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My fantasy...43

when u finally wake up
my teasing hand continues
2 stroke & caress your cock
& i whisper
" i wanna feel your cock in my ass !! "
as i lie down on my back
& look expectantly over at u...
your fat cock throbs & twitches
& there is a ribbon of stringy pre-cum
hanging off the tip of the swollen head...
i hook my hands behind my knees
then pull my legs up high & wide
as i crush my knees against my chest
& expose my puckered anus 2 u
as u roll over & raise yourself above me
& then bend your head 4ward & down
& touch your hot tongue 2 my ass-hole...
then u start 2 circle the taut opening
& u press your tongue harder in2 me
as it slips inside my horny & willing ass...
as u work your tongue in & out of me
the stubble on your chin sc****s my ass
driving me absolutely crazy with lust...
u press your coned tongue even harder
as i breathe deep & relax my sphincter
& your tongue slips all the way inside me...
i am writhing with passion & pleasure
& about 2 cum just from the excitement...
your sweet & slippery tongue is heavenly
but i wanna feel your thick cock in my ass
so i push your head back from my hole
as i look lustfully up in2 your eyes
& whimper
" fill my tight ass with your cock !!
fuck my hole full of hot cock !!! "

u smile as u slide your body up over mine
& point your swollen weapon in2 my target
as u smear the huge juicy drop of pre-cum
all over my tightly puckered fuck-hole...
u push my legs out wider 2 my shoulders
& then up 2wards the head of the bed
as u pin my knees down on2 the mattress
& lift my horny & quivering ass upward
as i feel u press against my taut ass-hole
with your marvelously thick cock-head...
i scream & shudder as i feel u enter me
groaning breathlessly at the onslaught
as the widest part of your swollen cock-head
slips past the tightest part of my anal ring...
i feel my clutching sphincter snap in tight
behind your generously flared cock-head
& my fuck-hole grips your cock so tight
that u can barely make any progress
as u struggle 2 press your way in2 me...
u work your swollen & thick cock inside me
burying your it all the way 2 the girthy hilt
& your smooth balls rest against my ass
as u begin 2 pump your ass-stretching tool
in & out of my gripping fuck-hole so slowly
as u lean down & playfully bite my nipple...
i groan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "

as your tongue writhes & twists my flesh
& i begin 2 relax my channel a little more
u start 2 long-stroke my anal passage
as u pull all the way back out of my ass
until your cock-head pops cumpletely out
of my severely battered anal opening
then f***e your glans 2 re-enter me each time
& stretch my horny hole back open wide again
making me gasp & groan each & every time
that your pole pierces in2 my punished passage...
your corpulent cock is delving just deep enough
that i can feel the ridge of your girthy glans
pound steadily in2 my prostate with each stroke
over & over & over & over & over & over & over
& it makes my entire body shake & quiver
as my cock throbs each time u make contact...

after u slow-fuck my wide-stretched ass
4 what seems like longer than an eternity
u start 2 piston your cock in & out faster & faster
until i can feel your balls slap in2 my upturned ass
with each deep-delving & powerful thrust...
u really hammer in2 my sweet-spot now
& i can tell that i am almost ready 2 cum
just from your thick cock massaging my insides...
u began 2 tense up & your balls pull up tight
so i know u are about 2 fill me with your seed...
i beg
" fill my ass with your cum !!
cum deep in me !! deep in me !!
fuck my tight ass full of cum !!! "
just as the first huge blast explodes in2 me
& splatters all over my pulsating prostate
& sends me right over the edge with u...
as your almost violent spurts of cum splash in2 me
& fill my aching ass with delicious & intense heat
my cock sends huge globs of stringy cum flying
2 splatter all over my belly & chest & face
& sum fly right in2 my wide-open mouth...
u have me so fucking hot i can hardly stand it
& as my cum splatters up in2 my mouth
i gulp every drop of it down greedily...
u just watch me with pure excitement
as my stringy sprays arch out of my cock
with exactly the same throbbing rhythm
that your spurts splash in2 my ass...
u drench my anal passage cumpletely full
becuz i can feel your sweet syrupy seed
ooze out all around your pulsing cock-shaft
& slither in2 my open & upturned ass-crack
& slide down on2 the bedspread below me
2 pool stickily below the small of my back...

u shiver with intense sexual release
& with each spurt from your deep-delving cock
as u continue 2 relentlessly pound your thickness
as deep as u can in2 my tightly gripping fuck-hole...
u grip my quivering thighs even tighter
& push my trembling legs open even wider
as u pull my jiggling ass harder against u
& thrust down in2 me even deeper than be4
as your biceps bulge from the rapid movement...
u throw back your head with one last hammering thrust
then collapse on2 my cum-drenched & sweaty body...
u moan softly
as u hunch your hip involuntarily
4 a few more short & twitching strokes
& your strong hips just barely rock back & 4th
as u milk your fat cock
& empty the last slimy drops in2 me...

( do u wanna ??? )

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