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Training Nikkis Master Part 1

Jodie had received an email from Nikki(a petite oriental sub) who wanted to bring her fiance for a weekend session. Since Nikki was a sub she had asked that we train her Fiance Todd to be her master. He was reluctant not wanting to hurt the one he loved(as I had been) and wanted the best teacher availble and that was Mistress Jodie.

The driver at the airport held a sign that said Nguyen/Rush. That is us the small Vietnamese women said. Her companion was quite different than her standing over a foot taller and weighing at least twice her weight and very white. The driver led the to the towncar and showing them the picnic lunch that had been packed for them said the ride would be about 1 hour. Nikki and Todd enjoyed the meal and nevously talked about the weekend that was about to start. They car arrived at the house and the couple rang the doorbell as the driver brought the luggage. Letting them in Jodie and Nikki hugged while Todd and I shook hands. Nikki introduced Todd to Jodie and grinned at me saying I remember Bob and what happened the last time I was here. Jodie looked at her sternly and said that will not happen again with MY HUSBAND. Congratulations you two I did not know you were married. After relaxing amd cleaning up after the trip we had dinner discussing what would be happening this weekend. As agreed Todd would first learn the submissive roll before being trained as Nikkis master. Jodie asked Todd "Nikki told us that when she dominated you she tied you up spanked you and used a strap on in your butt, did you enjoy it?" Todd said is was exciting but somewhat painful but I liked it overall. Even the strapon Jodie asked? Nikki interupted and said "he came while I was fucking his cute butt" to which Todd blushed and then we all laughed. We all better get some rest we have a full weekend I said. From the sound coming from their bedroom that night the did not get much.
In the morning we got together and started the session telling Todd that Nikki would be in the session to inspire him and I would observe only. If you want the session to begin Todd strip so I can inspect you to which he removed his pants and shirt and stood naked with his arms behind his back(Nikki must have given some coaching) Jodie walked around him giving him a few swats on his butt and pinching his nipples. Running her crop along his soft cock(no wonder Nikki went for him it was near 7" soft) it began to harden. Why are you getting hard the only person that should excite you is your beautiful Nikki. I can not help it Jodie you are rubbing me. Slapping his tool with her crop she said"it is Mistress Jodie during this session, do not forget, I am keeping track of your mistakes and additional punishment will be given accordinley" Yes Mistess Jodie was the reply. Quick learning young man she said taking him to the spanking bench and securing him over it. He faced the chair Nikki was sitting in. Are you ready for your punishment Todd. Yes Mistress he replyed. Good Nikki show Todd why he is submitting today to which Nikki pulled aside the leg of her loose fitting shorts and rubbed up and down her slick slit causing him to once again get hard. I will go easy on you to start. Taking a slapper paddle and began reddening his cheeks. The slapper was loud and more noise than pain. Changing to a leather paddle Jodie gave him a dozen causing a few grunts from Todd finshing with a few light hits with her riding crop. Taking him off the bench he was taken to the padded table and secured spred eagle on it. Nikki come her and give him a kiss for taking his spanking so well. Nikki bent and gave Todd a deep kiss and then reached in her shorts and fingering her pussy with 2 finger then putting the slimy digits in his mouth causing him to get harder if that was possible. Are you ready for more my little slave. Yes Mistress Jodie with Nikki here I think I can take anything. We will see was all Jodie said. Getting her sounds out Jodie lubed one up threaded it into Todd putting nearly all of it in and slowly fucking his pee hole. How do you like that to which he replied "shit I have never felt anything like that". Jodie removed it and slapping his hardon said "I an so disapointed you were doing so well today. Taking a pair of clips she attached one to each nipple causing a groan. Jodie got a candle and using it dropped hot wax on his thighs and stomach finaly putting a few drops on his now limp member causing a shout from him. Untying him Nikki was allowed to come rub his wrists and ankles, saying Todd you are doing so well I love you. We have one more task before we take a few hours break putting padded cuffs on his wrists and hoisting his arms over his head. You did better today than I thought, but there were a number of mistakes you made turning to Nikki she said there are 5 numbered envelopes on the table pick one please. Nikki picked the one marked #1. You made 6 mistakes so far the envelope has numbers and implements that corespond to the stokes of punishment to be given. I am going to put a blindfold on you but it will be removed before the punishment. Yes Mistress Jodie he said. Opening the envelope Jodie read 2 paddle 1 crop. That means 12 with the paddle a 6 with my crop placeing the mask over his eyes. Todd heard things being moved and heard Jodie say "Nikki the bench" yes Mistress Jodie Nikki said. When the mask was removed Nikki was bent over the spanking bench with her shorts around her ankles and Jodie said Nikki will now be punished for your mistakes Todd 12 with the paddle and 6 with the crop. No Todd yelled struggling against his bond let her go. Nikki would you like to be removed and let Todd take the Punishment. No Mistress Jodie I want to take it for him, please Todd let me I love you and couples are responcible for each other, please. With defeated look Todd said If thats what you want. Jodie selected her crop and paddle and aproached Nikki. End of part 1

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