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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 16

December 1958

Lesbian Loving in Mind
It’s not that Vic needed blackmail to fuck any of the women he’d already been fucking. Each and every one of them was more than willing to do anything he wanted. Well, almost anything. He once read in a book about women having sex with other women and it excited him big time.

Marion O’Rourke, on the other hand, didn’t feel nearly the same as Vic, saying in no uncertain terms, she’d have no part of it. And if he dared to bring another woman into her bed, she’d never fuck for him again. Of course, that’s what Marion said at first. She could easily change her mind if along with the woman Vic brought to her bed, he also brought along the pictures he took of the well-respected school teacher sucking on his cock.

In that case, the career-minded Mrs. O might not be so quick to say no. She’d have to say yes to pussy licking otherwise the consequences could be disastrous for her teaching career. The same would be true for Josie Perriconte and the other nymphs who felt the need to say no to cunt lapping. If need be, they too would lick a pussy on his command.

So, with lesbian loving in mind, Vic started to devise a plan for all his loving ladies. When would he do it and with whom? That was a curious question. His first thoughts centered on Marion and her s****r Margaret Rooney for one very obvious reason: He really liked the i****t factor. He loved watching Margaret with the son. Seeing her being totally intimate with her s****r just had to be even better.

Damn! He could already see the two kissing with their tongues while rubbing their tits and pussies together. It was very nice to think about, but getting it to actually happen was something else entirely. Marion already said no. Would Margaret follow suit?

Since Eddie was away at college and his father was away at some local pub, Mrs. Rooney was home alone when Vic dropped by unexpectedly in December of 1958. Believe it or not, he wasn’t there to fuck Eddie’s perpetually horny mother. From what he’d heard, Ed had been doing a damn good job of that himself. Vic wasn’t about to overstep his bounds by popping his nest friend’s mother while he was gone. He was only there to talk. Too bad for Eddies, his mother didn’t feel much like talking.

What Mrs. R felt was his cock right through his pants while they stood in the doorway tongue kissing. She then felt it inside her pussy as she got him on the couch with Margaret sitting in his lap facing him. She had her soft ass rubbing his loins while her tongue took over his mouth. There was no talking just yet. The lady who never wore panties just had to fuck whether he wanted to or not. By the time she got him onto the couch, Vic wanted it even more than she did.

Once they finished, they talked in between with her lips nuzzling on his neck. Since she was still turned on, he figured she might just go for the idea of lady loving that he read about in a book. Unfortunately, she didn’t. This s****r gave almost the same response as the other with Margaret showed total disinterest in the subject of lesbianism.

In fact, Eddie’s Mom didn’t get it at all. “I don’t understand! What do you mean women together? My Gosh! What in Heaven’s name do they do?” she asked as if genuinely puzzled. “A woman doesn’t have a penis. How can they possibly do it together?”

Vic couldn’t believe that such a hot fuck could be so Goddamn naïve about another side of sex. It wasn’t as if the world hadn’t heard about lesbians. Their lifestyle was written about in newspapers and magazines. Why was this woman so ignorant about women having sex together? Yet, she was!

“Oh my Goodness! They lick each other’s private? Yuch! That’s disgusting! How can anyone ever do that? Mt gosh! I know I couldn’t!” she said just before he told her they kiss on the mouth too and swap tongues. That didn’t go over too well either. “Yuch! I could never kiss another woman’s mouth, let alone lick her down there.”

And so it went. First Marion said no to lady loving, then Margaret. Vic’s next thought was Rosemary and Josie. Having the two Italian honeys together was a real turn on for him, especially since the thirty-seven Rosemary was a lot older then twenty-four year old Josie. Vic saw Rosemary as a mother figure even as she ate the younger girl’s pussy, the same mother who once fucked her son just because Vic asked her to. If he asked nicely about this, you never know?

With Rosemary, Vic didn’t beat around the bush by saying he read it in a book. He came right out and asked her if she’d do it. He wasn’t so lucky with Anthony’s mother either. “You’re not fucking serious, are you?” Her answer was brief and to the point. “Fuck no! I’m not doing that!”

The only one Vic hadn’t approached about lady loving was Josie. Not that it mattered. Even if she said yes then what? There were no pussies left for her to lick, no cunts for her to suck. They needed another agreeable woman to make their pussy-licking threeway complete. Without her, the venture was be doomed before it even got started.

Hmmm! Maybe not!

The fact is, it really didn’t matter who was agreeable and who wasn’t. Every one of these women was at his mercy whether they liked it or not. With what he had available to him in the form of explicit sex pictures, none of the women even had a choice in the matter. They did whatever he wanted or else.

As he gathered his pictures and planned his next move, Josie called to invite him out to dinner. Naturally, he said yes to the steps****r who was left pretty well off by her divorce settlement. Josie’s alimony gave her more than enough money to live on without her even having to work. She could stay home all the time and do whatever she wanted.

Lately, the whatever was fucking for Vic on the nights he wasn’t fucking someone else. She also liked treating her favorite fuck to nice dinners at a nice restaurant. On this one particular night, the hot nymph wanted to be even more generous.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you should charge us for your services. That way, the women who pay you for sex will get to have you first,” she said because he wasn’t always available on the nights she was super horny. “How does twenty dollars every time we screw sound?”

Getting paid twenty dollars to do something he truly loved doing, could hardly be taken the wrong way. Still, he was skeptical. “Sure, but what’s the catch?”

“No catch! I just want you when I want you. That’s all! I’ve got the money to pay for you. So Why not do it?”

Vic agreed. Why wouldn’t he? Even if he had to fuck Josie every day of the week, there was still enough time in the day for all the others. Shit? He’d make time if he had to in order to fuck the two s****rs and the teacher too. Getting laid and getting paid at the same time was not exactly a losing situation.

After the nice dinner at the nice restaurant, they got into his car and Josie handed him a brand new twenty-dollar bill. This good-looking older woman had just bought him a nice steak dinner and now she was giving him money too. Not too bad for a dumb shit eighteen year old k** whose only worldly possession was his big dick.

Still, he teased. “What’s this for?”

“Fuck me! I want you to fuck me right now!”

They hadn’t even left the parking lot when his generous steps****r wanted what she bargained for. Needless to say, he couldn’t refuse her wishes. After a brief making out session that escalated quickly, Josie assumed Mrs. Rooney’s favorite fucking position. And like the over-sexed Irish mother, the Italian counterpart wore no panties either. Within seconds after straddling him, Josie had his cock inside her pussy, getting paid handsome dividends on her investment.

“I’m cumming! Ohh, Godddd! I’m cumming!”
After driving her home, Vic walked Josie to the front door. She kissed him softly on the lips. “Frank has the k**s tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you!”

He k**ded. “Sorry, Jo! I’m busy!”

Her smile disappeared rapidly. “You fuck! You better not be!”

Vic really had nothing to do the next night except sort through all his pictures and pick out the choice few to show to each perspective pussy-licker. There were some prime blowjob pictures of all the women, including the few he took of Josie. In them, there was no doubt whose mouth was sucking and whose tongue was licking the cock she had inside her hand. Those pictures showed it all. Other pictures showed Rosemary and her son, as well as Eddie with Margaret. Eddie and his Aunt Marion pictures didn’t matter. Her blowjob pictures were incriminating enough.

Before going over to Josie’s house, he called Marion to say hello and see how she was. Luckily, she was too tired from work and wasn’t interested in having sex. When she asked what he was doing that night he told her the truth. Vic saw no point in lying since she already knew he was fucking his steps****r. He even told her the arrangement he made with Josie to get her reaction. Surprisingly, it was good.

“Would you like me to pay too? I will if you want! So will Margaret! I know she will! A young man today could use a head start in life and my s****r and I will be more than happy to help you too. That’s the least we could do!”

Hold fucking shit! Talk about one guy falling into a pile of shit and coming up smelling like a rose? Not only was Vic lucky to be fucking four hot pieces of ass all at the same time, all four of the horny cunts were willing to pay him for it. Jesus! Was he fucking lucky or what! And to think, he was looking to blackmail these cunts into doing each other. Whoa! Bad idea! Pussy on pussy will just have to wait.

Actually, what Vic just said wasn’t totally true. Not all the women were together with the idea of helping him advance his financial position in life. In fact, one of them was downright nasty about it and absolutely refused to take part. In fact, Rosemary gave him a weird look after he brought up the subject of pay for play. Vic had stopped off to see her on his way to Josie’s house, but right off the bat he knew something wasn’t right. The kiss and hug wasn’t all that friendly, kind of like a blow off.

“You’re not fucking serious?” she asked, but never let him speak. “My God, Vic! You’ve got to be k**ding? Why on Earth would I pay you for giving you the privilege of fucking my hot body? No, Vic! I’m sorry! It just doesn’t work that way. I don’t care how big you think you are. I’m not paying for something I can always get for free!”

Just then, her son walked into the room. “Something wrong, Mom?”

“No, honey! Vic was just leaving,” she said with her arm around Anthony’s waist. Apparently, the guy who once took care of her when she really needed it, was no longer needed in her life.

“Hey man!” Vic said hello and smiled. Anthony’s time off from college will be well spent, although he won’t be getting what Vic will be getting for doing the same thing with not one, but three different women.

And so it went. Rosemary thought she made the right move by turning Vic down, but guess what? The move was fucked and we’ll tell you why. First off, she fucking pissed him off. And that, my friends, was NOT a good thing to do considering all the nasty pictures he had of the highly regarded teacher, one whose spotless reputation was now placed in serious jeopardy because of her ill-advised decision.

Secondly, Anthony would be returning to school soon. And when he does, that big free cock of his won’t be around to take care of the spiteful bitch who had the audacity to say no. And when that happens, you can be certain that one way or another, the privileged cunt of Mrs. Rosemary Criscola, will definitely pay for her terrible error in judgment.

When he arrived at Josie’s Vic had mixed emotions. Marion and Margaret made him totally happy while Rosemary disappointed him big time. What can you do? You can’t win them all. After all was said and done, he still had the two s****rs along with one very eager steps****r, who by the way, became ecstatically happy when he told her the others were paying him as well. Josie didn’t mind. She was still his number one fuck and she knew it.

“Those other women might be good to you, but I know I’m better.”

They had just finished fucking and she was lying on top of him. “Oh? How so?”

“I’m younger! Therefore, I can do more and last longer than them. Want me to show you?”

The hottie never waited for an answer. Before he said a word, she slid her body along his until her pretty face was over his limp dick. Then, as he looked at the smiling woman taking his limpness inside her hand, she took it inside her mouth. Not long after, that same weak dick was no longer lifeless from spending its juice just seconds earlier. Oh, no!

In so short a time, the younger and once naïve Josie, had become just as adept at sucking cock as the older, more experienced, cock-sucking s****rs. And the best part was she knew it!

“Uhmmm, see! Uhmmmm, uhmmmmm! I told you so! Uhmmmm, uhmmmmm! Cum for me! Cum!”

Vic DID cum. How could he not? Unfortunately, that last cum did him in for the night or at least for a few hours. Not even the talented mouths of all three women at the same time could revive his cock before then. Hmmm, think again! Sometimes, it doesn’t take a woman’s mouth to stimulate your cock to erection. Sometimes, the mere thought of someone you want can do the very same thing.

“Do you remember the young girl who used to live in our house?”

Josie started while she cleaned him off with a warm wet cloth. “It was back in ‘54 when my father rented out the basement. Her name was Jackie. She had blonde hair and a real nice figure. You remember her, don’t you?”

Remember her? Shit! How could Vic forget a woman like Jackie and her beautifully gorgeous body. Back then, this incredibly gorgeous creature did to Vic what Mrs. Criscola and Mrs. O’Rourke did with one big difference: this gorgeous Jackie did it like no one else could. We’ll explain in a minute.

“Jackie? Oh yeah! One of a kind!” Vic said to Josie while thinking about Jackie. The cock that was once limp and flaccid was quickly coming again. His steps****r’s hand was the first to know.

Josie grinned at the moving washcloth and teased. “We’re still close friends, you know?”

“You are?” Vic asked like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The hottest fuck of his life was a close friend of someone he once wanted to fuck. He didn’t know why, but knowing that tidbit of news excited him to full erection.

The hot fuck was quick to notice. “Hmmm! If you liked hearing that, you’re definitely gonna like the rest,” she said as her fingers started to work on his newly grown cock. “Jackie’s twenty-five now and she’s separated from her husband.”

“She is?” he asked like a drooling k** left alone in a candy store except for one thing: his candy in that store wasn’t just licorice of taffy. It was a divorced Josie and a separated Jackie, both delicious goodies to be eaten at the very same time. My God! The possibilities were endless.

“Yeah!” Josie continued. And while she talked, she licked. “Uhmmmm, mmmm! Jackie’s separated because she caught Sam cheating. Not nice! Look where it got Frank! Uhmmmm, mmmm!”

What it got Frank was the door. What it got Vic was the mouth of Frank’s wife sliding up and down his cock while telling him he had a very good chance of getting the same from Sam’s wife. Shit! It doesn’t get any better. Especially when your best girl - the woman licking and sucking on your cock - gives you the go ahead to fuck her best friend.

Should Vic be counting his blessings or what! If you think that’s far-fetched, wait until you hear it all. Josie wanted Vic fucking her best friend to keep Jackie from going back with her husband. When he asked her why she wanted that for Jackie, his best fuck explained her logic.

“The prick claims he loves her and wants another chance, but I know he’s lying.” Vic asked Josie how she knew that, but it took her a few seconds to answer since his cock was back inside her mouth. “Uhmm, ohh, uhmm! Because I do! He still wants to fuck me even after he gets back with Jackie. That’s how I know!”

“Wow! What else do you know? Did you know you suck a mean cock?”

“Uhhhmmm! I know that too! Uhhhmmm! I also know that Jackie needs your cock more than ever now. Please, Vic! If you fuck her like you fuck me, she’ll never go back to that prick. I just know it!”

Naturally, Vic said he would. No guy in his right mind could ever turn down an offer so incredibly appealing to all involved, particularly him. Like we said, the possibilities were endless. But before we can move ahead to the enviable position of the man in a ménage à trois with two sexy, horny women, we need to go back in time to further explain why this beautifully gorgeous Jackie affected Vic like no one else could.

Much more to come

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