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Cheating On The Phone

This is a true story. I was once involved with a woman who had an on-again, off-again boyfriend. He was an alcoholic, and kind of a lout. At one point they even got engaged, even though he sometimes hit her. Eventually she broke that off, but even while she was 'with' him she kept having sex with me. It wasn't about romance, just sex and friendship.

Anyway, one day we were on her bed: she was wearing a sexy bra and panty set, which was kind of getting in the way, because she was on top of me, and we were in the "69" position, with me holding the panties to one side and teasing her pussy with my tongue while she sucked happily on my cock. She is one of those people who just can't leave their cell phone off, and as luck would have it, it rang right in the middle of our little session. Instead of climbing off, she just reached for it - it was next to her on the bed - and answered. It was her boyfriend. Normally I would have just quietly sighed and waited for her to get off the phone, but I was feeling kind of playful so I gave her pussy a few more gentle licks, half-expecting her to kick me or otherwise indicate "cut that out!" Instead, she thrust her pussy firmly down on my face, and while she was talking with "her man" I started to once again eat her in earnest. This was kind of fun, but nothing compared to what happened next: during the next pause in the conversation, while she was listening to him talk, she took my cock back into her mouth and started sucking it again. She kept this up, even going so far as to mumble 'umm hmm' to him occasionally, with my cock actually in her mouth!

This was all great fun for me (and apparently for her as well!) but she had one more surprise in store: after saying something to him about what she'd be making for dinner, she went back to listening, but this time I actually felt her lustily licking my balls! This was something she really enjoyed doing, but in that position I didn't think she could reach them, so it was certainly a surprise, to say the least. After a minute or two of this, she said she had to go, shut off the phone, and, humping my mouth wildly, shrieked "I'm CUMMING!" She had a powerful orgasm that left her so weak in the legs that she practically fell off of me. After resting for a minute, she gave me a nice blowjob and then got up to start dinner.

After this I stopped being annoyed when he called her in the middle of sex, and she regularly talked to him around my cock in her mouth, or while stroking it. Once I even dared her to call a friend while I was eating her, and she actually told the guy (she has mainly male friends) what was going on. She then proceeded to yell "I'm cumming on your tongue!" and had a great orgasm. As I slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy, she told the guy (whose reaction I can only guess at) that she had to go. I guess the moral of this story is: "Cell phones aren't always bad for sex."

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