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Mixed Messages

This is a continuation from my previous story, still just fiction unfortunately :(

I was starting to get worried. Two days had passed and still not a word from my lovely new friend. Perhaps I was being to strong with the word friend. I'd like to think that a woman who took my breath away was a friend, but at this rate she probably sees me more as a r****t.

It was on one of these anxious mental rants that I checked my messages again half expecting the police to barge into my room any minute. Finally there was a message from her:

"Hey, how have you been?"

Simple and what I would have expected from her. It's the perfect way of saying I'm not offended, but I want to pretend like nothing happened. I'm not one for dancing around subjects so I sent her this back:

"I've been good. Will be doing much better if we can go out again asap. I wanna have fun again."

Now fun can mean anything. Fun could mean drinks, laughs, food, or just plain girl talk; I however, was hoping she'd figure out what fun I was talking about. After more idle chit chat, I finally coaxed her into going out with me again. It took so long, she contends, because her husband was in town. Either way, it's probably good he travels and travels far. As they say, out of sight out of mind.

I debated forever what would be the best thing to wear so that the fly would come willingly to the spider and finally decided on some hip hugger jeans and a low cut blouse I own. I have to say I was relishing all this build up. For a long time I was the one that felt like I was being prepared for some sexual sacrifice and now I was in the opposite position and it felt good.

Luckily I was even able to talk her into letting me pick her up. On top of being shy, she's also a little sheltered and didn't enjoy driving home by herself so late at night. When I pulled up to her place I went to the door and rang the bell, giddy with anticipation.

The door flung open and while still beautiful, someone thought out their wardrobe as well. Where before I had unfettered access thru her skirt, now jeans and a stylish shirt with an undershirt greeted me. I thought twice about making a fake excuse to go inside to use the restroom, but didn't want to scare her and her clothes told me she was scared.

We hugged and then walked back to my car with me behind her. Her ass really did look nice in jeans and I was hoping it looked as good as the pictures I've seen. Dinner was good, but uneventful. She picked a table right in the middle of everyone and so we were kept at bay exchanging smiles and small talk when I wanted to be exchanging kisses and caresses.

Once dinner was over we got back in my car and I drove to her place. I kept dropping compliments her way about how hot she looked and how I really enjoyed myself tonight and the especially the last time we went out. Once I pulled into her drive way she moved in for a hug and I held her in my arms and nestled my mouth into her neck.

I started slow, darting my tongue out like a snake slithering over its next victim and gauged her reaction. I felt her fingers dig into my shoulders and back, but she wasn't pulling away and that gave me all the permission I needed to continue. I pushed her back onto her seat and dove right back on to her neck before she could think.

While kissing her neck, which I now had easy access to with her looking up and making sweet music with her moans, I slowly started lifting her shirt. It was rather awkward trying to lift two shirts, but it wasn't like I wasn't enjoying how long it was taking while pleasuring her with my tongue. Once it was up I pulled her bra down and quickly moved my face down to suck on her nipples.

You know that moment in a scary movie when the dumb girl inhales sharply when she sees the killer or whatever; well that's exactly how she sounded when my mouth made contact with her nipples. I was on fire myself. Sucking on another woman's nipple wasn't exactly something I did all the time and it tasted good and I felt so alive doing it. At this point one would be hard pressed to say which one of us was wetter.

I decided to find out and used my other hand to get under her jeans, under her panties, and touching her very wet pussy. It's a good thing my car is pretty soundproof because now she was going wild. The only time she got quiet was when I heard a faint whisper not to stop. I lifted my mouth from her breasts only to say, "I wanna please you in your house."

That was my biggest mistake. Let this be a lesson to all future seducers, once you got them where you want them, dont let up to talk. Reluctantly she straightened herself out and put her shirt down. She said she wasn't ready for that, but that she would think about it. I asked, "are you sure cause that says otherwise" and I touched between her pants where a slight wet spot had formed.

She just blushed and gave me a small kiss on the lips before leaving and saying, "Maybe next time." Until next time I thought.

Hopefully the third time will be charm to getting her charms.

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