished the story and then laughed.

"So I heard you are going to spend time with dad...I want to give you a good-bye

present..." I told her as I parked the car. She stopped smiling and stormed up the

stairs. I threw my bag on the couch and followed after her. Before she could close the

door, I stopped her and pushed her in. "Are you as eager as I am?"

"Robbie...why do like doing this? This is gross, it is disgusting! Please stop!" I ignored

her and pushed her on the bed.

"Cause I love your pussy. It is so tight, hot, and dick feels right at home...Don't

you like it?" I whispered in her ear. I started squeezing her breasts through her shirt

and she lightly moaned. I helped her take off her shirt and then I took off mine. I leaned

forward and moaned as our lips locked in a warm embrace. Her hands were to the

side gripping the sheets and I placed them on my back. She didn't do anything but as

we kissed longer, she started running her hands through my hair.

"You are a whore aren't you? You hate the fact that I am doing this but your pussy loves

it..." I whispered in her ear and I started sucking on her earlobe. Her soft hair was on

my face and I like the smell of it, she smelled somewhat fruity. Her lips were so soft, it

seemed like they just melted as we kissed. My erection was struggling against my

pants and she reached down and pulled my jeans down.

"Mmmm" I moaned as she rubbed my dick through my boxers. She then pushed me

away and I expected her to go down and suck my dick.

"I am sorry Robbie but I can't do this! Please?" She tried to beg but I ignored her as

usual and pulled her skirt down to reveal her pink panties which were soaking wet. I

took them off and showed them to her and she gave me a disgusted look.

"You want this...I know you want loved it when I fuck you nice and hard don't

you?" I asked her rubbing my dick against her pussy lips. She bit her lower lip and

shook her head. I slid my cock up and down on her lips, she was pressing down on me

so her clit would rub against the head. I grinned at her and gently started massaging

her perfect breasts. She moaned as I pulled her hard nipples with my thumb and


"Oh gawd!" She moaned as I pushed the head of my dick into her steamy pussy. I

pulled back and rubbed against her lips once again before pushing my head back into

her pussy. She was withering beneath me and tried to f***e my dick into her but I

stopped her. I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth and flicked it and

tenderly bit.

"Want me to fuck you?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I slipped my hands

underneath her body and held her tightly against my body and slammed my dick into

her pussy. She groaned and arched her back as my big dick spread her pussy. I didn't

wait for her and kept on fucking her as hard as I could. Her nipples were running on my

chest and her nails were digging into my back.

"I am cumming! Oh my god I am going to cum!" She moaned and I increased my

speed, my balls were slapping against her ass and sweat trickling down her beautiful


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed as her warm liquid flowed around my cock.

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She moaned and threw her head back. I groaned in response

and kissed her hard, she responded by ramming her tongue down my throat. I moaned

in response.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?!" I looked over to see my dad standing in

the doorway. He was beyond angry and his arms were crossed across his chest, I

didn't know how long he stood there but for the first time I saw him that angry. My dick

was quickly shrinking and I got off Mandy and pulled my panties up. Mandy looked just

as scared as me if not even more.

"Dad...what are you doing here?" I stammered and immediately regretted what I said.

"Excuse me? This is my fucking house! The question is what the hell are you doing in

your s****rs room fucking her living shit out of her? She is your goddamn s****r!" He

nearly screamed. "That is it! You are not staying here for one bit...You going to a

boarding school in Australia with your Aunt and Mandy so are you but you are staying

with us."

"Listen dad...let me explain to you" I said and hushed him outside the room. He had a

serious erection looking at Mandy and I got an idea.

"Oh no! You are not explaining anything to me-

"Dad? How many time do you fuck mom in a week? Once?" I asked him and the

question threw him by surprise. He was really mad now and that was just what I

wanted. "I remember when I was a k**...I used to hear lot of noises from your room...I

didn't know back then what you guys were doing but now I were having

sex...and lots of sex."

"What the fuck are you trying to say?"

" are not having anymore sex...How old are you 38?" I asked him and he

nodded his head slowly "You are not old and you should still be having lots of sex...and

mom is in amazing shape...why don't you fuck her?"

"That is none of your busin-

"Because her pussy is loose after giving birth to two c*** imagine fucking a

young, fresh, tight Mandy...just ramming you dick into her pussy...anytime

you want...she gives you a blowjob...." I told him and glanced at his pants, which were

hard. He shifted around uncomfortably.

"But she is my daughter...we are not suppose to be doing these kind of things...its

i****t!" He said but I could tell the idea was working it's way down his brain.

"Who will know? I fuck her and nobody found out until you barged in...when mom is not

home...and when you are going to take her to vacation..she is all yours...what do you

say? Why don't you fuck her just once and see if you like it" I asked him and he nodded

his head.

"Nobody can know...NOBODY!" He said and his eyes were full of lust. We both went

back to the room and Mandy was still on the bed naked. She was confused when she

saw both of us.

"Hi Mandy...guess what? Dad wants to join us!" I told her and the look on her face was

priceless. She seemed defeated but dad didn't see her face. His eyes were focused

on her young body. He got on the bed and roughly grabbed her breasts and pulled on

her nipples. He quickly pulled his pants down and then his boxers. His dick was just as

big and thick as mine.

"AHHHHH!" Mandy screamed as he slammed his dick into her pussy. I sat on the bed

and stroked my dick back into life. My dad wasn't fat but he was definitely out of shape

and there was fat on his stomach. He grabbed Mandy's breasts roughly as he ripped

her pussy open, I let him have his fun because I knew he wasn't going to last.

"Holy Fuck! So fucking tight! I am going to cum!" He groaned as he slammed into her

pussy and collapsed on her. He slowly got up and slapped me on the back.

" are right...thanks Mandy and Robbie...Mandy get ready we got to

leave soon..." He said as he put his pants back on.

"Dad? We got to get her on a pill...I came in her yesterday...don't worry she won't be

pregnant but if we keep doing this she will." I said and got on the bed next to Mandy

"And can you give us 15 min?"

"Sure...Yeah don't worry I can't get her pregnant but I will make sure she is on a pill" He

said and closed the door. Just before he did, he winked at me. Mandy was on her side

and she was really close to crying. I really wanted to fuck her but knew that would push

her over the edge.

"Get ready Mandy and don't tell mom about will get in deep trouble and our

f****y would be split are holding us together...think out it as that way" I

closed the door and left.

"Hey Robbie, how are you?" My mom opened the door and greeted me. She had her

gym uniform on, which was a white shirt with Planet Fitness written in black and black

shorts which comes to her mid thighs.

"I am fine are you doing? You seem tired" My mom was hot! I never

actually looked at my mom but then again I never actually looked at my s****r like that

either. I would never even dare to make a move against my mom but after this

afternoon, I felt like I could do anything.

"Yeah...I am a little bit tired..." She said taking a long drink from her Poland Spring

water bottle.

"Do you want me to give you a massage? It will help relax your muscles..." I offered.

"That would be great Robbie...let me take a shower, I am all sweaty" She went

upstairs to her room and after a while I followed her upstairs and got ready. I got some

baby oil and laid a sheet on the bed. My mom came back after 10 min with a loose

shirt and skirt.

"Thank you so much Robbie!" She said and laid on her stomach and took off her shirt.

Her breasts were pressed into the bed and I could see the outline. They weren't saggy

at all and were nice and firm. Just watching her half-naked was turning me on


"Alright mom...just relax" I outlined her shoulder blade with my fingers and she sighed. I

gently started massaging her shoulders and gradually increased pressure. I placed

one hand on top of the other and circled my palms around the shoulder blade. I did the

same for the other side and slid my palms across the area as if I was erasing a pencil

mark. I then straddled her ass and placed both of my hands at her lower back with my

fingers pointing upwards and slid forward with some of my weight in one long stroke.

"Mmm" She moaned. I placed each of my hand on her lower ribs and slid forward. I

moved back when I hit her firm breasts and repeated this motion, she didn't object to

this. I smiled and slid completely forward rubbing her nipple until I reached her armpits.

Her nipples hardened from my touch and my dick was about to explode.

I pulled her skirt down to her ankles and looked at her firm ass. I used some more

baby oil and rubbed her ass in circular motions. I squeezed her ass and gently parted

her asscheeks. I desperately wanted to turn her over and fuck her pussy but I controlled

myself. I quickly massaged her ass and then her long and slender legs.

"All done mom" I slapped her ass playfully and she squealed. I gave her a kiss on the

cheek and she seemed surprised but didn't say anything. After all, I was the one who

usually complains when she kisses my cheek.

"Thank you so much Robbie" She said and went back to sl**p.

I went to my room and jacked off till I shot my cum all over my stomach. The next day, I

did the same thing but decided to take it a step ahead. I asked her to turn around and

lightly pressured her when she hesitated. I finally grabbed her firm breasts in my hands

and spread her puffy lips. I kissed her on the lips a little longer than I was suppose to.

The day after that, I felt every single part of her body and made her hot and horny. I felt

the room for some time and went to my room and pretended to sl**p. After a while, I

went back to her room. The room was dark but by the moonlight I was able to see her

laying naked on top of her bed, her eyes closed, and her middle finger buried in her

closely trimmed pussy, frigging herself softly.

I crept next to her left side,unnoticed, my mother deep into her self-stimulation. She

was softly fingering her clit, moaning, her hips gyrating, her breasts jiggling. I grew

hard as a rock at this mouth-watering sight.

She moaned: "Ooooohhhh,Robbie" and that was all I could take. I reached out and

began to gently squeeze her yielding yet firm tits, rubbing my forefingers on her

already hardened nipples. She opened her eyes and they grew wide with shock

seeing me there and what I was doing to her. She knocked my hands from her breasts

and crossed her arms across her chest, blurting.

"What do you think you're DOING, Robbie?! I'm your MOTHER, for Christ's Sake!!"

"Come on mom...I know you want this...I need you and you need me too" I reached my

left hand down and rubbed her clit with my forefinger up and down several times. Her

hips bucked reflexively, and she covered her pussy with one hand and her breasts in

another. She probably forgot that I already seen her naked.

"This is i****t!" However, she then looked down for the first time at my erect penis,

and when she looked back up I could see she was excited as she gazed at me with

wide eyes.

I smiled and put my right knee on her pillow, my hard cock quivering inches from her

face. I said soothingly: "C'mon mom, look what I have for you here. I know you want to

touch it"

"No...if anyone found out they will think I seduced my young son"

"It's OK, mom, I'm not a little boy anymore. I'm a MAN with a hard cock for you. I've had

sex before, I know what I'm doing. You'll like it, I promise. Besides, I know you're horny

as hell right now". I rubbed her stomach, which quivered at my touch.

She looked back up at my eyes, then down to my cock, then again to my eyes. She

repeated this several times, barely breathing. Then she licked her lips and tentatively

reached out her hand for my cock, only to pull it back again. Her inner battle raged

within her. After several more starts and stops, she finally wrapped her left hand

gingerly around my shaft, softly fingering my mushroom head with her thumb and

forefinger. Then she gently began to stroke me, staring with lust at my cock and

panting with desire. Her grip grew firmer, and she began to increase the tempo of her

hand-job. Finally she whispered "FUCK IT!" and lifted her head up to wrap her lips

around my cockhead. She sucked and licked it softly at first, then evidently lost all

inhibitions and began to ravish my cock with her mouth. I began to softly squeeze her

right breast and rub her hard nipple as my mother moaned with lust, her tit quivering at

my touch.

After a couple of minutes, my mother pulled her mouth off my cock and ordered: "Get

up here, Robbie, and lie down!" I complied and she knelt over me, getting down to

serious business sucking my cock as only a woman of her experience could. She

fondled my engorged balls with one hand while she stroked my shaft with the other, her

mouth alternating between licking my glans and bobbing the mushroom head with tight

lips. Then she began to suck my cock deeper into her mouth than any girl ever had

before. She interrupted her feast briefly to pant "My GOD, what a MAN you've grown

into! Your cock is every bit as big as your DAD'S, maybe BIGGER!" She sucked

some more, stopping again to ask: "Do you like Mommy sucking your DICK, son?

Does it feel GOOD?" I grunted my approval, cupping and squeezing a breast as she

knelt over me. She lowered her head again to continue her excellent blow job.

The sight of my own sexy mother sucking my cock was so erotic I knew I couldn't hold

out long. Soon my tension built and I began to feel my orgasm approaching. I began

bucking my hips upward to meet her descending mouth and yelled "I'M CUMMING! I'M

CUMMMINNNGGG!!!" My mother groaned and didn't take her mouth of me for a

second. She continued to suck and gave my testicles a gentle squeeze as my groin

clenched, my balls tightened, and the sperm raced up my shaft to plaster my mother's

tonsils in burst after burst. She grunted and swallowed it down, not spilling a drop. She

continued to softly lick and suck my cock until it began to grow soft, then laid back on

her pillow with her hands behind her head, smiling salaciously.

I crawled on top of her and whispered: "Thanks, Mom" and began to kiss and suck her

neck, which made her moan.Then I slid down a little and pushed her big tits together,

squeezing them as I circled her large areolas with the tip of my tongue and sucked her

hard, excited nipples. Her breasts were not quite as firm as my s****r's, but they were

a little larger, making up for it. My mother groaned: "THAT"S IT, ROBBIE, SUCK MY

TITS! SUCK THEM LIKE WHEN YOU WERE A BABY!!!" I continued to feast on my

mother's magnificent tits for several minutes more while she writhed beneath me,

cradling my head with her hands.

I lifted my head and said: "Here's something I DIDN'T do when I was a baby" and slid

down further. She spread her legs compliantly and I parted her vagina lips with my

fingers to make her engorged clitoris stand out more prominently. I began to gently lick

it up and down and circle it with my tongue, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I

alternated between licking her clit, sucking it, and plunging my tongue deep into her

pussy. Her hips gyrated and bucked under me, and she began to moan loudly in

ecstasy. She gasped: "Oh my GOD! A big cock and you know how to eat pussy, TOO!'re driving me WILD!!!"

As her passion grew, I grasped my mother's firm round ass and began to squeeze it

as I flicked my tongue up and down on her clit as fast as I could. Her moans intensified

to screams as she bucked wildly in my grip. Finally she threw her head back, raised

her hips, and began to scream "I'M CUMMINNNNGGG!!! OH GOD, I'M CUMMING SO

HARRDDDD!!!!" and her entire body began to shudder. She gripped my head in the

throes of orgasm, her pussy pulsating and grasping at my tongue. I continued to lick

her until her shuddering subsided and she lowered her hips to the bed, breathing hard

and groaning with pleasure.

I crawled up between my mother's legs and rubbed my once again hard cock on her

clit, then placed it at the entrance to her still quivering cunt, rubbing it up and down just

inside her wet pussy lips. I asked her: "Do you want me to stick it in, Mom, do you want

me to FUCK you?"

She groaned lustfully: "Yesssss, baby, put it innnnn.... FUCK your Mommy!!" I grinned

and pushed my cock into my mother's deliciously slick pussy until I was balls deep in

her, her groaning intensifying. She was not as tight as my s****r, but her cunt still

gripped me snugly. The liquid warmth of her love canal felt exquisite on my throbbing

cock. She moaned with desire: "OH my GOD, that's what I've been MISSING...FUCK


I pulled back and pushed into her again, sawing my cock in and out of my mother's

sweet pussy, faster and faster. She wrapped her arms around my back and locked her

ankles behind my ass, pulling me into her. My mother was a lively fuck, lifting her hips

up to meet each downward thrust I made, clenching her pussy on my cock as I pulled

back for the next lunge. Her beautiful breasts bounced up and down with the rhythm of

our fucking.

My mother moaned in ecstasy: "Oh my LORD, fill me UP!!! What a big

juicy cock you haaaaave!!! You're making your Mommy feel so gooooooodddd!!!" I

bent down and french kissed her passionately, our tongues pushing and circling each

other as I continued to slam my cock into her grasping cunt, my balls slapping her ass

with each lunge I made. I alternated between kissing her and sucking her tits as my

cock plunged the depths of her pulsating pussy.

We continued fucking with a burning passion, our moans intensifying into screams of

pleasure. Finally my mother began to gasp: "OHHHH!!! I'M ALMOST THEEEERE!!!


She had a death grip on my shoulders and her hips began to buck like a wild bronco

as she reached the verge of climax.

The excitement of fucking my own mother to orgasm finally pushed me over the edge,

and I felt the cum building up in my balls, preparing to ejaculate. I yelled: "I'M GOING



CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!!" That was all it took, and I clenched up as my balls released

their load, the sperm racing to my cockhead to shoot deep into my mother's womb in a

series of spurts, flooding it. Her cunt fluttered and grasped my cock rhythmically in the

midst of my mother's own orgasm, milking my cock for every last drop of my cum. We

both screamed incoherently in ecstatic climax, our bodies shuddering. Waves of

extreme pleasure washed over both of us at the pinnacle of our i****tuous coupling.

Finally our orgasms subsided, and I collapsed in exhaustion on my mother, my cock

still buried in her cunt. She cradled me and kissed the side of my head and neck as

we regained our breath. Eventually I grew soft inside her, and I rolled off her, my cum

dribbling from her pussy onto the sheet below. I laid on my side next to her. We both

smiled and I kissed her softly as I stroked her stomach and softly rubbed her breasts.

"That was great, Mom, you're an AWESOME fuck" I murmured in her ear.

"Yes, it was, son. That's just what I needed" she murmured back. But then she frowned

slightly, continuing: "it felt good, but it was SO wrong. We're Mother and Son, we can't

be lovers. This is i****t. We both lost our minds there for a while, but it was a mistake,

and we can't do it again...even though your dad can't fuck as good as you did now...he

is my husband and I love him very much"

"Mom...I understand...but let's keep this a secret...our secret...he doesn't need to

know" I had no plans of ruining their marriage.

She looked at me doubtfully, so I reached down and softly began to rub her pussy lips.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning softly, and slowly gyrated her

hips. Then she opened her eyes and smiled wickedly at me, purring: "Well, OK, but

just for tonight. Let's get it all out of our system so we can go back to normal tomorrow"

She reached down and began to stroke my cock softly back to life, gazing intently into

my eyes with that wicked smile so reminiscent of my s****r's.

We fucked all night long in every position I knew. We did it doggy-style while I grabbed

her ass and rammed her deep. She got on top and rode me while I reached up and

mauled and sucked her tits, alternately grabbing and squeezing her exquisite ass as it

plunged down, impaling her pussy on my cock. She rode me reverse cowgirl style and

laid back so I could rub her clit with one hand and rub a nipple with the other while I

lunged my cock up into her cunt. I tit-fucked her as she lay on her back, squeezing her

large breasts around my cock to give it a tight, fleshy channel to fuck, and sucking the

head of my cock into her mouth each time it emerged. We lay on our sides with me

behind her, lifting one of her legs while I sawed my cock back and forth into her cunt,

reaching around and grasping a breast with my free hand. We screwed missionary

style again, this time with her legs up on my shoulders so her pussy felt even tighter

and my cock rubbed her clit as I plowed it into her repeatedly. I laid her on her back

with her ass on the side of the bed and lifted her legs in a V, myself standing on the

floor and pounding my throbbing cock into her cunt brutally. She had her arms crossed

beneath her breasts, and they bounced enticingly with each ram of my cock into my

mother's vagina. I reached down and gripped her tits as I blew my load deep into my

mother, her legs wrapped behind my back. I even got her to agree to anal sex, which

was delicious, her sphincter gripping my cock like a vise as I blew a load deep into her

ass, which squirmed with this unusual pleasure. We fucked until dawn, enjoying

countless orgasms, until we were both too exhausted to go on.

Dad and Mandy came back the next night and while Dad had a huge smile on his

face, Mandy was extremely sad. She just went to her bed and laid down. I knew I

should talk to her and slowly went to her room and closed the door. She was crying

and I put my arm around her.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked her

"What's wrong! What's wrong!?! I am fucking pregnant because of you!" She cried

pushing me away. "I hate you so much! Leave me alone...god I feel like killing myself!"

“Shhh It’s okay…Everything is going to be fine” I soothed her. She cried against my

chest while pounding her hand on my stomach. I let her punch me, I deserved to be

punished. I pushed her over the edge, called her names, broke her and blackmailed


“You know…maybe if you did all those things to me out of love…it would be so much

better…but no you need everything, have to trick everyone…” She sobbed. Ever since

I was a k**, I always got things my way. I tricked her, my mom, my dad, and my friends

to get what I wanted. I could have got all those thing without tricking them. I felt like shit


“I am so sorry Mandy! I am so sorry please forgive me! I treated you like shit…I do love

you” I told her and hugged her tightly. I rarely cry and today I cried. “I love you so much!”

She didn’t say anything and I rubbed her back. I kissed her forehead and wiped the

tears out of her face and looked deeply into her eyes. I held her tightly as we fell


The next morning, I was the first one to wake up. When I looked at Mandy and her

angel-like face, I fell in love with her. She was so beautiful, both on the inside and

outside that I felt really bad for what I did. I kissed her forehead and she woke up.

“I love you” I whispered to her. She just smiled but didn’t say anything. It was alright,

she will grow to love me. “We need to tell our parents that you are pregnant…”

“Who are you going to blame?” She asked. I ignored her question and helped her up. I

took her hand and led her downstairs, where both my parents were eating breakfast.

“Hi Robbie and Hi Mandy” Mom greeted us and Dad smiled at us.

“Mom…Dad…I have to tell you guys something…Mandy is pregnant” I let that sink and

my mom immediately started yelling at her and saying how irresponsible she was.

“Mom! It was me who got her pregnant…yes it was me…I know what I did was

terrible…and I deserved to be punished but don’t blame Mandy for any of this…it isn’t

her fault.”

Nobody said anything; Dad couldn’t say anything because he fucked Mandy. Mom

couldn’t say anything because she fucked me. Mandy was looking at me strangely as

if I was a different person. We all sat down in the living room and nobody said


“Robbie and Mandy…you guys can’t stay here anymore…you have to go to Australia

and live with your aunt…” Dad said. Mom thought about it for a while and nodded her

head “That’s right…no one can find out about this and it is best if you guys start a new


The whole week we got all our credits, report card, and recommendation and packed

out stuff to go to Australia. I kissed my girlfriend for the last time and let her cry on my

shoulder and said good-bye to my friends. The plane ride was long but the whole time;

I put my arm around Mandy and hugged her tightly. I promised her that I would take

care of her and the baby no matter what.

“I love you Mandy” I kissed her

“I love you too Robbie” She said. We got all our baggage and went through the

security check. After we went through the security, we went outside and called our

aunt, who we met for the first time.

“Hi I am Janice…your aunt” Janice said. She was 5’8 with the perfect curves; I have

ever laid my eyes upon. Her breasts were huge and her flat stomach made them look

bigger. Her face was the face of a goddess and her lips were begging to be kissed.

“Hi I am Robbie and this is my s****r Mandy” I spoke up. She hugged me tightly

pressing her breasts against mine and her lips grazed my cheeks. She then briefly

hugged Mandy and I watched her breasts. She caught my eye and gave me a look

which sent chills down my back.

There was no way I am going to cheat on Mandy but dealing with Janice was going to

be hard!

Do you want part 2?


Looking after Liz by pdosu
Fiction , Older Male / Female, Virginity, Young Posted: 2009-07-29


Author's infos
Gender: Male Age: Secret Location: N/A

I had just moved to a new area to live with my girlfriend. We’ve been dating several

years now, so I have become a part of the entire f****y. All of my girlfriend’s nieces

and nephews had even started calling me “uncle.”

One weekend my soon-to-be-b*****r and s****r-in-law were leaving for the weekend to

visit some friends out of town. They were taking their two boys with them, but their

daughter had to stay home to help out with a school fundraiser. They didn’t want to

leave her home alone for the weekend, and my girlfriend had to go away for a work

conference, so they asked if I would stay at the house and watch Liz for them. We got

along well, and I wanted to help them out, so of course I agreed.

They left bright and early Saturday morning and I made my way over to the house

around noon. I walked in through the unlocked garage, as we always do, and entered

the house. I yelled, “Hello, Liz, I’m here” but got no answer. I then noticed music blaring

from her bedroom and realized that she had not heard me, so I decided to go

announce my presence.

I walked down the hall, knocked on her door and opened it to say hi. As I opened the

door, I saw Liz standing in her room wearing only her bra and panties. I stood there

shell-shocked. Liz was 15-years-old, about 5’8” with light brown hair and brown eyes.

While she wasn’t the skinniest girl in the world, she was nowhere near heavy, either.

She had a nice athletic build that I loved with just a little bit of baby fat that reminded

you she was still maturing. And as she began turning into a young woman, she was

beginning to develop the same large breasts as her mother.

I stood there for a good 30 seconds, unable to move. I just looked her up-and-down in

her matching pink underwear set. Finally, Liz opened her mouth and broke my trance

saying, “Um, hi, Patrick. I see you are here now. Can I finish getting dressed so I can

get to my fundraiser?”

“What? Um, oh yeah,” I stuttered in response. “Go right ahead. Sorry.” I looked her

dead in the eye for the first time. Was I mistaken? Did I notice a little smile on her

face? And did I see erect nipples through her bra? Was she enjoying this? I turned

around, shut her door and left the room. I went into the living room and turned on the TV

waiting on her to get ready.

Finally, she emerged from her room in a t-shirt and shorts and said she was ready to

go like I hadn’t just walked in on her half-naked. I got up and drove her to her

fundraiser, a car wash, and dropped her off.

“Ok, we’ll be done around 5. You should come back a little before that to get your car


I agreed and drove off to kill some time. As I went back to their house to grab some

lunch and watch some TV, I couldn’t get the picture of Liz out of my head. I have seen

her a thousand times, but this time had definitely turned me on as I thought of her

standing there. I closed my eyes and my mind drifted to wondering what she would

look like with those last two pieces of clothing removed … What was I doing? This girl

was about to be my niece, how could I think of her that way? But she wasn’t related to

me, so what’s the problem? Oh yeah, that she’s only 15 and I’m almost twice her age!

But seeing her body had definitely turned me on and I couldn’t get her out of my mind!

Finally, it was time for me to go pick Liz back up. I was both excited to see her again

and nervous for what I may think and the way she might react after she had thought

more about what had happened earlier. I arrived to the car wash about 15 minutes

before it ended to get my car washed. I heard Liz announce to the other girls that this

was her soon-to-be-uncle and to make sure to do a good job. The girls all circled the

car and began washing various sections of my car. They were all attractive girls and a

few of the older ones were even wearing bikini tops. I was surely being tortured! Just

then I saw Liz’s face in my windshield smiling at me. She began washing the window

and as she reached out to get the middle, she rested her t-shirt against the car. Her

shirt was wet now, and sticking to her breasts underneath it. I could make out the

outline of the bra I had just seen a few hours ago through the fabric. She finished

washing and again smiled at me. Was she enjoying teasing me?

The girls finished the wash and dried my car. I ended up being the last car of the day

so, after a brief team meeting, Liz got into my car to head home. After a minute or so

she started a conversation.

“Do you think my teammates are pretty, Uncle Patrick?”

Oh, was this a bad and dangerous conversation to have! “Well, yes, I guess they were

pretty, though I really didn’t pay much attention,” I said, lying about the last part.

“I wish I were as pretty as some of those girls,” she continued.

I could tell she was a little dejected, so I thought I would help pick her spirits up. “You

are a very pretty girl, Liz, and just as attractive as any one of those girls.”

“Do you really mean that?” she asked, with a hint of enthusiasm in her voice.

“Absolutely!” I countered. I find you very attractive!” Oh crap, I probably said too much. I

glanced at her to gauge her reaction; she was smiling. We drove home the rest of the

way in silence.

We got home and I practically ran to the kitchen to get a beer to calm my nerves. I

heard Liz announce that she was going to get a shower. As I left the kitchen to return to

the living room, Liz was walking to the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped

just above her breasts. Again, she flashed a smile at me.

As she turned to enter the bathroom, I saw that the way the towel was positioned on

her body, it didn’t fully cover her butt; the bottom of her cheeks were hanging out

exposed! I felt my dick begin to harden at the sight. What was this girl trying to do to


I choked on the gulp of beer I had just taken. Shaking my head in disbelief, I returned to

the chair in the living room. As I turned on the TV, I noticed that the sound of the water

in the shower sounded louder than normal, not at all muffled. I leaned back in the chair

and looked down the hall. She had left the bathroom door open all the way. I couldn’t

help myself anymore. I got up from my seat and walked down the hall. I stopped in front

of the bathroom and looked in. The shower doors were frosted glass and I could see

Liz’s silhouette.

Her head was leaned back pushing the excess water from her long hair as she wet the

rest of her body. She reached for her body wash and began to soap herself. As her

hands washed her breasts, my hand moved to my crotch and I began to rub myself

through my shorts to the image in front of me. She continued massaging her small, but

growing breasts, obviously enjoying the feeling. She then moved her hands down her

stomach and continued to her legs, bending over to slowly wash every inch of her

thighs and calves. I have always been a leg man, so I especially enjoyed this part. As

she rose back up, she traced her legs and then began to wash her butt. Again, she

took her time rubbing her globes before finally moving her hands to wash her vagina. I

watched as she lifted one leg onto the edge of the tub and rubbed between her legs.

Oh my God! I was watching this 15-year-old masturbate!

Her fingers began a steady rhythm on her clit as she moved her left hand to her

breasts again and fondled herself. I could see her hands manipulating her breasts.

She caressed them and then rubbed circles around her nipples before pinching them.

T was harder to tell exactly how she was playing with her pussy, but it seemed like she

rubbed her clit for awhile and then would plunge a finger into her depths.

After a few minutes, she reached for the detachable shower head, removed it, turned it

to the steady, single stream setting, and aimed it right at her clit. I heard her begin to

moan. Hearing her “oohs” and “aahs” set me over the edge. I hadn’t noticed how

worked up I had gotten until I felt myself cum in my shorts! As I finished my orgasm, I

heard Liz begin hers. I snapped back to reality and went to her parent’s room where I

would be sl**ping that night and changed my clothes. I hurried back to the living room

and just as I sat back down I heard the water turn off and the shower door open.

“Perfect timing,” I whispered to myself as I took another long drink of my beer.

Liz came out to the living room and was still enjoying teasing me, it seemed. She was

wearing a tight-fitting, white tank top, and I could see the blue bra she was wearing

underneath it. She also had on very tight black cotton shorts that hugged every inch of

skin they touched. But that happened to be very little skin as they just barely covered

her butt; these shorts were obviously a year or two old and now too small for her.

She walked over to the DVD player and, bending at the waist only so that her legs

were straight and her ass was sticking up in the air, put a movie in the player. She

wiggled her hips slightly before standing up.

“I thought we could watch a movie together,” she stated as she left the room and went

into the kitchen.

She returned with a glass of pop for herself and another beer for me. She handed me

my drink and then did something I wasn’t expecting – she joined me in the oversized

chair I was sitting in! I knew I should have told her to move, but I just couldn’t. She was

half in the chair and half in my lap. She d****d one leg in between mine. The only way

to get comfortable in the position was for me to put my left arm around her and she

leaned into me. We were pretty much cuddling at this point.

The movie began and she had chosen an old horror movie. Every so often she would

shift in the chair to get comfortable. Each time she changed positions her leg would

brush against my cock, which would cause it to stir a bit. I was so nervous that I was

going to get hard! We continued watching the movie and eventually we got to the

obligatory scene where the young boyfriend and girlfriend were making out in their

bed, foreshadowing that they were going to have sex. As everyone knows, virgins stay

alive in horror movies, young teens that have sex don’t. These two would be goners!

I looked at Liz and she was watching the scene very intently. She even licked her lips a

bit. I took the opportunity to look her up and down again. Her legs were extended and

spread on either side of my left leg. My head was slightly above her body and I could

just barely see down her shirt and looked at the top of her developing cleavage. I

definitely desired this girl. What was I thinking? I moved my right hand onto her right

thigh and pulled her closer to me with my left hand. She responded by leaning into me

and laying her head on my chest. Her outer right thigh was now lying directly on my

crotch and my hand was now resting on her inner thigh. Every-so-often I would slightly

stroke her thigh. She never flinched or stopped me.

The movie ended and Liz flipped in the chair lying across it so that her back was

against one arm rest and her legs were dangling over the other. Her butt was resting

firmly on my cock, and she seemed to know it as she moved on top of it several times.

It felt so good. I could tell something was on her mind so I asked her what it was.

“Well, did you mean what you said in the car? About finding me attractive?” she asked.

“Of course I did. Why would I lie about that? You are developing into a very attractive

young lady.”

“Well then why don’t the boys in my class seem to think that? They won’t even kiss

me,” she responded.

“Because they are fools,” came my instinctual retort.

“Well, would you kiss me then?” she asked, with a sultry, yet innocent look in her eye. “I

just want to know what its like. All of my friends have had their first kiss. I want mine,


“I really shouldn’t do that, Liz.”

“Please? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

Her eyes were pleading with me. She moved so that she was sitting more upright. I

just sat there, again frozen. I knew I shouldn’t kiss this girl, but I wanted to badly. Liz

took the initiative and began to slowly move towards me. “I should move. I should stop

this” kept running through my mind, but I just sat there, waiting for her. Her eyes closed.

Our lips met. I sat there at first, not responding, but then my lips parted and I kissed her


We sat there like that for several minutes and continued to kiss softly. My desire for

this girl was increasing and my self control had all but disappeared. I reached over

with my right hand and cupped her butt cheek. I lifted her slightly and she took my lead

and threw her left leg over my lap so that she was straddling me.

We were full-on making out now. I reached down and grabbed her butt in my hands. I

squeezed her cheeks and then caressed them all over. She had quite a butt and I was

enjoying fondling it. I let my hands slide down to her creamy thighs and stroked them all

the way down to her calves and back up, again grabbing at her ass. She was quite a

natural kisser and followed my lead very well. I opened my mouth and extended my

tongue. She was caught off guard and wasn’t sure what to do at first, but she opened

her mouth to let my invading tongue in. Our tongues intertwined and she caught on


Finally we broke off the kiss and came up for air. “How did I do?” she asked sincerely.

“Very nice! You’re a quick learner, Liz. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Never! I swear!” came her retort. She shifted gears quickly, asking, “Did you like

seeing me in my underwear earlier?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“What about in the shower? Did you like watching me masturbate?”

Crap! I didn’t think she knew I had watched her. “Yes,” I again admitted.

“Why did you leave so quickly?” she asked me.

“Because I was so excited watching you that I came in my shorts.”

She smiled in delight that she had caused such an effect. Seeing her braces was a

gentle reminder of just how young this girl was.

“Do you want to see me naked?” she asked, pretty confident that she knew the


I had lost all self-control. There was nothing that could happen now that I could say no


“Yes, I really want to see you naked,” I responded.

She reached for the bottom of her shirt and nervously pulled it over her head. For the

second time of the day I was staring at Liz in her bra. She just looked at me, nervous

that I wouldn’t like what I was seeing. To ease her fears, I reached around her and

unfastened the clasp on her bra. She pulled it from her body and dropped it to the

floor. Her perky little breasts were right in front of my face.

I reached for them and began to fondle her breasts. A gasp escaped her lips as for the

first time in her young life, someone else was playing with her tits. She leaned in to

kiss me again while I felt her up, this time being more aggressive. We kissed for

awhile, but I needed to suck these breasts I was touching so I broke off the kiss again.

I moved my mouth slightly south and, looking up into her eyes as she looked down to

watch what I was doing, I took her right breast into my mouth while leaving my right

hand on her left breast. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and “Uuuuhhhhh”

escaped her lips. I spent my time moving between each breast, alternating between

light and powerful sucks. I made light circles around her areolas. I flicked her hardened

nipples quickly with the tip of my tongue and finally bit down on her nipples, gently at

first, but gradually increased the power. Each new sensation on her breasts brought a

new sound of pleasure from the girl and she was now grinding her pelvis into my hard


I removed her breast from my mouth. “Stand up, I want to see the rest of you,” I told her.

She practically jumped up and removed her shorts and then her panties. She had a

light mound of hair on her pussy; not yet at the point in her life where she thought to

shave, nor needed to. I had her turn around so I could see the butt that had been

torturing me all day. Then I stood up and told her to sit back in the chair.

She sat in the chair and I moved her butt to the edge and told her to lay back. I picked

up her legs, spread them, and placed them hanging over each arm of the chair as if

they were stirrups. Starting at her right ankle, I ran my tongue across the length of her

leg, stopping just before her bush. I then started at her left ankle and repeated the

process. I then looked up at her face and saw her wanting eyes looking down at me. I

moved in and took the first lick of her pussy as I stared into her eyes. They closed

immediately and her mouth dropped open. “Oh, yes, that feels so good!” And it tasted

so good too!

I began lapping hungrily at her pussy. It had been quite some time since I had gone

down on anyone with hair on their pussy and I was finding that I enjoyed it. Her body

was gushing fluid and I was licking it as fast as I could. Her sweet nectar tasted

wonderful and I couldn’t get enough. I reached up and fondled her breasts while my

tongue explored the lips of her pussy. “Oh, uuhhh, huuhhh, oooooohhhh, uh, uh, uh”

kept pouring out of Liz’s mouth as fast as liquid poured from her vagina. I reached

down and grabbed her ass and slightly spread her cheeks. I let my tongue drop a little

lower and placed the middle of my tongue squarely on her asshole and pulled it all the

way across her clit. I repeated this three times before placing my tongue right onto her

brown hole and licked that exclusively. I always loved eating a girl’s ass, but too many

girls thought it was “dirty” and wouldn’t let you do it to them. I was determined to make

sure that Liz had no such hang ups and would do anything as long as it felt good.

“Do you like that?” I asked her. “Uh huh” was her only response so I went back to it and

rimmed her for a few more minutes. I licked the hole more and it began to open up for

me, but I wanted to bring her off so I moved back to her pussy and went to town on her

clit. I put my left hand back on her right breast and teased and pinched her nipple. I

then inserted my right middle finger into her soaked pussy and fingered her at the

same pace that I licked her.

“Oh, oh, oh my, huh, uh, uh, ah, uh, yes, yes, yes, uuuuuhhhhhhh, I’m

cuuuummmmiiinnnnggggg, uuuuuhhhhhhh!” I had never heard a sexier orgasm in my

life and had never tasted a better pussy as she soaked my goatee.

I looked at her as she recovered from her orgasm. She finally opened her eyes and

smiled at me again.

“Liz, have you ever seen a penis?” I asked her. She kept smiling and shook her head

“no”. “Do you want to see mine?” This time her head nodded “yes”.

I helped her up from the chair and told her to lead me to her bedroom. I was now

overcome by lust and had fully accepted the situation and how taboo it was. I was

going to take this girl’s virginity and I wanted to do it on her c***dhood bed. She led me

down the hall and I watched her ass sway the whole way there.

We entered the room and it definitely reminded me of her age and turned me on even

more. Painted pink and decorated with posters of her favorite bands and teddy bears,

I was overcome with desire. I told to sit on the edge of her bed. I stood in front of her

and lifted off my shirt. I then pulled my shorts down bending over in front of her. As I

stood up and stepped out of my shorts, Liz’s eyes opened wide. My hard cock, the first

one she had ever seen, was right in front of her face.

“Touch it, Liz.” She tentatively reached her hand out and put her finger tips on the head

of my cock. She then ran her small fingers under the shaft and finally gripped it. She

gave me a few gentle tugs and then looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you, um,

want me … to … um … put it … in … my mouth?”

I nearly blasted my load in her face the second she finished the question, but luckily

held out. Oh, yes, I wanted this girl to suck my dick! But not right now. It would take time

to properly train her to give a blowjob and I wanted something else more.

“Not right now. Soon, definitely, but I want to do something else right now. Why don’t

you lie down and spread your legs?”

She did as I asked and I climbed into her twin sized bed with her. I positioned myself in

between her legs and supported my weight on my hands and knees. I leaned down

and kissed her again. When we stopped the kiss, she looked at me with a devilish grin

and asked, “Patrick, how old am I?”

“Um, 15,” I answered. Was she having doubts?

“And what do you want to do to this 15-year-old girl that is soon to be your niece?

“I want to fuck this sexy 15-year-old girl that is soon to be my niece,” I said.

“OK, I just wanted to hear you say it out loud and make sure you knew what you were

about to do.” She smiled again. Evidently I wasn’t the only one getting excited by how

taboo this act was!

“Liz,” I asked, “do you want me to fuck you?”

“Please fuck me, Uncle Patrick!”

I lined my prick up with her pussy and rubbed my head in her lips to lubricate it a little.

“This might hurt a little, Liz. Let me know if you want me to stop or slow down.” She just

shook her head “ok” and stared down at my penis that was about to penetrate her for

the first time. I looked at her face and wanted to see the expression she made as I

entered her.

I pushed forward and felt the head of my cock enter her. Her face contorted. “Ungh.” I

asked if she was ok and if I should continue. “Uh huh.” I pulled back slightly and pushed

forward again. Half my cock was in her. ”Uh.” I pulled back out and again moved my

hips forward, thus time burying my cock deep inside of her teenage pussy. My pelvis

was pressed against hers. “Oh, yes.”

I began pumping into her. I was taking my time, letting her get used to the size of the

member inside of her. I leaned and put my weight on my right forearm as I continued

thrusting into her. I leaned and kissed her briefly and then began to kiss and suck on

her neck and collarbone while I fondled her right breast with my left hand. I pinched her

nipple and she moaned her approval. She obviously enjoyed a little pain in her nipples

so I twisted it slightly. She moaned again. I loved it!

I kept humping her and her soaking pussy kept me sliding easily. In and out. In and out.

“Fuck me, Uncle Patrick. It feels so good. Fuck me more!” she was screaming. I was

loving it. She was tight and wet and too young and I loved every second of it.

“Fuck, your 15-year-old pussy feels so good on my cock, Liz. Oh, yes, I love fucking

your teenage pussy!” I got even harder every time one of us said how old she was or

that we would soon be related.

I reached over and grabbed her right leg and put it over my shoulder. I started

pounding into her harder and faster. The sound of my pelvis and balls slapping into her

echoed throughout the room; probably the entire house.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” came the sound of her getting fucked. “Fuck me, Uncle

Patrick. Fuck me! Fuck my teenage pussy!” This normally shy and reserved girl was

definitely coming out of her shell in the bedroom.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed hard as I fucked her. She was moving her hands all

over my arms, back, butt and legs, fully exploring a man’s body for the first time. I kept

pistoning in and out of her. I slid my middle finger into the crack of her ass and began

rubbing circles around her hole. “Ooohhhh” was her response.

“Want to do something that will make Uncle Patrick feel really good, Liz?” I asked.

“Uh huh” was all the response she could manage.

“Then rub me like I am rubbing you right now.”

I felt her hand move down my ass and a finger slid into my crack and found my hole.

She began rubbing circles around my puckered hole. I was in heaven fucking this girl.

I kept fucking her. As I did, I used her pussy juices that were dripping into her ass

crack as a lube and poked my finger into her ass a little bit. She followed suit using

sweat as lube for me. I felt her finger insert into me down to her first knuckle. We both

kept filling each other’s holes. I was slamming into her even harder. I was approaching

my orgasm quickly.

“Fuck, yes, Liz, I’m going to cum. Fuck yes. Oh yes.”

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, fuck me, uh uh, uuuuhhhhh.” Liz had her second orgasm of the

session, third of the day. I knew I should pull out, hell, I should have been wearing a

condom the whole time, but I just had to cum inside this tight, young pussy. I couldn’t

get myself to pull out of her. I pushed my finger as deep into Liz’s ass as I could. Not

being able to reach any farther to penetrate my ass any deeper, I felt Liz poking me

with a second finger that broke through. The extra penetration coupled with her pussy

clamping down on my cock as her orgasm subsided was too much for me.

“Are you ready to feel your first load of cum shoot into your pussy?” I asked her.

“Fill up my 15-year-old pussy, Uncle Patrick!” she yelled back.

She really knew how to get to me! I gave a couple of last thrusts and then pushed

myself deep inside of her and exploded. My first shot might have been the biggest one

I have ever had. I shot 5 ropes of cum inside the teenager before just leaving it inside

of her to finish dripping empty. I collapsed on top of her and gave her a deep kiss

before finally withdrawing my flaccid penis and lying next to her.

“What did you think of losing your virginity?” I asked.

“When can we do it again?” she countered.

“In the morning. It’s late now, let’s get some sl**p.”

I looked down and saw my semen slowly leaking out of her used teen pussy and fell


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