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Lucky sex with TV anchor

My recent encounter with a TV celebrity, it all started with a week long business trip to Mumbai, I was bored in the evening and on the second day I got onto one of these sites that offer dating and very casually mentioned my hotel name in the details. I saw a response about an house later and Surprise Surprise the woman was also staying in the same hotel, she had mentioned her mobile no and I quickly called her up as it was already close to 11pm. We quickly chatted up and she told me would join me in my room. 10 mins later there was a knock on my door and I went to open it, boy was it a day of surprises, I see Kanika the anchor of Zee. Upfront she is about 5'3" dusky with nice silky hair, a nose stud that really enhanced her looks unlike some people where it puts you off. She was wearing a loose thin cotton top through which you could see the shape of her big boobs that moved with a little tremor as she walked into the room, she was one of those girls with a wide hip and juicy buttocks. She sat down on the bed and I pulled up a chair, she was leaning back on her hands and her boobs were thrust out really provocatively that I wanted to grab those boobs. After about 15 mins I asked her if she would like a drink, she took some vodka with fanta and I got myself orange vodka. As she got up to take her drink I could smell the liquor it seems she had a couple of shots with her friends and after they had gone back in a fit of madness she had gone on the net searching for a dating site and mine grabbed her attention since it was the same hotel and looked kind of the ordinary not a professional. We continued to talk standing with the drinks in our hand, she told me that she had made it out a couple of times with an old boy friend but with the working catching up she had split. The loneliness of the hotel room had accentuated her desire. By now my dick was already hard and the bulge was quite visible in the front of my shorts. I moved to her side and slid my free hand around her waist pulling her towards me, she looked up at my face and I put down my glass and pulled her towards me her soft boobs pressing against my chest, by now she too had put her glass down. I now had her in an embrace with my bulging dick press against her cunt, her lips were open and her breathing had become noticeably faster and louder as she looked up at me. I bent my head and sucked her lower lips and then our passion overtook us we were locked mouth to mouth with our tongues fiercely duelling each other. I slowly moved my hands and started to massage the sides of her big boobs, oh how soft Kanika's boobs were. I moved my hands down till her waist as I felt all the curves and softness of her body over the fabric of her top and then slowly got my hands inside the top and was stroking her nipples with my thumbs through her bra. I couldn't wait any longer I broke off the kiss and pulled off her top and Kanika opened the front hook of her bra, her boobs were really big 38D with dark chocolate areola and nipples like raisins coated in chocolate. I took her boobs in my hands and started to suck them that made Kanika got into ecstatic and she just grabbed my hair and pulled me into her boobs. I wanted to feel her boobs against my chest and I started to take of my T-shirt, but Kanika had different ideas she got her hands into the waistband of my shorts and bent down to pull them down. My big 8inch cock bobbed up as it got freed from the restraint of my shorts. Kanika almost fell back as my cock hit her nose and her eyes were wide as she took in the length of my nice big black cock with the pearly drops of pre cum and she said "hmmm wow you got a nice big one". Kanika then caught my cock in her hand and with her finger rubbed the pre cum over the tip and foreskin of my dick. In one smooth stroke she pushed back my foreskin so that the nice purple coloured head of my dick was now visible and on her knees in front of me she took the whole plum size head into her mouth and started to move her tongue under the dick head oh man that was so good that I immediately started to cum. Kanika was taken off guard as I started to cum in her mouth and tried to get my cock out of her mouth but I had my hands around her head and held her tight and pushed my cock into her mouth, she almost gagged as my dick hit the back of her throat. I had been only stroking my cock for the last week and had not cum and now the full weeks cum started cumming in her mouth. Kanika tried to swallow my hot milky cum as it was cumming and some of it started to come out of her nose. Looking at the cum flowing out of the sides of her mouth and nose my cock again became hard, as the cum stopped I got her up and unbuttoned her pants she had on cotton panties. I again started to kiss her and moved my hands to stroke the sides of her thighs I slowly moved my hands up and got my hands into her panties through the side holding her buttocks. They were really so soft and squeezy. I knelt down and slowly pulled her panties down, Kanika had trimmed her pussy the cunt lips were only covered with a little fuzzy of hair and they were wet with her juices that was so heady and musky that I kind of grabbed her ass cheeks and buried my nose into her muff and thrust my tongue inside Kanika's sweet little cunt and swirled it around going in and licking up her sweet honey juices. The unexpected pleasure shocked Kanika into stillness and then she kind of went wild as I buried my tongue into her cunt and she held my head tight loudly moaning and sighing, her juices were flowing down her thighs. She fell back on the bed as her orgasm hit her with my head between her thighs, her juices were now flowing down the crack of her ass and puddling on the bed. I couldnt wait any longer I spread open Kanika's thighs and pushed them back so that her knees were almost touching her shoulders and knelt between her thighs. I held my cock with one hand and rubbed it between her swollen cunt lips coating my dick with her juices and pre cum. I slowly pushed in the head of my cock inside her Kanika's cunt and she groaned as it started to stretch her cunt, Kanika's cunt was wet and I couldnt hold any longer and in one strong thrust my cock went in half inside, Kanika cried out as her tight cunt was stretched and I held her thighs open and gave one more thrust and when she cried out for me to stop, I simply shoved my cock hard and deep up into her open pussy. Kanika cried out "No it hurts; you... pull it out... oh please... , you're too big, stop for just a moment... let me get used to feeling you in me.... you are so hard and big... " By now I had reached under Kanika's hips and gripped them firmly in my hands and shoved in my cock fully and began to slowly fuck her tight, hot little cunt, with full, slow strokes. Kanika was now pushing back to meet my thrusting. Kanika began rolling her hips to meet my thrusts. We soon found a steady rhythm and were fucking like old lovers. As I fucked Kanika, I kissed Kanika over her face, neck and breasts. Soon our thrusts grew fiercer. Kanika was moaning now, she was moaning a lot more than she was whimpering and I could tell she was starting to have her orgasm. I was more than ready to cum myself, so I increased the tempo of my cock in and out of Kanika's cunt and really started to drive my cock in hard. Kanika's entire body would shake each time I thrust into her and she started to make deep moans in time with my thrusts. As Kanika started coming, I felt my cock begin to throb and I began to fill her sweet pussy with rope after rope of thick hot cum. Once again, her eyes burst opened wide as she felt my throbbing cock inside and felt my cum.

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