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Daughter and Dad part 1

Introduction: Anita seduces her Dad, the only real man in her life

This started out as the first of a four-part storyline that I wrote some time ago. I’ve

complied it here as a stand-alone story. Consider it as a tease, or a trailer, until

the original is fully edited and ready for publishing.

His daughter Anita was all Jim had left of a 20 year marriage that ended abruptly

when his wife walked out and was never returned again. She had disappeared

when Anita was 12. The memories of her mother were fading from Anita’s

memories. Jim had been devastated. His life had become eat, sl**p, and work.

Although he managed to take care of his daughter’s basic needs, he wasn’t much

of a father for the first 4 years, resulting in Anita almost bringing herself up. Now

that she was 18 (almost 19), she was a very independent young lady, but she still

adored her Dad, despite his inattention until she was 16.

Even after almost 7 years, Jim had never found a special someone, mostly

because he just didn’t have the will to look. At 40 years old, he was still jaded

about the subject of dating. If it hadn’t been for Anita, he’d probably not bothered

with a lot of things, including his work as a design technologist in the residential

building field. The job paid the bills, but gave him no real personal satisfaction. In

fact, except for Anita, nothing did.

Anita had inherited her father’s artistic eye, and was pursuing a career in portrait

photography while she attended a fine arts college. Photography was a tough

field to break into, but the rewards seemed to be worth the work, in her mind.

There had been some men in her life, but Anita found that most of them wanted

one thing, and one thing only. Sex. Like her father, she was more than just a little

jaded regarding love and marriage. Like her father, she seemed to pour all her

energy into her work and her studies.

Anita wasn’t looking forward to another boring weekend, but resigned herself to

that fate. She had to admit that while living with her Dad was comfortable, it had

its drawbacks. She found herself feeling horny but with no relief. Sure, she could

use her fingers, and often did, but the fantasies were so unrealistic. What she

needed was a man.

Walking into the house, she called out to her Dad that she was home. She was

surprised to hear him answer back.

“Hey, Dad! How come you’re home? Not that I don’t want to see you, but you’re

usually working whenever I get home. What gives?”.

“Oh, just thought I’d get out of the shop early today. You know, getting away from it

all? I wanted to see my daughter more than anything, so I got home about half an

hour ago, and I've been waiting patiently. Now that you’re home, I could sure use a


Anita wrapped her arms around her Dad‘s neck and held him to her for a

moment. He returned the hug, but hung on longer than she expected, and she

found that she really enjoyed his affection. Normally, that would indicate that all

wasn’t quite right with his world, and she could feel the concern for him building

inside her.

Still with her arms around his neck, Anita pulled back just enough to look into his

eyes as she asked, “Hey, you okay? You don’t usually hug me like that unless

something’s wrong. Not that I’m complaining or anything.. You were always the

greatest hugger!”.

There was a momentary lull as Anita studied her father’s expression again.

“So, what’s up?”, she wanted to know.

“Nothing really, Sweetheart. I guess I’m still wallowing in some more of that self-

pity. I mean, here we are, me in a bit of a rut, and you working your butt off trying to

get ahead. On top of all that, you’re stuck babysitting a broken-down, old has-

been of a father. Your mother got smart and left! As a father, I haven’t done a very

good job, so far. I sometimes wonder how long before you follow in your mother’s

footsteps? Shit, there’s really nothing to keep you here, is there?”, Jim explained

his fearful mood that had darkened his thoughts.

“Dad! Knock off with that bullshit, right now! Ever since Mom left, you’ve always

made sure I was warm at night, clothed in the day, and had food in my tummy. I’ve

never wanted for anything, and I love you for that. And since you’ve lightened up

over the last three years, you’ve always been there when I needed to talk. Always!

I guess I hang around here because you’re my best friend. Okay?”.

Jim gazed into his daughter’s eyes and realized how much he loved her. She put

up with his moods, his tendency to stay by himself, but she was always there when

he needed to be with someone, especially when the loneliness overwhelmed him.

He kissed her softly on the forehead, then as was his custom, again on the tip of

her nose. She kissed him on the lips, and not just a henpeck kiss. He could feel

the passion.

“Umm, let’s not get carried away here, okay? I mean, that’s not the way a father

and daughter are supposed to kiss, is it?”, Jim reacted.

“Sorry, Dad. I don’t know what came over me, but you looked like you needed a

kiss. I know I did”, she explained. Then she let her arms fall free of his neck, but

she wasn’t too keen on him letting her go. When he did, she excused herself and

went up the stairs to her room.

As Anita lay on her bed thinking, the same questions kept running through her

mind. If she could find a man like her Dad, she’d marry him in a heartbeat. But

such a man didn’t seem to exist. She stared at the ceiling, deep in thought, and

absentmindedly began rubbing her breast. The sensations on her nipple were so

very pleasant, and as they became more erect, she began to feel that wetness

between her legs. Oh God, she was beginning to feel horny, yet her current

lifestyle precluded that she have a man available. Well, at least, not one that she

could truly love. So for now, it would be another evening masturbating, while

fantasizing that she was with someone just like her Dad.

Her Dad? It hit her like a ton of bricks. More and more, her fantasies were about

being with a man that was just like her Dad! In fact, all that was missing was her

vision of his face! The discovery that she was fantasizing about having sex with

her Dad both repulsed her and intrigued her. Why not, she thought. After all, he

probably had the same needs as she did, and she was beginning to understand

what, and how strong they were becoming! As Anita slid her hand inside her

panties, she began to rub her clit. The idea of her Dad as her lover seemed more

and more appealing.

But did he want her? Could he want her? The more she pondered that in her

mind, the more she wanted a definitive answer. As hard as it was for her to wrap

her head around the facts, she wanted him!

Jim wasn’t a bad looking man for being almost 40. Sure he had a couple extra

pounds around the middle, and some of the hair was beginning to thin. He kept

himself well-groomed most of the time. He even trimmed the beard every other

day, even though he had first grown it so that he wouldn’t have to sc**** his face

with a razor every morning.

Anita was not bad looking herself. Her breasts had filled out to be quite full, but

there was no hint of sagging. It took a 38D bra to contain them, but she was

happy with her body. Like her Dad, she had acquired a few extra pounds, but it

had distributed itself to most of the right places. Her tummy could use some

slimming maybe, but the curve of her hips made it seem like it was supposed to

be that shape. Even at 5'-6" and 130 pounds, she wasn’t uncomfortable with her

size. Now if she could only get her Dad to acknowledge that his daughter was a

good-looking woman . . . .

Her mind drifted back to her fantasy. In this one, though, her lover had a face,

which was new. She could clearly visualize that it was her Dad that was touching

her, feeling her, pleasuring her, and loving her. The lewd thoughts raced through

her head, and she felt the beginning of her climax. Her breathing was now faster,

shallower, and more ragged. She could sense her muscles tightening in

anticipation. Slipping her finger up her vagina, she lightly rubbed the ridges inside

her love canal, exciting her G-spot. She kept the pressure of her palm tight on her

clit and stroked her pussy faster, deeper, and with more sideways movement. The

vision in her head was her Dad with his finger inside her most private place, and

she imagined him kissing her lips, her breasts, and her nipples. She felt the walls

of her cunt flutter as they tried in vain to draw Jim’s imagined phallus deeper

inside. As her orgasm overtook her, it was all she could do to keep herself from

screaming, “Daddy!”.

Anita enjoyed reaching a climax, but it was never completely satisfying. This one,

however, was more than she could ever remember experiencing before in her life.

The trembling of her body seemed to almost paralyse her, and the afterglow felt

more like the satisfaction she longed for, but which had eluded her. In that instant,

she came to understand that the object of her desire was, in fact, her father!

Jim called that supper was ready, which almost seemed like an intrusion. She

called down that she would be there in a minute or two. Slowly her body began to

relax. Maybe she hadn’t reached that level of satiation this time, but it was a lot

closer than she’d ever come before. Her mind desperately tried to convince the

rest of her brain that the only true solution was to make love to Jim, hopefully with

his approval, but if not, she’d have to come up with some alternate plan.

As Anita walked up behind her Dad sitting at the table, she wrapped her arm

around his chest and squeezed him lovingly. He reacted by placing his own hand

over hers and pressing her arm against his chest, but that was all. Anita felt an

overwhelming desire to nibble on his earlobe, or maybe run her tongue just inside

his ear itself. It took all her willpower to stop herself, but she did settle for a kiss on

his lower jawbone.

“Mmm, what was that for, Honey?”, Jim quizzed her.

“What, a girl can’t kiss her Dad once in a while now? I just wanted to let you know

that I love you”, she answered.

“I love you too, Sweetheart. Now sit down and I’ll get your dinner for you. Wouldn’t

want it to get cold, would you?”, and Jim got up to serve his daughter. Along with

quite a few of his traits that Anita had acquired was her love of shellfish, and he

appreciated being able to share those meals with her. He had also made garlic

bread. Anita usually went through three pieces. Tonight was no exception. On his

way back to the table, he reached into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of crackling

rosé wine. Anita didn’t normally care for wine, and they rarely had much on hand,

but tonight he thought he’d surprise her. Setting her bowl and a side plate with the

bread down in front of her, he whisked the wine bottle from behind him and

presented it to her as though he were her personal sommelier. She giggled at his

levity, then followed the role that she was cast in, accepting the cork for

inspection, and a sample tasting of the beverage. Nodding her approval, Jim

filled her glass, then his own. Upon completion, he clicked his heels together,

gave a mock wince of pain as though he had hurt himself, and returned the wine

to the fridge. Anita giggled her approval of his corny comic escapade, then took a

sample spoonful of the chowder.

“Mmm! That’s good! You gonna let me steal the recipe for this some day?”, she


“What recipe? There isn’t one. I just make it up as I go. You know that”, he

reminded her.

“Still, it’s one of your best dishes”, she complimented him, then added,”Dad?

Have you got anything planned this weekend?”.

“No, not really. Why do you ask? Or have you got something in mind that you’re

gonna rope me into?”. Not that he minded being Anita’s “go-fer” whenever she

asked. If the truth be known, he rather looked forward to those rare occasions

when they buried themselves in a project, whether it was his or hers. It was an

attempt, he rationalized, to make up for those years when she’d grown up while

he was busy working, and avoiding the effects of his pain.

“Nothing, really. But I was remembering that trip we took up to Lumby Lake a

couple of years ago. I’d love to do that one again. Anyway, if you’re interested, I’d

like to talk about a repeat performance”. Her voice was somewhere between a

question and a statement.

“Lumby Lake? You’ve forgotten about the mosquitos up, there haven’t you? Shit,

some of them had landing lights, and I was getting scared that they’d attack en

masse and carry you away! But yeah. If you really have your heart set on going up

there to commit harikari again, we can talk about it. Might even give us some of

that quality father-daughter time you keep yapping about. Could happen, ya

know!”, he ribbed her. Anita said nothing, but her smile spoke volumes.

She remembered the log cabin that they had shared, especially as it only had one

bed. That last trip, her Dad had volunteered to sl**p on the floor, and paid for it

with a sore back for a week! But if she had her way, they’d both share the bed this

trip — and maybe more. The more she thought about having sex with Jim, the

wetter her pussy got, with a resultant determination to make her fantasy come

true. “It’s a good thing he can’t read my mind”, she thought to herself. “Otherwise,

he’d probably pull my boobs off and tie ‘em behind my back!”.

After dinner Anita cleared the table off, loaded the dishwasher, and refilled both

their wine glasses. Jim took the opportunity to sneak into the living room and turn

on the stereo. He found some music that was relaxing, put it on, and lounged on

the sofa. When she was finished, Anita joined him. Their tastes in music were

similar, and she felt herself being softly lulled by the melodies. In what she hoped

would be taken as a gesture of appreciation, she slid over to him and rested her

head against the top of his chest. He responded by putting an arm around her

with his hand slowly moving along the length of her arm. Anita felt safe and secure

sitting like this, and the movement of his hand left a soothing warmth on her skin.

“Dad? You always said that we could talk openly and honestly about anything.

Remember that?”, Anita softly inquired of her Dad . “Is that still true?”.

Jim had to stop and think for a minute. He was sub-consciously aware that his

daughter had some kind of scheme in that pretty little head of hers that probably

included him squirming in discomfort. But he had told her that there were no

secrets between them, and that he’d always try to be as open and honest with her

as he could. What was the worst she could do? Ask him about his deepest and

darkest perversions, maybe? Nah! She wouldn’t!

“Umm, yeah, I guess so”, he replied hesitantly. “Why? What’s on your mind,


“Dad, how come you never looked for another woman after Mom left? I mean,

you’re a good-looking guy, you’re warm, tender, always thinking of others. Any

woman would be thrilled to get you as a catch!”.

“Honey, when your mother left us, it hurt. A lot. And it still does. I know, I know, it’s

been years since she left, and you’re always telling me that it’s time to get on with

life. But to be honest, I can do without the hurt in my life that she left, and . . . oh

hell, I’m scared shitless of going down that road again. And yes, I realize that you’ll

be getting married, having k**s, and all that stuff, some day. Then I’ll really be

alone, but until that day comes, I’m really quite happy just sharing my life with you.

After that, maybe I’ll rethink this existence, and look for a good woman. Now, why

did that come up? Did you meet a guy that you’re afraid to tell me about?”, he

softly said to her.

“But aren’t there times when you’d really like to be with a woman? I mean, not just

as her e****t, but as her . . . lover?”, she inquired.

“Anita Lorraine! What the hell has my love life got to do with this? And how come

you’re sticking your nose in your father’s private life anyways? Or is this leading to

something that I’m not supposed to find out about until it’s too late?”, he


His tone was firm, but not gruff. Rarely did he address his daughter by her second

name, but when he did, she knew she was on thin ice. Still, he was holding her

and rubbing her arm in an attempt to let her know that he was open to her

inquiries. He just didn’t guarantee that he would answer, and she could accept


“Sorry Dad, but it’s been a long time, and I think you deserve to be happy again.

Hell, we both do. When Mom left, I felt totally deserted and abandoned, but you

were there to help me pick up the pieces and get back on my feet. I want to see

you as happy as you’ve made me. Shit, I’d kill to live that long! Maybe I am

sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong, and maybe I’m stepping over the line,

too. But it’s because of how I feel about you. I’m afraid that you’ll leave it too long,

then when you do go looking, it’ll be too late. Or worse, you never will go looking,

and I’ll end up the daughter of a lonely and scared old man. You have any idea

how much that would rip my heart out?”, she chided.

Jim turned and gazed in his daughter’s eyes, and her love for him jumped out and

smacked him in the face. God, if she weren’t his daughter, he’d fall head over

heels in love with her in two seconds flat! The impact of that thought hit him like a

runaway freight train! Not only was she pretty, despite his fatherly prejudice, but

she was a warm and wonderful woman, too. In deference to her being his

daughter, he kissed her lightly on the forehead. She felt so good in his arms, and

tasted even better! He’d better be careful, or she’d arouse the lust that plagued

him every night. Except that she was his daughter, and a father wasn’t supposed

to feel lust like that.

Anita scrunched her forehead a bit under the pressure of her Dad‘s kiss and

pulled back enough to look in his eyes.

“Umm, Dad? If you keep slobbering on my forehead like that, you’ll give me

chapped skin!”, and she lifted her finger to her lips. “That’s what these are for,

okay?”, then she leaned up to him and kissed him lightly and softly, but still

insistently. Jim had a burning desire to kiss her harder, but that nagging voice in

the back of his head kept saying, “No” even as his lustful heart yelled, “Yes”. Just

to be safe, he broke the kiss and gazed into her eyes again, but no words were

spoken between them for a full minute.

“Dad, at the risk of getting my ass swatted, can I ask one more really personal

question?”, she cooed.

“Sure, as long as I’m not compelled to answer it!”, Jim told her as he tried in vain

to lighten the conversation a bit. She definitely had something in mind, but he had

no idea what it was. Still, he knew deep inside him that it would be tough, if not

impossible, to refuse her an answer.

“Okay, here goes. But I’m expecting an answer!”, Anita insisted, then softened her

voice as she added, “This has to do with sex, and love, and all that stuff. You still

game to open the subject?”.

Jim took a deep swallow of empty air. Of all the people in the world, he felt the

least qualified to answer anything on the subject. But he had promised her, years

ago, that he’d listen to her questions, answer the ones he could, and debate the

ones he couldn’t. Now was no time to change the rules, even if he was

uncomfortable about the subject.

“Sweetheart, I guess it’s okay, but are you sure I’m the guy to ask? My track

record’s pretty bad in that department, ya know”.

Anita couldn’t think of any way to ease into the subject in her head, so she just

dove right in, head first.

“Dad, people feel lonely, and their mind wanders to somewhere that relieves that

loneliness. That’s usually the basis of a fantasy, right? Those fantasies probably

deal more with being with someone warm, loving, and caring. I guess I’m no

different than anyone else, but every time I do, I get . . . horny, and I’m betting that

whenever you fantasize, you do, too. Cards on the table?”, Anita opened, pausing

to collect her thoughts.

“I have my fair share of fantasies, Dad, but I don’t handle it well. There are times

when I yearn for a man, someone that will love me, caress me, and want me. I’ve

tried all the usual ideas, from masturbating to rolling over and trying to sl**p

instead. The usual result is that I wake up the next morning, grumpy as hell, and

bitchy all day. But you never seem to be like that. So, what’s your secret? How

come you always seem so cool, calm, and collected?”, Anita confided.

“Me? Cool? Calm? Collected?”, Jim replied inquisitively. “You must be on some

really strong medications, Babe!”, then allowed himself to compose his thoughts

before he continued.

“But in answer to your question, I have my moments of . . . well, lustfulness. I just

do what most guys do, and go to the one-hand release method. It’s not very

satisfying, but it’s better than nothing, I guess. About the only thing that makes it

worthwhile, I suppose, is that I get to live in my own little fantasy world for a while,

and those fantasies are probably all that keeps me sane. How about you? Do you

have fantasies too, when you . . . play with yourself?”.

“Sometimes. I had one just before dinner tonight. I didn’t start out horny, but as

soon as that fantasy crept into my mind, I couldn’t stop. I guess the best part was

that this was the first time I could see his face, and it was the best orgasm I’ve

ever had”, she told Jim, then added, “So who do you fantasize about?”.

“Umm, not sure if I should tell you, Miss Snoopy Panties! Besides, it’s my fantasy,

and I can have anybody in it that I want. Can’t I?”, he dodged, then decided to play

her little game. “But if you really want to know, you’ll have to tell me your fantasy

first. After all, a guy has to protect himself from prying females somehow”.

Anita hesitated, wondering if she should spill the beans or not. If she did, and her

Dad was as open and honest as she thought he was, he’d accept her dream

lover. It was also possible that he’d push her away and leave the room, but then

she’d know if he actually wanted her or not. The third possibility would be for her

to duck the question, or fib, which would leave her still unknowing.

“You”, she whispered.

You could have knocked Jim over with a feather! He’d been fantasizing about

making love with Anita for a couple of years, and here she was with the same

fantasy! Holy Shit! His mind was threatening to shut down his brain! Dare he

pursue this further?

“Me? You’re k**ding, right? I mean, look at you. You could have any guy you want,

and you’re trying to tell me that you get turned on by a broken-down old has-been

like me? I don’t get it!”, Jim squeaked with incredulity.

Anita wordlessly stood up and headed out of the room, her mind reeling from the

sting of perceived rejection. No, dammit! She wouldn’t give up now! She wanted

Jim, and she was going to have him, come hell or high water!

“Wait, Honey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be nasty like that. It’s just that you caught

me off-guard. Way off-guard. Come here, Sweetie, and let’s talk this out. And I

promise to try to be a little less radical, okay?”, Jim pleaded. He hadn’t handled

that well, and now she was leaving, probably to have a good cry. She didn’t

deserve that hurt, and he wanted so badly to comfort her, to let her know that she

was still the most precious part of his life. But for her to want him? He still couldn’t

quite accept that possibility.

“I’m okay, Dad. I’ve just gotta go to the can, then we’ll pick it up again, okay?”, she

reassured him.

Almost running up the stairs, Anita ducked into her bedroom, closed the door,

then took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. God, this was scary for her. She’d put

her heart on her sleeve with her Dad, and still didn’t know the answer to her

question! Shit, so close, and yet, so far! Chasing her fears and thoughts around in

her head, she kept coming to the same conclusion, “In for a dime, in for a dollar”

she told herself. With that, she pulled off her top and removed her bra, then put her

top back on. No sense being too brazen about this, she thought. She had found

herself hornier than she could remember! Only one thought registered in her mind,

and that was that she wanted this man, her Dad, more than she had ever wanted

anything else! There was no way her father would make love to her! But dammit,

she’d seduce him all night if she had to! If she could bring out his lust, he’d

capitulate in seconds! The trick would be to eliminate as many of the barriers

between him and her own body!

She undid the button and slid down the zipper of her jeans, hooked her fingers

into the waistband, and slid them to the floor. Stepping out of her panties, she

pulled the jeans back up, and felt the moisture between her thighs.

Returning to the living room, Anita curled up against her Dad. Once again, he put

his arm around her, pulling her to him in a gesture of providing security to his

precious girl. Jim knew that her head was probably feeling all jumbled up, but it

couldn’t be any worse than his was. He also knew that the only workable solution

would be to talk this whole thing out — even if it took all night. The music soothed

his overwrought mind, and maybe it would do the same for Anita.

“Anita, I’m sorry. I was a little brusque, and you didn’t deserve that. But you did

catch me off-guard there. To be honest, Honey, I’m kind of flattered. I mean, of all

the guys in the world, you’re fantasizing about me? Wow! Wanna talk about it? Or

. . . ?”.

Anita gently lifted her Dad‘s hand from her arm and raised it so that the inside of

his elbow was around her neck, making it possible for her to eventually redirect

his hand to her breast. Just the thought of him twisting and pulling her nipple made

them harden! With a little luck, she would be able to get him to squeeze her breast

too! That tell-tale moisture in her pussy was threatening to expose her lack of


“Umm, okay, here goes.”, she hesitated. “I’ve been out with a few guys, and they’

re all the same! Disgusting! All they really want to do is get in my pants, get their

rocks off, and leave! So I’d fantasize about someone that was warm, gentle,

loving, and caring. He would caress my entire body, being more concerned about

my wants and needs than his own. And even after we had made love, he would

hold me, cuddle me, and make me feel like I was the most important woman in

the whole world. It was only this afternoon that I finally realized that the man of my

dreams was just like you are. So it was almost a natural that when I dreamed of

my perfect lover, I saw your face. Because you know what, Dad? That’s who you

are, in my eyes. That man that always makes me feel like I’m . . . special. And

when I saw your face on the body of my imaginary lover this afternoon, everything

just fell into place. Not much more I can say, is there?”

Pausing briefly, Anita went on. “So, are you gonna tell me who your fantasy lover

is? Is it someone I know? Hmm? What’s she like? It is a she, I hope. You haven

gone gay on me, have you?“.

Well, the girl certainly wasn’t pulling any punches, Jim thought. She’d come right

out with her confession, and he was both proud of her, and a little intimidated at

the same time.

“Hmm, sounds like it’s confession time for me too, huh?”, Jim softly suggested. “I

guess I have the same problem as you. My warmest fantasy is . . . my daughter.

Shit, I can’t believe I just said that! I mean, a father isn’t supposed to lust after his

own offspring, but dammit, you’ve grown up to be such a beautiful young woman,

Anita. A man would have to have ice water in his veins to not notice that! I guess

the only saving grace is that it is, after everything else, just a fantasy . . . right?”.

Anita grabbed her Dad‘s hand and pushed it to her breast. His touch on her

nipple created an almost instantaneous reaction, as it hardened and projected

itself into his fingers. She leaned up and kissed him with a burning need that even

she wasn’t prepared for. Jim could feel her tongue probing and seeking entrance,

and he was powerless to refuse her. Within seconds he opened to her hunger as

they twisted and tangled together, and as she gave him a temporary respite, she

ran the tip of her tongue across his upper palette. Jim let out an involuntary moan

of pleasure and delight. God! Could she kiss! His hand idly rubbed back and forth

over her nipple as his free hand slowly moved to touch and sample the firmness of

her other tit. Just as his inhibitions were starting to wane, he felt her hand run up

his thigh and rub his balls. Her touch was electric! He inhaled sharply as Anita

began to rub her hand up his cock. The effect caused him to break their kiss,

despite its urgency.

“Oh God, Anita! That feels so good, but it’s so wrong! What are we doing?”, Jim


“Fuck it, Dad! I’m tired of living in a dream world. I want the real thing, in living

colour! I want to feel loved, to be taken, to give myself, to experience real

pleasure! I want you, now, here, tonight! I’m fed up with being thought of as a

place for some young jerk to spurt his load! I don’t give a flying fuck if this is right

or wrong! For once in my life, I want to cum with a hard cock inside me! So it boils

down to this. Either you can make love to me, or I’m gonna **** you! Which is

it?”, Anita growled at Jim.

Wordlessly he answered by kissing her lips as hard as he dared. He could feel

his own need, want, desire, and urgency, and so could she. Her response to his

kiss was to beckon his tongue inside her, twisting and entangling him with all the

passion in her soul. As his hands began to squeeze and fondle her breasts, she

moaned with the lust that his touch had kindled. Undoing the button of his pants

and pulling down the zipper, she slid her hand inside, searching for and finding his

cock, then she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started to stroke him.

“Jesus, girl! That feels so fucking good! What the hell are you trying to do to me?”,

Jim gasped as the impact of it all hit him straight on.

“I want to feel you grow and stiffen in my hand, Dad! I want to play with your stiff

cock til it’s hard and thick, then pump you til your jizz spurts out! I’m gonna lick up

every drop of your cum, then suck your cock until it’s hard and ready to take me!”,

her lust screamed.

Jim was so far gone with lust that he slid his hand down to her waist, unbuttoned

her jeans and pulled the zipper down. He slid his hand inside, and vaguely made

note that she wasn’t wearing panties! His horny fingers ran through her pussy fuzz

as they sought her sex button. Anita lifted her hips so that her jeans loosened

enough to allow him access. As his finger slid over her clit and lifted the hood, she

almost jumped off the sofa in bliss. She clumsily tried to unbutton her top with one

hand in an attempt to expose her boobs to his groping fingers.

“Suck my tits, Dad! Tease them, tickle them, suck them! Oh God! I’m so fucking


When Anita’s breasts were fully exposed, Jim almost dove at her chest, taking

first one nipple, then the other between his lips, sucking and nibbling at them until

they were hard and almost a half inch long. He softly but urgently ran his tongue

around each areola until his quest found her nipple, then sucked it hard as she

groaned her delight. His finger had excited her clit until it was as hard as his cock.

Keeping pressure on her clit as his finger moved down her gash, Jim lubricated

her outer lips with the copious amounts of juice her cunt had excreted. Sliding up

and down her slit, he made sure that every part of her cunny was as wet as the tip

of his cock that leaked his pre-cum. Anita swirled her fingers around his glans,

spreading his cock juices over the entire knob, returning to his jizz hole for more

liquid to lubricate his throbbing shaft. As her hand slid down his cock, he

prepared to assault her love tunnel, and thrust the full length of his finger up inside

her as her hand reached the base of his prick. Anita’s reaction was a

combination of a sharp gasp and a thrust of her hips against his hand, begging

for more.

Anita leaned her head into her Dad, whispering, “Oh God, Dad! You feel so good

inside me like that! Stroke me, finger me, make me cum!”. Jim curled his finger

inside her vagina and found the magical ridges in her cum-chute, lightly teasing

them with the tip of his finger. As his rhythm increased, so did hers. God, she was

going to jack him off!

He could hear her breathing become faster, shallower and more ragged. His own

balls were tightening as they pushed a full delivery of his spunk to the base of his

cock, preparing it for launch out of his jizz hole. He hoped he could elicit a climax

from Anita before his own orgasm. By the feel of her cunt walls fluttering and

grasping his finger, it would be close. As his jism travelled up his shaft, Jim bit

down on Anita’s tit, pushing her over the edge as her climax caused every muscle

in her body to tense, and her entire being to shake and tremble. Even with her lips

locked on his, she began to moan, letting it grow into a scream of ecstasy as she

exploded through the peak of her pleasure. That was all it took to take Jim to the

point of no return, and the first rope of his hot gooey semen erupted from his knob

and launched itself at his chest. Anita felt the throb of his ejaculation and fought to

hold onto enough comprehension to bring her Dad off, milking every drop of his

creamy seed out of his molten manhood.

As their breathing returned to a slower state, the glow of their lust wrapped itself

around both of them. But Anita knew that she wanted more. She wanted to devour

the source of the seed that had given her life, some 19 years ago. Urging her Dad

to lift his hips, she removed his pants. Pushing them down and off his legs, she

marvelled at his slowly shrinking cock. Taking the few seconds needed, she

unbuttoned his shirt and stripped him naked for her wanton eyes to gaze at.

Dropping down between his legs, she stripped her top off, letting her young

boobs enjoy the freedom, and dragged her nipples over his thighs. Her jeans

were half off and snagged at the base of her butt cheeks. They could wait, but

Jim’s cock couldn’t. Running her tongue up its length, Anita found drops of her

Dad‘s cum melding with his pubic hair, and she attacked them with a vengeance,

licking and sucking each glob off his body and into her waiting tummy.

“Dad, I want your cock deep in my throat, and I’m gonna suck it until you fill my

tummy!”, and with that, she slurped his shaft until she was at the tip, then slipped it

into her mouth and began slowly pushing her lips over his knob and down his

shaft. Jim could feel the bl**d rushing into his phallus, as his once-limp penis

began to harden again as a result of her onslaught. Soon he was harder than he

could ever remember. He thrilled at the feeling of Anita’s tongue twirling and

circling his cockhead, along with its travels down to the base of his cock and back

up. She slid him as deep into her mouth as she could, then back out until only his

glans was still wrapped in her lips. Taking him in a little more each time, she

gagged as his cockhead hit the back of her mouth. After a couple more times,

she finally had her nose pressed deep in his groin, the muscles of her throat

pulling and milking on his cock in a desperate attempt to drain his balls. Just as

his balls tightened again, Anita slipped his cock out of her mouth and stood up.

Pushing her jeans over her hips, down her legs, and off her ankles, she stood

before her Dad as naked as the day she was born, but a lot more shapely.

“As much as I want to taste your cum, I need it in me! Dad, I want that cock up my

cunt so bad, and I want to feel you cum in me!”, and with that, she straddled his

hips so that his cock was mere inches away from her entrance. With his prick in

one hand, Anita slowly began to lower herself until his knob parted her outer lips

and was washed with her cunt juices. She rubbed his cockhead the length of her

gash, sliding it underneath her hood and against her clitoris, jumping at its touch

on her sensitive button. When she had combined her juices with the rising flow of

his pre-cum, she aimed it at her opening and began to impale herself on her Dad

‘s cock.

“Honey, “Jim whispered, “this is going to be painful for you, isn’t it? Are you sure

you want to do this?”.

“Dad, in answer to your question, no, I’m not a virgin. In answer to my wish, yes, I

wish I were. I’d love to be giving you my cherry right now, but as I can’t, let me give

you this body, complete with all the love in my heart. Okay?”, and with that, she

sank down until he was buried inside her hot, wet, velvety birth canal to the hilt.

God, she was tight! Her walls grasped his shaft, radiating her heat down its length

and onto his nut sac. As her cunt relaxed and stretched to accommodate his

prick, she slid herself up and down his length. Starting off slowly, she began to

speed up until her ass cheeks reverberated as they slapped against her Dad‘s

thighs. The sensations in Jim’s cock drove him to match her thrusts, and soon

they were pounding into each other as hard as they could.

“Oh God, Daddy! Feels so good, so full! I can feel another climax coming! I’m

gonna fuck you until you cream in my pussy while I squirt all down your glorious

cock!”, and Jim could sense her walls beginning to flutter, signalling the onset of

another orgasm. As her breathing sped up, he could feel his nuts pulling up, and

his hot white cream moving to the base of his cock. Anita’s climax was almost

upon her, and she had changed her rhythm to one of spasmodic twitches on his

buried cock. The resulting friction was enough to push his phallus to the point of

no return, but not quite enough to push him over the top. He could feel the tension

in his groin increase, delaying his eruption but making that moment just before

release extend for almost a full minute! God, he wanted to cum so bad, but his

daughter had slowed down her assault on his manhood just enough to keep him

right on the edge! As she inhaled and gasped at the onslaught of her own climax,

Jim pushed himself as deep as he could possibly get. Anita rocked back and

down on him at precisely the right moment, and as her body tensed and trembled,

Jim shot the first of several ropes of baby batter deep into Anita’s waiting love

nest. The touch of his hot cum against her vaginal walls drove her over the top,

and she exploded into the most intense cum she had ever experienced.

In unison, they both howled at the impact of their lust. “O-h-h-h-h-h-h! M-m-m-m-y-

y-y-y-y! G-g-o-o-o-o-d-d-d! Y-e-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-s-s-s!”, and they soared together to

the highest peak of their pleasure. The explosion of their climaxes felt like it would

last a lifetime, and it was several minutes before the adrenaline rush from it began

to subside. Anita collapsed against her Dad, her arms instinctively grabbing his

head and pressing him to her breast. Despite the possibility of being smothered,

Jim latched onto one of her nipples, but had insufficient control to do much more

than sloppily lick it. Realizing that her Dad was having trouble breathing because

of her grip on him, Anita pulled his head back and up to her hungry lips, then

kissed him hard enough to almost leave bruises.

“Umm, I hate to say this, Dad, but you’re one helluva fuck, ya know that? Christ, I’

ve never cum that hard before! Shit, I thought when you fingered me, that was the

ultimate! But that was nothing compared to this!”, and she pulled him tighter to her

while she locked his lips to hers for another kiss of passion and love.

Jim was too exhausted to reply. He just wrapped his arms around Anita’s waist

and flopped on his side, pulling her with him so that they lay face to face, until his

cock became limp and slipped out of her with a plop. He could feel his jism

oozing out of her, and across his thigh. Then he realized that they were both

heavily coated in their combined juices, and the effect was almost enough to

make him pass out with exhaustion.

Mumbling as best he could, Jim tried to speak, but needed several attempts

before the words would come out.

“Anita, I have no idea where you learned to make love like that, but I’ve never felt

anything even close before! For sure, though, you didn’t get it from your mother!

She could be, and usually was, as cold as a fish! And it definitely didn’t come

from me, because I’ve never been that hot and horny in my life! You are my

daughter, right? Hmm, must be! You feel too good to be just a fantasy!”.

“Dad, you’re no slouch yourself, ya know. God! I could make love to you all night!

But I’m so covered in cum that I’m gonna stick to myself. What say we both go

grab a shower? Phew, I must smell like a one-woman orgy!”.

Jim and Anita dragged their weary butts up stairs to the bathroom. Anita set the

water temperature while Jim retrieved a couple of clean bath towels. Washing

each other, and paying extra attention to certain parts of the other, they finally

became clean enough to hop out and dry each other off. As they slipped on their

bathrobes, Anita gazed lovingly into her Dad‘s eyes and asked him the most

important question that came to her love-filled mind.

“Dad? Who’s bed tonight? Yours, or mine?”.

“Hmm, seems like everything else tonight has been Ladies Choice, so why quit

now, huh?”, he replied, as he nuzzled her earlobe.

“Mmm, that was easy. You wanna hit our bed now, or wait fifteen minutes?”, Anita

teasingly growled.

“Fifteen minutes? Girl, you’re gonna be the death of me yet! What does a guy

have to do to get, maybe, half an hour to recuperate?”.

“Okay, half an hour then, but you have to promise me something”.

“And what’s that?”.

“That you’ll love me like this, again and again, for the rest of your life?”

Accepting that his daughter had conquered his will to resist her, as well as the

age-old taboo against their i****tuous future, Jim whispered in her ear as he held

the woman of his dreams closely.

“Is the Pope Catholic?”.

The End . . . for now?

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