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Training Nikkis Master Part 2

Jodie approached Nikki who was bent over the spanking bench about to be punished for her fiances earlier mistakes. Do you want to receive this for Todd Nikki, yes mistress the petite slave replied. Jodie then picked up the paddle and gave the girl 6 swats on each cheek then picking up the crop hit her 6 more times. Looking at Todd she could see tears on his cheek and helping Nikki up told her, Todd needs you, you are lucky to have a man like him. Pulling her shorts back up she went to her fiance and held him kissing his face and wiping the tears away. I am OK Todd, Jodie went easy on me, I actually like it much harder. We took a break for a few hours showering and relaxing while discussing the good and bad parts of his first part of his session. Jodie told him that the second part of his session would be a few things that she had talked to Nikki about and that it was nothing he had not experienced before. Starting the session Todd was strapped over the bench again and Jodie went behind him snapping on a pair of rubber gloves and opening a tube of lube squirting a large glob of it on his crack and and began rubbing it up and down and slowly put one finger in causing Todd to grunt, but it must not have been painful because his member once again came back to life. Working another finger in to him he moaned in pleasure. Jodie said you seem to be enjoying this to much stopping his fingering and going around to his front showed him the medium size strap on she was wearing asking Is this the same size Nikki used on you, no mistress it is a little larger. Do you think you can handle it, I will try he said. Going behind he she lubed her faux cock up and told him You better not cum while I am doing this like you did with Nikki, the turning to Nikki said come over here we will do like we did with Bob the last time you visited. Leaving her shorts in the chair she came up to Todd and pressed her shaved pussy into his face. We have a game we play here Todd you will get fucked until you make Nikki cum with your tongue as she slid her plastic cock slowly his rear hole to its full length. He groaned into her pussy as he licked and sucked on her. Jodie began a slow in and out motion, after a few minutes Nikki began moaning and she quivered and came flooding his mouth with her juices. Jodie removed the dildo helping them both up and the couple kissed with Todds hard member wedged between them. Todd there is only one thing left, a sub is usualy christened with a golden shower my me, but in this case would you like for Nikki to give it to you I know she needs to pee after a huge orgasm like she just had, she has told me that both of you like that, Yes Mistress Jodie I would love that he replied. They all went into the huge shower and Todd layed down. Nikki straddled his body and looking him in the eye asked are you ready my love, yes Nikki let me have it. First Nikki peed on his cock making it harder and worked up his body and said open wide my love and finished with him drinking the remainder of her golden fluid. Nikki then got on the floor with Todd and kissed him tasting her own pee and then reaching back taking his organ and fitting it her sopping gash taking him in one motion rocking back and forth until they both exploded at the same time collapsing on the floor together. We are finished for the day Jodie said, we will discuss the day over dinner, I think you both need to shower. We did talk later Todd admitting that he realized that the only way he could learn how to treat his love was by feeling what she would be feeling knowing how each implement felt. Todd did learn how to be her master the next day, having gotten a good nights sl**p unfortunatley Jodie and I did not get much rest having watched them all day we were way to turned on to sl**p. End part 2

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