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A nice little fuck

So i come over to yours, as i step in the door i drop my coat and trousers exposing me in just my sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. I kiss you, my hands wandering over your body, down across your crotch, getting turned on as you kiss over my neck and down across my tits.
I grab your cock through your trousers and lead you to your bedroom, where i lay down on the bed and pull you on top of me, kissing you some more, my hand wanders down your boxers and starts to caress your hard cock.
I feel your hand slide into my thong, brush lightly over my clit, then down and circles round my wet hole, you slide two fingers in and start to finger me, i feel you rubbing my g-spot, i start moaning, rubbing and wanking your cock harder. I turn us over so im on top, then pull your boxers and my thong down, i climb back on top, kissing you as your cock rubs up and down my pussy, you feel it wet over your cock, i slide grinding onto it, moaning, as you thrust my hips back and forward. I keep going for a while before i let your cock slide inside me, deep inside, you feel it spread me open, rubbing over my g-spot, i moan so loud, then begin bouncing on top of it, you hold my hips and help me bounce, having your cock pounding deep inside me feels so good.
Without even taking your cock out, you turn us over and get on top, pounding hard and deep inside me, i begin screaming with pleasure, calling out your name and begging for you to go harder, im absoloutly soaking and i can feel your cock throbbing.
You pull out and i begin to suck your cock, sucking off all my juices and making you even more horny and even more ready to pound my tight cunt some more.
You grab me up and bend me over the bed, ramming your cock deep up inside me, start to fuck, letting out moans of pleasure as your whole cock buries deep inside me again and again and again. You spank my ass hard, listening to me let out squeels of pleasure, you know i love it, doing it harder each time, giving each cheek a go, before grabbing my hips and just fucking me as hard as possible, tears of pleasure and enjoyment run down my face as i scream your name out loud, letting you know im going to cum, and i do, i cum all over your cock, covering it with my hot yummy juices.
You keep going, im absoloutly soaking, you dont want to stop but you have to pull out, you turn me round and just as i do i get a hot cumshot all over my face, down across my lips too, i lick it off with my tongue and enjoy the yummy hot creamy taste of that cumshot we'd just worked so hard to make.

Yeh i could do much better guys, but its a weekday! Hope you's enjoy anyway x

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