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Meeting my BBW dream

If I could catch a break I might just get to have some adult fun in the crazy whirlwind that has been my life. Between work and home repairs I can barely steal a moment to jerk off let alone have a romantic interlude while out and about. Working from home limits my necessity to leave the office for a meeting so when I had the chance to drop off a colleague at the airport I jumped at the chance. Sure I will pick up the Wilson Reports on my way back to the office. Henrietta seemed like a sure bet for an easy commute from the office to the airport so I had been checking the backpage for locations and found Tenille. I am fond of the bbw type ladies and she looked like Rock Rose in a pic that revealed some of her face. I made the call to her after after my trip down airport boulevard and spoke to Tenille, asked about the location and gave her a time and after a little chit chat she said to call when close she would give me specifics. So I made my stop and picked up the Wilson Reports and made my way to the area in which to give a call. I exited the freeway and stopped at a fuel mart and made the call. She directed me to the place and gave me the number to park near. I pulled in and made my way to the door number and parked. Waiting for her to come to the door I sat in the truck looked around a bit and waited. I looked past the parking lot across a greenspace and eyed a local office of LEO's and a marked car. Thinking about the possibilities of not traveling over the weekend with the SO and instead having to spend it with the local LEO's and having to explain WTF I was doing I pulled away.

However since I get so little chance to steal away a moment of bliss and ecstasy in the way I want I called Tenille as I drove by the LEO building s**ttered among tool and die shops and rental car shops. I spoke to her and she reassured me she was just as worried about me after I told her what I saw just past the parking lot. I said I'm getting cold feet and she said come on in and meet me and if you still have cold feet you can go. So I headed back and parked and she opened the door. She led me through the corridor to her place.
My feet were warming as were other parts of me. She had a devilish red skirt and black stockings paired with a red tank that said sexy. A great outfit considering how hot it was outside. She looked well coiffed with her blonde tresses falling shiny and warm with cool air conditioning blowing in the room making it very comfortable. We got over the formalities and I was feeling more relaxed as she asked me to remove my shorts. Standing there in only my glasses looking her over like a model in a busty porn magazine of my youth
she slid her skirt off showing a bustier. I could see the bottom of the bustier peaking out and she had red boy shorts on for panties. I had to feel her pussy, reaching my hand down to stroke her kitty as she stroked my cock I kissed her breasts. Pulling off her sexy tank revealing a red bustier she said "pull them out I like it", so I pulled her nice jugs out of her bustier firmly yet affectionately and sucked on her large nipples. Her areola and nipples were responsive as her tits hung supported by her lingerie. She is pretty and definitely bbw. I usually prefer brunettes but we connected. After standing rubbing her clit and fingering her kitty she went from HJ to BBBJ smoothly. These moments when the fantasies of the porn mags of my youth come true make me feel like I am fulfilling some part of me that seems void in my situation. The oldest profession, go figure, still available, going strong, yet a guy like me can barely find the time amid life changes, work responsibilities, and the economy.

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