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Training Nikkis Master Part 3

The day after Todd had submitted it was his turn to learn the finer point of being his future wifes master.We all had breakfast and Jodie and I both stressed to both of then that in a session that what was said in a session was not to be taken as that persons true feelings. Nikki if Todd calls you names like slut and Whore you know that he loves you and that this is to make the play better. I also told Todd that another time Nikki would curse him his f****y and swear she would never sl**p with him was during c***dbirth, but she would not meen it. Todd went to get dressed for Nikkis day of pain and when he returned he wore a a pair of leather jeans and vest nothing else. Wow Todd that looks hot Nikki said. I am your master you should address me as such. Yes sir was Nikkis reply. Nikki was naked already as Todd said why am I going to punish you today, young lady? Because I have been a bad girl. Ha he said I have known your were a bad girl since our first date 2 years ago, what have you done lately. When we arrived friday Mistress Jodie told us to get a good night rest before she started your training, but just before you went to sl**p I started playing with you and you did not enough rest. Todd pinched and slapped her small tits causing a small yelp and told her I am going to make these so sore you will not want them sucked or touched for a month. As for your other holes I will find something for them also. I think I will begin with your ass bend over and show use your hole. Bending over the arm of the couch Nikki reached back and spread her cute brown cheeks showing all her tight hole. I think I will plug this up to start with he said as he selected a fairly large plug and said "how does this look my little slave" I will try to take it master she replied. No you will take it even if you have to bleed. Mistress Jodie said she had some special lube to use would you like that(the lube was a combination of a muscle rub and KY jelly that caused burning) Please not that Nikki begged it burns so much. You have a choice you can use the lube or it will go in dry having only the spit and saliva from your sucking and licking the plug. It is clean now but think of all the dirty assholes it has been inside of, it has probably even been in yours. Please use the lube master Nikki said. Todd lubed up the plug and putting a gloved finger in her tight hole spread more inside her the with a slow but steady push the butt plug went in when it reached the widest part she yelled as her ass sucked the rest in. Nikki was led to the x cross and secured to it facing forward. Now we will work on you a little he said roughly squeezing her small breasts then using the slapper on a crop spanked them until they were bright red and swollen then taking a severe set of teethed clips attaching on to each nipple and hooking a chain between them and hanging a fishing weight from it. Working down her tight belly he hit her with the crop even leaving a few light marks. Looks like no bikini for you for a while unless you want to show off your marks. Todd had really learned well between knowing all about Nikki and the lessons Jodie and I had given her he was becoming a natural. Using the slapper he began a spanking of her shaven slit causing her to yell and twist on the cross. Stopping the spanking Nikki relaxed for a minute and then Todd reached between her legs shoving 2 then 3 fingers inside her causing moans to escape her lips. Come her Jodie and Bob look how wet my little slut is. It was true juices were begining to leak down her thighs. Go ahead Todd said feel how juicy she is. Please No, I do not mind Mistress Jodie doing that but you are the only man I want touching me. I am your master and I will say who touches you I may even order lunch delivered I sure the devivery man would love the tip, besides you have told me you have given Bob a blow job and even let him fuck your tight ass. All right please inspect me Mistress Jodie and Master Bob. Jodie went first rubbing the slit and pushing 3 finger in causing Nikki to quiver then putting her wet fingers in her mouth for Nikki to suck clean. I then put one finger in her reaching up and rubbing her G spot until she was at the very edge of cumming and the pulled out leaving her hanging, I spread the hood exposing her swollen clit and rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger until she was at the edge again and just before her climax pinched it hard causing a scream but not letting her cum. I then wiped my hand on her upper lip saying "she can smell her own juices the rest of the day" Todd I think she needs a little work on her thighs as Jodie handed him a thin long leather paddle. Using it from her knees to the bottom of her sex her upper thighs were bright red but probably not bruise, finishing with 4 upper strokes into her soaked pussy causing more screams. Looking at his love Todd could see tears running down her face. Putting the paddle down he went to her wiping the tears away and asking "would you like me to stop Nikki" No Todd this I what we came here for was Nikkis reply. Jodie intervened and said I think we all should stop and rest for a few minutes, Nikki needs to rest and have some water before you begin to work on her backside. Taking the small girl from the cross and supporting her on her rubbery legs we led her to the couch and brought her Ice water which she eagerly drank. While she recovered a little Jodie critiqued Todds work once and stressed what areas to avoid while working on her backside pointing out once again to stay away from the k**neys as that could cause permanant damage. I am ready for more Nikki said suprising us all as she had only sat for about 35 minutes. She was led to hoist and put in cuffs she was lifted to he toes. Todd began with a light flogger progressing to a heaver one and the finished with the crop Nikki was now reddened from her knees to her shoulder with a few light marks. Have you had enough my love Todd said, all pretence of being her master had left him and it was all love once again. No Todd please use the crop hard on my butt and thighs I want to have marks from you to show my love. Removing her from the cuffs she was bent over the spanking bench, Todd had undressed and his member was standing in front of him. Nikkis already red ass was on display and he asked how many should I give her Jodie? I think Nikki shoukd tell you, but I think the Butt plug should be removed before you begin it my cause you some trouble. How many Nikki he asked My birthday is next month an early birthday spanking of 26 should be right if they are hard enough. Taking the crop he approached her wispering are you ready. Yes Todd please leave your mark on me. The crop whistled through the air landing on the middle of her ass leaving a red stripe. He contined until Nikki had stripes from her knees to the top of her butt. That is 25 Nikki one more to go. Breathing heavily Nikki said do it as hard as you can my love. Todd looked like a baseball player trying for a home run with the final hit much harder that Jodie had ever used on anyone, rivlets of bl**d coming from the final mark. Are you alright my love he asked? No Todd, which gave him a shocked look, you have made me so horny pleas fuck me. With a releived look on his face he then grinned and said "I guess you are my little slut" taking her from behind his hips hitting her wounded behind causing little yells to come from her. Finish in my ass she begged, Todd withdrew from her and put it in her tight hiney finaly depositing a load of sperm in her ass. As they both recovered Todd began to rub and scratch himself, Shit I forgot about the lube my dicks on fire he said. Nikki grinned at him and said I did not I wanted a little revenge. I will have to keep an I on you he said.
We went to the wedding a few months later and they made a beautiful couple, little did the guests know that in addition to the white dress Nikki had a bright red ass. And the couple told us later that she had worn a butt plug the whole time.

I wonder what they did on thier honeymoon.

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