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Valetines Day surprise part1

Heidi Mattson could hardly contain her excitement as she quickly packed a suitcase with her and her husband, Brad's, clothing. She had planned a surprise for him, a Valentine's Day surprise. She couldn't wait to see his face when she picked him up after work. She'd arranged for her s****r to ride with her and take Brad's car home, so he'd have no choice but to go with her. She knew he'd be a little nervous. Brad never really liked surprises, but she knew he'd like this one if he gave it a chance.

Looking through Brad's closet, she chose a pair of tan dress slacks made from a soft fabric, a black shirt that she knew fit him snugly, showing off his broad, muscular shoulders and hairy chest. She added the appropriate shoes and socks to the suitcase, then grabbed their toiletries from the bathroom that adjoined the master suite. From her own closet, Heidi chose a short blue cocktail dress, thigh high stockings, and a black push-up bra. She also took some more casual shorts and tops, adding her clothing to the other side of the double-sided luggage.

She picked up their hotel registration info. on her way out the door, and finally she was on her way. She and her s****r arrived at Brad's office promptly at 5:00, and within a few minutes Brad's blue Monte Carlo was gone. She didn't have long to wait before she saw him exit the building, carrying his jacket and swinging his briefcase.

Even after three years of marriage, she couldn't believe how gorgeous he was. His black hair framed a chiseled masculine face and his chocolate-brown eyes made her melt. She hoped he hadn't planned on getting a lot of work done over the weekend. She got out of the car and began walking toward him, her straight navy skirt and pink blouse set off her curvaceous figure to perfection. Silky hose covered her long legs, and navy pumps with three-inch heels completed her outfit.

"Brad," she hollered, waving, "Surprise!"

"What do you mean surprise?" he questioned, a grin on his face. He looked her up and down appreciatively, and then pulled her to him for a quick, hard kiss.

"I have a Valentine's surprise for you, babe," she announced, a saucy smile on her full lips. "Get in my car and we'll be on our way."

"But, where's my car," he asked, a touch of anxiety entering his voice.

"Don't worry. It's taken care of." Heidi reassured him. He sat back, apparently deciding to go along with her game.

After a relaxing hour and a half drive, they pulled up at the hotel where she'd booked their reservations. It was a small, secluded place, perfect for a weekend of romance, and for everything else she had planned. The manager had assured her that their privacy would be protected, and that the staff was well paid for their discretion. They were shown to their room and as soon as the concierge had brought in their luggage and left, Heidi helped Brad out of his clothing.

"We have dinner reservations at 7:30," she informed him as she undid his tie and, tossing it aside, unbuttoned his white shirt, pulling the tails from his pants. "You have time for a shower, and I've packed some special clothes for you to wear tonight." She kissed his mouth softly while running her hands over his chest and gently pinching his sensitive nipples. She unfastened his pants and slid them down his hips, pulling his silky black boxers with them. He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his pants. His penis was thick and firm with the beginnings of an erection. She couldn't resist stroking the silky length of it, then gently squeezing the sensitive head.

"We won't make it to supper if you keep that up," Brad stated, his voice husky with arousal.

"Oh, we'll definitely make it, big boy, if you think you want me now, just wait until after supper." Her teasing, sexy voice made him even harder.

"What have you got planned, Heidi?" He asked curiously.

"Something you'll like, I promise." She said, continuing to lightly stroke his lengthening penis. "Now, get in the shower. I'll change and be ready when you get done," she directed, pushing him toward the huge marble bathroom. He padded into the room his cock bobbing in front of him as he walked. She waited until she heard the shower running, and then took off her own clothes.

She picked up Brad's discarded clothing, hiding it in an empty drawer in the nightstand. She wanted to be sure he wore only the clothes she'd brought for him. She removed her skirt and blouse, exchanging them for a short midnight blue cocktail dress that left little to the imagination. The low-cut neckline left the top half of her generous breasts exposed nearly to the nipples. The short length barely covered the tops of her stockings. The air in the room felt cool against her bare pussy.

She was clipping on her sapphire necklace when Brad entered the room, his wet hair curling softly around his face and his chest hair damply matted. A fluffy white towel was wrapped snuggly around his narrow hips.

"Here are you clothes, Brad," Heidi said, pointing to the slacks and black shirt lying on the bed. "Let me help you get these on," she offered, a sexy smile lighting up her face. He stared at her, his intense gaze taking in the revealing dress.

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