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The First Time I Sampled Her Wares!!!

The first time I ever saw my wife's face was across the crowded bar area of a NYC disco,Pippins to be exact, on the upper east side, off 5th ave around the corner from Gucci's. She was dressed in a fuzzy, hot pink ,form fitting cashmere turtle neck
sweater, and cream colored hip snugged, flared skirt.Her hair was sweptback , gathered in a ponytail, held in place with a Hermes scarf. Ah, she was the epitome of Pa. Mainline grace, charm, and beauty wearing luscious red lipstick.Her skin the color of Lady Godiva , milk chocolate lit from within.My attention was drawn to her, because I felt her staring from across the crowed room, as I was standing at the bar passing out fliers to potential Fashion Model recruits for the modeling workshop, and agency I owned at the time.her stare was so beguiling, and compelling I pushed my way, to the table at which she sat, and gestured if I could join her, due to the noise level, She "nodded yes, and smiled". her smile exposed startling beautiful even white teeth, with a small sexy front gap! She immediately caught my fancy , when she refused my offer to buy her a drink, and to my surprise offered to buy me one! Needless to say I was enamored, and intrigued to no end at this turnabout of nightclub etiquette of "man meets woman".suddenly amidst the chit chat of mundane exchanges of names etc., I oafishly squeezed her thigh, which was pressed against mine,as we were ensconced on a bench. As I was squeezing her thigh I remarked, " You're the first big girl I've liked". She quickly removed my hand, and replied with a bone chilling stare "really!". You see, in those days I did Print fashion modeling(swimsuits,evening wear, Etc.),and only fucked model types.Of course my wife was not fat, unless a size 12-14 is fat.She forgave me, of my rudeness obviously, as marriage, and 5 progeny provide testament.But, I do believe to this day, my gaf cost me her pussy that night. Our meet ended with a kiss,before a yellow cab drove her away leaving me with thoughts of what might of been.She called the next day, and invited me to "Dinner at eight" at her place.I was duly impressed upon arrival, she had a doorman outside her building, and an elevator man, and this was on the west side of Manhattan.As I entered her apartment, and proffered the gift of proverbial wine, she tongued kissed me! Well you can imagine my thoughts for a quick main course, and a mad dash for dessert(Some serious fucking)! And so it was, she was a student at FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology), from Mainline Pa, and 19 years old.Wow!! Her bed was a queen size mattress on the floor, I only say this because floor fucking provides the best surface for giving, and receiving deep penetration,you can deep fuck a pussy or ass to it's utter most depths,hitting the "G spot" every time!! As we moved to the bed I grabbed her ass cheeks from behind. and roughly spread them apart, and fully cupped her pussy in my hand squeezing, and running my forefinger up, and down her slick slit, as I thumb stroked her clit which was protruding from it's hood! This
caused her to arch her back, press her ass back, and moan unintelligible sounds of pleasure! As we stumbled to the bed tearing off clothing, my hand never stopped cupping, and squeezing her pussy! As we hit the bed I gently began to caress nibble, and lick her d cup breasts, as she squirmed and raised her ass up off the bed, I moved from her breasts to her face, and begin to tongue her neck, ears, eyelids, and lips, gently pulling, and sucking, By this time she's tossing, and turning begging me to fuck her! Instead, I trail wet kisses down her sweat drenched body tasting the essence of her, to her secrets of secrets a triangle of tangled, curls of hair glistening with the sweet juices of passion, unrequited lust!! The slightly parted pink swollen lips of her pussy made my rock hard cock ache, as it oozed in anticipation of being ball deep in pure hot pussy! But, instead I begin to lick around the edges of the triangle, and pulling, licking the hairs periodically
licking the slit,by this time she's pulling my hair,and clawing my back! Abruptly I take her whole pussy in my mouth,and suck like I'm trying to remove her womb!! She screams, and starts shaking spasmodically and I feel her pussy clinching in my mouth,and I release it, and begin sucking,and tonguing her exposed clit,thrusting my tongue deep into her!! When I feel her cumming again, I put her legs up,feet against my shoulders and plunge my cock into my sweaty balls, and almost shoot my load,but I remain motionless as her pussy clinches,and sucks my cock in it's throes of orgasm!! As her pussy relaxed around my aching cock, I begin to strive for my golden nut, with deep hesitating grinding strokes!!! As I gained momentum, her pussy begin to talk to me, making sucking sounds as my balls smacked her ass rhythmically,I started sucking her toes, and she began a prolonged moan!! I'm grasping her ankles deep fucking( trying to wear her pussy out), sucking, and licking her toes, asking her if the pussy is mine,and she's moaning, and gasping it's yours daddy!! As her pussy started to clinch,and tighten around my cock heralding another cum for her, I felt my balls tighten as she pulled, and cupped them, I screamed, and cumed, and cumed!!!

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