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Fucking my sexy mom

Mom's surprise at basic training by stillstuckonmom
Introduction: mom and son explore each other even more when she comes alone to

bring him back home.
Mom visits me at basic training and surprises me with something I will never forget . I

get back in touch with my mom

I ha
d left a small town in the northeast and joined the army. I didn’t leave on the best

terms with my f****y, I had been in a lot of trouble before I decided to make the change

in my life and join the Army. My mother still wasn’t happy with the fact that I joined the

army and we didn’t talk before I left for basic training in Kentucky. I wrote a letter to my

mother and explained I had no other choice then to leave and look for my own life. I

was surprised when she wrote back and told me she understood my situation and

wanted to support me in my choice.

I was finishing basic training and graduation was only a week away. I was looking

forward to moving onto AIT and learning my job in the army. Most of the guys were

talking about their families and girlfriends coming for graduation and how they got one

night away with their families after graduation before we loaded on cattle trucks and

moved to a new location for AIT.

While they were talking I just sat there and knew I had no one to come and visit, No

girlfriend, and I knew my parents wouldn’t make the trip down to see me graduate. I

was going to be stuck in the barracks with all the other losers and still have to listen to

the DI chew our asses.

This is where the story really starts

….. Graduation Day……. We all looked sharp in our class a uniforms, standing in

formation waiting for the ceremony to start. We marched into the gym and I saw all the

families cheering for their sons and all the soldiers trying to keep a straight face and

look tough. Myself, I had a face that was stone cold since I knew no one was there for


Our graduation was finally over. Two hours of standing there sweating in a hot gym, the

command released us and the DI told us we could find our families and were released

to them until 0700 tomorrow morning. He then told the ones of us that didn’t have any

f****y that we were to report to the barracks and change and we could visit the post

and were to return by 1800 hours. Damn. That is only 4 hours. I was pissed knowing he

would be waiting for us when we got back to the barracks. Everyone was released…..

I started to walk away with a couple buddies when I heard my name being yelled. I

turned around and saw a sight that made me tear up…My mom standing there waving

at me. She had a smile from ear to ear. I couldn’t believe it, I walked over to her and

she hugged me so tight and wouldn’t let go of me.

I asked, “Mom, what are you doing here? Where are dad and my s****r?

She told me that she wanted to come and see me graduate and dad had to work so

she came by herself. She didn’t want to miss out on seeing me and was so proud of


I couldn’t believe she was here, what a surprise and I knew I didn’t need to go to the

barracks. I introduced her to my Drill Instructor and he said I was released until 0700

but I needed to check in with the CQ and inform them that I would not be returning to

the barracks that night.
So mom and I walked back to the barracks where I informed the CQ and brought my

mom to the open bay where we stayed to get a change of clothes before we headed


We drove back to the hotel where she was staying talking the whole way about what

had been going on and how my training went, Then she asked what I wanted to do and

I knew exactly what I wanted….A burger, a fat juicy burger and fries. We stopped at the

McDonalds and picked up the food to go and continued to the hotel, she was staying

at a nice hotel with a pool.

After getting to her room we ate and continued to talk about everything and eventually

the trouble I had at home and my letter I wrote to her surfaced. We talked about it and

she wouldn’t let go of me holding tight and it was the first time I noticed her breast

pushing up through her dress.

I never thought of my mom that way before but after living with a bunch of guys for the

past months I just figured I was horny and it would pass. Then my mom did something

that keep me guessing, she leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. It seemed to

last for ever but in reality about 5 seconds. She broke the embrace and told me she

loved me and missed me so much.

She jumped up and said lets go swimming, I told her I had no swim trunks and she

said that was ok because she knew before hand and picked me up some along with a

couple shirts and some sandals. When I left home I had a backpack with only a few

pieces of clothes.
She warned me that since I lost so much weight through basic training that she might

have picked up a size to big but I should be ok.

She then showed me what she got and grabbed her bathing suit and went into the

bathroom. When she walked out I was so surprised…..there my mom stood in a red

bikini smiling at me asking how she looked…..I was stunned and didn’t know what to

say….My mom stands about 5’8 and 125 pounds, an athletic body with nice C size

breast, dark brown hair and green eyes. I instantly started to grow and knew it was

because my mom looked so hot in her bikini. I was actually seeing her as a sexy

woman and not my mom.

She laughed and said “don’t just stare, put your trunks on”

I grabbed them and went into the bathroom. They fit but a little loose even with

tightening down the string. I walked out with just my trunks on and mom was waiting.

She say me and said “wow you lost a lot of weight, Look at all these muscles”

grabbing my arms and chest. I was proud of what I looked like now. I guess all the PT

helped me out.

We then went to the pool and the water was great, another couple was there lying out

by the pool but the wife had nothing compared to my mom, even her husband was

looking at my mom as she walked into the pool area.

She dove in the pool and I joined her. We were laughing and talking of old times in our

pool at home. The couple got up and left and we were all alone in the pool, secluded

from everything around us. Then my mom jumped up and pushed me under the water,

and started to wrestle around. I would grab a hold her and throw her around and she

would wrap her legs around me bringing me under with her.

Then as I grabbed a hold of her she wrapped her legs around me and her arms around

my neck sliding directly in front of me so my cock was directly pushed against the front

of her bikini bottoms. She squeezed her legs and I felt my cock pushing against the

fabric of my shorts and against her. I thought I heard a small whimper come from her

lips but didn’t react to it. She pulled me tight to her and I felt her breast against my

chest and she then pushed away from me swimming away, I couldn’t believe it, I just

stood there with a half hard-on and a kept telling my self that I couldn’t think this way

about her.

Before I knew it she was back to playing and dunked me and swam off again. I came

up and she was laughing, I chased her around the pool laughing and finally dunked her

under. When she went down she grabbed my shorts and pulled them. They came all

the way down my legs and off my body. She came up holding them laughing loud

telling me “I guess they are too big”

I asked for them back and she laughed throwing them in the air to the pool chairs. She

said if I wanted them I needed to go get them.

I told her. “I have swam nude before, so I will do it again”

We continued to laugh but I knew it was me just being nervous. Mom continued to

swim and would dunk me under the water. She jumped on my back and I swung her

around and again she locked her legs around me, this time the only thing separating

us was the thin piece of material of her bikini. Her legs were locked around my hips

and her breasts were pushed against my chest. My cock instantly was growing

between us. And we just looked at each other and my mom then did something that

still shocks me today.

She reached down between us and grabbed my cock; she gently started to stroke my

cock while looking directly in my eyes. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back

feeling her soft hand stroking me.
Mom said “looks like you have grown since last time I was able to touch your penis” I

said “I hope so, since I was just a k**”

She said “well, you are certainly a man now” and with that she lifted her body up and

took my cock and placed it against the fabric of her bikini right at her opening. She

took her other hand and slid the fabric to the side to slide down on my cock.

I couldn’t believe it I was inside my mother; she slowly started rocking back and forth,

up and down. We looked at each other and I leaned forward and kissed her open

mouth, our tongues swirled around each other, we were lost in ourselves. She

continued to rock back and forth, I moved us over to the edge of the pool, where she

laid against the side spreading out her arms and I continued to thrust into her warm

pussy. I leaned in and kissed her breast pulling the material to the side I licked her

nipples and sucked like I needed her milk once again.

With each thrust I sucked her nipples and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I started to

push harder and harder,
She cried out “yes fuck mommy’s pussy, harder, and harder. I want it all”
Then “I am Cumming, and her body locked up on me, her pussy got so tight. My juices

were almost there.
I continued to push deep until I felt my cock erupt with a flurry of cum filling the inside of

my mom’s hot pussy.

I couldn’t believe it, I had just filled my mom’s pussy, Mom looked at me and kissed me

again, telling me she loved me and wanted me to know it.
I kept her there with my dick still inside of her, we were two lovers lost in the moment,

because when we finally looked around, there was a man sitting in the chair watching


Mom covered up fast and started yelling at him “why didn’t you tell us you were there?

All he said was “it was too good of a show to pass up”

Both embarrassed, we jumped out of the pool grabbing the towels and my trunks

running to the exit.
Back at her room we calmed down and laughed it off, me sitting on the bed and her in

the chair we looked at each other again. I started to get hard again and she saw it

through the towel.

Mom stood up and walked over to me. Pushing me down on the bed she took the

towel off of me, and took my cock into her mouth, slowly until she swallowed all 7

inches. She had great skills; I had received blowjobs before but new to this caliber.

She sucked and licked, bringing me to almost blowing and then would slow down.

When finally I couldn’t hold back I told her I was about to cum and she pushed the

whole cock into her mouth and I blasted the back of her throat. She took everything I

had and looked up at me smiling only to lick the tip of my dick again.

We spent the rest of the night holding each other tight, falling asl**p only to wake up

and make love again.

The next morning we got up at 0530 and took a shower, I was able to enter her pussy

again and leave my seed. She drove me back to base and we said our goodbyes.

She told me that she would also come to my AIT graduation but that dad probably

wouldn’t make it.
I told her “that was fine with me; all I needed was my mom”
She told me I could have her anytime.
part 2
Seeing mom again by stillstuckonmom

I just came back from vacation visiting my f****y and wanted to share what happened

there. If you have read any of my previous stories then you know that I have been

sl**ping with my mother for some time now and we try to get together whenever we

have time. But living across the country from her really doesn’t allow us to see each

other to often.

Anyways back to my story.

My f****y had a f****y reunion in May and the whole f****y was going to be there so

we were expected to travel across country to attend. We would be staying at

campground about an hour from my parents place and they had reserved a whole

section of the campground for our f****y to use. Our f****y is made up of 8 sets of

aunts and uncles and about 30 cousins with their families so the campground was

happy to book that many spaces.

This is a account of our first night back in Maine.

We arrived in Maine on a Wednesday night to my mom and dad waiting for us at the

airport. My wife, son and I saw them as soon as we came off the plane and everyone

was excited. My wife because she loves my parents and always enjoys being around

them. My son because he gets to see his grandma and grandpa, and myself, well

there is only one reason I get excited and that is because my mom was there. She was

wearing her business outfit with a tight white shirt covered by an open jacket and a

nice skirt that covered her ass perfectly. Our eyes met instantly and she smiled big.

Everyone embraced and traded hellos. When I got to hug mom I think our hug lasted

longer than expected by I instantly started to grow hard feeling her breast against my

chest and my hands on the small of her back.

We headed to get our bags and to the car we went. Heading home it was uneventful

but we talked about what had been going on and the upcoming reunion and camping

trip. Arriving at home we were met by my s****r and her k**s. (Wow, they are a loud

bunch) Her husband was still at work but would be joining us soon. We unpacked and

got our son Jason situated in his room and us in our room right next door. We would

only be here for the night and then we would head to the camp ground after my parents

got off of work Thursday night for 4 nights there.

Mom started to cook dinner, so we all joined her in the kitchen and continued to talk

and just have a good time. Mom asked me to go down to the cellar and get her the big

roasting pan from the storage so I headed down there but could not find it anywhere.

Yelling up the stairs, I told her I couldn’t find it and asked what it looked like.

She said hold on, and I heard her coming down the stairs.

She came into the storage room located just below the stairs and brushed past me.

Her breast pushing on my back, I instantly started to get hard.

Mom said, “I know I put it somewhere, where is it” What am I looking for? Then she

reached up my thigh and grabbed a hold of my dick through my pants. “Oh, here it is”

With that I turned around and she rose up my body still holding my cock as it grew in

her hands. Our lips locked and her tongue entered my mouth. Our tongues danced

together like lost lovers. My hands went directly to her ass and I cupped each cheek.

We continued our embrace as my hands moved up to take her breast in hand.

She broke the kiss saying “as soon as I saw you I instantly got wet.” I don’t need any

pan I just wanted to get you alone.” I have missed you so much.

I told her the same goes for me and kissed her again. This time bringing my hands up

under her skirt rising it up so I could touch her bare ass. I found no panties there just

bare cheek; I massaged each cheek as our embrace continued.

She broke the embrace again and looked down at my crouch, I was sporting a nice

tent and it needed to be released. She told me that we shouldn’t do it because the

f****y was right up stairs but I pleaded with her to just take it out so I could feel her

hands on it again.

She unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor. Pulling at my boxers she

released my 7” hard prick out and continued to rub it as our tongues intertwined again.

My hands continued to assault her cheeks and I brought one forward to touch her

pussy. As soon as my fingers made contact with her lips I felt how wet she was. I ran

my fingers up and down her pussy lips, each time she became more and more wet. I

knew I needed her bad and I brought my hand down on her thigh and lifted her leg.

Mom didn’t fight she put her foot on the lower shelf to give me access. Then took my

cock and pointed it at her opening. I pushed forward and impaled her pussy with my

cock, sinking all the way into her. She pressed back to me. We both stopped and

looked at each other smiling.

Then I heard my s****r yelling down the stairs. “Did you guys find it yet?” We both froze,

me still deep in my own mother.

Mom yelled back, “No, not yet but I will” I took this as for us to continue and I slowly

started to pump my mom’s sweet pussy.

Then I heard footsteps on the stairs, it was my dad saying “I put the pans in the other

room, I will show you.”
Mom jumped back and my cock fell out, we both hurried to get our clothes the right

way. I had just pulled my pants up and turned towards the shelves when dad entered

the door.

“I forgot to tell you I moved the pans the other day when I ran new cable under the floor

for the k**’s room. I never put them back.”

Mom laughed and said, “Stop touching my things, then I wouldn’t send Tom to find

things that aren’t there.”

Both laughing they left the room; I finished zipping myself and waited for my heart to

calm down. Wow that was close.

I walked out to see dad giving mom the bowl and head back up stairs. Mom turned to

me and said “we almost got caught, but I want more of this cock, meet me tonight after

everyone goes to bed so we can finish this.”

Time was going to slow, dinner was nice but all I kept doing was looking across the

table at my mother knowing that I just wanted to be inside her again. Every time we

made eye contact she would give me a devilish smile and I knew she was thinking the

same thing. Dinner ended and we all ended up in the living room talking. My wife

excused herself and put Jason to bed. My s****r said it was time to go home and went

to leave with her k**s about 10 pm. I sat in there with mom and dad just counting down

the minutes until I could sneak around with my mother again.

My wife came back out and said her goodnights and asked me to join her. As I left

mom told dad she wanted to go to sl**p. I thought dad would go with her but he turned

on the T.V. and I was disappointed. I joined my wife in bed and she talked about being

back in Maine and how she loved it. She snuggled in wrapping my arms around her

feeling her ass push against my cock it started to rise.

I wanted to save it for my mom but my wife had other ideas, she reached behind her

and started to play with it through my boxers, then pulled it through the slit in the front

and continued to get me harder with each stroke.

My hands traveled from her stomach to her breast, kneading each breast I heard her

breathing get more labored. She then turned to face me kissing me deeply. I pulled up

her night gown and ran my hands over her body. Each time passing her hip I would pull

a little on her bikini underwear. Finally getting the message she turned and pulled them


Throwing a leg over me I had total access to her pussy. How I loved this pussy, it

stayed wet and she was always willing to have me enter her. I ran my fingers down her

stomach to her opening, passing over her pubic hair that is nicely trimmed. My fingers

slid down her opening finding it wet and hot. I played with her clit as we continued to

kiss. Sliding a finger inside her body tensed and her hips pushed against my hand

trapping my finger inside. She continued to stroke my cock, we kissed passionately.

My fingers played with her pussy.

I spread her legs further breaking our kiss. Lifting up her nightgown I kissed down to

her breast. Bringing each nipple into my mouth I sucked hard. She pressed my head to

her sweet breast telling me to suck harder. She has always liked when I torture her

breast. I begin to bite them and pull them deep into my mouth. I continue to suck as

she moves her ass closer to me. My hands pull her ass as my cock slides against her


I feel her grab my cock again and line it up with her pussy. I know it is time to enter her.

I push forward pushing the head into her. She pushes back against me taking more of

me into her. My assault on her breast is continuing but now I am slowly pushing in and

out of my wife. She pushes on my chest for me to lie on my back. I turn while pulling her

on top of me. She slides down the full length of my pole. I look up and see this beautiful

woman start to move her hips stroking the whole length of my cock. No words are

spoken just pure love is shown.

Her rhythm picks up and she pushes hard on me. I feel her pelvic bone with each

thrust. I feel her tensing up; I know it is coming soon. I grab each tit with my hands and

pinch her nipples. She slams down on my cock fucking it for all it is worth. She starts to

call out as her orgasm hits. I have to cover her mouth with my hand so no one else


She is flooding my cock with her juices I feel it running down my balls, there is no

holding back now. I feel my balls tense I grab her hips and push deep into my wife. I

explode with all the built up tension as I fill her inner walls with my cum. She collapses

on top of me; our breathing is fast I hold her with both ass cheeks in my hands. I start to

feel my cock soften and soon it slides out. I feel a mixture of my cum and hers running

down my cock and balls. She rolls off of me and pulls me to her. We kiss and she

presses her ass firmly against my cum soaked cock and drifts off to sl**p.

I awake because I have to piss, it is now 230 a.m. and I just know I have missed my

meeting with my mom. I open the door and peer down the hall, I still see my dad in his

chair with the T.V. on. He is snoring and out to the world.

I go to the bathroom starting to piss I feel the dried cum on my cock, after a little

adjustment I was able to hit the toilet. I washed my hands and figured I was just going

back to bed. Opening the door I got another surprise.

From the hallway bathroom I can see my parent’s bedroom door. It is open and my

mom is standing at the door waving for me to come there. She is wearing a sheer

nightgown with the light from the kitchen I can just see the outline of her breast. I sneak

through the hall way, first listening for my dad’s snoring and then looking into my room

to make sure the wife is still asl**p. All is well. I make my way to my mom’s room.
As soon as I get to the door she kisses me passionately. I feel her breast pressed

against me. Running my hands down her back to her ass I grab both checks and press

into her. I feel my cock start to grow again.

Mom breaks the kiss and says. “I never thought you were going to come and see me”
I said, “Dad is still in his chair, I didn’t think I should take the chance.”
She said. “Don’t worry about that, he always falls asl**p in his chair. He will wake up

and come in the morning. He says it feels good on his back. We really need to get a

new bed.”

With that mom pulled me into their room, kissing me deeply and fiddling with my cock.

I broke the kiss and told her I am not clean, that Susan (my wife) and I made love


She just looked at me and said “I know, I could hear you from the vents. It made me so

wet, I fingered myself and came when she did”

I was shocked. I said, “You were listening to us?”

She said yeah and it was hot, even though I wished it was me you were fucking, I know

that your wife really enjoys your cock as well.

I said “How do you know that.” Mom said, “Susan and I talk, she told me that you

always deliver and are a very passionate lover.

It took all I had not to tell her I KNOW” laughing she dropped to her knees and pulled

down my boxers.

Grabbing my cock she kissed the head of it. Looking up at me she stuck out her

tongue and licked the entire shaft from my ball sack to the head. “ummm, I think I can

taste her as well. It is so good” I just looked at her with my mouth open. Then she took

my growing cock all the way into her mouth. Teasing it with her tongue as she started

to assault my cock.

Soon I was at full mast and enjoying this great blowjob. Mom was moaning and taking

as much as she could into her mouth. I reached down pulling her head to shove more

cock into her mouth. I felt her gag a little and it made my cock jump. I could feel my

cock swelling and wanted to blast my load into her mouth.
But mom pulled back, I guess she could tell. She told me “no not yet. I need you to

deposit it somewhere else.”

With that she stood up and brought me to the end of her bed. She has a long hope

chest there and kneeled on it pulling up her nightgown and spreading her legs facing

away from me. I walked up behind her and ran my hand down her ass crack passing

over her brown hole and then to her wet pussy. She shivered as my fingers found her

soaking pussy.

I slowly entered my finger into her and she pushed back to me. I started to finger fuck

her slowly, rubbing my cock on her ass crack teasing her.
She turned to me and told me “you better stop teasing me and fuck me!”

With that I lined up my cock to her pussy and pressed forward. Sliding the whole length

into her wet pussy until my pelvic bone was pushed on her ass. She started to moan

and returned my thrust. We gained to a good rhythm. Mom holding onto the bed rail at

the end of her bed. Me holding onto her hips.

I then took a finger and ran it down her ass crack to her hole and started to play with

her backdoor. She started to moan even louder, pushing against my dick and finger. I

reached down and got some pussy juice on my index finger and lubed up her asshole.

Slowly pushing my finger into her ass up to the second knuckle.

It was too much for her to take; it sent her over the edge. I felt her pussy clamp down on

my cock, she started to moan louder then pushed hard against my cock and I felt her

flood gates open as she came. I felt her juices surround my cock. I continued to fuck

her hard. Slamming her pussy with my cock, my finger still buried deep in her ass.

Mom reached down between her legs and grabbed my balls. Playing with them sent

me over the edge. I started to cum hard inside her blowing my second load of the night

deep in the pussy that sprouted me.
We calmed down, my cock still inside her, my finger still in her ass. I pulled out my

finger and leaned over to kiss her back.

That is when we heard my dad moving in his chair. Everything seemed to go in slow

motion, I pulled out of her. We looked at each other, she told me. “Hide, hide, he is

coming.” I looked for a place to hide. The only place was under her bed.

I dove on the ground with my boxes still at my ankles. Climbing under the bed was so

much easier when I was a k**. It took all I had to fit under there as I am now. I heard

mom jump into the bed just when my dad entered the bedroom.
He asked. “Are you ok? I thought I heard you from the living room”. Mom didn’t say a

word; she acted like she was sl**ping.

I felt dad get into bed, I was shaking underneath it. I didn’t know how I was going to get

out of this situation.
I heard him again, “honey, are you awake? I felt the bed move as shook her.” she

acted like she was just waking up. What honey?

Dad said, were you having a bad dream? I think I heard you from the living room. Are

you ok?
Mom said, Yeah I am ok, it was just a dream. I am sorry I woke you.
Then I heard something that I wished I didn’t.

Dad saying, “Honey, you are so hot, your skin is hot” then “damn, even your ass is hot, I

can feel the heat from you against my dick.”

My eyes got big, I knew what was about to happen. They were about to fuck.

My mom said, “It must have been the dream but I don’t even know what it was about.”
I heard Dad say “you are dripping wet” then I felt him get off the bed and looked out to

see his underwear hit the floor.

Mom said “I am tired I want to go back to sl**p.” But dad didn’t settle for that. Next

thing I know I feel the bed shaking as he started to fuck my mother.
Soon he had a good rhythm going as he was fucking her. I kept hearing him say, “Oh

man, you are so wet.” I love it, I love it.

I could hear mom moaning, but it wasn’t the same as when she was with me.

Finally, I heard mom say “get on top; I want you to fuck me hard.

I felt dad move on the bed and knew why she wanted him to do that. So I could escape

from under the bed.
I gave it a couple minutes and heard dad grunting again as he plowed my mom, I

slowly moved from under the bed crawling on my belly I made my way to the door.

I crawled all the way through the door and came up on the side of the wall. Looking

back in I saw my dad’s ass in the air as he fucked my mother. She was looking right at

me. We made eye contact and I smiled.
Dad must have seen her looking in the direction of the door because he started to turn

his head.

I went flat against the wall. I continued to hear him grunting and fucking as I moved

back to my room with my sl**ping wife.

I crawled into bed and snuggled back into my wife. I could faintly hear my dad grunting

through the air vents of the room. I fell asl**p it was now 4:10 AM.

part 3
Mom sees visits me at Fort Benning

This is a continuation from my last story of my mother visiting me at my basic training

graduation. If you want to know our first time then please read that first.

She said she would see me at my graduation from AIT but things fell through and she

wasn’t able to attend. It wasn’t so bad because she made sure she was there at my

Airborne graduation at Fort Benning Georgia. This is about our first night together

after Airborne school and before leaving on our 3 day journey back home.

After my graduation from AIT I was shipped on a bus with 6 other soldiers from Fort

Jackson South Carolina to Fort Benning Georgia for Airborne training. I was gun ho

and ready for anything. We off loaded the bus and checked into the Airborne school.

Got my ass chewed out with in 10 minutes of being there by not calling an instructor by

his right title. I soon found out that you never just call them sergeant but always say

“sergeant Airborne” Stupid I know but this is the Army.

I spent the next three weeks running everywhere and learning how to fall out of a

perfectly good airplane. Yes I said fall because the parachutes the army has is not the

ones everyone sees on T.V. with the guy floating onto the ground. When you hit the

ground in an Army parachute you know the impact and it never feels great.

Our last week we spent jumping out of a C-130 and every time I made a jump I was

sorer from the previous one. But I knew I wanted to graduate and finally wear my

Graduation day came and I was in my pressed uniform, looking sharp, proud of my

accomplishments. But I knew what I was really excited about was that my mother would

be in the crowd cheering me on. I called her and told her that I had made the finally

jump and she told me that she already had her ticket and would be there for graduation

day. My dad of course would not be coming since he had prior engagements for work

and couldn’t get out of them. I had 14 days of leave time to use before I went to my

permanent duty station at Fort Bragg. We had planned on my mother to fly down and

meet me then we would drive back home together.

I stood in formation and waited for my turn to receive my wings. Our CO slowly made

his way down the line shaking hands and slapping wings onto each soldier’s chest. He

approached me and I knew what was coming. He held the wings to my chest and

slapped the pin on my chest. I felt the two pins go through my uniform and into my

chest. I made it; I just earned my bl**d wings. The rest of the ceremony was a blur. I

kept looking into the crowd and saw my mother standing there with a big smile on her

face. Next thing I know our 1st sergeant is saying dismissed.

I moved quickly among the crowd looking for my mother again, we met in the middle of

the crowd and she hugged me so tight. It was a welcoming feeling as I felt her breast

pushed against my chest and the smell of her perfume in my nostrils.

She moved back from me and I saw my mother in all her beauty. She was wearing a

light blue blouse that fit tightly to her breast, she had on a nice skirt that accented her

round ass and went to just above her knees showing off a beautiful set of legs.

We walked quickly back to the barracks so I could grab my bags and sign out on leave

for our road trip back home. I was happy to get out of there. Once in the rental car, me

in the driver’s seat and mom in the passengers I took a deep breath and finally


Mom looked at me and leaned over, our lips met and I felt our tongues entwine. Our

passionate kiss felt like it lasted forever but I am sure only about 10 seconds.
Mom sat back and said “I missed that so much” I agreed and told her I had been

waiting for that all day. And wanted to feel her touch so badly when I first saw her that

my head was spinning.

She asked if I wanted to hit the road tonight or just leave in the morning. I said “I

thought we could leave in the morning since I had other plans for tonight.”
She laughed “saying I thought you would say that.”

I started the car and to drive off post towards her hotel. Pulling out of the parking lot we

ran into everyone else that was leaving the ceremony and the traffic was back up.

Neither of us cared slowly we moved forward holding hands as I made my way through


Mom kept giggling and moving in her seat...I asked what is wrong and she told me that

she had a surprise for me. I asked her what it was.
Mom didn’t say a word but pushed up in her seat sliding her skirt up slowly to reveal no

panties and the most beautiful pussy in the world shaven to the skin and bald as a

baby’s behind. Last time we were together she had a nice fur patch but she soon told

me she shaved it last night as present for me.

I was shocked and almost ran our car into the car in front of us. I kept staring at her

bald beaver and looking how the lips were full and how her clit protruded from the top. I

was instantly hard and she knew what she was doing to me. She then ran her finger up

her pussy lips and stuck her finger into my mouth. I slurped her wetness from her finger

enjoying her taste.

She told me “that is only the appetizer just wait until she got me out of my uniform.

Grabbing my crouch she said we might not be able to wait and reached up and undid

my zipper.

Reaching in she pulled my cock out, sliding her hands up and down my shaft. I shook

with each stroke. Then she did something I would never forget. She undid her seat belt

and leaned over taking me into her hot wet mouth. As soon as her lips touch my head I

felt my balls tingling. Luckily the windows were tinted in the car or someone could have

had a real good show as she started to work my cock for all it was worth.

Sucking the head and sliding her tongue up and down the shaft. As she worked my

cock I slid my hand around her to between her legs. He pussy was soaking wet, as my

fingers touched her she began to moan. I slowly inserted one finger inside and she

spread her legs further apart.

I began sliding my finger in and out while my thumb played with her clit. Within 2

minutes she was moaning loud and grabbing my legs as she climaxed. When she

came down she continued her assault on my cock. I could feel the back of her throat

every time she would push down. It was too much to bear. I felt my cum rising and told

her I was going to cum. Pushing my fingers deep inside her I raised my hips and shot

a huge load of cum down my mother’s throat. She continued to suck my cock taking

every drop and not leaking any.

She then cleaned my cock with her tongue and as it went soft she put it back in my

pants and zipped me up. Sitting up she straightened up her skirt and put her seat belt

back on. She looked at me and said “I love you” of course I replied back the same.

We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and sat in the car. Me gaining my composure

and her just sitting there smiling.

We finally left the car and went into her room, I laid my bag on the bed and began

taking out my civilian clothes. Just what I had before I left from the Army and the swim

trunks that mom bought me last time she visited.
She picked them up and laughed saying she remembered our last time in the pool.

Too bad our hotel now didn’t have a pool or we could relive our experience. I grabbed

a hold of her and brought her to me telling me that we didn’t need the pool anymore.

Pressing my lips to hers I parted her lips and our tongues danced again. My hands

went down her back to her hot ass cupping both cheeks in my hands pulling her closer

to me. My cock sprung to life again.

Mom soon pushed me away telling me that we should get something to eat and

cleaned up first before we played some more. I told her I already have what I want to

eat and pushed her back onto the bed. She laughed telling me that she knew what I

had in mind. I parted her legs and looked at her glistening pussy, no hair, and smooth

lips and knew I had to taste her again.
I ravaged her pussy, first licking up both sides of her lips. Blowing gently against them

she squirmed as my tongue made contact with her pussy. I slowly pushed my tongue

into her as she spread her legs further and further apart.
Opening up her pussy to me. I nibbled on her clit; she pushed my head down so I

would go deeper with my tongue. He scent was strong, her juices were flowing and

she was moaning long and deep. I continued my assault on her pussy. He legs

clamped on my head as she began to climax. Screaming as her pussy flooded my

face, I was trying to drink all her juices but there was way too much.

Finally relaxing mom released my head; I looked up and smiled as she continued to

catch her breath.
I stood up and looked down on my mother in her beauty, legs spread, and her skirt

lifted over her waist, her pussy glistening in the light. She looked up and asked if I was

full yet, I told her not even close.

We cleaned up and headed out to dinner. During dinner we talked about everything

that was going on at home and with me in the military. My dad called and we both

talked to him on the phone, letting him know that we planned on leaving tomorrow

morning for the long drive back. The whole time I am talking to my dad my mom is

running her foot up and down my leg. I was having a hard time keeping my attention to

the conversation.

After dinner we returned to the hotel room and I told her that I wanted to take a shower

and she asked me if I wanted company. I said “yes of course”

She began stripping as she moved to the bathroom, first her blouse and bra revealing

her breast to me, dropping her skirt I saw she still wasn’t wearing any panties. And her

ass was beautiful. She moved into the bathroom and I followed suit, stripping as I

walked into the small bathroom, Mom was bent over the tub turning on the water. I

came in behind her and slid my cock down her ass crack. She jumped and pushed

back against me. As she stood up I ran my hand up her stomach to her breast and

cupped her breast in my hand, running my fingers over her nipple it became erect.

She turned around and kissed me again, I moved down her neck to her breast

bringing her nipple to my mouth I sucked and nibbled on it. She pushed me back

telling me that we were wasting water. I went to jump in the shower and she gave me a

light smack on the ass

When we were both in the shower mom began to soap me up paying real attention to

my cock. I was hard as a rock as she stroked my cock again. I took the bar of soap

began washing her breast, down her stomach and to her pussy, I slipped my fingers in

again and she was already wet from her juices. I brought the bar of soap up her ass

crack and my other hand following behind. My fingers crossed her ass hole and she

jumped. I laughed and she said that she had never done that before but wanted to try it

but my dad would never do it. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why.
I told her that I would be doing it tonight turn and pushed her against the wall. She

continued to stroke my cock with the soap as I prepared her. I told her I wanted to feel

her pussy first and she guided me into her slowly, sticking her ass out I began with long

strokes pushing deep inside my mother.

Mom’s pussy sucked me in not wanting to let go. She pushed back into me with each

stroke. Soon we had a good rhythm going as I penetrated her we continued our pace

and mom started to moan loud telling me that she was going to cum. I felt her pussy

clinch my cock and she reached behind her and pulled me closer to her. I felt her cum

hard and even with the running shower I could feel her pussy explode juices around my

cock and down my legs.

When she calmed down I pulled out for a minute, I knew if I kept going I couldn’t hold

back any longer. After recovering I put more soap on her ass and started to play with

her asshole, first inserting one finger and then two, mom continued to stroke my cock

with the soap. Telling me to be careful as I then began to line up my cock with her

virgin brown hole.

I pushed forward on the balls of my feet and felt the resistance of her hole. She pushed

back a little bit and the head of my cock popped through her hole. She grabbed my

arm as I stood still letting her get used to the feeling.

I then pushed deeper stopping again and again so she would be ok. Before I knew it I

was all the way in my mom’s ass. My balls hitting below I pulled back slowly and

pushed again.

Each thrust my mom whimpered a bit, but then started to push back against me with

each thrust. Her whimpers then turned into moaning as I picked up speed thrusting

deep into her bowels.
She was so tight every time I would pull back I could feel her hole grabbing a hold of

the skin of my cock. We picked up pace, mom meeting thrust for thrust. I knew it wasn’t

much longer for me. I reached around and placed my fingers between her legs

flickering her clit.

Mom moaned out loud and pushed harder into me. I met her with each thrust drilling as

deep as I could go. Mom Said I am about to cum and I let her know I was almost there

too. She said “fill my ass up, I want to feel you fill my ass.”

I kept flicking my finger across her clit. She clinched down on my fingers as she started

to flood my hand once again. It was too much to handle, I felt my seed come from my

balls to fill my mom’s tight ass. I unloaded stream after stream of cum into her that


We stood there catching our breath, me still buried deep in her ass. Finally, I started to

pull out slowly. Mom turned around kissing me again, telling me that I will be the only

guy who gets to fuck her ass. That it belongs to me and only me.

We cleaned up and left the shower, neither of us bothering to get dressed. We laid in

bed, mom snuggled into my side rubbing her hand over my chest. We watched T.V.

and fell asl**p with it still on.
I woke up once that night to turn off the T.V. but and snuggled behind mom making

sure that my cock was pushed into her ass.

We awoke the next morning to a beautiful day, made love once again making sure that

I filled her pussy full before our trip. We packed the car and started on our journey

Our adventure was only beginning since I knew I had at least 3 days alone with my

beautiful mother to make sure I fulfilled her every desire.

But that is for another story…. Hope you all like this one.

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