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Summer months spent with my Aunt

It was late May and we had been having some pretty fierce storms in our area. The last one that pounded the neighborhood had done considerable damage to several homes, including ours. The high winds and heavy rains knocked down some large trees, one of them crashing down on our roof making a huge hole and breaking several windows out. The next day it was determined that we would not be able to live in the house until it was repaired.

My Mom and Dad had to rent a motel room nearby as they both had jobs and couldn't miss work. As for me it was going to be expensive to rent a room just for me so they decided I should go stay with my Aunt Sarah. I packed my bags and Mom and Dad drove me to her house, about 40 minutes away. Sarah had moved to the area not long ago, after she and her husband, my Mom's b*****r, had divorced. It had been a few years since I had seen Sarah and I was finding it difficult to remember what she looked like. I was totally unprepared when I saw her.

We arrived in mid afternoon and it was nearly 90 and very humid after the storms. Sarah was outside in the yard as we drove up. She was wearing the shortest cut-off jeans I'd ever seen and a thin blouse tied in a knot just below her breasts. She looked like the classic farmers daughter. Being every bit of 24 years old, her body was slim and tan, long slender legs going all the way up to her firm little ass. Her tits bounced freely as she walked across the yard to greet us.

Mom and Dad said thier hello's the Mom turned to me and said "Do you remember your Aunt Sarah?" I said it had been a while, and I reached out to shake hands with her. Sarah said "Thats no way to greet your Aunt, come over here." and she pulled me over and gave me a big hug, my face practically landed right between her boobs as she squeezed me. My arms had instinctively wrapped around her to return the hug, which seemed to last a bit longer than normal. Her smooth tanned flesh felt wonderful to the touch and I felt a little surge between my legs.

We all went inside to have some drinks and eat lunch before my parents had to leave, returning home to begin dealing with the house repairs. Sarah showed me to my room and helped me unpack my bags, then she went back outside to continue working in the yard. In a moment she was just outside my bedroom window. She squatted down picking out some weeds from the flowers. I watched her as she worked, leaning forward on occassion and got a few glimpses down her shirt. She had great medium sized tits which were full and round. My cock began getting hard as I watched. I pulled off my shirt and slid out of my pants leaving just my underware to conceal my boner.

Standing next to the window watching as Sarah repeatedly gave me clear view down her shirt I began rubbing my cock and soon had pulled it out the top of my shorts. I slowly stroked the length of my hard shaft for several minutes holding it out pretending to show it off to Sarah. Suddenly Sarah stood up and was only about a foot from the window, I saw her look up as I scrambled to shove my cock in my shorts. I wasn't sure if she was able to see me through the glare on the glass as I stepped back from the window. I grabbed some fresh clothes and went to take a shower and jerk-off. When I finished showering and got dressed I went to the kithen for a drink. There was Sarah leaning against the counter with a glass of cold tea in her hand rubbing it across her face and neck to cool off. I poured myself a glass and we sat down on the sofa.

As Sarah ran the cold glass across her neck and shoulders the condensate was dripping off the glass and running down her chest. In a few moments I noticed her nipples getting hard and poked against the thin fabric of her shirt. I felt my cock begin to swell again as I stared at her tits. Sarah turned to me and said "Did you remember to turn out the light in your room? I saw it was on when I was outside, right after you went to shower." I thought for a moment then realized she must have been able to see me through the window. I took a gulp of my tea then got up to go turn off the light.

When I returned to the sofa Sarah said "You certainly have grown to be quite handsome young man. I bet all the girls are after you. How old are you now, 15 or 16?" I looked at her and said "I'll be 17 in 5 months. I've had a couple girlfriends but nothing serious." She laughed and told me not to worry, I'd have no trouble getting girls. I wasn't sure what she meant by that and let it pass. We finished or drinks then Sarah told me how nice her flowerbeds were looking and told me I should go out to look at them while she took a shower. I walked outside and had a look around, everything looked very nice.

As I walked passed the window at Sarah's room I glanced up and saw her blinds were open and she was standing near the window, just as I had been earlier. She had taken off her shirt and shorts and was rubbing her tits and teasing her nipples. I had a perfect clear view even with a glare on the window. At that point I knew she had seen me when I was in my room and she was now giving me a show as well. After a minute she turned and went to the bathroom. I went inside and sat on the sofa rubbing my cock through my pants. I heard the shower turn off and pushed my cock down so it wasn't so visible. Seconds later Sarah walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. She looks at me and smiles, "Well what do you think of my flowerbeds?" I said they looked great, everything looks so pretty. Then I looked at her and asked "Did you turn out the light in your room?" and I grinned real big.

She said " I was hoping you would notice me when you were outside. I couldn't help noticing you earlier, the light of the room let me see everything inside." My cock was throbbing hard and made a huge bulge in my pants. She looked down at me and said "I'd love to get a real good look at your big young cock. I'm so horny, it's been months since my divorce and I haven't had any fucking since then. Come on, lets get naked and have some fun." My cock was aching to be set free and with such an offer there was no way I could refuse.

I got up and followed her to her bedroom. She tossed the towel on the bed and quickly had me out of my clothes, my cock stood hard in the air as I drew her body against mine. She pressed her tits on my chest and rubbed them back and forth a little. I took them in my hands and started sucking her nipples as she took my cock in her hands and started stroking me. She sat down on the bed and rubbed my dick between her tits. I thrust against them and each time the tip of my cock slid up between them she would suck on it. What a fantastic titty fuck and blowjob at the same time. She looked up at me after 6 or 7 minutes and said "I want you to eat my pussy." then she laid back on the bed and opened her legs exposing her beautiful pink pussy with a small patch of fur on top.

I knelt at the edge of the bed and burried my face between her legs lapping at her hot juicy pussy lips flicking and darting my tongue at every part as I stroked my throbbing hard cock with one hand. Sarah moaned as I continued ravishing her pussy for several more minutes then said "I want your cock in me now!" Grabbing my hair she pulled me up, I stood between her open legs rubbing my cock into her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, "Stop teasing me and put that big cock inside me." and with another pull with her legs my cock glided deep into her. I nearly lost my balance as I started to thrust in and out driving the full length of my shaft into her slippery pussy. Regaining control I increased my pace, my balls slapped against her ass with each stroke. I leaned down sucking her hard nipples as I pounded harded. She grabbed at the bedding with both hands arching her back and screamed "I'm cumming... I'm cumming, fuck my pussy good!" I burried my cock in her and exploded with a huge load of my cum. She collapsed on the bed gasping for air. I started to pull my cock out of her pussy but she stopped me,"Leave it in me baby." she said with all the breath she had.

As I stood there with my semi hard cock still in her pussy she began using the muscles in her cunt to squeeze down on me as she slowly caught her breath. She said "My Yoga classes have taught me a lot about my body and how to control it." As she continued her grip got stronger, almost like a hand was gripping my cock. In a matter of moments she had me soo hard again, I couldn't believe it. Looking up at me she asked "Do you like it? How does it feel?" I told her it was fantastic and I was ready to cum again soon. She giggled and said " Good thats what I want. Cumm for me babay." and with a couple more squeezes I shot my wad, or should I say she milked it out of me. It was the best ever, but only the first of many hot sex session we would have over the next few weeks.

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