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Wimpy white boy

I am a wimpy white boy. My slutty white wife and I ended up in a cuckold slut wife relationship in a bizarre sort of way. I guess I should have seen it coming because according to my wife and the big black bull that broke me down and made me come clean, I had been living in denial my entire life. The way they see it, my slutty white wife and I would have ended up like this sooner or later even if he hadn’t come around and properly motivated us.

Even before I was f***ed to take a job working in a factory along side blacks and latinos, a job I considered beneath me due to the bad economy, I had let my wife get away with having a couple of affairs behind my back. These days, I can even admit to having been turned on by those affairs subconsciously and thus became much more attentive to my wife in that special way in bed while she was having them. It didn’t even bother me that I could taste the guys’ leftovers on her and in her used married pussy when I performed oral sex on her.

She would sometimes during these muff diving occasions accusingly ask me how come I was suddenly so into her. Neither of us talked about her affairs until they were over and I pretended not to know she was having them, but she new something was funny and must have subconsciously enjoyed the extra special loving because she never turned me away when I wanted to bury my face in her sticky creampie filled used pussy.

Later, she even admitted to waiting to shower after dates until I was done with her because the sex was always better for her that way. She never decided whether it was my attentive or just the kinky idea of me licking her clean of her lovers until years later when she decided it was a combination of both.

Anyway, we met Buck our big black bull at that job I had to take and he spotted us coming a mile away. He actually spotted Joanne first of course. Joanne is my wife. She would drop me off at work and take the car to go look for a job of her own.

He started showing me extra attention at work, trying to help me with things I didn’t really need help with and even insisting we take lunches together. He was this huge muscular black guy and he intimidated me.

The comments started few and far between at first. We would be having a conversation about sports or something and then he would slip in something about how hot my wife was. Then he started asking more personal questions, wanting to know how often we did it and her sexual tastes and finally how many times she had cheated on me.

“What makes you think she cheated on me?” I had to know.

“It’s all over your face,” he smirked. “Besides, hot piece like that and guy like you. What did you do? Beg her not to leave you and then go right down on that used muff to show her how much you still loved her.”

I was shocked he could read so much in my expression. I didn’t want to confess that it was more like I was going down on her while she was having her affairs, but he must have read something in my face because his face lighted up like daybreak! “You’re shitting me?”

“What?” I asked.

“Don’t give me that,” he accused. “You were into it. Admit it. You ever jerk off while she was out getting plugged full of cock by some other guy?”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“Then how the fuck was it. Tell me I have to know.”

“It wasn’t like anything.”

“Fuck it, I’ll ask her myself. She’ll probably get a kick out of it, unless she doesn’t even know.” Then reading my face, he added “She doesn’t, does she?”

“You have to promise, not to say anything to her. Or anyone else like at work or anything.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he promised all excited. “Spit it out!” So I told him how we never talked about her cheating but I would go down on her and eat the creampies guys would leave in her and I thought she might know because she would get so into that type of sex.

“Damn,” he said “That’s hot. That’s too fucking hot!” I was very self conscious, but for some strange reason, happy he wasn’t judging me in some sick way. I was even excited a little that he was so into it and felt an erection in my pants imagining him with her and maybe the two of them even letting me watch. It was just a wild fantasy, but it felt hot.

Then he dropped the bomb on me. “In fact that’s so fucking hot, I’m going to need you to do me a big favor.”

“What kind of favor?” I asked a little nervously.

“I’m going to need you to suck me off before we go back to work. In fact I’m going to pretend that your mouth is your wife’s hot married pussy and you can do the same and even jerk yourself off while you’re doing it. But I really need this to be done cause I’m way too worked up to go back to work like this.”

I was speechless. And I sniffled like I was going to cry and it made him laugh. I told him, “I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I,” he said, “but since you’re going to be eating me out of your hot slutty white wife’s pussy soon enough, you might as well get used to the flavor. Straight from the source isn’t what you’re used to, but you’ll get used to it fast enough until I start getting the real thing.”

It was then the tears actually did start to flow, but that only made him laugh harder. He unzipped himself and pulled out the most monster piece of black meat I had ever seen in my life, even bigger than the ones in pornos. It was veiny with one big huge vein running down the middle and it throbbed like it was flexing its muscles beneath the big swollen purple head the size of a small fist the stood straight up in the air and just keep rising as I stared stunned.

“Think that hot little wife of yours might enjoy something like this in her life? Think the both of you might?” He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my face down into his lap. My mouth was f***ed open and stretched all around his thickening meat, and he began working the back of my head.

“Come on now. Don’t make me do all the work here. Is this your first time? You have to be shitting me? Bob that head like you’re bobbing for apples. There you go, slide those little sissy lips up and down daddy’s big black cock. That’s right. That’s right you fucking faggot cocksucker. I’ll bet you wish your wife could see you know. Keep going, I’m almost there.”

I couldn’t answer anything even if he had really wanted me to and wasn’t just getting himself into things with his words. He let out a loud growl and exploded a massive sticky mess of hot salty come into my mouth. It was much fresher and wetter than the dried up crusty stickiness my wife would bring home to me second hand.

Under his guidance, I lap it all up and swallowed it all down afraid to spill any on his car seat under his threats. “That’s right, yeah, yeah, run that tongue up my shaft. Make sure none spills down the sides. Suck my hairy balls I think I feel some spilled on there. Damn, I think your little sissy mouth has gotten me hard all over again.’

“I can’t wait to meet your wife. If she can fuck as good as you can suck, we’re going to have a beautiful relationship. You and she need to have a long conversation when you get home tonight, though. Dishonesty is no way to start off a cuckold slut wife relationship.”


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